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Glenn Hauser logs November 29-30, 2010

** ALBANIA. 13640, Nov 30 at 1532, Klara opening R. Tirana broadcast after mandatory 2-minute schedule announcement, about Liberation Day Nov 29, undermodulated as usual, but almost readable with some strain. R. Tirana is well aware of the undermodulation problem, and many other listeners have complained about it. It seems the studio-transmitter feed needs to be at a low level to avoid distortion, but could it be boosted up to normal level once it gets to the Shijak transmitter? There too it may be thought necessary to ease off to avoid damaging the old units (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, ditto all my previous reports since Nov 12: no sign of a signal from LRA36, Nov 30 at 1411, 1434 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Nov 30:
8400, JBA at 1353; nothing audible at all [NAAA] on 10500 at this time and no others found in next semihour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. DentroCuban Jamming Command continues to run amok far beyond the hours it is ``needed`` on certain frequencies. I am hearing the same weak pulse jamming Nov 30 at 0612 on 9490, 9825, 9955 and 7365, unlike the wall of noise jamming against Martí on 6030 and 7405 (which are just pileups of multiple pulsers). Only 9955 has a victim on the air, WRMI, but totally inaudible.

9490 is R. República via RMI via Sackville which finishes at 0300. 9825 is Martí which finishes at 0100. 7365 is also Martí which finishes at 0500. Meanwhile, the electrical expense these jammers against nothing consume (let alone the jammers against something) could better be spent on the downtrodden Cuban people, forced to accept food rationing short of starvation, and numerous other privations. This merely reconfirms that for the unelected and dictatorial Cuban government, the bodies of the People are the lowest priority; keeping their minds clean of contrary ideas is paramount. Popular Revolution, my foot! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA [and non]. 9560.2, lo het Nov 30 at 1356 against R. Australia in English, but it cuts off at 1357, uncovering weak Horn of Africa music, so the R. Ethiopia transmitter has varied to here today (much closer to nominal, than Nov 25 at 1355 when I found it on 9555.6). Not checked again until 1528 when the het was now marring something in Chinese.

Per Aoki and HFCC, both CRI via Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN, and RCI via Yamata, JAPAN are in Chinese this hour on 9560! 174 and 240 degrees respectively but theoretically no collision as to different CIRAFs 41 and 44S, i.e. S Asia and SE China respectively; and I was hearing only one of them (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, AFN on the air today Nov 30, at 1403 with news, 1407 still talking but can`t copy any details beneath the cable DTV box bubble jammer I am loath to unplug and later force to rescan every time I undertake a SW DX session (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4052.5-, R. Verdad unheard lately. As of Nov 30, Dr. Madrid reports that there are further problems with the new 500 watt transmitter, so he has put the 50-watt unit back on for now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, now I don`t feel much sense of loss when I miss most of the Tuesday Exotic Indonesia hookups between VOI and RRI Banjarmasin --- as they refuse to fix the intermittent audio dropouts. I did tune in at 1354 Nov 30 long enough to confirm that the show did go on, with music Plus IADs, then Jak announcer and Banj guy discussing the artist (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISGTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5910, Shiokaze, Tuesday Nov 30 at 1408 is in Japanese, YL over sombre piano music. Sounds like she is saying ``thank you`` every so often, but maybe it`s really a similar-sounding Japanese word, like senkyu? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA [and non]. 17800, a theme from Beethoven`s Ninth, so is it Deutsche Welle? Of course not! It`s V. of Africa`s English service to Africa, one of its perpetual musical bits, mixing about equally with German from DW via PORTUGAL to Africa, the collision continuing since last week when VOA inexplicably moved here from clear 17725.

Last time I wondered if MAQ had an issue with Germany, but it would seem not; however, he does have an issue with Switzerland, close enough? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Viz.:

Best Columns - Europe
Switzerland: We're pioneers in crafting racist ads

Now a far-right group has upped the ante with its ads in support of a bill to automatically expel any foreigner who commits a crime, said Rachad Armanios in Le Courrier. posted on November 4, 2010, at 4:05 PM

Switzerland has rapidly become the world leader in racist political posters, said Rachad Armanios. We started last year, with the infamous billboard that persuaded the country to ban minarets. It's visually quite stunning: A forest of minarets, each one pointy as a spear and evocative of a missile, sprouts from the Swiss flag, while in the foreground a woman peers menacingly out of the eye-slits in her burqa. Then came the anti-immigration poster showing three white sheep kicking a black sheep out of the pasture.

Now a far-right group has upped the ante with its ads in support of a bill to automatically expel any foreigner who commits a crime. One poster consists of a photo of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi and the words "He wants to destroy Switzerland" — a reference to the strained relations between Libya and Switzerland since 2008, when Qaddafi's son was arrested in Geneva for allegedly assaulting two servants. In what it called "the best interests of the state," the government has banned the Qaddafi posters. But thanks to the controversy they caused, the ads have already succeeded — everyone in Switzerland now knows what they say. The lesson is that extremist propaganda works. "In this game, democracy is taken hostage." (The Week, Nov 12, via DXLD)

** OKLAHOMA. 1690, the next chapter in the saga of Enid`s talking house transmitter: Finally the afternoon of Nov 29 I go to the address on the recording, 3509 McClaflin Drive in the SE corner of Enid. Before 2100 UT in central Enid I am hearing it as usual, tho skywave from Chicago and Denver is already coming in, making TH sound wishy-washy, i.e. unstable FMy carrier just like Greg`s units formerly on 1670. Without the QRM it sounds OK.

But a sense of foreboding increases as I approach the address --- the TH signal fades out, so nothing but the X-band stations when I am parked in front of it. There is no sign on the curb about this being a TH, but the inhabitants are home so I ring the doorbell. The gentleman who answers is rather surprised, assures me the house is not for sale, but he did buy it two years ago from Ms. Sabedra!

So this is a leftover transmitter stored somewhere else which somehow got turned back on recently, playing the old loop. Returning to central Enid I can again hear it around the intersexion of Maine and Van Buren, but now there is too much skywave. As I go further west, it is lost again. The realtor`s office is about five blox further north on VB, but a previous drive-by there did not find any signal peak.

So this presents another find-the-transmitter challenge, which needs to be conducted at low noon when there is least skywave QRM. Once I have found it, I will inform Ms Sabedra- and urge her to turn it off. My apologies to DXers everywhere else, but their chances of hearing this more than a mile away are minuscule (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 11815, TRT atop the CCI with SAH of ~6 Hz, Nov 30 at 1508-1516 with vocal music, sad-sounding song, as Sheref says is typically Turkish, long talk segments before and after. 320 degrees from Çakirlar to Europe, but also USward. Since it`s after 1500, the other station is Japan, not Costa Rica (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 3185, dead air/open carrier, Nov 30 at 0621, again no one minding the store at WWRB when feed from Brother Scare fails; this is hardly a complaint, but an observation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 720, KDWN Las Vegas NV: you may recall that during October I was hearing this almost any morning from 1245 UT, as it was switching to non-direxional 50 kW day pattern one hour earlier than authorized, apparently due to confusion about the difference between PDT and PST.

In November the legal sunrise time was 1415 UT, so KDWN might have been switching at 1315 instead, but I never could hear it then, nor even at 1415, which was too far past sunrise eastward. Apparently it finally dawned on them, and resumed switching at the correct time as of Nov 1, let alone Nov 7 with the end of PDT.

I make one more try on Nov 30 at 1415, but still hear nothing but a weak mix of WGN and KSAH. LVNV axual sunrise this date is 1432 UT and will reach its latest in early January at 1452. Meanwhile, legal FCC sunrise for KDWN in December and January is 1445 UT. So possibly by late Dec it will be able to propagate briefly from 1445, but it really needs to resume switching one hour too early at 1345 to reach this far east (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1190, Nov 30 at 1421 UT from NW/SE I am hearing siren-like sounds and other electronic music, not your average commercial radio fare, so presume it is KVCU, Boulder CO, the student-operated ``AM Revolution`` at the University of Colorado, which FCC AM Query affirms ``operates as a noncommercial educational station``, with daytime power of 6.8 kW nondirexional. November official FCC sunrise is 1345 UT, and December 1415.

By 1423 it was overtaken by a station looping N/S with a house-buying ad, 7-digit phone-number so unlikely KFXR from The Metroplex, 1424 Xmas music, maybe KVSV Beloit KS, tho its 2.3 kW lobe goes NW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6074, one must tune in early to catch the 8GAL CW marker for sure: Nov 30 it starts at 1359:20 with standard V/CQ message, and finishes by 1400, when I was not noticing the 6-second late timesignal normally heard as the last gasp of motorboating 6075 R. Rossii, Petropavlovsk/Kamchatsky transmitter. That stayed on a while longer versus the Chinese successor.

Tnx to Ron Howard in California who sent me a clip of 8GAL recorded at exactly the same time I was hearing it Nov 25 at 1400. I was astounded by how strong it was on Asilomar Beach, totally overriding audio from RTI (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

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Ascolti milanesi..

Qualche ascolto autunnale da Milano, sotto la neve.

Argentina, 11710.7, RAE General Pacheco, 2110, Nov 27, results of the football matches, ID "Radio Argentina". Fair to good.
Brasil, 9695.8, R. Rio Mar, Manuas (tent.), 2045, Nov 27, sport event live, male speaker, no positive ID. Portughese. Fair.

Brasil, 11765, r. Deus e' Amor, 2026, Nov 27, sermon by a male speaker in Portughese on a very clear channel. Fair.

Thailand, 9535, r. Thailand, 2035, Nov 27, news on economy in Far East, English. Very good.

USA, 9479, WTWW Lebanon, 2030, Nov 27, religious program, talking about Roy Cohn and God, English. Good but tnterferring with WYFR on 9480 kHz: a religious war?
Michele D'Amico
(Perseus, Asus 1201n, antenna vertical Cushcraft R8)

Glenn Hauser logs November 28-29, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, a third week starts with zero signal from RNASG, checked Monday Nov 29 at 1422 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENIING DIGEST)

** ARGENTINA. 13363-SSB, Nov 28 at 2326 again hunting for AFN Guam on listed daytime frequency 13362.5-USB, instead heard sports in Spanish, very weak and could not be sure which frequency, but no sign of English. Missing from Aoki, but an Argentine broadcast feeder is occasionally reported here, by an incredible coincidence on almost the same frequency, such as:

``13363-LSB, Tentative LS4 R. Continental, Buenos Aires. Lively music program with announcements in Spanish. Fair strength amid noise and distortion of voices. 2115 2/4 [2008] (Charles Jones, Castle Hill NSW (Sony ICF-2001D and 70m long wire), DXpedition at Yeranda, near Dungog NSW [same equipment?], April Australian DX News via DXLD 8-044)`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Nov 28:
10500, good with flutter at 2330 // 11470; fair at 2353
14700, fair with flutter at 2325, also 2353

15550, Nov 29 at 2354 while I was getting Firedrake on 14700, 10500: Chinese music and hyper talk here in CNR1-style, SAH over much weaker victim, so ChiCom jamming against scheduled R. Free Asia in Mandarin via Tinian.

Firedrake Nov 29:
 8400, JBA at 1355. No others found up to 18 MHz by 1425

** CUBA. As per my previous report, kept looking for a midday repeat of RHC`s Spanish DX program on Sundays, En Contacto, Nov 28, circa 40 past various hours since its known times are all in that part of the clock. At 1640, not on. 1740, not checked, unfortunately. 1840, just RHC music (and no Aló, Presidente either) on 17750, 15370, 12040, 11760, 11690. By now, the other AP frequency 13750 was off. 1942, still no En Contacto. Maybe it was at 1740 or in the first half of some hour, unexpectedly. This monitoring is necessary since RHC has failed to publish an all-day (and all-night) program schedule ever since going 24 hours some 15 months ago. Stephan Schaa`s monitoring of RHC between 0800-0825 UT Monday Nov 29 on HCJB`s 6050 (see below) happens to include a clip containing En Contacto during that semihour too.

At 1942 Nov 28 I was also checking for the collision with Portugal on 12040: yes, there they both are, with CCI, SAH, RHC on top. Did not check later whether this lasted past 2100, the normal close of RDPI on Sundays, but with the option of staying on up to three hours longer for extraordinary emissions as it did on Saturday. At 2320, however, could only hear RHC on 12040 // 12010 an echo apart, and 11770.

Besides putting RNV back where it is supposed to be on 6180 instead of 6140 three days before [see VENEZUELA], RHC causes yet another collision. Spanish frequencies heard at 1007 Nov 29 in // are 6150, 6050 vs HCJB, and 6120.

It so happens that at 1000-1030, NHK Spanish via Sackville is also on 6120, 250 kW, 227 degrees to CIRAF 8, 10 and 11, i.e. Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and USA east of 90 degrees west. Aoki thinx RHC is on 6120 until 1100 with 100 kW, 340 degrees, i.e. clashing over the USA at least, but no doubt in fact also in the other zones. Once again, Cuba missing from HFCC, so NHK probably thought 6120 would be clear for them to use, as they have done in previous seasons, when I believe RHC was somewhere else.

AND: Arnie devotes half of this Sunday`s DXers Unlimited to attacking yours truly (tho the name Glenn Hauser must never be spoken on RHC). Tnx to Dan Hensely for tipping us about this; he thinx Arnie owes me an apology. It`s about the collision with HCJB (also never mentioned by name) on 6050. So I made a point of recording it for posterity at 0612-0618 UT Nov 29, where else, but on 6050! He already posted the script on his blog, and more about 6050 was on the previous Nov 23 show. My replies so far:

For starters, I would never be so immodest as to proclaim myself an expert --- When did I ever say that?

We`ll leave it to HCJB to decide whether RHC causes them any interference in THEIR target area, regardless of where RHC is aimed.

The fact remains, that RHC did not NEED to move off 5970 where it was loud and clear and not causing any problem.

Notice that he keeps referring to the ITU, not the HFCC, which is not the same thing. Fine, if RHC sends its stuff to ITU, but the fact remains that NO RHC registrations ever appear in the HFCC, which is the voluntary ADVANCE PLANNING organization of the world`s international shortwave broadcasters.

It is true that I have no respect for Sr Coro, for many other reasons such as his condoning and facilitating JAMMING of foreign broadcasts, INCLUDING MINE. How could I feel otherwise?

Arnie admits in the Nov 23 edition that RHC may be putting out 8 kW off the back of 6050, so more or less toward Ecuador. That is only theory, and we know how out of whack RHC transmissions can get, with something going wrong as monitored here just about every day. Could be more, maybe less.

Since HCJB is running only 10 kW, and the skip distance at night is rather favorable, 8 kW from Cuba could well be enough to cause harmful interference in HCJB`s target areas which *are* duly registered in HFCC as CIRAF zones 11, 12, 14, and 16. That is from the southern tip of South America to ---- CUBA! Including all of Central America and the Caribbean, excluding Brazil. The azimuths are dual, 18 and 172 degrees, so is it a dipole? But those degrees are obviously not 180 apart. Apparently it is not an NVIS antenna as would work best close-in. But is an unique type 761 antenna, whatever that is, used by no other station in the HFCC.

A truly `expert` frequency manager would `think outside the database`:

Realize that stations not in the DB should be taken into consideration, in a spirit of coöperation and avoiding mutual interference to the maximum extent possible. If for no other reason than to avoid bad PR resulting from stomping on a long-established and beloved station such as HCJB. Which IS in the HFCC database, anyway, unlike RHC.

Not make excuses that there is no overlap in CIRAF target zones. Plenty of signal also goes to adjacent or opposite zones.

BTW, this mindset is all too pervasive among those who do participate in HFCC: Leave it to the computers to figure out collisions rather than accumulating years of experience in monitoring how signals really behave, then applying it, and actually turn on a radio (on hand or remote) to hear what is really happening; and err on the side of caution.

I forwarded this material to Stephan Schaa, HCJB frequency manager, and he replies:

``Hello Glenn! Thank you very much for forwarding the info to me!
There is indeed quite an amount of HF Energy in the backlobe of the RHC Antenna. It`s that strong to the south side that in times where our transmitter is off air you can listen to the RHC signal on 6050 kHz without any problems in the middle of Quito. We put a remote receiver up there and I made some short recordings this morning (at 0800 UT), half an hour before HCJB`s 6050 TX comes on air again. Sadly RHC broadcasts some more hours and disturbs our transmission in the morning hours as well.
I wrote begin of last week the last time to Arnaldo Coro Antich and got no response from him. This is what I wrote (he already had complained to Allen Graham that I didn't answer his last Email (which I got Friday afternoon and I answered on Monday...) which he found disrespectful):
`Dear Arnaldo! I got your Email on Friday afternoon local time in Germany. Then I immediately had a call with Horst Rosiak in Quito. He promised me to check how the signals on 6050 kHz in the Quito region this weekend (by the way: did you get Horst`s mail end of last week?)

So please acknowledge that the reason for not immediately answering to you is not at all disrespect, but more in depth investigation of the problem from our side, because I wanted more information before writing back to you. The rest is probably a problem with the different time regions which you, Horst Rosiak and me are living in.

As I told, I would have preferred to have a little bit more time to check the problem in depth (we did not got an answer from our contact person to Ecuador`s telecommunication bureau). But I can tell you already some of our observations at this point, too:

The RHC signal on 6050 kHz is clearly audible with carrier at about -60 dBm, about 40 - 50 dBm above the noisefloor in Quito city at the time just before our transmitter gets on the air. (I'll attach a small mp3 recording that I made with our remote receiver in Quito yesterday morning on this email.) When our transmitter is on the air with the kitchwa indigenous programming, there is RHC's programming also clearly audible in the background.

I made some simulations with our prediction software [VOACAP]: It shows that the signal from Cuba should be at about 40 dBuV in Northern Ecuador and the Andean region through the backlobe of a 4/4/.8 antenna from your site. It seems that even with your excellent 4/4/0.8 antenna which is very precise in directing the shortwave signal into a certain direction, the front back ratio is not as perfect as antenna datasheets would like to tell.

As you can see, our signal is at about 40 - 50 dBuV in the Andean region in Ecuador and around. So with your signal at about 40 dB uV it's almost the same strength as our transmitter with 40 - 50 dBuV in the region. Because of that our signal is almost unusable in the northern part of Ecuador and the countries around.

HCJB has used the frequency of 6050 kHz for more than 60 years. And, as I already wrote, unfortunately it's not possible for us to change the frequency for some hours of the day at this transmitter and it's even very very difficult to change it completely to another frequency at all. Also we distributed a lot of solar powered fixed frequency radios to a lot of people in the region that like to listen to the regional languages programming. These radios would become worthless if we can't use the frequency anymore.

We now know that our use of the frequency of 6050 kHz is not registered correctly with the ITU list this season, even if registered at HFCC and other lists. Though it would be very kind of you, your colleagues and RHC if it would be possible for you to move your North American transmissions to another free frequency in the 49m Band. We at HCJB, our listeners in the Andean region and a lot of DXers all over the world would appreciate this very much.

Yours truly, Stephan Schaa` (to Arnie Coro, via DXLD)``

** ECUADOR [and non]. HCJB vs RHC 6050: see CUBA [and non]

** GUAM. 5765-USB, no show again from AFN, Nov 29 at 1417, tho my cable DTV converter bubble-jammer has shifted far enough away from this frequency. Nor was it heard on 13362.5 at 2325 Nov 28 --- but see ARGENTINA! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, VOI still on the air Nov 29 at 1521, with music, VG except for IADs, but cut off abruptly at 1522* and did not return next few minutes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. 9830, fair and sufficient Nov 29 at 1430 in Arabic, mentioning Jumuhiriya, brief news theme by cheesy military band, akin to Cairo`s but different tune. Several mentions in Arabic of Islamic Republic of Iran, in headlines so suspect it`s VIRI --- if it`s not in Farsi, that`s what it could be. Indeed, so registered, 500 kW from Kamalabad at 1430-1730 178 degrees, plus 1730-1830 at 210 degrees in ``Sawahili``. No sign of RTTY QRM now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [non]. RHC also collides with NHK in Spanish 6120: see CUBA

** LIBYA [and non]. 17800, V. of Africa in English still here ex-17725, Nov 29 at 1424, but today it is way under German from DW. Did MAQ have some beef with Germany, and order his propaganda voice to sacrifice a transmitter for the greater good of jamming Germany? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 960, local KGWA, Enid, open carrier Nov 29 at 0640, 0651 and still at 0659 UT; next check at 1016, programming had resumed. Was Monday morning maintenance, or automation failed and nobody noticed? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SLOVAKIA. 9540, surprised to find RSI here with ID in English, Nov 29 at 1357, but followed by same in French, Spanish, Russian, German, Slovak, over drumming and other instruments; then short versions of same IDs, before 1400 opening in Russian. Fair with no QRM. I tune around here just about every morning, and first time I`ve heard this. 9540 is in use only at +1400-1430, 150 kW, 65 degrees from Rimavská Sobota.

BTW, per Roger Tidy`s monitoring, on the Sunday mailbag in English, RSI confirms they will quit shortwave at yearend and we should be grateful they will continue on the Internet rather than being abolished altogether; don`t blame the station`s personnel but the European economic situation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND [and non]. 9725, Nov 29 at 1403, HSK9 with news in English by YL about Burma, Cambodia. She speaks slowly and clearly but still hard to follow due to heavy flutter (unlike AIR GOS on hummy 9690 which is much closer to trans-polar from here). (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. 9915, Nov 29 at 1410, BBCWS with documentary on mistreatment of Indonesian women going to work in UAE, Iraq, Jordan. One who finally made it back home is leading a campaign to warn others not to accept such human-trafficking jobs. This frequency fair but with `generator hum`, so is it Ascension like at 21-23? No, during this hour only it`s CYPRUS, 250 kW at 64 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1210 was bearing stations other than KGYN well after sunrise here 1323.

Nov 29 at 1501 UT, ``The Herd on ESPN Radio``, loops NW/SE, so likely 10 kW KHAT Laramie WY, with that network per NRC AM Log.

But Nov 29 at 1510 UT, 1210 has an ad for Bosch (sp?) dishwaschers at Lowe`s, 1513 livestock sales report giving an area-code 605 phone number, and mentioning Mitchell SD, ``Dakota Country weather``, forecast snow, low 8 degrees F. Then KOKK ID, commodity prices. Huron SD station I also logged a few weeks ago.

1270, Nov 29 at 1501 UT, weather for the Sioux Falls area, from the KSFI [TV] weather center. So it`s KNWC, religious format, major daytime lobe to the SW (but nighttime to the NE, per NRC Pattern Book).

1510, Nov 29 at 1505 UT, ``Rudolf the RNR``, looping NNE/SSW, 9:05 timecheck, two DJs promise to play nothing but Xmas music till Xmas, then talking about Viking football. Tnx to KSTP, there are no 1510s in Minnesota itself, but one on the periphery: KMSD Milbank SD, with an oldies format, and that call heard mentioned in passing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Since Don Moore in MI reported the second harmonic of WDKN, Dickson TN, on 2520, I have been on the lookout for it, but nothing so far. We need to be aware of the sunrise/sunset times there, as WDKN 1260 is 5 kW day, but only 18 watts at night, plus pre-sunrise authorization of 500 watts; and what is its direxionality, tho pattern on 1260 may be quite different than on unintentional 2520?

FCC AM Query: Daytime in November (for one more day) is 1230-2245 UT; in December, 1300-2230 UT. PSRA always starts at 1200 UT. Simplifying matters, it`s non-direxional day and night.

Of course, it`s always possible WDKN could be running day power at night. In fact, it probably was, as Don logged them on 2520 more than a sesquihour after official sunset! At 0010-0027 Nov 13 with fair signal, ``also in morning [time not given] and following evening``.

** VENEZUELA [non]. My log of RNV via CUBA, Nov 26 in the 10-11 UT hour on 6140 turns out to have been a fluke, yet another mixup by the incompetents at RHC and RadioCuba. Because Nov 29 at 1007 check, RNV is back on its previous frequency 6180 (and 6140 is off the air rather than with RHC). 6180 somewhat undermodulated and distorted. But that`s not all: see CUBA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Log Saverio De Cian

Buona apertura questa mattina dopo parecchi giorni di assenza (o quasi) di segnali
1570 0510- GTM, TGVE, La Voz Evangelica, px religioso e ID in S 
1500 0510- USA, WFED, Washington DC, news e ID in E
1510 0510- USA, WWZN, Boston MA, parlato in E, mx, Id
1520 0510- USA, WWKB, Buffalo NY, parlato in E e Id
1470 0510- USA, WLAM, Lewiston ME, parlato in E e Id
1410 0510- USA, WPOP, Hartford CT, "ESPN radio 14-10"
1390 0530- USA,  WEGP, Presque Isle ME, commenti e news, Id in E
1610 0530- AIA, The Caribbean Beacon The Valley, px religioso in E
1620 0555- USA, WDHP, Frederiksted, news e Id in E
1650 0555- USA, WHKT, Portsmouth VA, parlato in E, Mx e Id "Radio Disney"
1660 0555- USA, WCZN, Marco Island FL, px mx + Id in E
Saverio De Cian
Sedico (BL) / Italia

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton 15515 2145 GMT English 333 Nov 28 YL and OM with comments. OM interviewing an OM 2208 GMT. Also a YL at times. //13630[333]via Shepparton, 13590[444]via Palua.

CANADA Radio Canada Intl-RCI 17765 2128 GMT Portuguese 444 Nov 28 YL with comments. OM with comments 2130 GMT. YL with Musica ID. //15305[333].

CANADA Radio Canada Intl-RCI 13650 2157 GMT French 433 Nov 28 OM interviewing an OM. Suddenly off the air 2159 GMT.

CYPRUS BBCWS Relay 12095 2210 English 333 Nov 28 YL and OM with news items.

COSTA RICA Radio Exterior Espana-REE Relay 17850 2117 GMT Spanish 444 Nov 28 YL and OM with comments in the Diaria program. YL and OM with comments 2150 GMT. //15110[333] via Spain, 15125[333]via Costa Rica.

JAPAN Radio Japan-NHK 13640 2201 GMT Japanese 333 Nov 28 OM with comments.

KOREA, North Voice of Korea-VOK 13760 0050 Spanish/English 444 Nov 28 Strident choir music. YL and OM with comments 0050 GMT. Off the air 0055 GMT. National Anthem 0100. OM with comments in English 0103 GMT. YL with comments 0103 GMT. //11735[333], 15180[333].

UNITED STATES, NoCarolina VOA 15580 2140 GMT English 444 Nov 28 OM singing country music. YL with comments 2144 GMT MacKenzie-CA.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

domenica 28 novembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs November 28, 2010

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. Upper bands were dead Nov 28 at 0620, except for R. Australia, good on 13630, fair on 13690, and OSOB on 15160. NZ audible weakly on 11725, 13730, Zambia on 13590 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. Propagation was peculiar Nov 28 at 0610. I found a carrier on 4845 and wondered if Mauritania was back, but it was still chanting on 7245, so 4845 likely Brasil, especially since other marginal signals from there were showing thru the noise level, on 4885 with Brazilian music, 4915; and on 31m at 0619, besides a weak BBC on 9410, just about the OSOB was the Brasilian on 9675. On 25m, just RNA 11780, all-night on Sundays, and much better than NZ 11725 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Nov 28:
8400 and 10500 unheard at 1351 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 15120 and numerous other RHC frequencies, including the Aló, Presidente ones, 17750, 15370 and 13750, Sunday Nov 28 at 1434 En Contacto is starting early, and ending even earlier than a quarter-hour would run, 1447:30. Four weeks after DST ended, Manolo finally acknowledged explicitly that RHC programming remains at the ``same`` local time, i.e. one UT hour later including this at 1435 UT ex-1335, likewise the repeats. I intend to check around 1740, 1840, and if necessary 1940 to find an interim airing between 1435 and 2240 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. Checking 60m for Brazilian frequencies, found 4915 carrier, Nov 28 at 0611, but no 4919v where R. Quito had been active the past two nights. Dave Valko, PA, also heard HCQR1, Nov 26 at 1009-1100 on 4918.97 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, AFN missing again, Sunday Nov 28 at 1302 and rechex later in the hour when WESUN should have been on from NPR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4052.5-, if you find R. Verdad inaudible or harder to hear, the reason may be that one of the modules in the new transmitter has failed, reducing power to only 220 watts as of Nov 27. I was not hearing it Nov 28 at 0602 when the NA should have been playing. QRP enthusiasts who never got them at 50 watts may want to try now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 4845, Nov 28 at 0610 detected carrier in WWCR splash, so is ORTM back on 60m? No, still chanting away on 7245, so 4845 was probably Brasil, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OMAN. 15140, Nov 28 at 1434, English news by YL JBA but not really readable, a rare appearance by R. Sultanate of Oman, as conditions from Arabia were above average (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15435, BSKSA, Nov 28 at 1505-1525, transmitter fails every few minutes for a few sex, interrupting Arabic talk, not Qur`an. Good signal during the on-periods (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9385, WWRB open carrier Nov 28 at 1313 and still 1352 instead of Brother Scare. Recheck sometime after 1500, he had begun modulating. Is there no human operator at WWRB to notice such things, just a timer turning on the transmitter and/or automated frequency changes? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. As of 1652 UT Sunday Nov 28, the ``Aló, Presidente`` frequencies, such as 13750, were still // RHC on 11760, with Cuban music, so no show from El Hugazo again this week (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Log Roberto Pavanello

  603 27/11 15.00 Oldie Star R. - Berlin Tedesco ID e MX suff.
  864 27/11 15.30 France Bleu Ile de France - Paris FF NX traffico buono
  945 27/11 11.05 France Info - Toulouse Occitano Passejada Occitana suff.
 1233 22/11 22.30 Absolute R. - London EE MX in // a 1215 KHz suff.
 3905 26/11 20.10 Skyline R. Int. -EE ID e MX buono
 3940 27/11 16.40 Magic AM - EE ID e MX buono
 4880 22/11 18.45 SW R. Africa - Meyerton Shona talk YL buono
 5010 27/11 16.50 A.I.R. - Thirunvanatapuram Hindy MX buono
 5820 28/11 10.10 Orion R. - EE ID e MX buono
 5995 27/11 23.30 R. Mali - Bamako FF NX buono
 6025 27/11 23.25 R. Amanacer Int. - S. Domingo SS gospel suff.
 6202 28/11 10.05 R. Scotland - EE ID e MX buono
 6300 28/11 09.35 R. Brandaris - EE ID e MX buono
 6325 28/11 09.40 R. Quintus - EE ID e MX buono
 7175 22/11 18.50 Voice of Broad Masses of Eritrea - Asmara Amarico talk OM suff.
 9630 27/11 23.10 R. Aparecida - PP ID buono
 9645 27/11 23.05 R. Bandeirantes - Sao Paulo PP NX suff.
 9675 27/11 22.55 R. Cancao Nova - Cachoeira Paulista PP MX buono 

Il prossimo week-end niente tips causa partecipazione al Meeting dei Collezionisti di Adesivi Radio-TV di Colle Val d'Elsa.

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia

Glenn Hauser logs November 27-28, 2010

** COSTA RICA. Several evenings in the 00-02 UT period lately I have sought the R. San Carlos second harmonic on 2859.8, without success. Last presumed log of it here was Sept 23 at 1117 as in DXLD 10-39. Nor have I seen reports of it from anyone else. The nominal schedule in WRTH from TIRDVC 1430 is 1115-0200, but sign-off used to vary considerably. Still no sign of it Nov 28 at 0059. I wonder if they have suppressed it, resulting from an ill-advised DX reception report from someone. If QSLed, it may have been the last one ever from this outlet (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC has abandoned 16m for the season, but there is still propagation as late as 2319 Nov 27 when I am again getting the third harmonix of pulse jammers, on 17865 vs R. República 5954v, and on 18090 vs R. Martí 6030 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also PORTUGAL [and non]; VENEZUELA [non]

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. 15190, tuned in R. Africa just as it was closing, Saturday November 27 at 2247, with address, P O Box ---, in Somulu [spelt] 100007, Lagos, Nigeria, for forwarding to ministries. Google prefers to spell it Shomolu, except on its own Google Map this area in Lagos is labeled Somolu. Previously have heard them announcing Ghana and Zimbabwe addresses. Et al.?

CCI barely audible underneath with SAH, presumably Inconfidência. The carrier was still on at 2309, altho it may have ceded to ZYE522 by then. This time I was not hearing any wobble on the carrier, so Doppler effect affecting propagation was likely the cause before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM [and non]. Besides seeking AFN in the mornings on night frequency 5765-USB, I am now also looking for it evenings on the listed day frequency 13362.5-USB. But nothing audible Nov 28 at 0028, despite big signals on 13580 and 13680 from CRI: respectively, Beijing site in Chinese, Xi`an site in Vietnamese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 770, after KKOB NM had switched to night pattern at 0000 UT Nov 28, at 0008 dominating frequency is Spanish from the SSW or so, most likely XEACH, R. Fórmula, Monterrey, with a live talk show discussing the PRI, and attempting unsuccessfully to call in a correspondent in Coahuila. I had the impression it was a network produxion originating in the DF (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, XEPPM, already on with musical prélude, Nov 27 at 2312, segués of a variety of music, in Spanish when vocal, no QRM from Amazônia as no trace of a // to 11780.

However there was a SAH caused by XE being off-frequency to the low side, and the source of that is intriguing. Only things listed after 2300 are CRI 500 kW from Xi`an, 354 degrees in Mongolian; and China Huayi, 15 kW ND from Chengdu. Or maybe something via the UAE site at 500 kW, 300 degrees, but there are scads of wooden registrations for that. No longer getting the SAH after 2330 or so.

Anyhow, XEPPM`s nominal schedule is 00-12 UT (6 pm to 6 am local, ergo 23-11 UT during DST, over for four weeks now), but we`ve heard it previously well before 0000 and sometimes after 1200. Any doubt about the source was eliminated when full Spanish and English IDs were inserted at 2324, mentioning Radio Education, shortwave from Mexico City, XEPPM, 6185 kHz, 10 kW. Filled the rest of the hour with music.

Finally official opening at 2359 with short version of Mexican NA, 0001 UT Nov 28 live sign-on in Spanish and English, similar IDs as before, giving date 27 November; both languages voiced by same YL, Pabla(?) Martínez Luna; then ID only as its MW side, XEEP, 1060 AM, historical capsule, ``Historias y Memorias``, 0003 back to music. Unfortunately, that`s the extent of English programming from XEPPM. Too bad they don`t give us at least a 15-minute daily news roundup.

At least a webcasting station, Radio Imagen, provides English news, as in our Monitoring Reminders Calendar,

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 780, KSPI, Stillwater, still has its carrier on Nov 27 at 2328 past 2331 and even at another check 2408, steady signal causing fast SAH to WBBM, but nullable. Confirming it`s KSPI, not only the direxion, but its constant weak spurs on 776 and 784. Official sunset in Nov and Dec is 2315 UT. NB: a daytime license means turn off the modulation AND carrier between sunset and sunrise! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL [and non]. 12040, Sat Nov 27 at 2250, RDPI with live sports play-by-play, therefore an `extraordinary` transmission extending the schedule. Trouble is, it`s colliding with R. Habana CUBA, where Arnie decided to use 12040 in B-10 instead of 12030, at 11-24 to Central America.

According to RDPI`s B-10 schedule, 12040 is 300 degrees to N America, 19-21 on Sat & Sun, but available daily 19-24 if needed. So on this Saturday the collision probably went on for the full five hours! Another screwup thanks to Cuba as an outlaw nation refusing to participate in advance coördination via HFCC.

At 2310 also found RDPI on 7285 // 12040. That one is 45 degrees to Europe, Sat & Sun 2300-2400, and available for extraordinary emissions also on weekdays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 5970, listened to most of REE`s English hour to North America, UT Sunday Nov 28 from 0005, since I was enjoying the excellent reception and the music, initially flamenco in a feature about a singer called Terremoto (Earthquake); at 0018 switched to Tierra Santa, a hard rock band, interspersing music with interviews voiced-over into English.

About time I also listened to Radio Waves again to see how the `DX` program is doing, which for a long time was just featuring a piece of music somehow related to radio. But it never showed up. Has anyone heard it at any time recently? If so, when and with what? Or is it gone forever? I may have to remove it from DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS,

I see that the WWDXC B-10 DX program list has it as Radio Corner at :15 into the hours:

The BDXC-UK B-10 DX and Media Programme Guide at
also has it at :15v past, but still titled Radio Waves.

Next feature at 0040:40 was Historical Footnotes, talk about ferias, market days once or twice a year, and the economix of the era, with nice medieval music. 0050:40 to a modern song; 0055:40 closing English broadcast announcing correct frequency 5970, off abruptly at 0056:45*, and a few sex later when I had retuned to 6055, REE was already up there with IS. Note REE doesn`t bother with any news on weekends, so pray nothing happen until Monday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 770, KKOB, good signal Nov 27 at 2332 UT, but it`s only Lobo football. Official Albuquerque sunset in Nov and Dec is 0000 UT, and indeed KKOB was no longer to be heard at 0008 check Nov 28, the frequency instead dominated by something in Spanish from the SSW [see MEXICO] and IBOC from WBBM.

With its null toward WABC at night, best chances to hear KKOB to the east are in the hour (or less) before 0000, and also the hour (or less) after non-direxional resumes in the morning, 1345 UT in November, 1400 in December. Aside from the 230-watt synchronized Santa Fe relay on 770 only during night hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 11670, RNV wrapping up relay via CUBA, Nov 27 with IS and ID until 2256*, the transmitter no doubt being retuned to 13680 or 15250 for the following hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 13957.5-SSB, 2-way in Spanish, Nov 28 at 0031, still going at 0037 and 0054. One of them sounds drunk, starts to sing ``ay-ay-ay-ay`` as in Cielito Lindo; ``proa`` also mentioned, prow, as would a poacher in his boat (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

sabato 27 novembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs November 27, 2010

** ASCENSION. 17505, good signal with tonal African language, Nov 27 at 1727 past 1730; kept talking about ``Cristo``. HFCC shows it`s YFR in Shona at 17-18 daily, 250 kW, 102 degrees. And it had quite a hum, now so characteristic of Ascension, due to wind power generation? Why can`t they filter that out? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. They still haven`t caught on in the RHC studio that programming is airing one hour later than before. Saturday Nov 27 at 1508 UT on 11760, Cartas a la Redacción is opening, claiming its schedule in Cuban time is Saturday 9:05 am, 11:32 am, 7:00 pm, and Sunday 4:00 am. But guess what, at 1508 UT it is already 10:08 am EST!!

I paused to listen to this on 11760 since the carrier was dropping to a lower level for a split second every one or two seconds. Most annoying; the modulation seemed to continue, and on the S-meter too I could see that the carrier was not cutting out completely, just dropping to lower power (or maybe a short in the antenna was to blame). This situation was still ongoing at 1528. So it`s different from the IADs infecting the Voice of Indonesia 9526- transmitter where the carrier is unaffected (and still doing that today as I bytuned).

Another amateurish anomaly from the RadioCuba operation: 11730, Nov 27 at 1554 with open carrier atop pop music, announcement maybe in Arabic. I figure it`s RHC as usual which runs 11730 all day in Spanish, but when will modulation be applied? Not at 1616, and still not one hour and one minute later checked, 1717! Wake up. At 1554 and onward, RHC was going as usual on 11690 // 11760.

As for the 11730 Arabic before 1600, nothing listed in Aoki, but HFCC has it as RRI via Galbeni (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 4918.9, R. Quito carrier detectable vs noise level for a second night, Nov 27 at 0612, bit of music vs CODAR (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE [and non]. 13695, Nov 27 at 1723, something in French, with cora music, underneath Harold Camping`s Open Forum. It`s RFI, Issoudun at 185 degrees, oblivious of the QRM from Okeechobee heading 355 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [and non]. 13670, something strange here, Nov 27 at 1535, fire & brimstone preacher in English, not Brother Scare or another TOM psychophant, mixing about equally with South Asian(?) song, 1540 announcement Farsi-like. Can`t hear a SAH between them, so zero-beat. At 1544 the latter announces a ``P O Box`` but that`s all I can catch. At 1545 both of them cut off simultaneously, uncovering a Chinese lesson presented in French.

The latter is certainly CRI via ALBANIA as scheduled, 1400-1600 at 240 degrees, and the former fits for a Saturday-only transmission of MBR via Wertachtal, 1515-1545, 100 kW, 90 degrees. Aoki reveals it`s Bible Voice, in English (also on 13670: in English Thursday 1630-1600; and in Urdu Wednesday & Friday 1530-1600). Nothing else. Since both cut off at the same instant, I conclude that it was a double audio feed into and out of the Wertachtal transmitter, not external interference, Christians vs Christians! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, AFN, Nov 27 at 1256 is wrapping up a talk show, apparently concerning country music, a bit of which was heard, plus NPR outro credit. Hard to copy due to splash from incomparably more powerful WTWW 5755. But that goes off at 1300, and suddenly the AFN signal jumps as the FRG-7 is no longer being desensitized by WTWW, and we can hear the opening of NPR`s Weekend Edition Saturday, yay, still on SW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 7245, ORTM, Nov 27 at 0625 with characteristic soporific wake-up chanting, 0630 onto something more secular. Usually this signal is lesser than neighbors DW 7240 and Vatican 7250, but tonight it`s morer, as higher latitudes were barely propagating, such as Tunisia 7335 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. 13720, Nov 27 at 1722, Iberian Portuguese with silly ballgame, // stronger 17820 and equivalent 15465, all RDPI simulcasting a domestic network enthusiastically (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [non]. 5965 via COSTA RICA, REE`s Amigos de la Onda Corta, Saturday Nov 27 at 0614 with propagation predictions for different bands and areas from a regular contributor. Meanwhile, propagation was quite degraded with little above 10 MHz and no REE direct parallels audible, while 5965 had the usual CCI from Vatican making a SAH, and the CR audio also a bit muffled (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9615, Sat Nov 27 at 0621, VG S9+20 signal the SSOB, much stronger than WYFR, but horrible audio of YL singing, chirpy like water dripping in a sewer, apparently very poor webfeed. WHR website claims Angel 2 is on 9615 daily at 06-08 UT, but fortunately it`s really on the air weekends only (or fragments of that span which are sold), and this must have been Jesus' Love Ministers, with Mrs. Gwen Knox, Saturdays 0615-0630. Has Gwen listened to how she sounds from Furman? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1540 confirmed on WRMI, 9955, Saturday Nov 27 ending at 1529 with propagation outlook, fair signal and no jamming audible; thanks a lot, Arnie! Then plug for the NASB cruise in May, Jeff White wearing his travel-agent hat, 1531 AWR Wavescan with Jeff changing to his DX-program-host hat.

WORLD OF RADIO 1540 also confirmed on WWCR-2, 12160, Saturday Nov 27 after 1700. The audio processing on this transmitter is turned up to the max, which boosts every breath I take and every little glitch in the editing; please try to disregard them. Next airings are UT Sunday 0330 on 4840, 0730 on 3215 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. TA carrier search UT Nov 27 at 0132-0140, on DX-398 in USB mode 9-kHz steps with slightly offtuned BFO, twice up and once down the band: 693, 783, 837, 909, 945, 1089, 1206, 1215, 1377, 1502, 1512, 1521, 1557, 1575 (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. TP carrier search UT Nov 27 at 1315-1320: 1566, 1422, 1053, 774, 666, 594 (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

765 KHz Sottens Option Musique

Il sito ufficiale di Option Musique Sottens indica la mezzanotte del 5 dicembre come data di disattivazione della frequenza dei 765 KHz, non il 3 dicembre come da me riferito in un precedente messaggio, basato sul sito dell'Ufficio federale delle comunicazioni. Beh comunque meglio monitorare lo stesso dal 3 dicembre, non si sa mai. Bella l'iniziativa di Option Musique, che il 4 e il 5 dicembre organizza due giornate porte aperte e offre uno scambio gratuito della propria radio OM con una radio DAB. Le radio OM ricevute verranno inviate a Radio Bonne Musique, radio libera del Cameroun, che le distribuirà agli ascoltatori.

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

ARGENTINA Radio Nacional 6060 2359 GMT Spanish 333 Nov 21 OM at a sports event and said SCORE!!! at 2400 GMT. And continued with the sports event. Soccer Game??

ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon 6090 0004 GMT English 444 Nov 21 OM with comment on the Children of Israel.

BONAIRE Radio Netherlands Intl Relay-RNI 6145 0012 GMT Dutch 444 Nov 21 Two OMs in a conversation.

CHINA CPBS 6125 0006 GMT Chinese 333 Nov 21 YL with comments.

CUBA China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 5990 2347 English 444 Nov 21 OM with comments on new born babies being adopted. //6040[433]via Canada. 11790[444]via China.

MEXICO Radio Education 6185 0015 GMT Spanish 333 Nov 21 Piano music.

SPAIN Radio Exterior Espana-REE 6055 2356 Spanish 444 Nov 21 OM with comments then an IS ID and off the air.

UNITED STATES, WHRI 5920 2337 GMT English 433 Nov 21 OM with comments on the Bible book of Mathew and its Angels.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs November 25-26, 2010

** CANADA. 2749-SSB, Nov 26 at 1053 marine weather by YL with québecois accent, 1055 OM also in French but heavy English accent; 1057 OM in English mentions ``Coast Guard Radio`` and 2749 but can`t catch a location or call as signals fight heavy noise level; then calling ``All stations`` in English and French, but off at 1058 and nothing further heard by 1101. Let`s check Bill Hepburn`s info at:

Which shows 2749 is used by four stations on the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, two of which are bilingual, VCN in Grindstone [Magdalen Islands] QC, but not scheduled until 1118, while the other one has a broadcast starting at 1040:
VAR-3, NS, Yarmouth-Fundy, 43 44 24, 66 07 19, EE/FF
This source does not mention mode, USB or LSB, and on the FRG-7 BFO it`s not obvious immediately.

Guess why I was tuning around here? Yep, HAARP, Alaska, but no sign of it on 2750. When active it could cause lots of QRM to the CCG stations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Nov 26:
8400, JBA at 1046
This nor any others heard later by 1300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. The recalcitrant Arnie Coro, RHC frequency manager, so far has kept a transmitter on 6050 blowing away HCJB`s only remaining frequency from Ecuador: Nov 26 at 1042 check, in Spanish, 6050 is strongest here, // 5040, 6120, 6150. But off by 1101, audiblizing HCJB again; see ECUADOR. At 1106, equally big signal on 6095 instead, probably same transmitter // 6140, 6150, 6180. At 1210, RHC is also on 6000, perhaps waited until WYFR was finished at nominal 1200.

5025, R. Rebelde had been inbooming earlier as usual, but absent at 1212 Nov 26, at least allowing one to detect adjacent carriers from Solomons and Sarawak; back on at 1237 check (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also VENEZUELA [non]

** DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 6025+, Nov 26 at 1136, badly squeezed between stronger Australia 6020 and DentroCuban Jamming Command 6030, apparent live show inviting phone calls to 809 number in Santo Domingo, discussing Madre Taresa, fading out by 1140: Radio Amanecer, slightly on hi side compared to 5025 Cuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 6050, HCJB, Pichincha still exists, despite barrage from super signal de RHC between 01 and 11 UT; see CUBA. Nov 26 at 1042 not even a trace of HCJB can be heard under it, RHC off by 1101 about to move to 6095, so HCJB is audiblized: axually with R. Transmundial program, A través de la Biblia inviting toll-free calls in PR and US to 1-800-880-5339, or e-mail Now the only problem is the lite het from Malaysia off-frequency to lo side. HCJB gradually weakens as sunrise oncomes. At 1133 its own programming, news from La Voz de los Andes, W&M alternating, temp 10 degrees, frequent timechex for 6:33, 6:34, etc. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 4918.9, romantic music segués, Nov 26 at 0635, poor signal vs noise level and CODAR; on this frequency it has to be R. Quito, which sporadically reactivates on SW, usually lasting only a few nights before vanishing again. Go get `em. At 0644 it was the OSOB on 60m except for USA and Cuba (or OSAMOB – only South American on band). 0651 brief Spanish announcement, but could not copy. If there was an ID at hourtop, I dozed thru it, 0702 still music, but at 0709 ``Radio Quito --- amplitud modulada``. Next check at 1036, still a signal but unreadable on 4918.9 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT [and non]. 13580, Nov 26 at 1535 mostly motorboating, modulation just barely audible under, from R. Cairo`s Albanian service; much worse than neighbor WINB 13570 with its unstable carrier detectable only with BFO on (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, AFN barely audible Nov 26 at 1039, in talk, vs my local cable DTV converter bubbling, and now WTWW 5755 is splashing worse than before since audio processor has been changed. Also talk detectable at 1210, so is it back to newstalk including NPR Morning Edition rather than the country music stream? Guess not, as at 1239 country music. At least the transmitter is on the air today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4052.5-, hoped to catch R. Verdad sign-on, Nov 26, but nothing audible at 1127 or earlier, nor at 1131. However, at 1143 with BFO on I can hear a weak signal with music. Unsure when it came on; might have been there earlier but masked by additional local broadband noise source (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, VOI Nov 26 at 1042, fair with flutter, music with IADs, perhaps during English hour. At 1108 in slow and deliberate Chinese, non-native speaker? Poor with ACI from Chinese on 9530. Not checked again until 1600, poor-fair, music, IADs, het de 9525.0, i.e. CRI English via Kashgar, EAST TURKISTAN; 1601 ``Voice of Indonesia, the Sound of Dignity`` ID in English, into Arabic, 1602 Qur`an for several minutes (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. 3945, looking for R. Nikkei-2 overtime, as suspected yesterday until 1329* but Nov 26 unheard at 1126 tho -1 was in poorly on 3925; no VANUATU audible either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 17800, V. of Africa still here ex-17725, colliding with Deutsche Welle, Nov 26 at 1529 about equal levels with talk in English about a sub-Saharan country vs DW sounder during German (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 870, Nov 26 at 1301 as I tune in, the low-key YL announcer is just IDing in Spanish as XETAR, La Voz de la Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua. I was hearing this a lot in October when the timing was more propitious.

700, Nov 26 at 1305, having searched the MW band for Mexican NAs, didn`t find any, but no matter as XEETCH was just signing on in Indian language(s), by W&M mentioning calls and Etchojoa, Sonora several times, plus ``700 AM``. 1307 sign-on in Spanish also saying it`s an emisora cultural. WRTH gives slogan as La Voz de los Tres Rios, but I have not heard that; 5 kW daytimer (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SRI LANKA [non]. 13860, V. of Tamils two-day special presumed, JBA carrier at 1612 Nov 26, site unknown. WRN had informed us of this: VOICE OF TAMILS SPECIAL --- Glenn, As last year there will be Tamil convention specials on November 26 and 27th.
1030-1400 on 17880
1400-1500 on  6230
1500-1630 on 13860
It will be a relay of a European Tamil TV station's audio from the Hot Bird Satellite

Others have reported hearing the remaining frequencies; try again Saturday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Astounded to hear Dead Gene Scott on 9350, Nov 26 at 0625, almost the OSOB and certainly the SSOB briefly until it too began fading out like all the other 31m signals --- but not before I had time to // it to Anguilla 6090, and find that WWCR was absent from 5935 where DGS is supposed to be!

This WWCR-2 transmitter is scheduled on 9350 only at 21-23, and on 5935 from 01 to 13, so must have punched the wrong frequency. Certainly a bad move to have been deliberate, due to nightmiddle lowflux propagation, making remaining 5890 with Brother Scare JBA at 0627 (while further signals on 49m such as WYFR, and BBC 5875 and other Europeans were inbooming); WWCR 4840 was OK but hardly solid, while 3215 was still VG. WTWW 5755 was also very poor at this time.

Next check at 1041, 5935 was back on the air with PMS, 5890 was fair with BS, and 5755 was back to full strength with PPP (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1540 monitoring: first airing confirmed on WRMI 9955 webcast, Thursday Nov 25 at 1600. And on WBCQ 7415 at 2000. And on WWRB 3185 Friday Nov 26 at 0430.

ACB Radio Mainstream has adjusted all times one UT hour later and will stay on ET = EST/EDT as applicable instead of UT, so WORLD OF RADIO now starts UT Fridays at 0200 and repeats every two hours thru 2400:

Further airings: Fri 2130 on WWCR 7465; Sat 0900, 1500 and 1830 on WRMI 9955; Sat 1700 on WWCR 12160; Sat 1900 on IRRS/Slovakia 6090, which has been doing well around Europe, and might also make it to NE America; UT Sun 0330 on WWCR 4840, 0730 on WWCR 3215; Sun 0900, 1530, 1830 on WRMI 9955; Mon 0300 on WBCQ 5110.

WOR also has a new webcasting affiliate, Geneva Community Radio, New York, UT Mondays 0000 via

** U S A. 13750, VOA Spanish remains here, ex-13715, Nov 26 at 1241 when it`s JBA compared to good // 9885 with report on Chilean President Piñeda`s visit to Perú, on Enfoque Andino service. The schedule at
has now been corrected (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 3160, haven`t checked for WPJK sign-on lately, Orangeburg SC, 2 x 1580, so standing by for it Nov 26 from before 1230: *1230:33 carrier on at S9+18, 1232 false-start as heard one word and more silence; 1234:12 canned sign-on and into Gospel Train music show infested with Autotunes, opening with train whistle tooting Q, so get out of the way.

WPJK is still signing on a semihour later than necessary since legal sunrise in November is 1200 UT. In December it becomes 1215, but likely to remain *1230v as WPJK seems fond of opening at 7:30 local clock time as it was doing during the first week of November, one semihour too early at 1130 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1360, Nov 26 at 1301 YL in Spanish mentioning De Soto, Tejas several times, apparently plugging a religious service. That`s a suburb on the south side of Dallas, so must be KMNY, Hurst TX also in The Metroplex. Would have just upped from night power 890 watts to day power 50,000 as legal sunrise in Nov is 1300 UT; in Dec it will be 1330. Hardly sounded like 50 kW, as main lobe goes WSW and there`s a null toward us. Retains calls denoting previous financial format, so how would they possibly tie ``money`` into religion now? (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1060, Nov 26 at 1225, strong open carrier with fast SAH vs Spanish from south = XEEP, and English religion from NW/SE = WLNO. I figured it was KIJN, Farwell TX, and so it was, with sign on in Spanish (only?) at 1229 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENIG DIGEST)

** U S A. 890, Nov 26 at 1312 UT, with KTLR OKC nulled, I am hearing something in addition to remnants of WLS: 846 area code, religious, mentions, Mortenson Broadcasting Co., 890-GGN, plugging Xmas in November promotion starting today.

NRC AM Log shows it`s KGGN, Gladstone MO, 960-watt daytimer in Kansas City area. FCC AM Query shows Nov sunrise is 1300 UT, Dec 1330; direxional cardioid with major lobe about 250 degrees, but plenty towards us. Website shows calls mean ``God`s Good News``, rather than ``Great Gospel Radio`` as in NRC AM Log. Then I find that AC 846 does not exist, so maybe they said 816 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 6140, RNV via CUBA, Nov 26 at 1044 in Spanish, instead of 6180 where the 10-11 UT hour had been for years. As I seldom monitor during this hour, don`t know when it changed but perhaps Nov 8 when 6140 was reactivated for other RHC broadcasts. 6180 was now carrying RHC // several others; see CUBA. Or it could have been one of their numerous mixups, so further chex needed.

The 11-12 RNV relay is still on 6060, heard at 1103 in English and Spanish, undermodulated. The only way we can get an RNV schedule is by monitoring, as they STILL announced the years-out-of-date schedule on every broadcast, which I heard concluding again Nov 26 at 1556 on 11680, with the last three entries 11875, 15230 and 17705, only the last of which is still in use.

Altho I have not bothered to log and report them, I have in the last few weeks run across RNV still on the schedule we have previously compiled so here is the sked now believed to be complete and accurate, one hour each:
10  6140
11  6060 [partly English]
12 11705
15 11680 [except Sundays][partly English]
19 15290 [may also miss Sundays if Aló, Presidente is on?]
20 17705
22 11670
23 13680 15250 [partly English]

UNIDENTIFIED. TP MW carrier search, Nov 26 at 1255 UT: not much, but detectable on 774, 1422, 1566 (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 3575 approx., Nov 26 at 0637 as I tuned across 80m, heard a series of musical electronic tones, then off. Presumably some ham mode. To be sought again sometime (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Torna la Serbia in italiano in onda corta

Secondo quanto comunicato dall'emittente, da ieri è stato riattivato il trasmettitore da 10 kW e la trasmissione in lingua italiana dovrebbe essere in onda sui 9505 kHz alle 18.30 UTC
updated schedule
effective November 25, 2010

0100-0130 6190 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      NCAm SERBIAN MON-SAT
0100-0200 6190 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      NCAm SERBIAN SUN
0130-0200 6190 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      NCAm ENGLISH MON-SAT
0200-0230 6190 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      NCAm SERBIAN WED
1100-1400 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   SERBIAN
1400-1430 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   ENGLISH
1430-1500 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   SERBIAN
1500-1530 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   SPANISH
1530-1600 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   ARABIC
1600-1630 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   RUSSIAN
1630-1700 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   FRENCH
1700-1730 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   GERMAN
1730-1745 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   MANDARIN
1745-1800 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   ALBANIAN
1800-1815 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   HUNGARIAN
1815-1830 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   GREEK
1830-1900 9505 BEO 010 kW/ 310&130 deg  Eu   ITALIAN
1900-1930 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu RUSSIAN
1930-2000 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu ENGLISH
2000-2030 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu SPANISH
2030-2100 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu SERBIAN SUN-FRI
2030-2130 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu SERBIAN SAT
2100-2130 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu GERMAN SUN-FRI
2130-2200 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu FRENCH
2200-2230 6100 BIJ 250 kW/ 310 deg      WeEu ENGLISH

BIJ = Jabanuša near Bijeljina, Bosnia [YABANUSHA, BEE-YEL-YINA]
BEO = Stubline near Belgrade, Serbia [STUBLINEH]

Best regards!
Dragan Lekić, Subotica, Serbia
(via dxld ml)

Ascolti AM Luca Botto Fiora

Ascolti AM (orari UTC)
Legenda segnale:
IN - Insufficiente/Poor
SF - Sufficiente/Fair
BN - Buono/Good
MB - Molto buono/Very good

Sabato 20 novembre 2010
*21.30 - 6055 kHz
R. WAVES INT. - Sitkunai (Lituania)
EE/FF, ids OM e speciale anniversario.
Segnale buono
Ultima possibilità di RWI dalla Lituania
domani 27 novembre alla stessa ora.


Giovedì 25 novembre 2010
*23.30 - 5905 kHz
Wertachtal (Germania)
Burmese, mx burmese e nxs YL.
Segnale sufficiente-buono


Venerdì 26 novembre 2010
11.00 - 9490 kHz
R. CANADA INT. - Tinang (Filippine)
Cinese, tk OM/YL.
Segnale sufficiente-buono
13.00 - 11860 kHz
POLSKIE R. - Woofferton (UK)
Inglese, IDs e nxs YL.
Segnale sufficiente-buono
Co-ch NHK in bengali.

Luca Botto Fiora

G.C. 09E13 - 44N21
Rapallo (Genova)

R7 Drake
VR5000DSP Yaesu
ATS909 Sangean

Loop ferrite ACA 75 cm modificata (@70 kHz-2 MHz)
Loop 1 spira da finestra 150x100 cm (@2-6 MHz)
Dipolo aperto 20 m (@6-30 MHz)

Ampli RF K0LR per loop ACA modificato (WA1ION)
Ampli RF LX1456 Nuova Elettronica per loop SW e dipolo
Balun a choke coassiali 1:1 di RG174 per dipolo (IZ7ATH)
Eliminatore di QRM MFJ 1026 modificato (W8JI)
Software demo Multimode 5.9.2 Black Cat Systems
Splitter coassiale 2 antenne-3 ricevitori autocostruito

giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs November 25, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, still no trace of LRA36, Nov 25 at 1414 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Nov 25:
8400, JBA at 1345. After 1400 not heard here or anywhere (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Over-the-horizon radar pulsing, presumed from here, Nov 25 at 1342 intruding into 40m hamband, 7060-7115 peaking around 7095; same sound at 6850-6900, and a smaller segment at 7575-7590 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 1620, Nov 25 at 0729 tuneby I notice some Spanish, so check 5025 for //. Yes, it`s one of the R. Rebelde outlets to block WDHP USVI which is not doing exile programming anyway at this hour, if ever any more. First time I`ve noticed this; soon fades down as WTAW resumes dominance (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC check Nov 25 at 0724: no English, but Spanish on 6050, 6060, 6120, 6150. 6050 best by far, stronger than 6060; 6120 also strong but with the usual degraded audio; 6150 undermodulated. 6010 was off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 14685-14710, OTH radar pulsing, presumed from here, Nov 25 at 1410 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190, Nov 25 at 1602, very poor signal but sounds like the mumbling of Tony Alamo, who is also a regular on R. Africa at 2200. How from federal prison in Tucson does he manage to remain on the air here, and on European Gospel Radio? Tape library, and dedicated followers who still have money to spend, rather than compensating his underage ``wives`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA [and non]. 9555.6: VOA Korean 9555 via Tinang, Nov 25 at 1355 has a severe het on the hi side. Jamming from Korea North? Despite current tension, doubtful, as VOK inaudible at 1425 on 9335 (or is it off?). There is under-modulation on the upper carrier, but can`t make anything out vs fully modulated VOA. The SW-07 with sync detexion and LSB suppression doesn`t help since it`s on a lesser antenna, Sony loop in the window.

I do notice that there is no het close to R. Australia on 9560, so likely the Ethiopian transmitter has varied further down than usual. The DXLD archive finds a mention of it in 9-004 down to 9556, per Chris Greenway, late Dec 2008, monitoring from Kenya.

Back before 1500 I am waiting for a clearer shot at it after VOA closes, but at *1455 QRM from the other side, 9560 with soft jazz prelude, which turns out to be NHK, 1459 announcement in Japanese and into Chinese.

VOA does go off 9555 shortly after 1459, so I listen to 9555.6 in the clear tho weakening. Sounds like HOA music, 1500 YL talking for 10 minutes, news? 1510 back to music. Aoki shows at 15-16, 9560 with V. of Democratic Alliance clandestine in various languages, Tigrinya on Thursday, from the R. Ethiopia transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 5765-USB, nothing detectable from AFN, Nov 25 at 1340 altho it has some DTV cable converter QRM to contend with here. Ron Howard who has no such problem, was not hearing it either today at 1414 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA [and non]. 4920, Nov 25 at 1335 very weak signal sounds like intonation of English news from AIR Chennai, 1336 into music. So back in business after strike, which was to end at 0330 Nov 25? Only this and 5030 Malaysia making some audio from Asia on 60m. Several 90m PNG frequencies were also attempting to be heard.

External service unseems back to normal yet: GOS 9690 at 1356 Nov 25 hum with S Asian vocal music like VBS 9870 but not // the same. 1401 and later chex such as 1435 when there should be talk, found nothing but music on 9690. 9425, not sure if on the air, weak something between Greece and FEBC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA [and non]. 17800, V. of Africa still here despite collision with Deutsche Welle: Nov 25 at 1416 VOA hilife music is atop the German, and clear with good signal on // 21695; but at 1420 DW is atop 17800 with report on Mozambique. At 1517 the two are about equal. At 1557 DW is off and Libya is now in French past 1600, so apparently continues for another two hours, but 21695 no longer audible, moved? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 15120, once Cuba has quit, open for V. of Nigeria: Nov 25 at 1520 English items about Nigeria, South Africa, poor audio in axualities, but adequate from the studio; fair signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 6075, R. Rossii, Pet/Kam, motorboating is building up again, but not yet atop the Russian modulation, Nov 25 at 1340 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 17595, REE`s quadrilingual quarter-hour, weekdays at 1530-1545, monitored again Thursday Nov 25: 1530 after standard news sounder, starting in Portuguese with nasal YL accented more Brasilian than Iberian; 1533:42 into French; 1537:02 English by Justin Coe who did not give his name today: items about prince visiting Perú; status of Gibraltar should be like Andorra; S vs N Korea; Ireland`s economic problems, Eurozone, Portugal next? 1540:32 Arabic; 1544:42 outro in Spanish; 1545 habla la profesora de lenguas. Once again no Russian in the mix. There are brief bits of music between the langs, and the times I give are when the talking starts. Portuguese introduced French, but French did not introduce English; English introduced Arabic.

M-F 1537-1540 should be added to all comprehensive schedules of broadcasts in English, on 17595 plus all the other REE frequencies in use at this hour. EiBi has it, but not yet Aoki or primetimeshortwave or TAFIE from WDXC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While on Nov 24 WTWW did not ascend from 5755 to 9479 until around 1400, on Nov 25, 9479 was already on at 1339, so apparently still switching at 1300. Yesterday must have been a mistake, anomaly, or test (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WWRB missing from 3185 around 1330 Nov 25, so assumed it was already on 9385, but not there either at 1346, until after 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENINGN DIGEST)

** VATICAN. 11850, Nov 25 at 1440 S Asian language, 1443 mentioning Bangladesh several times, ACI de WYFR 11855. This segment is listed as Vatican Radio in Hindi direct from SMG (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED [and non]. 3945, surprised to find YL in pop song at 1328 Nov 25, stronger than and not // JOZ R. Nikkei 1 on 3925. Could it possibly be Vanuatu with such a signal? Some SSB ham QRM, but modulation stops at 1329, S9+20 carrier stays on conveniently for N0ERG to open the daily 6:30 am Colorado Amateur Radio Weather Net with boilerplate, no BFO needed for him and checkins, some with temps in the single digits, and Arizona not excluded. 1332 one of them remarx on the previous QRM, ``singing about the cherry blossom festival`` so he thinx it`s Japan.

Aoki shows JOZ5, 14013E 3528N b10:
3945 RADIO NIKKEI 2 0000-0605 .23456. Japanese 10  ND Chiba-Nagara
3945 RADIO NIKKEI 2 2300-0900 1.....7 Japanese 10  ND Chiba-Nagara
3945 RADIO NIKKEI 2 2300-2400 12345.. Japanese 10  ND Chiba-Nagara

So 3945 should have been off since 0605! Maybe on late for Thanksgiving? Ha. At 1333 we found 3925 also in open carrier, after its regular Thursday sign-off. Anyhow, the behaviour points to JOZ for both (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1540 first airing confirmed on WRMI webcast, Thursday Nov 25 at 1600. Next chances should be Thu 2000 on WBCQ 7415, Thu 2200 on WRMI 9955, Fri 0430 on WWRB 3185, Fri 1530 on WRMI 9955, Fri 2130 on WWCR 7465 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. VOA seems to be devoting more and more airtime to English learning: Nov 25 at 1514, 9760 via Philippines is in New Dynamic English; whatever became of Border Crossings, world music request show during this hour?

Also, 15460, poor-fair at 1603 English news with clip of President Obama`s media address for Thanksgiving Day, but for more real news go to 1605 opening Spe-cial Eng-lish teaching, first New Dynamic English, then at half-past (unless you are in several Asian countries where it`s hour-top!), news in SE and The Education Report to follow. 15460 is in use by IBB during this hour only, 1600-1700, 100 kW, 132 degrees via Lampertheim, GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6074, 8GAL with standard V/CQ marker at 1400-1401 in the wake of R. Rossii, 6075 motorboating carrier, offgoing and overturning frequency to Chinese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

COSTA RICA Radio Exterior Espana Relay-REE 3350 0316 GMT Spanish 333 Nov 21 YL with comments in the Diaria program.

CUBA Radio Rebelde 5025 Spanish 333 Nov 21 OM singing with bongo drums music.

CUBA Radio Havana Cuba-RHC 5040 0340 GMT Spanish 444 Nov 21 OM with comments followed by cuban band music 0342 GMT.

MARIANAS, North VOA Relay 21580 0032 Chinese 333 Nov 20 YL with comments plus an OM with comments.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWCR #1 3215 0313 GMT English 433 Nov 21 YL with a sermon on praying for your self. Choir music 0315 GMT.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWCR-#3 4840 0335 GMT English 444 Nov 21 OM with DX Party Line reports followed by World of Radio 0330 GMT.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWRB 5050 0345 English 444 Nov 21 OM ancr with
YL and OMs singing. MacKenzie-CA.

UNITED STATES, Texas KAIJ 5755 0350 English 444 Nov 21 OM with vocal singing with guitar music.
.Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

Conferma E-QSL da HCJB Australia

-  HCJB Global Australia 15400 kHz 16/11 1424 UTC -con QSL elettronica in 7 giorni. Rapporto inviato via  email all'indirizzo V/s Margaret, HCJB Australia
73 da Treviso, Italy
N. Marabello

In rovina il semaforo di Marconi, disastro annunciato a Golfo Aranci

Scampoli di storia dominati dall'incuria e dall'indifferenza che rischiano di precipitare nell'oblìo, cancellati dal degrado. È quanto sta accadendo sul promontorio di Capo Figari.

A 340 metri di altezza si respira la forza della natura con tutta la sua straordinaria bellezza: proprio lì, sul punto più alto, c'è un pezzo di storia da salvare, un capitolo del passato che si sta lentamente sgretolando sotto i colpi del tempo e dell'abbandono. È in questo angolo incantato della Gallura che Guglielmo Marconi sperimentò e perfezionò le sue scoperte scientifiche: nel vecchio semaforo della marina militare, risalente ai primi del 1900, l'11 agosto 1932 Guglielmo Marconi sperimentò l'invio di segnali a onde corte per radiocomunicazioni riuscendo a collegarsi con Rocca di Papa, a Roma, tramite la nave Elettra che era in navigazione nelle acque di Golfo Aranci. Una geniale intuizione che cambiò il futuro dell'umanità.

Il ponte radio di Capo Figari è ancora oggi ricordato, e non solo dagli storici, proprio per i primi esperimenti e la messa a punto dei ricetrasmettitori a onde corte e ultracorte che aprirono la strada a successive scoperte come il radar, la televisione, il cellulare.

Ebbene, oggi quel sito che sorge sulla vetta del promontorio è ridotto a un rudere. Una struttura in rovina, a rischio di crollo.

Nessuna traccia di ciò che fu. Travolta dall'anonimato e finita nelle grinfie della fatiscenza: i muri pasticciati e scrostati, il tetto pericolante, i pavimenti ricoperti di cumuli di macerie. Una triste realtà finita anche sul quotidiano Repubblica in un'inchiesta sulle «altre Pompei» dopo il crollo della Casa dei gladiatori che potrebbe costare il dicastero al ministro dei Beni culturali Sandro Bondi, insieme alle foto di siti storici di tutta Italia in preda all'abbandono.

All'ex semaforo si arriva percorrendo una stradina sterrata che s'inerpica fin lassù per una decina di chilometri, attraversando l'area naturale protetta di Capo Figari: un paradiso immerso nella vegetazione aspra e incontaminata, che guarda fiero verso il mare.

Luogo meta di turisti, incantati di fronte allo spettacolo della natura ma in gran parte ignari, quando si trovano davanti all'edificio in decadenza, di avere davanti agli occhi anche un momento di storia.

Un sito da salvare nel nome della memoria e a beneficio dell'industria del turismo. Ciò che vorrebbe fare, appunto, il Comune. Consapevole del suo valore culturale e della pericolosità delle sue condizioni, l'amministrazione comunale già due anni fa ha segnalato alla Conservatoria delle coste, nelle cui competenze ricade l'immobile, e alla Soprintendenza per i beni architettonici, lo stato di totale abbandono e precarietà in cui versa l'edificio.
«Si rischia di perdere un bene storico di notevole importanza, da tutelare e valorizzare ai fini della fruizione pubblica», dice il sindaco Giuseppe Fasolino.

Che aggiunge: «Per questo, abbiamo chiesto alla Regione la cessione del bene, dichiarandoci disponibili a provvedere attraverso fondi propri alla ristrutturazione e alla valorizzazione dell'ex semaforo. Lo abbiamo chiesto due anni fa, e lo abbiamo sollecitato anche l'anno scorso. Attendiamo ancora una risposta. Le condizioni della struttura ci preoccupano, temiamo in particolare per il soffitto a volta, su cui fa leva il palo in ferro crollato che in passato reggeva i cavi del dipolo per le comunicazioni. Il cedimento della volta pregiudicherebbe un'eventuale ristrutturazione con materiali originari. Il facile accesso al sito, tra l'altro, può mettere a rischio l'incolumità dei visitatori, è urgente pertanto che l'edificio venga messo in sicurezza».

Ma le gesta di Guglielmo Marconi a Golfo Aranci non sono state dimenticate: a rievocarle, dal 1995, ci pensa la sezione di Olbia-Golfo Aranci dell'Associazione radioamatori italiani. Ad Aprile, per tre giorni, nel piazzale dell'ex semaforo, proprio dove Marconi faceva i suoi esperimenti col ponte radio, celebrano l'«International Marconi day», collegandosi 24 ore su 24 con le 46 stazioni marconiane del mondo. Elenco di cui anche Capo Figari fa parte. (Nuova Sardegna)

Una manciata di ascolti

BBC Ascension
0530 utc
6005 khz

0500 utc
6055 khz
0800 utc
12035 khz

Radio Tirana
0900 utc
7390 khz

Radio Philia
0800 utc
11645 khz

0600 utc
4840 khz

2008 utc
4319 khz usb

Radio Habana
0430 utc
5040 khz

Hamburger Lokalradio, via Jülich
1000 utc
6045 khz

Andrea Stumpf

RX: IC R-71E, Loop ALA 1530S, Fribourg, Switzerland
Remote RX: FT-840, Automatic antenna tuner MFJ-994B, multiband dipole,
Ticino, Switzerland

Glenn Hauser logs November 23-24, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, another LRA36-less day, no sign of it Nov 24 at 1422 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 15190, Nov 23 at 2326, R. Inconfidência without Equatorial Guinean QRM, during a program promo. Frequency seems unstable, flutter. Compared to Argentina 15345, which is stronger, less unstable and fluttery (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Nov 24:
 8400, nothing at 1405; did not make any chex before 1400. But at 1455 I am getting very poor signal, sounds like two stations, so some signs of Sound of Hope too.
10500, nothing at 1405 or 1455. Did not make total bandscan 8-18 MHz, but no others noted in most of that range swiped (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 9955, pulse jamming with tones, Nov 24 at 0616 amounts to the SSOB (strongest signal on band)! Conditions are quite degraded, with only traces of WYFR on 9985 et al., tho doing better on its 7 MHz frequencies, and no victim WRMI audible at all on 9955, during scheduled UT Wednesday CDHD Brigade 2506 exile show in English (which I heard part of later at 1545 on webcast, discussing American-born Marco Rubio and prospects for Republicans in Congress). Nothing to explain this situation from WWV:

``Geophysical Alert Message
Solar-terrestrial indices for 23 November follow.
Solar flux 75 and mid-latitude A-index 7.
The mid-latitude K-index at 0600 UTC on 24 November was 1 (7 nT).
No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.
No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours``

** GUAM. 5765-USB, AFN missing again Nov 24 at 1348. Seems to be on one day, off the next, but sometime we fear it will stay off. Also looked for the daytime frequency 13362.5, which is supposed to start at 2200 per Aoki, but no sign of it Nov 23 at 2325. Is it really in use at all? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUIANA FRENCH. 17875-17880-17885, more unscheduled DRM noise, Nov 24 at 1354, but gone at 1448 recheck. This plus yesterday`s DRM on 15270-15275-15280 is belatedly explained by:

``FYI, today November 24th, a DRM transmission from Montsinéry (French Guiana) to Brasília is scheduled:
10.00-12.00 UTC on 15275 kHz
12.00-14.00 UTC on 17880 kHz
Wishing you successfull listenings. 73 / regards. Jacques GRUSON F6AJW
(Via drmna list via Alokesh Gupta, India, dxldyg via DXLD)``

So why is GUF transmitting to Brasília, one or two days only? Some conference or DRM demo? It`s a point-to-point service, so even more reason to put it in the fixed, not broadcast bands. And what was the programming content? Obviously, of no consequence (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. A major strike by workers at All India Radio has greatly disrupted broadcasts, with many SW frequencies off the air, and abnormal programming or fill music on those remaining. Alokesh Gupta, Jose Jacob and Ashok Satpathy have filed extensive reports about this on the dx_india yg. At one point no AIR signals at all could be heard on 60m, and many MW channels were also missing, allowing DX to come in. The 48-hour strike is scheduled to end at 0330 UT Nov 25.

That explains why 9425 and 9690 were absent Nov 23, while 9870 remained, so I check them again on Nov 24 at 1349: 9870 fair but fluttery as usual with music. 9690 is also on with vocal music, and something on 9425, but can`t tell if it`s AIR. At 1411, 9690 S. Asian vocal music but suddenly cuts off at 1411:30* while 9870 continues. At 1458, 9690 is back on and now it seems // 9870 during tabla. This would be quite abnormal, demonstrating that Bengaluru transmitters are just putting on fill music from the same source rather than individual programming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA [and non]. 17800, V. of Africa for second day here instead of 17725, but never overcoming its already occupant, Deutsche Welle: Nov 24 at 1353, just CCI under DW, and // 21695, so evidently this does also apply to the 12-14 Swahili from Libya. At 1424 and 1448 chex, VOA English is still way under DW German on 17800. So should DW move to 17725 if Libya won`t stay on that clear frequency? Both are broadcasting to Africa so it`s bound to be a huge clash there (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU. 18058-, Nov 24 at 1519, JBA carrier with bits of modulation at peaks, i.e. R. Victoria, Lima, 3 x 6019.3+ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 9440, Nov 24 at 1407, big hum/buzz over barely audible non-English talk, seems S Asian. Per listings this has to be YFR in Assamese at 14-15. HFCC says 300 kW, 110 degrees from Armavir, while Aoki says 200 kW, 147 degrees from Krasnodar, which is really another name for the same site. EiBi sides with HFCC as Armavir. But, tnx to the Russians, the poor Assamese are having to strain to hear the nonsense propagated by Harold Camping`s minions (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. 6075, DW German via Sines and Woofferton, Nov 24 at 0619 for once without motorboating QRM from R. Rossii, Petropavlovsk/Kamchatskiy. I figured hi-latitude paths were sufficiently degraded to wipe it out temporarily. However, at 1335, 6075 R. Rossii is just about motorboat-free during music, then Russian announcement, but with BFO, carrier is still unstable. No doubt it`s only a temporary respite. 8GAL followed at 1400: see UNIDENTIFIED (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SARAWAK [non]. 7590, another check for R. Free Sarawak (Percuma), presumably via TAJIKISTAN, Nov 23 at 2325, but only a JBA carrier here. It is being reported sufficiently from Europe, 2230-2330 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 17765, another frequency now infested by the Walterbore, Nov 24 at 1355, weaker than adjacent WYFR 17760 but the latter not up to full strength yet. DX Mix News, Bulgaria says Nauen:
``1300-1400 on 17765 NAU 250 kW / 070 deg EaAs``.

Brother Scare continues to be heard on 15495, and also on 17485 at 1508 running about one second ahead of WWCR 9980. HFCC shows 17485 as 15-16, 100 kW, 180 degrees from Wertachtal, also GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: WINB

** TURKEY. 11815 is often a mess of NHK vs REE via COSTA RICA, but Nov 24 at 1522 I am enjoying some Asian music in the clear, M&W discussion between each piece past 1540 and at 1542 mentioned Azerbaijan a couple of times. After 1530 something else was SAHing underneath. TRT is scheduled in Turkish at 1400-1700, 250 kW, 320 degrees from Çakirlar to Europe, but also USward, per HFCC; while Aoki says it`s 1400-1655, 500 kW, 310 degrees from Emirler. Why do we have so many minor contradixions from different sources citing B10 schedules? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 18530, WINB Nov 24 at 1425, JBA at fadeups with unmistakable ranting of Brother Scare, 2 x 9265 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) see also SOUTH CAROLINA [non]

** U S A. 5755, WTWW has extended an hour later in the morning, still on with PPP at 1348 Nov 24. That gives us another blessed hour on 31m free of its overload, leaving only WWCR 9980 to cope with, but indeed WTWW had switched to 9479 after 1400.

George McClintok informs me that a new audio processor has been installed, sounds a little more bassy now. I agree, but makes little difference. The big problem remains extreme overload from the 9479 signal all day, and the fact that it is off-channel, which causes 1-kHz hets to appear with the overload against many other 31m frequencies.

George also says that PPP has OK`d some non-Scriptures for America programming, starting with Ted Randall`s QSO show, but no details yet.

Target date for WTWW #2 transmitter: Feb 1, 2011; possibly some carrier tests before then. Poles are up for the #2 transmission line; probably will string the wire early next year (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 17775, KVOH strong with distorted music, Nov 24 at 1801. Guess what?

``NASB member KVOH, La Voz de Restauración, in California is selling a 50-kilowatt shortwave transmitter. It is an RCA BHF-100B which is around 40 years old. It was originally used by HCJB and went to KVOH about 15 years ago. It is currently configured to operate on two frequencies: 9975 and 17775 kHz. The location is Simi Valley,  California – about an hour north of Los Angeles. The transmitter weighs 24,000 pounds. Those who would like more technical details may contact the station's engineer, Jim Shossner, at +1-805-581-5398 or Pastor Rene Molina at +1-323-445-5428. (Veraliz Cuellar, KVOH,`` (Nov NASB Newsletter via DXLD)

BONUS! With this transmitter you also get spurs on 17920v and weaker 17630v, modulation is distorted on the fundamental, and it never really operates on 9975, so is it really possible there? Does this mean KVOH is getting a new transmitter to replace it, or is giving up on SW? They should pay someone to take it off their hands, on the condition that it be used only for parts, rather than vice versa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 13655, Nov 24 at 1417 pause for some nice harp music, 1418 adding flute and morphing into ``Deutschland über Alles``. This is certainly not DW, but some gospel huxter co-opting the music for the German national anthem.

Quickly revealed as such by next tune, orchestral ``Know Redeemer Liveth``, and talk in S Asian language, USA address of Family Radio. Has some echo, long/short path. Listed as YFR via Wertachtal, GERMANY, 14-16, 500 kW, 90 degrees in Sindhi and during next hour, Kannada. Need to check out Deutschland über Alles in a hymnal, next time I am in a church for a cultural event. Why wait? Google reminds us it`s originally by Haydn in his Kaiser Quartet, public domain so open to corruption (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. For the second morning, VOA Spanish is on 13750 instead of 13715, so apparently not a mistake: Nov 24 at 1351 with item about huge crime rate in Rio de Janeiro. Has this change been made on the VOA website?
Of course not! How about on the Spanish page linked from it?
We defy you to find any mention of shortwave frequencies there, even a link back to the A-Z page (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 11765, Nov 24 at 1504 American-accented news in English, 1505 into gospel music, so it`s a huxter? No, VOA is scheduled during this hour only at 100 kW via Lampertheim, GERMANY. HFCC says 108 degrees, Aoki says 96 degrees. This was audible only because 11760 RHC was off and on, as they were reconfiguring for daytime broadcasts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6074, Nov 24 observations of 8GAL: CW marker starts at 1400, same time as the 6-second-late timesignal from R. Rossii, which is not motorboating much today [see RUSSIA]. Copied standard marker: ``VVV CQ CQ CQ DE 8GAL 8GAL K``. Yes, like yesterday sent 8GAL twice, not thrice (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###