sabato 19 ottobre 2013

VOA Radiogram returns with new programs

With the US government shutdown is over, I returned to work Thursday and quickly put together a new VOA Radiogram for this weekend, 19-20 October.

It will include another transmission of the same picture in MFSK 16, 32, 64, and 128.

This weekend's modes:

2:53  MFSK16: Program preview
7:22  MFSK16/32/64/128: Same image in each mode
3:38  MFSK32: SpaceX launch, with image
3:34  MFSK64: Vegetables resist radiation, with image
  :27  MFSK32: E-mail address
2:11  MFSK128: Affordable Internet, with logo
3:30  MFSK64/Flmsg: News from
2:04  MFSK32: VOA Radiogram logo 632x56
  :38  MFSK32: Closing announcements

More information about how to decode the modes:! ack-after-the-government-shutdown

VOA Radiogram transmission schedule
(all days and times UTC)
Sat 1600-1630 17860 kHz
Sun 0230-0300 5745 kHz
Sun 1300-1330 6095 kHz
Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz
All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in North Carolina.