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Glenn Hauser logs September 30-October 1, 2010

** CANADA [non]. 15180, Sept 30 at 1959 just as I tune across, hear weak ```` and off. It`s the conclusion of Arabic via Rampisham UK, 500 kW at 115 degrees, and sounds like 1 kW here off the back which would peak at 295 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Sept 30 I monitor 9965, where DentroCuban jamming starts against nothing at 1358: at 2058 there is still heavy jamming, and 9955 WRMI frequency open. At 2059, jamming pulses cut on 9955, and a few sex later the jamming diminishes greatly on 9965.

On weekdays, WRMI signs 9955 on at 2100, after a break since 1600 when there is nothing but WRN fill on the schedule. But 2100 Thursdays is exactly when WORLD OF RADIO is carried on WRMI, and it`s totally inaudible under the jamming quickly built up to wall-of-noise level. A few minutes later I confirm on webcast that new WOR 1532 is indeed on WRMI at this time.

Tnx a lot, Arnie! The next time you hear him on RHC, ask yourself, or better yet ask him, why he has a right to be heard without any interference from across the shore, and I do not (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. KFAQ 1170: by 1755 UT Sept 30, IBOC sidebands could be heard again and seems back up to full power (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 13845, WWCR-3, which was missing earlier Sept 30 at 1429, when rechecked at 2001 was poorly audible with DGS. WWCR-1 on 15825 very poor too as usual, but WWCR-2 on 12160 was inbooming, second only to WWCR-4 on 9980 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 18710, success at last in detecting the second harmonic of WINB`s newest frequency, 9355, in use only for Brother Scare, M-F 15-16 and 18-20 UT. Sept 30 at 1955 I hear traces of modulation, and when it peaks a little I can // it to 9355; also, the carrier is unstable like the fundamental, I expect twice as unstable. The fundamental is not especially strong and I am quite sure it`s the harmonic which is propagating, barely (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1532 confirmed on WWRB 3185, UT Friday Oct 1 at 0330, after having missed last week due to upload problem. Next SW airings are Friday 1430 WRMI 9955, Friday 2030 WWCR 15825, Saturday 0800, 1400 and 1730 WRMI 9955, Saturday 1600 WWCR 12160 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Government Springs DX-pedition: As September turned into UT October, I spent 52 productive minutes SW DXing at one of Enid`s municipal parks. It was an important watering hole on the Chisholm Trail. Tho only a block from a major hospital now, the noise level is quite low compared to the home QTH, and just as important, getting away from all the distraxions. RS DX-398 but with Grundig reel-out antenna, roughly NW-SE, at picnic table #2, cell power only:

** BRAZIL. 12174, VG signal at 0016 Oct 1 from extremely distorted FMy spur, // 11765 with wacky wailing gospel huxter David Miranda. The fundamental is distorted and undermodulated, since most of the audio is being squeezed out on this spur, plus a matching much weaker one on 11356. ZYE726, SRDA, Curitiba, Paraná (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 6070, CFRX after more than a week of open carrier, was reported modulating again the afternoon of Sept 29, per ---

``CFRX Update: Audio back on! Around noon today, September 29, I heard audio from CFRX. I hope to get an update on what the problem was, and when I do, I'll let you know. Good listening! 73 Steve Canney``

And deleted was his previous item in the same place about it being off. The resumption was also quickly reported by Steve Lare, MI; Stephen Wood, MA; Noble West, TN, all early UT Sept 30, but I didn`t get it checked until:

2339 UT Sept 30, mixture presumably with CVC Chile, scheduled 23-02, but only until 9 October. Better at 2353 with Toronto ads now atop clicking, jamming spur? (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. 6175, Sept 30 at 2349, Cuban Spanish discussion of a new installation in Holguín, had me going as maybe another stray Cuban transmitter, but not // any of the three Cuban SW services at this time. 2353 ID as R. Internacional de China; and this is the ALBANIA relay (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA [and non]. 5954+, Sept 30 at 2338, weak carrier detected under jamming centered 5955, i.e. R. República via ELCOR, Guápiles. R. República was doing a LOT better on 9490 vs DentroCuban jamming, since that frequency is 100 kW via Sackville (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 5970, contrary to its posted schedule that it starts at 0100 for English, RHC Spanish at 0003 Oct 1 with news // 6060 and 6000, after 5970 having been open carrier at 0001.

17705, Oct 1 at 0019, RHC with VG strength, but overmodulated, distorted in music then talk in indigenous language, presumably Quechua as scheduled, with plenty of Spanish words, about Baracoa. Despite quiet location in the park, when I tuned up the 17 MHz band, found high noise level around this frequency, then realized it`s buzz centered on 17705, gradually weakening toward the edges extending all the way to 17665 and 17755, so being produced by this transmitter of RadioCuba which has the nerve to be celebrating an anniversary of all its incompetent and jamming radiation.

Plus some lite pulse jamming against nothing on 17670 at 0021 Oct 1 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, carrier only detectable at the outset from TGAV at 2333 Sept 30. But still too early to pull any audio in later chex next 52 minutes (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 4845, ORTM, in Arabic, Sept 30 at 2334, also het, from ute? (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6925-USB, Sept 30 at 2343, Winston cigarette ads, as sponsor for The Flintstones, theme (Fred was a cigar puffer, wasn`t he?). Distracted by other logs including pirates, by the time I got back to 6925 at 2353, it was off.

6932, at 2344 Sept 30, find another pirate above 6925; this one is not USB, but mushy on AM, so more like FM, a mode I cannot receive directly on the DX-398, but better copy than some FMy spurs. Narration about goodwill, etc., is going on with Morse Code SFX, space music, then gives website or so it sounded, but that doesn`t work.

Googling on the name gets some interesting results, a 103.3 mobile FM pirate in Tucson AZ, also subject of a movie filmed in 2004y, ``Making Waves``. So is it now on SW, or was someone playing a recording of it?

At 2354 still going with opening of Pinball Wizard. At 2357 had some ACI from Spanish 2-way LSB on 6929.0. And 6932 still on with music at 0024 as I am about to wrap up my session. Is this something new? I don`t get any hits on limbo in my Free Radio Weekly archive.

6940-USB, third pirate in a row, Oct 1 at 0024 after rechecking 6932: reggae, 0025 ID by YL as ``W-E-A-K, Weak Radio``; I disagree, signal was pretty good. This one has been very active lately. 6940 should be avoided after 0200 when the WWCR 4840/5890 leapfrog starts (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 6055, REE at 0002 Oct 1 with news in English by Justin Coe, about yesterday`s work stoppage due to austerity measures. Mark Coady heard them filling with music and strike announcements 24 hours earlier (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [non]. 9630, center of DRM from REE COSTA RICA, Oct 1 at 0010, can hear it not merely in the legal 9625-9635 10-kHz-wide band, but noise as low as 9610 and as high as 9650, i.e. 40 kHz wide, just like it was from the very first day, self-QRMing 9620 REE analog from Spain. What nerve! How to win friends (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND. 15275, R. Thailand, HSK9, Oct 1 at 0018 with news in English, heavy flutter (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 11520, WEWN English, Oct 1 at 0013, the transmitter with audio garbage mixed in, plus swishy spurs 10 kHz above and below, 11530 QRMing WYFR. However, with BFO on, the carrier appears to be stable now (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non?]. 6165, Sept 30 at 2340 song and YL announcement in Spanish, 2341 mentions virgen, venezolana; poor signal with fades. 2349 ID in passing as ``Canal Internacional de Radio Nacional de Venezuela``. And again at 2349. Outro another program segment with ID at 2356 and into IS.

What?? Not scheduled here, but during this hour is on 13680 and 15250 via Cuba, and extremely strong. Sounds like same program, but without second receiver can`t // for sure. By 2359 RNW Bonaire overpowers everything on 6165 with IS.

Three possibilities:
1, an extra Cuban transmitter has been turned on for this
2, receiver overload from 15250, 13680, but why land on 6165?? Further chex should rule this one in or out
3, RNV has finally started its own transmissions from Calabozo, on secret schedule (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 5800, Sept 30 at 2335 talk in Spanish, seems mixing with other audio and a likely mixing product from 49m transmitters, but which? I`ve yet to come up with a likely pairing. Sounds a bit like WYFR on 5985, but I don`t have a second receiver with me to make matches. Retune at 2359 hoping for ID; bit of a Spanish news item mentioning Ecuador, cut off at 2400* (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 5935, Sept 30 at 2337 English talk about Nigeria; sounds like a BBC programme. Nothing scheduled now, but BBCWS English via SOUTH AFRICA is listed at 2200-2300; seems we have caught Meyerton before staying on late. By 2401, WWCR with DGS has overtaken 5935 (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 7745, Sept 30 at 0007 Brother Scare mixing with something, probably caused by receiver overload from WWCR 9980, which also breaks thru on 2 x IF image 9080, but can`t figure a formula to explain it (Glenn Hauser, GSDX, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Glenn Hauser logs September 30, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36, Sept 30: no carrier detectable at 1349 tho 15480 Rampisham was there; but at 1418 I do find a 15476 carrier; was it off earlier? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 30: after 1330, none found until:
15520, at 1348, weak FD music mixed with noise jamming and talk, very poor with flutter, against V. of Tibet; no het, anyway

10500, VG at 1431; certainly was not on before 1400. Then I do another quick bandscan 8-19 MHz but find no others (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS. 14580-14605, OTH radar pulses, presumed from here, Sept 30 at 1346 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, R. Verdad, 0605 UT Sept 30, tuned in barely in time to hear end of NA, so could not evaluate it much. Later I found this from R. Verdad (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Dear Glenn: I want to inform you that we made some adjustments on our small transmitter this afternoon, and now, we are transmitting with almost 100 watts power on AM. I was able to monitor our signal at the house of a DX friend, and the signal sounded strong and clear. I provided the technician with your last letter. We appreciate your suggestions very much. May God bless you (Dr. Édgar Madrid, Radio Verdad, 0508 UT Sept 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. 21540, nothing heard at first check around 1330 Sept 30, but at 1423, 13m had blossomed with this SSOB achieving S9+20, conversation in Arabic; at first not even any CCI from Spain audible, but detectable at 1426 as R. Kuwait had gone into Qur`an. Don`t Moslems ever tire of this stuff, over and over? Is their faith so fragile that it must be reinforced five times a day, causing tremendous losses in earthly productivity? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBYA. 13m was just about dead at 1330, but checked again at 1422 Sept 30, 21695 has S9+18 signal from V. of Africa from the Great Jamahiriyah, YL in English with heavy imposed reverb, making her heavy accent even less readable, plus hum and lo-fi audio, something about revolution, brotherhood, socialism. 1422 outro as a special program for the 39-th anniversary of the revolution. 1425 into geographical feature about Sénégal, I finally figured out from content, altho pronunciation was so poor at intro that I thought they said Trinidad. Second SSOB, outdone only by KUWAIT, q.v. Quite stronger than // 17725 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Tnx to a quick tip from Bruce Winkelman, Tulsa that his local KFAQ 1170 was off at 0355 UT Sept 30, I hurried to check the frequency. Around 0405 UT quite a jumble there, and nice to have the IBOC off too. But now there is some IBOC QRM from KSL when aiming E/W. Two Spanish speakers, one with music, one with talk, when that is nulled. One ran a slogan ID but could not catch it.

NRC AM Log shows no US nighttimers in Spanish on 1170; WRTH shows eight nighttimers in Mexico, no more than 2.5 kW from Puebla and Aguascalientes.

0420 check, KFAQ is back on but weak, and easily nulled. Must be backup transmitter, and still no IBOC.

At 1650 UT, KFAQ still seems weaker than usual, but this is subjective as I don`t pay much attention to its normal level. But, no IBOC audible now either, so probably still on backup. If this continue into UT Oct 1, should enhance DX possibilities on 1157-1183 kHz.

Is there anything about this situation on the KFAQ website, titled ``Tulsa`s Conservative Talk Radio Station``
(even tho they don`t have Rush, just othercreeps like Beck, Ingraham, bits from O`Reilly, Huckabee)? No.

How about the OK board?
No, again, tho participants there often post inside info on what`s going on in the market (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. I often leave my only funxioning B&W TV on channel 36 aimed toward OKC, for my best remaining analog TV station, Univisión`s KCHM-CA, 12.53 kW ERP. In dead daytime conditions there is little if any signal detectable, but it serves to tip me if tropo is up, and my equipment is funxional. Customarily the signal steadily rises in the evenings past midnight, sometimes joined by weaker LPTVs/translators in OKC on 17, 19, 21, 48.

It also can amuse me by bursting into visibility occasionally for a second or two, e.g. the morning of Sept 30, 15-17+ UT, i.e. airplane scatter, not necessarily correlating with any audible Vance training jet flyovers (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAIPAN. 11650, Sept 30 at 1321, fair signal holding its own against stronger NHK/Sackville 11655; interesting language with Slavic elements, recognizable Russian-like words here and there, but what is it really?

Aoki shows KFBS daily at 1300-1330 in Kazakh, while preceding and following segments are in a variety of other Central Asian languages. What I was hearing did not sound Turkic to me, but more Slavic; WRTH May Update agrees it`s Kazakh, so I must concede (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 11436-USB, Sept 30 at 1327, as I was tuning for Firedrakes, stopped at intermittent SSB; CAMSLANT Chesapeake was calling several Coast Guard Air Stations, including Clearwater, Miami and Savannah, apparent roll call. I never heard any of them answer, so is this duplex rather than simplex = on the same frequency? HQ did not achieve contact with all of them either.

This resembles a previous log of mine from July 16, 2009, archived at:

** U S A. 13845, not even a carrier detectable from WWCR, Sept 30 at 1429, tho 15825 was JBA, plus numerous other signals on 21m, e.g. 13880 Cuba, 13870 Russia, 13860 Farda, 13835 WEWN. The remaining WWCR transmitters were inbooming as usual, 9980 and 7490 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15450, Sept 30 at 1350 open carrier with flutter; will this develop into something interesting? No, 1400 we hear ``Gott sei die Ehre`` opening theme music for Family Radio, announcement in unknown language. Aoki says it`s Assamese, 200 kW, 110 degrees via Krasnodar, RUSSIA at 1400-1500 daily. This was originally registered in A-10 for BBC via Armavir, 200 kW, 104 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton-RA 17795 2322 GMT English 433 Sept 26 OM with comments on India solutions on current demonstrations around India. //15560[333]Shep, 15240[333]via Taiwan and 13690[333]Shep.

CANADA Radio Canada Intl-RCI 15455 2350 GMT Spanish 433 Sept 26 YL and OM with comments plus a YL singing at times. //11990[444].

CUBA Radio Habana Cuba-RHC 17705 2334 GMT Portuguese 333 Sept 26 OM with comments. YL with comments 2335 GMT //15380[333].

JAPAN Radio Japan-NHK 17810 2320 GMT Indonesian 333 Sept 26 OM with comments and a YL singing.

MARIANAS, No Radio Free asia via Tinian-RFA 15585 2340 GMT Chinese 444 Sept 26 YL and OM with comments plus some instrumental Chinese music 2345 GMT. //15430[444]Tinian and 15485[[4333]Tinian.

TAIWAN Radio Taiwan 15465 2348 GMT Chinese 333 Sept 26 YL with comments.

UNITED STATES, Cyptress Creek Voice of Germany Relay-DW 17820 2312 GMT German 333 Sept 26 OM and YL with comments. OM with DW ID 2315. //11865[333]via Portugal.

UNITED STATES, Florida Radio Taiwan Intl Relay-RTI 17725 2330 GMT Spanish
333 Sept 26 YLs with comments. Mackenzie-CA.
Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

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New on RNZI - LPFM School Radio

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

RNZI Airs New Radio Heritage
Low Power FM School Radio

Join us from Monday, October 18 2010 as we bring you the voices of New Zealand school children who now run their own two FM radio stations in our new radio heritage documentary broadcast on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

You'll hear some of the hundreds of kids who act as DJ's, choose the music, record the station ID announcements, interview guests and produce their own stories....all at school based FM stations which have become part of the local community.

You can listen directly via shortwave or audio on demand [for the following month] with full details of current broadcast frequencies and times possible for your area as well as audio downloads at

Splat FM from Whangaparaoa Primary School north of Auckland and Maranui FM at Lyall Bay Primary School in Wellington both rely on 6-10 year old children to staff and operate their very popular radio stations.

You'll hear station announcements, promotions, listener calls, a school song and even the winner of the first 'Whanga Idol' music competition with a powerful version of a current pop hit.....

The program also compares early school broadcasts from 1940 when adults did all the talking and the children the listening with today's school radio, where the kids have control of the microphones.

In 1928, radio sessions for children were dominated by requests for birthday calls, stories, songs and poems. You'll find out what today's kids like to hear by listening to the program!

We are delighted to showcase the professionalism and talent of the kids from Splat FM and Maranui FM, and can safely say that the future of radio in New Zealand is in wonderful hands.

In fact, we're downright proud of what these kids are doing and learning, and hope many other schools in New Zealand and elsewhere around the Pacific will be able to do the same.

Join us from Monday, October 18 2010 as we introduce our guest radio stars from school radio stations Splat FM and Maranui FM on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

Listen direct via shortwave in your area or online streaming from where you can also download the program as audio on demand for the following month.

You can find out more about LPFM radio in New Zealand at our website where our NZLPFM Radio Guide has a searchable list of some 1500 LPFM stations and stories about local LPFM stations.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific. Our global website is

Glenn Hauser logs September 28-29, 2010

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36, Wed Sept 29 at 1310 music and then YL talk, weaker than 15480 Rampisham. 1323, fair with music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA. 15340, Sept 29 at 1332 South Asian music, except it`s tainted with Christian tinges, slow vocalizing, presumably hymn in Hindi (hymndi?), as shortly into such talk. Fair signal from HCJB as sometimes happens by longpath, but nasty het from weaker Morocco 15341 shortpath (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 6070, still open carrier, obviously CFRX with the lost modulation still ignored, meanwhile burning up a kWh for over a week, as of 0531 UT Sept 29. It could be a very simple problem to fix. I wonder if Steve Canney of ODXA has noticed these reports, as in 2008 he was their liaison/QSL manager for CFRX and eventually helped to get them back on air in 2009 and modulating properly after long downtime. There was also a CFRX yg which I can no longer reach, deleted? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 29:
 8400, nothing at 1258, nor any others after 1305, until:
10500, JBA at 1415
11100, open carrier with flutter at 1415; 1416 music cuts on, fair

** CUBA. RHC English Sept 29 at 0532 on 5970, 6010 and 6150 synchronized and just about equal in modulation too; usually, 6150 is undermod. However, 6060 was missing. Spanish on 6120 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 6250, Sept 29 at 0528 tune-in, Castilian talk from RNGE, S9+18, fair with fading, good modulation, 0533 into hilife music. This must have been a rare occasion when on early enough to collide with the Bonaire leapfrog mixing product also on 6250 from another Spanish, Radio Japón 6080 over RNW Dutch 6165, another 85 kHz higher, since the latter cuts off at 0527*. Rue having missed it as I listened too long to Radio Verdad. I`ll bet next mornings, RNGE is back coming on later if at all (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055-USB, Sept 29 at 0523, mostly music from R. Verdad, fair signal with a bit o` carrier. 0601 sign-off message in English, hymn, 0602 Spanish announcement, 0603 NA. Somewhat better signal level than usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. GCN FM pirate in Enid, originally on 99.9, but which I caught on 99.7 instead Sept 27, was back on 99.9 Sept 28 at 1820 check with Alex Jones. How great it must be to have the flexibility to change frequencies at will, no paperwork, no red tape --- except eventual NAL for $10,000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [and non]. 15170, REE via CR, VG except for an undercurrent of BBC Russian, Sept 29 at 1315 with promo for ``Desde el Infierno``, featuring scary SFX, which would be Saturday into [early] Sunday at ``1-2 am``, i.e. 23-24 UT Saturday; but I had heard it back on Sunday July 18 at 2105 UT. This version of their program grid for A-10,
shows it only at 0000-0100 UT Sundays. Total confusion.

This Wednesday hour on REE had some great music, mostly Afro/Arab beat, but 1321 rap in English, // 17595; later promoed some other REE shows, probably also with wrong times, or applicable to domestic network without specifying as such. 1400 cut music to timesignal 2 sex late on 15170, partly caused by satellite delay, news. Outro at 1404 mentioned that this cast was provided by workers not participating in a general strike across Spain and Europe; 1405 into ``Paisajes y Sabores`` travelog from Almería (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 4695-USB, Sept 29 at 0537, tonal talk sounds like Chinese; monolog at first seemed scripted like a broadcast/feeder, but then interrupted by 2-way contacts. Of the 28,534 posts currently in the UDXF yg, not a single hit, searching on 4695 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

SIDC Weekly Bulletin

:Issued: 2010 Sep 28 1349 UTC
:Product: documentation at
# SIDC Weekly bulletin on Solar and Geomagnetic activity            #
WEEK 508 from 2010 Sep 20 


According to the Catania observatory, four sunspot groups were observed on the Sun during the week. Catania sunspot groups 38 and 41 (NOAA ARs 1106 and 1108 respectively) were observed since the beginning of the week. They produced only a weak flaring activity (below the C-level). Catania sunspot group 38 disappeared behind the west solar limb on September 22.

On September 22, Catania sunspot groups 42 and 43 (attributed a single NOAA AR number 1109) appeared from behind the east limb. This active region (returning NOAA AR 1105) produced a significant flaring activity (four C-class flares) on September 20-21, while still behind the limb. The strongest flare (C2.1) peaked on September 20 at 19:45 UT. Further on, the flaring activity of this group decreased, with only B-class flares detected by GOES.

A low-latitude coronal hole in the northern hemisphere (elongated in the east-west direction) passed through the solar central meridian on September 20-22. Another low-latitude coronal hole in the northern hemisphere passed the central meridian on September 24-25.


In the beginning of the week, the Earth was situated inside the slow solar wind flow, and the geomagnetic conditions were quiet. A faster flow (probably originating from the elongated low-latitude coronal hole in the northern hemisphere) arrived on September 21. The solar wind speed reached only 450 km/s, and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) magnitude did not reach values above 10 nT, so the geomagnetic conditions remained quiet. Another slow wind interval without significant geomagnetic consequences followed on September 22.

On September 23 the solar wind speed started to grow indicating the arrival of the interaction region between the slow and fast solar wind streams. The IMF magnitude in the interaction region reached 13 nT, but the speed was still relatively low for a geomagnetic disturbance to occur. The fast flow (probably originating from the second low-latitude coronal hole in the northern hemisphere) arrived on September 24, and the solar wind speed reached its peak values (around 650 km/s) on September 25. Due to weak to average values of the IMF magnitude (3-4 nT) in the fast stream, the geomagnetic conditions remained quiet (peak values of K = 3). On September 26 the solar wind speed decreased to 450 km/s, still with the quiet level of the geomagnetic conditions.

DATE          RC  EISN  10CM  Ak  BKG    M  X
2010 Sep 20  031    023  83  004  B1.5  0  0
2010 Sep 21  030    020  85  005  B2.0  0  0
2010 Sep 22  036    018  85  003  B1.5  0  0
2010 Sep 23  045    022  84  007  B1.5  0  0
2010 Sep 24  ///    023  83  019  B1.3  0  0
2010 Sep 25  056    025  83  009  B1.3  0  0
2010 Sep 26  ///    027  84  010  B1.2  0  0
# RC  : Sunspot index (Wolf Number) from Catania Observatory (Italy)
# EISN : Estimated International Sunspot Number
# 10cm : 10.7 cm  radioflux (DRAO, Canada)
# Ak  : Ak Index Wingst (Germany)
# BKG  : Background GOES X-ray level (NOAA, USA)
# M,X  : Number of X-ray flares in M and X class, see below (NOAA, USA)

# Solar Influences Data analysis Center - RWC Belgium                #
# Royal Observatory of Belgium                                      #
# Fax : 32 (0) 2 373 0 224                                          #
# Tel.: 32 (0) 2 373 0 491                                          #

martedì 28 settembre 2010

Bayerischer Rundfunk ends shortwave broadcasting

German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio) will end its shortwave broadcasts on 1 October 2010. From 1949-2005, Bayerischer Rundfunk broadcast in analogue mode on 6085 kHz, and in 2005 this was changed to a DRM relay of the news channel B5 Aktuell. Bayerischer Rundfunk has now decided to cease shortwave broadcasting to save costs. The decision was made taking to account that there is still a very small selection of DRM receivers, and the market has so far not developed satisfactorily. Reverting to analogue shortwave is not a practical alternative. On 2 May 2005, Bayerischer Rundfunk started broadcasting in DRM mode on its shortwave transmitter at Ismaning near Munich by converting its existing analogue shortwave transmitter to digital. The small financial outlay would be recovered from lower ongoing operating costs. B5 was broadcast at 06.00 to 00.05 local time. But a new DRM radio was required to receive the service. Bayerischer Rundfunk was an early adopter of DRM, in the hope of assisting in its development. A number of other broadcasters have also made DRM transmissions, but the selection of suitable receivers has been limited to a small number of expensive devices, and only a small number have been sold. (Media Network)

Glenn Hauser logs September 27-28, 2010

** ALASKA. 7355, an on-day for KNLS, audible Sept 28 at 1252 going from gospel song to Creation Moment; very poor (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. 13640, Sept 27 at 2016, R. Tirana in English with talk about Albania-Germany culture week coming in late November, and several other topix voiced by Klara, into music fill at 2024; sufficient modulation today but well under 100% (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36, Sept 28 at 1335 very weak signal but some music audible, about the same level at 15480 Rampisham which sounded stronger with Belarussian talk from Poland (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 28:
 8400, poor at 1255 after inaudible several days; still at 1324
 9380, good but with flutter at 1257; gone at 1324
11100, good but with flutter at 1258; gone at 1324
No others found up to 15 MHz by 1300; or up to 18 MHz after 1305

** FRANCE [non]. 13640, here we go again, Montsinéry, GUIANA FRENCH still on the air long past scheduled close at 1230 after RFI Spanish: Sept 28 at 1326, soul music, 1328 RFI Musique ID, more variety of world music. Is this due to another strike back in Paris? No, 15300 direct from FRANCE was not // but with French headlines re hostage in Nigeria, football.

Recheck at 1356, 13640 is still on the air with music, weakening; 1400 4(?)-pip timesignal ending 5 seconds late, mixing with RFI news sounder beeps, and into unscheduled Spanish! 4 pm timecheck in Paris, news starting with landslides in Oaxaca due to Matthew. Maybe lasted until 1430, gone at next check 1435. Did RFI add this transmission in order to get emergency news into Oaxaca? Far-fetched (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, R. Verdad check Sept 28 at 0552, only a weak carrier, not sure from this. Possibly when not modulating, the transmitter radiates a weaker carrier, not completely off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Another Tuesday, so partly listened to another Exotic Indonesia excursion to RRI Banjarmasin for co-produxion with VOI Jakarta, 9526-: Sept 28 at 1308, alternating news segments underway with Banj guy talking about family planning; outros with his name, but as always can`t copy it with any accuracy. Then Jak YL about airport hostage incident, or was it a drill? Her heavily accented English is extremely halting as she tries to read the script. Are these students earning credit for attempting international broadcasting?

Another segment from Banj guy, sounds like he IDs as Frat Rahman Iman, something like that, three names instead of only one. News to-and-fro lasts until 1320, then onto what he introduces as a ``Dignatorial`` but the YL speaker calls a Commentary, about corruption in the Attorney General`s office and the need to bring in his successor from outside rather than inside promotion.

Thruout, the OADs were annoying and getting worse. Enough of that. Recheck at 1344, now there is crackle too, marring a report from Banj on breast-feeding; then the guy talks about various ``culinaries``, describing content of some exotic dishes, but not enough detail to make them recipes, e.g. banana cake, apparently having something to do with a festival.

Besides the dropouts and crackles, he occasionally does voice-overs, but the Indonesian audio mix just amounts to more self-imposed QRM tho it may sound pro and cool in the studio! 1355 he and the Jakman wrap it up barely in time to play a song request from a listener, who has been waiting the entire hour for it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN. 11805, Sept 28 at 1303, Qur`an, weak with flutter, mixing with CNR1. Normally all we hear is the ChiCom jamming and sometimes VOA Chinese. The only thing which fits is VIRI Urdu service, 500 kW, 178 degrees from Kamalabad at 1300-1427. Note: Pakistan is not due south from anywhere in Iran. Is it really for Pakis in the UAE? Yes, CIRAF target is 39 = Arabian peninsula, not Pakistan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 9650, 1300 CRI English via CANADA, continues to suffer heavy co-channel QRM from R. Netherlands, Dutch via IBB Tinang, PHILIPPINES, which despite being aimed 200 degrees puts a hefty signal into CNAm; I haven`t kept reporting it, as it is the normal situation, pointless, and no one at any of the stations cares enough to avoid it.

Previously, since the Dutch ends at 1327, the last three minutes would switch to RNW English, instead of turning off the transmitter. But Sept 28 at 1328 I am hearing Indonesian instead, presumably another unintentional feed from Hilversum. Audio stops at 1330 and carrier off at 1331* after which CRI is finally in the clear, in time for Media Scan segment in China Drive, minus George Wood. While on, the two were also producing a hefty subaudible heterodyne, indicating near-equivalent signal levels (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 1140, KRMP in OKC, Sept 27 at 1927 UT tuneacross, heard them referring to ``The Old School Station``, i.e. a certain genre of R&B, I think, previously heard applied to 1680 Monroe LA, et al. This was amid a black-accented talkshow, by Michael somebody, mentioning that ``Poetry Monday`` was coming up in following hour. Program schedule at
displays: M-F 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. [UT -5] The Micheal [sic] Baisden Show

Logo still shows ``The Touch``, and slogan ``The Best Variety of Hits & Oldies``, even tho it`s mostly talk programming; nothing about Old School. I never heard ``The Touch`` mentioned, but did not listen long.

All day Sunday is devoted to Rev. gospel huxters on this daytimer, with a few elsewhen. I see in the NRC AM Log, KRMP is listed as $ = AM stereo, presumably CQUAM. Must dust off and try that on my only such receiver sometime.

1290, Sept 27 at 1930, testosterone replacement ad with phone in Wichita Falls TX during Sean Hannity show, no doubt something his listeners sorely need; so KWFS, fair signal aside 1280 KSOK music on caradio in a west Enid parking lot hotspot. KWFS also gets into OKC quite well.

KMMM Pratt KS, also on 1290, is twice as close, but unheard since it beams west, per NRC Pattern Book, while KWFS is non-direxional, the only remaining Wichita Falls AM station after both 620 and 990 were hijacked to The Metroplex (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. New frequency for the GCN pirate in Enid, 99.7 ex 99.9. I`m sure I heard it only a few days ago on 99.9, but encountered Sept 27 at 1936 UT on 99.7 with usual Alex Jones show, at the moment playing a clip in North Korean.

The pirate operators at Northwest Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc., [plus 5 previous shots] must have found just as I did, that KTCS 99.9 in faraway Fort Smith AR was just too much QRM. AAMOF, KTCS was incoming just fine at the same time despite being mid-afternoon, slogan as ``KT Country``.

Now on 99.7 it blox KZLS Mustang-OKC, the former spot of KXLS/KNID, a legal station in Enid-Alva. Will Chisholm Trail Broadcasting, which still owns KZLS and can no longer hear it back at Enid HQ, set the feds on NWP&M now?

For the benefit of Dr Elving, I did an FM bandscan at 1940-1944 UT Sept 27, paying attention to the stereo pilot icon on the display, which shows up even when signals are too weak to really sound stereo. The only ones failing to do so and therefore transmitting in mono were:

105.1, KOSB Perry-Stillwater, sportstalk, parent station of 1020, 1580. FM Atlas XXI claims it is $tereo, format as o-ldies, but both those have obviously changed, now part of tripleplaysports.

 97.7, ``WECS``, Emmanuel Christian School, Enid, part 15 kidloop

 91.7, KOSU Stillwater, during Here & Now. KOSU is one of few stations which turn off stereo during talk programming, even some NPR shows which do have stereo sounders. It`s back on during music shows.

This is something I did assiduously when operating KOSU, and later, WUOT, but back then the talkshows were really totally mono; and I am glad that the habit has long survived my tenure. That of course, improves effective coverage area when there is really nothing to be gained by reducing it in order to broadcast in stereo.

Woe betide any station doing this vs receivers which automatically mute anything not in stereo, which was an argument for leaving `stereo` on all the time. Is that ever the case any more?

90.3, KHEV Fairview OK, really a satellite of KHYM 103.9 gospel huxter in Kansas. I wonder if it and/or other relays are also mono. FM Atlas XXI shows KHEV as stereo, an unwarranted assumption or was there some such evidence previously?

Back to real stereo stations:

88.7, KLVV Ponca City OK, normally a semi-local here, Sept 27 at 1938 UT had CCI from another gospel huxter, one of them giving a phone number 620-225-1278, which is Dodge City KS, ergo KVDC.

105.9, a station fading in and out, Sept 27 at 1945 UT with rock in stereo, 1950 old disco hit ``My Obsession``; 1953 plug for ``27 News on Laser 105-9 in Northeast Kansas``, i.e. KLZR, Lawrence-Topeka, 200 mile range at midafternoon on caradio with whip at ground level from a west Enid parking lot. Vance pilot training planes frequently overflying helped. Also managed to hold it as I resumed driving.

I don`t get it, why FM stations would call themselves Laser-something, as laser frequencies are nowhere near the FM band; and there are also a lot of them in Mexico, but do they pronounce Laser as in English or Spanish? It is a quintessentially English acronym (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Further evidence that there is no need for the US Government to propagate Catholicism to Cuba, to the exclusion of competing faiths, via R. Martí: Sept 28 at 1302 on 11550, I find WEWN starting a show called ``Cuba, tu Esperanza`` with Cuban-accented preacher, and NO JAMMING! Get on the ball, Arnie. He was talking about some religious fiesta on September 8. Unlike yesterday, no squeal on 11550, but instead on // 12050. They must have swapped transmitters (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 17505-USB, 2-way Spanish, Sept 28 at 1407 with conversation going on quite a while, still at 1414 but not at next check 1435. One station, presumably aboardship, has engine noise in background. It`s even stronger than the other one, presumably on land. As usual, I wish native speakers would monitor these and divine what they are really about, but no one ever does and reports it.

Heard the word `floteo` mentioned several times; not in my dixionary, nor in Google`s altho that does not keep them from mispronouncing it. Presumably has something to do with floating, as in holding up nets? Also mentioned Colima, the city/state on coast of Mexico west of the DF (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

New on RNZI - Hawaii Calls KGMB & KORL

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation

RNZI Airs New Radio Heritage
Hawaii Calls KGMB & KORL

Join us from Monday, October 4 2010 as we bring you the story of Hawaii Calls in our new radio heritage documentary broadcast on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

Yes, you'll hear about Johnny Noble's Moana Hotel Orchestra live from the studios at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, but you'll also hear the sounds of two famous Hawaii Calls, KGMB and KORL.

You can listen directly via shortwave or audio on demand [for the following month] with full details of current broadcast frequencies and times possible for your area as well as audio downloads at

Since the 1920's, Hawaiian radio stations and music have reached across the Pacific, and we've found two special recordings we'll share with you in this program.

You'll hear the famous 'On the Coconut Wireless' theme music for the news bulletins from KGMB Honolulu, music, a station ID jingle and a radio commercial for Sizzlers Family Restaurants when the featured plate cost just 69 cents.

What's a little unusual is that the recording was made off the air more than 7000km away from Honolulu, and 50 years after the original KDYX call sign changed to KGMB in 1930.

Then we're joining evening host Sean Lynch from KORL 65 in Honolulu and enjoying his choice of music from the period when KORL was still one of the top AM radio stations in the state.

Again, the recording is made live off the air from over 7000km away, and demonstrates how powerful the AM signals from Hawaii could be some 30 years ago. They could truly say they covered the Pacific.

You'll hear how station manager Hal Davis encouraged KORL DJ's to build station ratings to reach levels that AM station managers in the state can only dream about today.

In those days the big stations were KORL, KKUA, KGU, KIKI, KAHU and KLEI as far as station power went, and although KGMB, KORL, KKUA, KPOI and many other local favorites are now silent, their memories remain.

Join us from Monday October 4 2010 as we hear again the DJ's, the jingles and the music and memories from two great Hawaii Calls, KGMB and KORL, on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

Listen direct via shortwave in your area or online streaming from where you can also download the program as audio on demand for the following month.

You can also enjoy more Hawaiian radio memories at our permanent on-line exhibition, the Art of Radio Hawaii, at Many great Hawaii Calls are featured with colorfully illustrated logos and artwork.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit organization connecting popular culture, nostalgia and radio heritage across the Pacific. Our global website is

Iniziativa di Radio Cina Internazionale

L'attività "Yu Ni Tong Xing – Aula CRI video online di lingua cinese", organizzata congiuntamente dall'Istituto Confucio radiofonico di CRI e dall'Istituto Confucio dell'Università di Torino, avrà luogo la mattina del 29 settembre.
Per l'occasione, l'insegnante dell'Università di Lingue e Cultura di Beijing Si Tian, tramite il sistema videoconferenza, presenterà agli studenti del Liceo Deledda di Genova dei metodi di studio della lingua cinese. Gli studenti potranno anche comunicare con l'insegnante tramite il sistema.
L'attività si terrà dalle 9:00 alle 10:30 del 29 settembre, ora italiana. Tutti gli amici interessati alla lingua cinese sono pregati di seguire l'evento.
Se avete qualche domanda o consiglio sulla diffusione della lingua cinese, vi preghiamo di inviarcele all'indirizzo email:

lunedì 27 settembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs September 26-27, 2010

** ALASKA. 7355, KNLS again inaudible at a few chex between 12 and 13 UT Sept 27 when scheduled and sometimes heard in English.

As previously reported, and in DXLD 10-38, KNLS website claims in B-10 they will be using 7300 for Chinese at 13-18. However, this frequency is out of bounds, borderline the 40m hamband in the USA! The sideband below 7300 would justifiably set off the intruder-busters. It should have been disallowed at HFCC. Putting up such a schedule was premature, and they should have known that 7300 would not work. More likely will use 9615 or 9655 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36 not off the air this Monday, Sept 27 at 1229, carrier and peaking to audiblize some music, initially stronger than Rampisham 15480. At 1300, 15476 quite a bit inferior to 15480 Belarussian; and at 1444 even more so vs DV Burma via ARMENIA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. 6185, altho RNA is not heard all the time, it was on Sept 26 at 2226 since music was // 11780, but on 6185 making a fast SAH of about 10 Hz with something, seems only carrier. XEPPM on early? Or VOA Burmese from Thailand also starts at 2300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 6070, another day with no modulation from CFRX, Sept 27 at 1201 just carrier making fast SAH with VOK playing DPRK NA, 1203 re-opening final hour of Japanese. NK is not on 6071, as someone recently reported, but within SAH range of CFRX, one or both just a few Hz off 6070 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 27: none found between 8 and 18 MHz during several scans between 1200 and 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 5040, RHC, UT Monday Sept 27 at 0556-0558, Manolo de la Rosa ending secret replay of En Contacto, DX program, so the quarter hour would have started at 0543. Should also be on at least one //, 6120, not checked (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190, Sept 27 at 1445, hoarse screaming southern American gospel huxter (no, not BS), fair with fading, not undermodulated but with PA reverb and amens interjected. Has to be R. Africa, rather unusual to hear this early, and who knows if they are on the air at this time every day (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. 17840, DW in German, so it can`t be from Germany, Sept 27 at 1412, and pronounced echo about two words apart, too much separation to be long/short path from whatever site, also extremely unlikely at this time under current propagation conditions.

Instead, they must yet again be running two unsynchronized transmitter sites at once, or possibly putting a double audio feed into one. Still doing it at 1435 recheck, so not a momentary problem; one considerably weaker than the other.

On August 23 there was supposed to be a site change for the 14-15 transmission, from Sines, PORTUGAL at 80 degrees, to Rampisham, UK at 95 degrees. Seems likely some operator at Sines didn`t get the message to go away from 17840; but has it been doubled up this way for the past month? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 15320, Sept 26 at 2202 good with Indonesian talk, Christian stuff, hymn to tune of ``We shall not be moved`` from KSDA. Probably could have heard Wavescan in following semihour this UT Sunday, as English scheduled at 2230-2300 on same 255 degree azimuth; plus another hour until 2400 in Vietnamese due west (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, R. Verdad unheard UT Monday Sept 27 at 0551, so off early another Sunday evening? There did seem to be a very weak carrier on frequency, however, but TGAV has been carrierless during usual broadcasts. I had suggested to Dr Madrid that they try to switch the ham transmitter in use to AM mode if at all possible. Not checked again until 1153, almost fade-out time, but could make out some music, again USB minus carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. Altho broadcasts in our afternoon on 15540 and 17750 are no longer making it here from R. Kuwait, mornings on 21540 can be productive, but no English. Sept 27 at 1438, Arabic chanting unseems Qur`an, lo-fi like over a phone line. It`s virtually the OSOB, besides traces of Spain 21570 and Saudi 21505, but certainly the SSOB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MALAYSIA. 6175, Sept 27 at 1206, Chinese from CNR1 atop fast subaudible heterodyne, but no audible heterodyne from V. of Malaysia, 6174.4. I previously assumed VOM was off, but Dan Sheedy points out that VOM is back on-frequency, as confirmed by Ron Howard. Is it in English at 12-14 on 6175 as Aoki alleges? Don`t think so; WRTH says Indonesian (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SWAZILAND. 9635, Sept 27 at 1456, African language, and no sign of CVC Spanish from CHILE. Seems like sermon, continuing past hourtop 1500 without break. This is longpath from TWR, sounded sorta Swahilish, but it`s really a Malagasy Monday from Manzini, per Aoki at 1455-1525, as it is every day except Sundays in French. WRTH however, says on Sundays only for French, the transmission starts at 1440 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 13760, Sept 27 at 1221 a bit of music which sounded Jewish to me, but maybe merely German, as 1222 German announcement, 1223 VOT piano IS; fair signal equivalent to 13635 Turkish, but 13760 in the clear with no CCI or ACI.

I kept tuning up and by 1226 came to 15450, VOT IS again prior to English, probably same transmitter and antenna, both listed as 310 degrees from Emirler; and they were previously caught not changing the frequency in time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15550-USB, Sept 26 at 2158, bit of ``Rock of Ages`` on piano(?), just stops at 2200, no WJHR sign-off, as splat from 15540 RNW Bonaire starts.

FCC has finally just posted version 3 of their A-10 schedule, at
which shows, guess what?
15550 1400 2200 WJHR  50 5 4 1234567 280310 311010
which means 50 kW, 5 degrees to CIRAF region 4, which is basically Ontario, Quebec, and northward, including Baffin and other islands.

We know it`s nowhere near 50 kW, probably 1 kW max. The FCC list does not bother with modes, as every broadcaster is surely on AM/DSB, but HFCC shows it as T, instead of the usual D for AM, and N for DRM (numérique). T must mean both pure USB and reduced carrier USB, since the only other T listings are:
4005, Vatican [or is it LSB? Is the carrier really reduced?]
6025, 9445, 11615 KTMI [imaginary, so no AM if they ever appear]
9330, 15420 WBCQ [both `compatible` RC/USB]

** U S A. After a few nites on 3255 during the 04-05 UT hour, WWCR was back on 3215, at quick check 0408 UT Monday Sept 27 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN chex Sept 27 following last week`s downtime (for maintenance?). Things are even worse than before. At 1449, 13835 has sermon in English, but audio is distorted, with a constant roar in the background. Switching on BFO, I find the carrier is unstable, rather like WINB always is, but worse; a new problem for WEWN, not noted before. And it`s still putting a spur on weaker WWCR 13845.

At 1454, 11550 in Spanish still has the squeal, in ode to Mary, seemed like voice-over at first, but it`s just two YLs reciting the same thing unsynchronized; can they hear each other? Better // 12050 was the only aproblematic transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [non]. 9830, VR via CANADA, Monday Sept 27 at 1209 check, RTTY and Spanish talk over music. NOT ENGLISH as supposedly scheduled at 1200 after 1130 Spanish. Despite my reporting this numerous times, this info has still not penetrated such references as the English-only Prime Time Shortwave,
which still shows:
Vatican City    Vatican R.        1200-1230 Am, M-Sa   9830

And it was never half an hour either, but only 12 minutes. Since VR fails to publish out-times of its transmissions, one must guess, and this guess was wrong. There is no substitute for real monitoring, but is anyone paying attention? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1098, only carrier on a trans-Pacific/Region 3 frequency I could detect in a complete MW bandscan, Sept 27 around 1235, close to local sunrise. Looped from the NW on the DX-398, presumably Marshall Islands. Need to do this a semihour earlier, or much earlier for them to be outputting any audio (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

domenica 26 settembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs September 26, 2010

** ALASKA [and non]. Further to my previous comment about 11870 being a poor choice for KNLS as on its current temp schedule at 08-12: this collides with WEWN, which is on 11870 from 00 to 10, as reminded Sept 27 at 0628 in Spanish // 7555. WEWN 11870 is usually audible tho poorly in the nightmiddle here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 6185, RNA missing UT Sunday Sept 26 at 0625 allowing XEPPM to come thru clearly; great! See MEXICO. Reports from Brasil say RNA has been completely absent from 6185 lately. Brasília was, however, inbooming on 11780 when checked at 0626 with promo about how it could be heard all over the world --- on internet. Clear on the main FRG-7 rx with longwire, but inside the YB-400 with shortwire, second harmonic of Brother Scare 5890 WWCR overload was breaking thru, also causing a SAH on 11780 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 9625, Sept 26 at 0630, open carrier, no tone test, but presumably CBC NQ transmitter left on again a sesquihour after sign-off at 0505; why? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 26: not heard anywhere, 8-18 MHz between 1305 and 1325. Has it been greatly cut back, or is it just poor propagation? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Another Sunday, and RHC fires up the frequencies it is still not using for ``Aló, Presidente`` relays from VENEZUELA, which supposedly resume next week. Sept 26 at 1423, 17750 just open carrier making SAH atop weak audio, listed VOA Kurdish via Wertachtal, GERMANY, so I checked the others:

13750 inbooming with RHC program modulation, instead of 13680 weekdays, which had been on at 1318 with mailbag; but still // and synchro equal inboomer on 13780. Plus RNV channels 12010 somewhat weaker, 11690 with usual distortion and RTTY QRM. And // regular RHC on 11730, 11760, 15120, 15360, 15380. Another check at 1555, all //: 17750, 15380, 13750, 12030, 12010, 11760, 11730, 11690, but no longer 15360, 15120, or 13780 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, R. Verdad, Sept 26 not checked until 0605, hoping to catch the end of the NA as usual, but instead playing some other music, hymnsong, apparently. I manage to get the USB tuned in just about right by 0607, then NA finally starts. 0612 instead of going off, starts playing yet more music, with a martial beat, but less majestic. 0613 a bit of marimba, and finally quits modulating, apparently going off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, VOI, Sept 26 at 1304 check, just open carrier with hum instead of English broadcast. A good way to lose your audience, such as myself, who kept tuning on, and did not get back to check 9526- until 1322, when VOI was in English, no telling how late it really started; with Highlights of the Week. 1326 News in Brief. 1328 ID with three imaginary frequencies. 1329 anchor introduced Miscellany but instead played Indonesian Wonder, about an island in South Sumatera province, sounded like Tumaru but do not find such a name in an atlas. Earlier OADs were not too noticeable, but this feature has continuous musical background making them more obvious, seemingly becoming more frequent. 1333 really into Miscellany, about informal education programs. Another night in the life of this flawed station, but at least they keep trying rather than giving up on SW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6185, XEPPM, Sept 26 at 0625 good with ``Sandunga`` and then a marimba tune, nice music, and NO co-channel QRM from Brasília, which normally happens on UT Sundays overnight. Reports from Brasil say RNA has been completely missing from 6185 lately. It was however, inbooming on 11780 when checked at 0626; see BRAZIL (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO on WWCR, reconfirmed final two airings UT Sunday Sept 26: 0230 on 4840, and starting at 0630 on 3215, both VG; and yes, not on alternate 3255 at this time. Final Sunday 1515 on WRMI confirmed on webcast; one more today Sunday is at 1730 via WRN on 9955 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Unusually tuning across MW on a Saturday evening, UT Sept 26 at 0339, surprised to hear something other than talk on KMOX 1120: ``Laura``, and soon break by DJ in ``Johnny Rabbit`s Route 66 on KMOX``. Also mentioned the KMOX Wax Museum; more oldies, classic rock, with extensive comments from Mr. Rabbit, who used to be on KXOK 630.

There was IBOC noise fading up and down, coming from KFAB 1110, but KMOX gives it right back to KFAB listeners with its own IBOC, also bothering KWKH 1130 Shreveport LA.
So later I find the KMOX program schedule, which shows quite a bit of variety, but what is CBS, once a reputable news network, doing, propagating Rush Limbaugh? Here`s the full sked, in CDT = UT -5.

12:00 AM   5:00 AM   Jon Grayson
 5:00 AM   9:00 AM   Total Information AM
 9:00 AM  11:00 AM   Charlie Brennan
11:00 AM   2:00 PM   Rush Limbaugh
 2:00 PM   4:00 PM   Mark Reardon
 4:00 PM   6:00 PM   Total Information PM
 6:00 PM   8:00 PM   Dave Sinclair Automotive Group Sports Open Line
 8:00 PM  12:00 AM   John Carney
12:00 AM   5:00 AM   Ralph Graczak
 5:00 AM   8:00 AM   Total Information AM Saturday
 8:00 AM  11:00 AM   KMOX Garden Hotline with Mike Miller
11:00 AM   2:00 PM   KMOX Home Improvement Show with Scott Mosby
 2:00 PM   4:00 PM   KMOX Money Show with Mike Brown
 4:00 PM   6:00 PM   KMOX Auto Show with Greg Damon
 6:00 PM   7:00 PM   Voices of the Game with Dan McLaughlin
 7:00 PM   8:00 PM   The Comedy Show with John Carney
 8:00 PM   1:00 AM   Route 66 on KMOX with Johnny Rabbitt
 1:00 AM   5:00 AM   KMOX Radio Theatre
 5:00 AM   6:00 AM   This Week in Religion / Mormon Tabernacle Choir
 6:00 AM   7:00 AM   CBS News Weekend Roundup
 7:00 AM  10:00 AM   Total Information AM Sunday
10:00 AM  12:00 PM   Sports on a Sunday Morning with Ron Jacober
12:00 PM   1:00 PM   Golf Show with Dan Reardon
 1:00 PM   2:00 PM   Voices of the Game with Dan McLaughlin
 2:00 PM   3:00 PM   Real Estate Today with Gil Gross
 3:00 PM   5:00 PM   Dollars and Sense with Dave Simons
 5:00 PM   6:00 PM   Around the World in 60 Minutes with Michael Dixon
 6:00 PM   7:00 PM   Inside Baseball with Dan McLaughlin
 7:00 PM   9:00 PM   Charlie Brennan's St. Louis
 9:00 PM  11:00 PM   John Carney Sundays
11:00 PM  12:00 AM   Meet the Press with David Gregory

Note that they are no longer carrying 60 Minutes CBS-TV soundtrack at 6 pm Sundays, and incredibly, they are carrying NBC`s Meet the Press, but apparently not CBS` Face the Nation, unless that`s part of the 7-10 AM Sunday show (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Log Roberto Pavanello

   585   23/9 05.50 R.N.E. R.1 - Madrid SS ID e NX reg. Comun. de Madrid suff.
  684   22/9 05.50 R.N.E. R.1 - Sevilla SS ID e NX reg. Andalucia buono
  738   21/9 05.50 R.N.E. R.1 - Barcelona Catalano ID e NX reg. Catalunya buono
  774   24/9 05.50 R.N.E. R.1 - Valencia SS ID e NX reg. Comun. Valenciana buono
  936   25/9 10.10 RAI R.1 - Venezia IT NX reg. Veneto suff.
 1341   22/9 21.58 Onda Cero R. - Ciudad Real SS ID e pubblicità locale suff.
 1368   23/9 21.00 R. Challenger - Villa Estense IT MX buono
 1646   24/9 21.40 R. Relmus -
Dutch ID e MX buono
 3905   24/9 21.30 Skyline R. Int. -
EE ID e MX buono
 4865   25/9 23.20 R. Alvorada - Londrina PP MX suff.
 4900   25/9 23.25 R. Familia - Conakry
FF MX afro buono
 5835   26/9 08.30 R. Thunderbird - EE ID e MX buono
 5954.2 25/9 23.10 R. Republica - Pococi SS NX suff.
 6205   26/9 08.45 R. Borderhunter -
EE ID e MX buono
 6240   26/9 08.45 R. Victoria -
EE ID e MX buono
 6286   26/9 09.05 R. Perfekt -
EE/Tedesco ID e MX buono
 6310   26/9 09.25 R. Atlantis -
EE ID e MX suff.
 6325   26/9 09.10 R. Merlin Int. -
 EE ID e MX buono
11735   23/9 19.50 R. Trans Mundial - Santa Maria PP MX suff.

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton-RA 11880 1748 GMT English 444 Sept 21 YL and OM with comments on bird protection in Australia.

CHINA China Radio Intl-CRI 11900 1703 GMT English 433 Sept 21 YL with comments on the status of Somali and also trading between China and Japan. //13760[333].

CHINA China Radio Intl-CRI 13860 1655 GMT Russian 333 Sept 22 YL with comments and some Chinese music and suddenly off the air 1657 GMT.

CUBA Radio Havana Cuba-RHC 15380 1712 GMT Spanish 333 Sept 22 YL with comments. OM with comments 1715 GMT.

FRANCE Radio France Intl-RFI 15300 1708 GMT French 333 Sept 22 YL and OM with ongoing comments.

RUSSIA Voice of Russia-VOR 13855 1750 GMT English 433 Sept 21 OM with piano concert music in the Music and Musicians program.

RUSSIA Voice of Russia-VOR 13855 1659 GMT English 433 Sept 22 IS 1659 GMT. OM with an ID as This Is Moscow. Then OM with World News program.

UNITED STATES, Greenville-NC Voice of America-VOA 12015 1710 English 333 Sept 21 Two OMs in a conversation. //17895[333] Greenville.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

BONAIRE Radio Netherlands Intl Relay-RNI 9865 0515 GMT Dutch 444 Sept 19 Two OMs with comments about the SAAB car. Also mentioned General Motors. //6165[444] Bonaire.

CANADA China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 6190 0550 English 444 Seapt 19 OM with comments on Water Falls in China plus tourist tours for them in the China Horizan program. I want to Learn Chinese progra by a YL and OM 0555 GMT. //6020 [444].

ENGLAND BBCWS 7325 0540 GMT Arabic 333 Sept 19 Two OMs with comments.

GERMANY CVC Australia Relay 9430 0526 English 333 Sept 19 Vocal music and an OM with comments.

UNITED STATES, Florida Family Radio 7730 0530 German 333 Sept 19 OM with comments. Maria mentioned often.

UNITED STATES, Maine World Harvest Radio-WHRI 7555 0533 English 333 Sept 19 Two OMs with comments.

UNKNOWN 7295 0542 Arabic 433 Sept 19 OM singing the Koran?

UNKNOWN 6875 0547 Japanese 444 Sept 19 YL and OM with comments.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

sabato 25 settembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs September 24-25, 2010

** ALASKA. Since I heard it yesterday, tried again Sept 25 for KNLS on 7355 during scheduled English hour, but could not detect it around 1250. Like I said, conditions have to be just right; and/or is it perhaps sporadic, not really on the air every day?

I also wonder about their choice of 11870 for another English broadcast at 10-11, in the middle of the Arctic night across a darkness path to east Asia. That high a frequency certainly not propagating here, and unlikely either to there. In B-10 they have nothing planned above 10 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. 13640, Sept 24 at 2014 I encounter Balkan music, must be R. Tirana, but is it the English external service as scheduled, or default relay of the Albanian domestic service? Quickly resolved at 2015 by announcement in English, Profile of someone born in Shkodor, but modulation too low to follow. S9+20 signal but could turn the volume almost all the way up without blasting my ears on the phones (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGUILLA [and non]. 11775, tuned into C.B. at 2010 Sept 24 to compare it with the undermodulation from Cuba [q.v.] on 11760, but heard instead applause; or was it? Went on so long, at least a minute, that I was beginning to think it was noise from an open satellite-feed circuit, but it finally stopped, and at 2011 PMS resumed speaking with good normal modulation level eclipsing that from ``Ed Newman``. She must have said something really terrific to set off that much clapping from her psychophants; assuming it was authentic.

As I tuned by 11775, Sept 25 at 1324, dead air. It could have been a dekasecond pregnant pause while Dead Gene Scott was originally puffing on his cigar, inaudibly on the radio, but it went on and on for three minutes until finally he cut back on at 1327, just after I had also tuned to 13845 WWCR and found it equally silent until cutting on at the same time, just an echo apart, so outage was at the uplink; 13845 DGS currently scheduled 12-15 on Sats & Suns, not weekdays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 6160, Sept 25 at 1142, interview by OM announcer with a regional British accent, so it is CRI? With a YL about the Israel/Palestine border and human rights violations. 1146 revealed as from Therefore, this is part of the CBC Overnight relays via CKZU Vancouver (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 7325, RCI, Sept 25 at 1110 in Arabic with ID in passing, about equal mix with CRI in Japanese, both of them USward, but RCI never has figured out there could be a collision, as this has been going on for several seasons. I assume there have been few complaints from RCI`s minuscule audience of Arabic-understanding SWLs in the USA who want to hear about Canadian immigration matters at 4, 5, 6, or 7 in the morning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. 6175, CNR1, Sept 25 at 1138 in clear, lacking usual het on lo side from Malaysia, and Chinese on 6175 // 6125, and // 6150 way atop RHC and another station, i.e. R. Taiwan International, as the middle CNR1 is really a jammer. 6150 also had a big carrier, something else? Maybe Cuba being undermodulated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. 9965, heavy wall-of-noise against nothing (?) from the DentroCuban Jamming Command is still running in the daytime starting at *1358+. But I have yet to catch when it ends. Sept 24 at 2008 it`s still roaring, and I meant to retune before 2100 for another check, but not today. I did remember at 2158 and by then 9965 jamming was off, uncovered a very weak carrier, only T8WH PALAU listed, tho VOR via ARMENIA collides with it after 2200.

Heavy jamming now at 2158 is focused on 9955 instead, despite the fact that in latest schedule WRMI has NO exile programming on Fridays between 21 and 23 (tho there is some scattered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays). I fear WOR is getting this treatment at 2100 on Thursdays, 2230 on Tuesdays. The DCJC cannot be bothered to match its schedule, with the WRMI schedule, program-for-program, varying by day of week. Axually, I DO expect them to.

11760, RHC English hour made it thru the burocratic tangle onto the air Sept 24, at 2010, instead of oft-substituting Spanish, but undermodulated and made worse by the soft-spoken ``Ed Newman`` who never raises his voice, outshouted by neighbor on 11775; see ANGUILLA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: WRMI

** GUATEMALA. 4055, R. Verdad, Sept 25 at 1100 still not on; seems they are sometimes starting a bit late. Recheck at 1119, now it`s on with organ music mixed with talk, intonation sounds English rather than Spanish but can`t make out a word to be sure, in mushy audio difficult to tune on USB with no carrier. 1126 definitely some Spanish, and ``I`ve Been Workin` on the Railroad`` in gospelized rendition, theme for ``El Tren del Evangelio`` show. By 1159 the signal was just about gone after local sunrise there (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN [and non]. John Wilkins` capture in Colorado before sunrise of NHK on MW 774 prompted me to try for this one again, as last year it also made it to OK. Sept 25 at 1152 UT I do detect a carrier on 774 from the NW, which is surely JOUB, Akita-2, 500 kW.

Close to KSPI Stillwater OK, with its spurs on 774 and 786, we have to be careful! But the Sept sign-on for this daytimer is 1215 UT and it has no PSSA, per NRC AM Log; in October it will be *1230.

On the DX-398 set to 9 kHz, I stepped thru the entire MW band with BFO on and could only detect one other TP carrier, on 1098, which everyone assumes is V7AB, Majuro, MARSHALL ISLANDS, 25 kW, leaving its carrier on all-night after 1130 sign-off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. Am beginning to wonder if the North American services of R. Kuwait are ever going to be well-heard again as they were for much of the summer. Was standing by on 17550 Sept 24 before 2030 as VOA-French, VG via Bonaire was about to close, but in its absence there was only a JBA carrier from Kuwait`s Arabic to C&W NAm. Then checking Kuwait`s English to Eu & NAm on 15540, only slightly better to very poor level and still insufficient, unusable. We can only hope for an October-bump. AFAIK, they plan to use the same frequencies in B-10 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MALAYSIA [and non]. 6175, no het against CNR1, Sept 25 at 1138, so VOM must be off; especially since the much weaker transmitter on 6049.6 managed to het HCJB in Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 6185, XEPPM, Sept 25 at 1047 loud and clear with ``México, México`` paeansong, much better than RNV/Cuba 6180, and at this hour no QRM from Brasília. R. Educación still going with more music at 1102 past nominal summer sign-off; at 1136 check, with NHK Russian inbooming on 6185 far beyond its target, no trace of XE underneath, so presumably did go off in meantime (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1580, KOKB Blackwell has managed to modulate whenever checked in the daytime this week; are the long hours of open carrier a past-thing? We`ll see, this weekend. (It is modulating at 1628 Sat Sept 25). Back Sept 24 at 2055 UT they were promoting four different high-school football games Friday night at 7:15 CDT, not only on 1580, 1020 KOKP Perry, 105.1 KOSB Stillwater, but also on 99.3 KLOR Ponca City --- so is it now Quadruple-Play Radio? Website is still but a player for KLOR has been added. Not clear whether that station is now owned by TPSR or some other deal (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also JAPAN [and non]

** OKLAHOMA. Bill Hepburn`s tropo maps showed enhancement to the east on the morning of Sept 25, and so there was. Rechecked at 1418 UT, the public TV station KRSC in Claremore OK, RF 36:
DTV 35-1 is labeled KRSC-SD, while
DTV 35-2 is labeled KRSC-HD. At 1418 both were running animation, hardly needing HD. Strangely, both are set so ``the aspect ratio cannot be changed``. The SD has letterboxing, the HD does not. Is something screwy here? (I do not have any real HD display capability.)

Still in at 1559, with a ``My Source`` promo. So isolated here, I had assumed that campaign was exclusive to competing OETA. Is it on every PBS station?

Several of the Tulsa UHF DTVs were in plus KOED RF 11, but no signal bar at all on RF 45, KOTV. Some signals from Wichita too at almost right angles, but no RF 45 signal bar from that direxion either, KSNW. I am beginning to suspect that both these do put in strong enough signals, at the same time, canceling each other out as far as the DTV converter is concerned. See also USA for a non-OK log.

BTW, KWTV OKC, as of Sept 25, is STILL running the NO PROGRAMMING slide on RF9 as it has been the entire month of September, as OldKWTV, while its programming continues on RF39 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 15450, VOT, Saturday Sept 25 at 1250, YL is reading reception reports, i.e. the so-called DX Corner, so this is an on-week for the fortnightly show, ending at 1257; at exactly the same time, KBS World Radio was also reading reception reports as it does every week on Worldwide Friendship via CANADA on 9650 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WEWN`s scheduled downtime was over at least an hour earlier than the anticipated 21 UT Friday; ran across 12050 Spanish already back at 2011 Sept 24, VG signal, but guess what --- it`s still squealing! Previously diagnosed as card(s) in the modulator needing replacing. // 13830 was also back on, but weaker with splatter from 13820 DentroCuban Jamming Command extending up to 13845 WWCR. At 2016 I could barely hear WEWN`s third transmitter, 15610 in English with poor propagation, too weak to reconfirm it`s still putting out +/- 10 kHz spurs (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 17775, KVOH, 2018 tune-in Sept 24 but just S9+22 open carrier, then occasionally interrupted by program audio bursting on for a few sex each, screaming gospel huxter in Spanish, then back to blessèd silence making up the great majority of airtime. Even if one wanted to, it would have been impossible to follow what he was trying to preach. Meanwhile there was only a trace of the spur on 17920. Recheck at 2115, singing and preaching most of the time but with some breaks; 2123 silence for another semi-minute; 2137 modulation still on and off. Why is it so challenging for so many SW stations to just do the minimal job of modulating a carrier? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15825, checking WWCR for its first airing of WORLD OF RADIO 1531, Friday Sept 24 at 2030 on 15825 --- very poor, fading signal here in skip-zone, but made out a familiar voice mentioning ``15476`` so probably yours truly. Also reconfirmed next airing Sat 1600 on 12160; rest are UT Sun 0230 on 4840, 0630 on 3215.

3255, WWCR again here instead of 3215, Sept 25 at 0414 check and this time with modulation, some preacher, presumably 3215 scheduled Fulcher, letting us overhear his prayer for a president that would appoint anti-RoeWade, anti-gay, etc., SCOTUS justices.

It seems that WWCR plans to use 3255 in B-10 between 22 and 02, give or take an hour depending on DST, so this may be a trial run, during only one different hour? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 9955, WRMI chex: Sept 25 at 1112, good signal, no jamming, with Andean music, ergo Aires Andinos show, at one of its several scheduled times, 1100-1130 Saturdays. By 1359, pulse-jamming was marring religious kidshow, outroed with website, as Your Story Hour. That`s one of the AWR flock of shows with a long history, but WRMI schedule shows Living the Bible for Sat 1330-1400. Perhaps YSH is a subset within it.

After WRMI ID, WORLD OF RADIO 1531 confirmed at new time, Sat from 1400:33, still with jamming pulses. Tnx a lot, our false friend in Havana! Much heavier jamming against nothing (?) on 9965 had just ramped up at 1358:20. Next WOR airings on WRMI are Sat 1730, Sun 0800, 1730 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Some regional tropo, Sept 25 at 1410 UT, as predicted by Bill Hepburn`s maps: but nothing further than RF21, DTV 40-1 KHSB-DT with bug ei over ABC in the upper right. That`s Fort Smith AR, barely out of OK, but needs some tropo to come in at all. I tried several times to get a 40-2 to come up, but there wasn`t any. Both rabbitears and list CW for that (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. 6060, RNV via CUBA, Sept 25 at 1108 YL with `news` in English, far too literally translated from Spanish that it`s laughable. Not only that, but it`s in newspaper-style rather than radio-style. These propagandists still have a lot to learn. Anyhow, so this is one of the transmissions that is partly in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Radio Gloria International this Sunday

Radio Gloria International is on this Sunday the 26th of September 2010

At 09.00 to 1000 UTC on our normal channel of 6140 KHz.

M.V.Baltic. Information:

MV Baltic Radio relay service Schedule for Summer 2010
1st    Sunday – MV Baltic Radio
3rd    Sunday – European Music Radio      (Nov/Dec)
4th   Sunday – Radio Gloria International  

We wish you good listening and good reception!

73s Tom


DX MIX NEWS # 643                                         25 September 2010
U.K.(non)    Summer A-10 Schedule of VT Communications Relays. Part 2 of 3:
Polish Radio External Service
1030-1100 on 11790 MOS 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu Polish
1030-1100 on 15265 WOF 125 kW / 082 deg to EaEu Polish
1100-1130 on 15265 WOF 125 kW / 070 deg to EaEu Russian
1100-1130 on 15460 WOF 125 kW / 075 deg to EaEu Russian
1130-1200 on  9435 WOF 125 kW / 092 deg to WeEu German
1130-1200 on  9610 WOF 125 kW / 082 deg to WeEu German
1200-1300 on 11675 MOS 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English
1200-1300 on 11980 WOF 125 kW / 045 deg to NoEu English
1300-1330 on 15480 WOF 125 kW / 074 deg to EaEu Russian
1300-1330 on 17860 DHA 250 kW / 020 deg to CeAs Russian
1330-1430 on 11955 RMP 250 kW / 076 deg to EaEu Belorussian
1330-1430 on 15480 WOF 125 kW / 074 deg to EaEu Belorussian
1430-1500 on 15500 WOF 125 kW / 074 deg to EaEu Ukrainian
1430-1500 on 11760 WOF 300 kW / 066 deg to EaEu Russian
1500-1530 on 11615 WOF 125 kW / 078 deg to EaEu Ukrainian
1500-1530 on 15265 RMP 500 kW / 085 deg to EaEu Ukrainian
1530-1600 on  9495 RMP 250 kW / 080 deg to WeEu German
1530-1630 on 11640 SKN 300 kW / 070 deg to EaEu Polish
1630-1700 on 11760 SKN 300 kW / 070 deg to EaEu Belorussian
1700-1800 on  7265 KVI 035 kW / 220 deg to NoEu English DRM
1700-1800 on  9770 MOS 300 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English
1800-1830 on 11730 WOF 125 kW / 058 deg to EaEu Russian
1800-1830 on 11865 SKN 300 kW / 110 deg to N/ME Hebrew
1830-1900 on 11730 RMP 500 kW / 080 deg to EaEu Ukrainian
1830-1900 on 15155 SKN 300 kW / 090 deg to EaEu Ukrainian
1900-1930 on 11730 WOF 125 kW / 075 deg to EaEu Ukrainian
1900-1930 on 15155 SKN 300 kW / 090 deg to EaEu Russian
1930-2000 on  6035 RMP 500 kW / 095 deg to WeEu German
1930-2000 on  6135 WOF 100 kW / 082 deg to WeEu German DRM
2100-2200 on  6155 SKN 250 kW / 150 deg to WeEu Polish
2100-2200 on  7245 WOF 125 kW / 078 deg to EaEu Polish

IBRA Radio
1100-1200 on  9945 HBN 100 kW / 318 deg to EaAs Chinese via T8WH Angel 3
1700-1800 on 11655 RMP 250 kW / 115 deg to N/ME Arabic
1730-1800 on  9615 MEY 100 kW / 015 deg to EaAf Somali
1730-1800 on 11785 SKN 300 kW / 140 deg to EaAf Swahili
1800-1945 on 12070 WOF 300 kW / 137 deg to CeAf Arabic
1900-2030 on 11875 RMP 250 kW / 169 deg to WeAf Fulfulde/Hausa
1945-2015 on 11725 WOF 300 kW / 140 deg to CeAf Arabic

Free North Korea Radio
1100-1200 on 12155 DB  100 kW / 070 deg to KRE  Korean
1300-1500 on 15645 DB  100 kW / 070 deg to KRE  Korean
1900-2100 on  7530 ERV 300 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean

Radio Free Chosun
1200-1300 on 11560 ERV 300 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean
1500-1600 on 11560 DB  100 kW / 070 deg to KRE  Korean
2000-2100 on  7505 TAC 200 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean

CMI Voice of Wilderness
1300-1400 on 12130 ERV 300 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean

Nippon no Kaze
1300-1330 on  9950 TAI 100 kW / 002 deg to KRE  Korean
1500-1530 on  9975 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to KRE  Korean via T8WH Angel 4
1530-1600 on  9965 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to KRE  Korean via T8WH Angel 4

JCI Furusato no Kaze
1330-1400 on  9950 TAI 100 kW / 002 deg to KRE  Japanese
1430-1500 on  9960 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to KRE  Japanese via T8WH Angel 4
1600-1630 on  9780 TAI 250 kW / 045 deg to KRE  Japanese

Eglise du Christ
1400-1430 on 15245 WOF 300 kW / 170 deg to NoAf French Thu

1400-1430 on  5910@YAM 100 kW / 280 deg to KRE  Various*
2030-2100 on  5965#YAM 100 kW / 280 deg to KRE  Various*
@ alternative frequencies: 5985, 6020, 6075, 6120, 6135
# alternative frequencies: 5910, 5915, 6045, 6075, 6110
* Japanese Sun-Tue/Thu; English Fri; Korean Sat; Korean/Chinese/English Wed

Open Radio for North Korea
1400-1500 on 11570 TAC 100 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean
2100-2200 on  7480 ERV 300 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean

North Korea Reform Radio
1500-1600 on  7590 TAC 100 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean

Voice of Martyrs(Freedom)
1600-1700 on  6240 TAC 100 kW / 065 deg to KRE  Korean

Southern Sudan Radio Service
1600-1630 on 11770 MEY 100 kW / non-dir to EaAf Arabic Sat-Thu
1600-1630 on 17700 ASC 250 kW / 065 deg to EaAf Arabic Sat-Thu
1630-1700 on 11770 MEY 100 kW / non-dir to EaAf Fur/Masaalit/Zagawa Sat-Thu
1630-1700 on 17700 ASC 250 kW / 065 deg to EaAf Fur/Masaalit/Zagawa Sat-Thu

SW Radio Africa
1700-1900 on  4880 MEY 100 kW / 005 deg to SoAf English

Radio Huryaal
1730-1800 on  9840 DHA 250 kW / 215 deg to EaAf Somali Sat-Thu
1730-1800 on  9840 MEY 100 kW / 030 deg to EaAf Somali Fri

Zimbabwe Community Radio/Radio Dialogue
1755-1855 on  4895 MEY 100 kW / 000 deg to ZWE  Ndebele/English/Shona

venerdì 24 settembre 2010

LOG Mauro "Girollla" Giroletti

24/09/2010 0422      3330     CHU Ottawa   CAN    time signal bip..bip..bip..//7850khz "CHU Canada
24/09/2010 0420      3810     HD2IOA  Guayaquil     LSB EQA    time signal bip..bip..                        
23/09/2010 2330   4900    UNID R Familia ??????  GUI    low music
23/09/2010 2211      4319       AFRTS        USB         DGA    relay                                           
23/09/2010 2151      9505       R Record ,Sao Paulo  B      px mx                                           
23/09/2010 2145      11815      R Brasil Central    B      Goiania -px footbol.....                        
23/09/2010 2135      11780      R Nacional Amazonia  B     Brasilia - Px mx pubb+id                        
23/09/2010 2125      11765      Super R Deus e Amor    B      Curitiba -px religioso  mx                      
22/09/2010 2140      5005       R.Nacional, Batà   GNE    px mx local +id                                 
22/09/2010 2136      5025     VL8K    Katherine ,NT    AUS    px relay // 4910 khz VL8T // 4835khz  VL8A      
22/09/2010 2130      5045     Radio Cultura , Belem B      px mx +id                                    

- Mauro Giroletti IK2GFT - Swl 1510-
- JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150-
- Filter PAR Electronics - BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF
-Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop LFL1010
-Lat. 45°25'0"N Long. 9°7'0"E -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-

Glenn Hauser logs September 24, 2010 [MORE]

** ALASKA. 7355, heard preacher in English around 1230, presumed KNLS; next check 1251 fair signal going from music to anti-science, anti-thought, Creation Moment; just before it, there was ``running water`` ute QRM. No doubt the faithful concluded that it was God`s will for the QRM to stop flowing in time for His C.M. to be in the clear. First time in weeks I have heard KNLS well enough to ID during its only known English hour; conditions have to be just right. Their new website
contains this info headed September:

``Transmitter Challenges --- In June, we told of the problems with one of KNLS's two transmitters. Problems continue, as the malfunctioning transmitter is 25 years old, and the challenge of obtaining replacement parts has been daunting. But we're continuing the effort. The newer transmitter is operating fine, so the KNLS English Hour is currently available one hour a day on 7355 khz on the 41 meter band at 1200 hours UTC. The English broadcast will soon add two more hours on the newer transmitter. By this time next month, the KNLS English Hour should be available three times daily.

KNLS is on the air daily from 800 hours UTC (Universal Coordinated Time [sic], also known as Greenwich Mean Time) to 1800 hours UTC.

KNLS broadcasts in Chinese, Russian, and English. When the old transmitter is repaired, the English Hour will be carried at 800, 1000, 1200, and 1400 UTC. You get times and frequencies of all KNLS broadcasts through this link
These frequencies are in effect until October 31st. Assuming the old transmitter stays down for a while, which appears likely, we'll let you know the new times and frequencies on the newer transmitter.``

However, the ``Current Broadcast Schedule`` as linked above contradicts! It does show only one frequency at a time, but English at some different additional times; can anyone confirm them?

Time  (khz) Meters Language
0800-0900 11870 25 Russian
0900-1000 11870 25 Chinese
1000-1100 11870 25 English ***
1100-1200 11870 25 Chinese
1200-1300  7355 41 English
1300-1400  9920 31 Chinese
1400-1500  7355 41 Chinese
1500-1600  9920 31 English ***
1600-1700 11765 25 Russian
1700-1800 11765 25 Russian

Since it`s 1530+ as I write this, I pause to check for the new English broadcast at 1500 on 9920. Using the DX-398 on the porch with reel-out antenna plugged into the jack, to get away from computer noise inside, there is a signal, but too weak to be sure it`s in English and KNLS.

Then I accidentally touch the radio`s whip terminal to a metal railing into the ground and voilà, the signal goes up enough to recognize it as English in typical KNLS format. So much for antenna vs ground theory. I`ll have to try this on other frequencies and times.

As usual, KNLS is one of the earliest stations to post its next-season schedule,

which for B-10 has English at 08, 10, 12 and 14 all on 7355, plus 9655 at 1200; and a new frequency for some others, 7300. 9655 looks problematic, probably colliding with DW/Sri Lanka and Kashgar, so English at 12 might wind up on alternate 9615 instead, but that also collides with CRI. However, colliding with Asian stations is nothing new for KNLS, target only Asia (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, LRA36, Sept 24 at 1301 very poor with music, just enough to confirm it is on the air this Friday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 6070, still open carrier only from CFRX, Sept 24 at 0607; and around 1245 mixing with North Korea audio (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Sept 24: conditions from E Asia poor.
 8400, just barely audible at 1250
10500, JBA at 1256
No others up to 15 MHz heard before 1300

** CUBA. Contrary to 24 hours earlier, RHC Sept 24 at 0608 check had English back on four frequencies instead of two: 5970, 6010, 6060, 6150, the last one muffled, with Spanish on 6120, 5040 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. 6250, on the air Sept 24, still weakly audible in presumed Spanish at 0607; while SASASAM, WESTERN SAHARA [non] was much stronger with usual chantfest on 6297.1. Don`t often hear both of them at once (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUATEMALA. 4055, caught R. Verdad at sign-off playing Guatemalan NA, Sept 24 at 0601, but QRM from ute bursts. It`s a beautiful piece of music I recommend hearing clearly online from one of the NA sites (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, VOI English hour at 13-14 has been on the air every day this week, tho not always logged. Still VG signal but annoying with occasional audio dropouts. In the 1335-1336 minute Sept 24, I counted five OADs very irregularly spaced, all but one during the first semiminute. At 1336 was transitioning from Miscellany to Music Corner featuring a pop singer, name sounded like Inez Cynthia, so back to Mesopotamia, see KURDISTAN, for some much more exotic music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11530, V. of Mesopotamia, Sept 24 at 1333, fair with Kurdish music, flutter to S9+12 peaks, 1343 featuring rapid ululations, heard past 1356, during the Friday-morning-feast of folk music from several stations, but I favored this one over NZ`s Maori music on better 6170, Bulgaria on 15700, and Indonesia`s pop on 9526-.

This season, WYFR has wisely quit using 11530 after 0845, leaving Denge Mezopotamya in the clear, currently scheduled 0400-1600 per Aoki via Mykolaiv (Nikolayev), UKRAINE. It seems the PKK ``terrorists`` with legal problems in Denmark HQ vs their Roj TV, have had no problem keeping the radio broadcasts going tnx to the collaboration of TDP in Belgium (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. Re my previous report of VOA`s Sudan in Focus, M-F 1630-1700 scheduled on 9675, 12015, 13825, but missing from the show`s audio file, Kim Elliott replied later Sept 23:

``Hi Glenn, The audio link is working now, at least here. Listening to the RMS in Cairo, it sounds like there were some switching problems earlier this week -- "Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Praha" ID loop and Special English heard -- but proper audio is on the frequencies as of 23 Sept.

Listen for yourself....

Under Broadcasters, click VOA
Under Languages, click SUEN
Under Locations, click CAIR
Under Dates, click ALL (don't forget this step)
On the next page, under Frequencies, click ALL
Farther down the page, click Listen
You will get several links to mp4 files
73 Kim``

Hiroshi in Japan via Sei-ichi Hasegawa, DXLD yg, also reported that SIF started Sept 23 instead of Sept 20, the frequencies Sept 20-22 carrying the RFE/RL ID loop. It seems that IBB often has such problems getting its act together for anything new (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K [non]. BBCWS news in English at 1304 Sept 24 giving optional cutaway ``BBC News`` cue for affiliates who find three minutes of world news plenty, and BBC is so happy to accommodate them --- both on 17830 and 17640, but not synchronized, 17640 a few words ahead of 17830, despite both via Ascension; and at 1306, 17640 goes into Friday Documentary while some other not // feature is on 17830, another example of the absurd fragmentation of BBCWS programming. 17640 is at 114 degrees to C & S Africa, while 17830 is 65 degrees for the Nigeria-Gabon region, who must have separate programming. By 1325 both had faded down to unusability here. BTW, 21 MHz was dead this morning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Just as I tuned by 1470, Sept 24 at 1233, heard ``NewsTalk 1470, KYYW`` ID but no location, back to Bill Bennett. Thank you very much, no need to listen more than a few sex for his nonsense. KYYW is in Abilene TX, maybe first time logged here.

O, I am sure I heard it sesquidecades ago under original calls KRBC, which ended on 10/30/1984, and since then has had six other calls, the current ones starting 6/24/2004, as conveniently compiled by FCC at (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Re previous report of WWCR switching to 3255 for an hour at 0358-0458: the person tipping me was Travers DeVine, not Sean Travers, he reminds me, since he normally signs only as Travers (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1521, checked almost 24 hours later, Sept 24 at 0600, no carrier, or het audible on KOKC 1520; nor 1539. I am still hoping MW DXers in northern UK will comment on whether 2 MW Saudi Arabia is still audible there as late as 0635 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###