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Glenn Hauser logs+, September 26-27, 2021

** CUBA [and non]. 11760 et al., UT Monday Sept 27 at 0135, I make a point of reconfirming RHC DX program `En Contacto` at its third and last scheduled airing: yes, it has just started. For convenience I`m tuning via Bonaire SDR. 11760 is not very good, fading down, so at 0140 try 9710 but it has CCI and ACI, i.e. CRI Spanish 9710 via Cashgar, Turquistán Oriental, tierra de genocidio por los imperialistas chino-comunistas, en contra de musulmanes, and 9705 probably jammer vs RFA Tibetan via Tajikistan. 9535 is better, but also with CCI which would be CRI English via via Kashgar --- some comrades!! By 0145 I`ve switched again to 5040 which is loud & clear. Something`s always wrong at RHC.

As for content: main topic is the term ``Mayday`` and how it came about; the locutora massacres the original French, ``m`aider`` pronouncing as if were Spanish. In this brief program it`s broken up into segments; says that it`s not supposed to be as serious as SOS, like need-some-help-here, but English usage has led to it being just as urgent, as a dire emergency. Strangely, she never gets into how it relates to the big Commie holiday!

Then about several ham DX-peditions with calls and QSL info; and special events, notably A60EXPO from Dubai. I have the impression she is reading a script without really understanding it. 0143 seems to give times for this show, but not clear as I am retuning. 0144 about solar activity. 0147 references ARRL webpage URLs --- do they not realize those are from Yanqui Imperialists?? 0148 more about ``Mayday``.

Another topic is ``qué es el desacoplo de la polarización`` = decoupling of polarization. This only merits a few words at the very end, and I don`t get it. 0150 closing credits including guión as usual by CO7GW; locución by Ariadna(?) García. NO mention of Arnaldo Coro Antich --- how is Arnie doing now? 0151 into Doctor show (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MEXICO [non]. Not a log yet, rather advance notice of something I meant to mention on WOR 2105 but missed:

``Special Broadcast:
México le canta a las Américas (Mexico Sings To the Americas)
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 28th, 0300-0400 UTC**
**Monday, September 27 2200-2300 Mexico City Time / CDT WRMI 5800 kHz

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the end of the Mexican War of Independence, a special hour of Mexican music hosted by Luís Alejandro Vallebueno with guests Gabriela Ortiz and “Uncle Bill” Tilford will air on WRMI with support from Grupo DX México. It will be in Spanish and directed towards Central and South America, but the back end of the transmission should be listenable in most of North America and parts of Western Europe and Africa. The music will be a combination of world-famous artists and others probably not known outside of Mexico. There will also be some items regarding history, customs and shortwave in Mexico including special appearances by a veteran of Radio México Internacional (aka XERMX in its days on shortwave) and a long-time member of Grupo DX México ---------------------- William "Bill" Tilford, Owner/Producer, Tilford Productions, LLC``

This is also the big night for other UB programs, on WBCQ 7489.9v: 2300-2330 Monday, first half of `Melting Pot`; 0000-0100 UT Tuesday, `From the Isle of Music` = Cuba; interspersed with lots of gab, interviews with the musicians (via Glenn Hauser, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. RF 29, the KTUZ ``Shawnee`` full-power transmitter with three different Spanish networx, each displaying a farflung virtual channel -- Telemundo as 30, Univision as 36, and Estrella as 48, now with three more sub-channels, shopping networx in English, first noticed in step-tuning Sept 27 at 0036 UT: 30-2 QVC, 30-3 HSN, 30-4 QVC2. I see these are already listed at I check the RF channel for each to be sure they are really out of RF-29. They have probably moved from some other LP transmitter for OKC market (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 17895.069, Sept 27 at 1414, Qur`an from SRI/SBA, S5-S8 and the SSOB beyond a few JBA carriers, no sign of any other Sa`udis circa 17660, 17615 or 17570, supposedly on air now (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 245-MCW kHz, Sept 27 at 0613 UT, ND beacon FS, which is 400 watts from Sioux FallS SD. Not much else heard with high noise level. I was tuned to 243-USB (and also forgot to mention with my MA 326 kHz log yesterday that I was tuned to 325-USB) (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2105 monitoring: confirmed Sunday September 26 from 2000.7 on IRRS via AM Italia 918 kHz, S9+35 into Noale SDR. Preceded by music, IRRS ID.

Also confirmed Sun Sept 26 after 2230 on WRMIs, 5950 S9+30 and 9955 S9+15 into east TN SDR.

Also confirmed UT Mon Sept 27 at 0030 on WRMIs: 7730 VG direct; via east TN SDR: 9455 only S9 way offbeam; 9395 VG S9+20, but with ``RTTY warble`` QRM on plus side only, clear with LSB tuning. Much like the QRM to IRRS 7290. Measured about 9396.1; by 0045, WRMI has faded way down and the RTTY rules. Never noticed such QRM on 9395 direct to OK.

Also confirmed UT Mon Sept 27 at 0130 on WRN North America webcast.

Also confirmed from just before 0300 UT Mon Sept 27 on Area 51 via WBCQ, 6160 minus 53v Hz = 6159.947v, S9+5 into Maryland SDR with some ACI from 6165 Cuba even in LSB tuning. Previous show ended in time for full WBCQ singing ID at 0259.5, but after WOR billboard started, interrupted for another quick WBCQ `legal` ID. At 0325 direct check here, S8-S9 with ACI. Next, not until Wednesday:

1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

Our non-commercial broadcasts and website depend on voluntary support; thanks this week to Gerald T Pollard, Raleigh NC, for a generous quarterly equinoxial check to Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702.

One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9330, Sept 27 at 1445, no signal from WBCQ-6 SuperStition of World`s Last Chance; why is it still so unreliable, more breakdowns? However, there is a JBA carrier on 9333, anomaly I have noticed before, *only* when 9330 is off, making me wonder if it`s also from BCQ, maybe an off-frequency exciter? After 1500 checking remote further east, no sign of either (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-oceanic JBA MW carrier search, Sept 27 at 0604-0610: 531, 585, 603, 621(2), 639(2), 657, 684, 693(2), 747(2), 774(2), 837, 846, 855(2), 936, 999(2), 1089, 1098, 1125(2), 1134(2), 1152, 1215, 1305(2), 1413(2), 1503(2) --- after Algeria, probably lots of Canary/Spain, some UK (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. 3819-USB, Sept 17 at 0618, hamchew about drivers and antennas, both stations, yes, on USB, not LSB, and not AM either. I guess LSB on 40 & 80m is only a convention, easily refused (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 1733 UT September 27

Media & Tech - 27/09/2021

Propagation outlook from SWPC Boulder

:Product: Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
:Issued: 2021 Sep 27 0235 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
20 - 26 September 2021

Solar activity was at very low to moderate levels. Region 2871 (S27,
L=357, class/area=Dao/310 on 21 Sep) produced the largest flare of
the period, an M2/1n flare at 23/0444 UTC. Associated with the flare
was a Type II radio sweep (966 km/s) followed by a Type IV radio
sweep. A subsequent CME signature was observed in SOHO/LASCO C2
coronagraph imagery. Analysis and modeling of the event suggested
most of the ejecta was away from the Sun-Earth line but a glancing
blow from the periphery of the CME may be possible on 27 Sep. An
additional M1/1n flare was produced by the same region at 23/1528
UTC. A subsequent CME signature associated with the event was also
analyzed with a similar potential for the periphery of the ejecta to
influence Earth around 27 Sep.

Other activity included a Type II radio sweep (739 km/s) associated
with an eruption around Region 2875 (S32, L=053, class/area Bxo/010
on 24 Sep). The associated CME signature was narrow and directed
away from the Sun-Earth line. Most numbered active regions were in
decay and they transited through the W hemisphere with most decaying
to plage by the end of the period. The remaining numbered regions in
the E hemisphere were relatively simple and quiet.

No proton events were observed at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was at
normal to moderate levels throughout the reporting period.

Geomagnetic field activity ranged from quiet to active levels.
Active levels were observed on 22 Sep in response to a SSBC followed
by influence from positive polarity CH HSS. Unsettled conditions
were observed on 21 Sep, and 23-25 Sep due to coronal hole activity.
The remainder of the reporting period was quiet.

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
27 September - 23 October 2021

Solar activity is expected to range from very low to low levels. Low
levels are likely on 27-29 Sep and very low levels are likely for
the remainder of the outlook period.

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is
expected to reach moderate to high levels. High levels are likely on
29 Sep - 02 Oct, 05-08 Oct and 20-21 Oct due primarily to influence
from multiple, recurrent CH HSSs. Normal to moderate levels are
expected for the remainder of the outlook period.

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to range from quiet to G2
(Moderate) geomagnetic storm conditions. G1-G2 (Minor-Moderate)
conditions are likely on 27 Sep in response to combined effects of
an anticipated positive polarity CH HSS and possible glancing blow
from a CME that left the Sun on 23 Sep. Active conditions associated
with coronal hole activity are likely on 28-29 Sep, 05 Oct, 10 Oct
and 19 Oct. Unsettled conditions are likely on 04 Oct, 18 Oct and
20-21 Oct. The remainder of the outlook period is expected to be at
quiet levels.

:Product: 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2021 Sep 27 0235 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
# Issued 2021-09-27
# UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest
# Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp Index
2021 Sep 27 86 28 6
2021 Sep 28 86 15 4
2021 Sep 29 84 12 4
2021 Sep 30 80 5 2
2021 Oct 01 80 5 2
2021 Oct 02 80 5 2
2021 Oct 03 78 5 2
2021 Oct 04 78 8 3
2021 Oct 05 76 12 4
2021 Oct 06 74 5 2
2021 Oct 07 74 5 2
2021 Oct 08 74 5 2
2021 Oct 09 74 5 2
2021 Oct 10 78 12 4
2021 Oct 11 78 5 2
2021 Oct 12 78 5 2
2021 Oct 13 80 5 2
2021 Oct 14 84 5 2
2021 Oct 15 84 5 2
2021 Oct 16 86 5 2
2021 Oct 17 86 5 2
2021 Oct 18 88 10 3
2021 Oct 19 88 12 4
2021 Oct 20 88 10 3
2021 Oct 21 88 8 3
2021 Oct 22 88 5 2
2021 Oct 23 86 5 2

SWLDXBulgaria News, September 25-26

AUSTRALIA Reception of Reach Beyond Australia in Rohingya on 11905 kHz via Kununurra, September 26:
1120-1125 on 11905 KNX 100 kW / 335 deg to SEAs Reach Beyond Australia Interval Signal & announcement
1125-1140 on 11905 KNX 100 kW / 335 deg to SEAs Rohingya Daily. Very good signal via SDR Tambov, RUS.

AUSTRALIA Reception of Reach Beyond Australia in English on 11900 kHz via Kununurra on September 26
1155-1200 on 11900 KNX 100 kW / 310 deg to SoAs Reach Beyond Australia Interval Signal & announcement
1200-1215 on 11900 KNX 100 kW / 310 deg to SoAs English Sun. Very good signal via SDR Tambov, Russia.

AUSTRIA(non) Very strong signal of Radio DARC#345 on 6070 kHz via Moosbrunn, September 26
0900-1000 on 6070 MOS 100 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sun via SDR Heimiswil in Switzerland

GERMANY(non) Very good signal of Voice of The Andes on 13800 kHz via MBR Nauen, September 25:
1529-1629 on 13800 NAU 100 kW / 100 deg to CeAs Russian/Chechen Sat HCJB via SDR Tambov, Russia

GERMANY(non) Reception of Adventist World Radio/Obettivo DX on 9610 kHz via MBR Nauen, September 26
0900-1000 on 9610 NAU 125 kW / 180 deg to SoEu Italian Sun. Fair/good signal via SDR Heimiswil, SUI.

GERMANY(non) Reception of PAB Frank&Ernest Discussion on 15205 kHz via MBR Nauen, September 26
1430-1445 on 15205 NAU 250 kW / 094 deg to SoAs English Sun. Very good via SDR Tambov in Russia.

GERMANY(non) PAB Tony Alamo Ministries on 11830/7425 kHz via MBR Nauen/Tashkent September 26
1600-1700 on 11830 NAU 125 kW / 128 deg to N/ME English Sun. Very good via SDR Tambov, Russia.
1630-1730 on 7425 TAC 100 kW / 090 deg to CeAs English Sun. Fair/good via SDR Tambov, Russia.

GUAM(non) KTWR Trans World Radio Asia relay BRB Living Water Ministry on 7515 kHz Agana, September 25
1546-1616 on 7515 TWR 200 kW / 320 deg to NEAs Korean Sat. Very good signal via SDR Tambov in Russia.

INDIA Unscheduled broadcast of All India Radio in English on 17710 kHz, September 26:
0831-0842 on 17710 BGL 500 kW / 300 deg to WeAs very strong open carrier / dead air and
0842-0845 on 17710 BGL 500 kW / 300 deg to WeAs English Sce is unscheduled on shortwave
0845-0930 on 17710 BGL 500 kW / 300 deg to WeAs Pashto. Very good via SDR Tambov Russia

JAPAN Good signal of NHK World Radio Japan on 7355 kHz Yamata on September 26:
1055-1100 on 7355 YAM 300 kW / 330 deg to FERu NHK World R.Japan Interval Signal
1100-1130 on 7355 YAM 300 kW / 330 deg to FERu Russian via SDR Tambov in Russia.

NEW ZEALAND Frequency change of Radio New Zealand RNZ Pacific, September 25

ROMANIA(non) Reception of NEXUS IRRS EGR on 9510 kHz via RADIOCOM Saftica on September 26:
from 0930 on 9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English Sun. Very good via SDR Heimiswil, SUI
1030-1200 on 9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu NO SIGNAL TRANSMITTER RADIOCOM SAFTICA IS OFF

SECRETLAND(non) Reception of Brother Stair on 13700 kHz via SPL Secretbrod, September 25
1500-1555 on 13700 SCB 050 kW / 126 deg to N/ME English. Very good via SDR Tambov, Russia.
Brother Stair is back on 13700 kHz, but only 55 minutes, instead of previous 1400-1755UTC.

SECRETLAND(non) Reception of From the Isle of Music on 9400 kHz via SPL Secretbrod on September 26
1500-1600 on 9400 SCB 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEu English/Spanish Sun. Good signal via SDR Tambov, RUS

TAIWAN(non) Radio Dap Loi Song Nui/Vietnam Democracy Radio on 9670 kHz via Paochung, September 26
1220-1230 on 9670 PAO 100 kW / 250 deg to SEAs over 10 minutes good open carrier/dead air and then
1230-1258 on 9670 PAO 100 kW / 250 deg to SEAs Vietnamese. Good plus jamming via SDR Hanoi Vietnam

TAIWAN(non) Radio France International in Vietnamese on 9650 kHz via Paochung, September 26
till 1258 on 9670 PAO 100 kW / 250 deg to SEAs Vietnam Democracy Radio via same transmitter,
1300-1358 on 9650 PAO 100 kW / 250 deg to SEAs Vietnamese. Good signal via SDR Hanoi Vietnam

TAIWAN(non) Radio NUG Voice of National Unity Government of Myanmar on 12000 kHz, September 26
1320-1330 on 12000 PAO 250 kW / 205 deg to SEAs 10 minutes very strong open carrier/dead air and
1330-1359 on 12000 PAO 250 kW / 205 deg to SEAs Burmese. Very good signal via SDR Hanoi, Vietnam
Updated English announcement: on 17.71MHz at 0800AM & 12MHz at 0800PM or 0130-0200 & 1330-1400UT

U.K.(non) BBC in Farsi effective from September 22:

UZBEKISTAN(non) Voice of Wilderness on 11539.9v kHz via RRTM Telecom Tashkent, September 26:
1400-1530 on 11539.9vTAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean Sun. Very good via SDR Tambov, Russia

UZBEKISTAN(non) Reception of Voice of Martyrs on 7529.9v kHz via RRTM Telecom Tashkent, September 26
1530-1600 on 7529.9vTAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean Daily. Good signal via SDR Tambov in Russia.


73! Ivo Ivanov

More information on the shortwave listening hobby,
please visit to

QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire

RNZI confusing new schedule

RNZI has now adjusted its transmission schedule, resuming 15720 now that spring is in the air and the local clox are now imagining NZ be 13 hours ahead of UT yet not into yesterday. While 13840 hours are diminished.

Note the 0459-, 0559- and 0659- entries showing 11725 now runs until 0658 daily, yet 7245 starts at 0559 Sat & Sun --- not last night! Impossible unless two transmitters be employed during the overlap hour. Not the first time RNZ own sked has not made sense (gh) Viz.:

How To Listen

RNZ Pacific (RNZI) broadcasts at the following frequencies and times to different parts of the Pacific Region.

Expect schedule changes from time to time to take account of propagation to our target audience.

NB: Every month on the first Wednesday is Maintenance day at our transmitter site from 2230 - 0600 UTC. ( Thursdays 1030 - 1800 NZST) {sic} During this period there may be interruptions to our programmes.
28 Mar 2021 - 30 Oct 2021
UTC kHz Target Days
00:00 - 02:58 15720 Pacific Daily
02:59 - 04:58 13840 Pacific Daily
04:59 - 06:58 11725 Pacific Daily
05:59 - 12:58 7245 Pacific Sat Sun
06:59 - 08:58 7245 Pacific Mon - Fri
08:59 - 12:58 7245 NW Pacific Solomon Isl PNG Mon - Fri
12:59 - 16:50 5980 Pacific Sun - Fri
12:59 - 18:58 5980 Pacific Sat
16:51 - 18:35 6115 DRM Tonga Niue Samoa Cook Islands Sun - Fri
18:36 - 19:50 9760 DRM Tonga Niue Samoa Cook Islands Sun - Fri
18:59 - 19:58 11725 Pacific Sat
19:51 - 20:58 11690 DRM Tonga Niue Samoa Cook Islands Sun - Fri
19:59 - 21:58 13840 Pacific Sat
20:59 - 21:58 13840 Pacific Sun - Fri
21:59 - 00:00 15720 Pacific Daily from 25 Sep

Agenda DX 27/09/2021

Radio Cultural Amauta, Perù 4955 Khz (1960)
KSRM, Alaska 920 Khz (1926)

domenica 26 settembre 2021

Expo 2020 Dubai Opening Ceremony on WRMI Sept 30

WRMI will broadcast the Opening Ceremony of the World's Fair, Expo 2020 Dubai, on Thursday, September 30 at 1600-1800 UTC on 9955 kHz and on our Internet stream at

At that time, Dubai is inviting the world to come together to celebrate the opening of the Expo 2020 World's Fair, which was originally scheduled to open at the same time last year, but was postponed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This spectacular event, hosted in Al Wasl Plaza on the Expo site, will feature an array of international, regional and local talent. Audiences will enjoy a masterful display of stunning music and performances, as some of the world's most creative minds come together in a dazzling, groundbreaking performance. Among the performers will be the world-famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Drawing inspiration directly from Expo's theme of "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," the Opening Ceremony will take listeners on a journey across its subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, showcasing the deep-rooted values of the United Arab Emirates and the vision and purpose of Expo, while welcoming the event's 192 participating countries in spectacular fashion.

Join us at 1600 UTC September 30 on 9955 kHz or Or tell Alexa to "play WRMI.

Brazil Report on SW Digital Broadcasts

The report on the successful trail of shortwave in DRM for domestic use in Brazil was recently published. The trial at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 was a joint effort between The Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications in Brasilia, the University of Brasilia, EBC – the public broadcaster, the DRM Brazil Platform, and other commercial enterprises and interested parties. The aim was to get extensive coverage in DRM SW especially over the wide and sparsely populated of the Brazilian northern areas, the rich Amazonian region.The report gives a detailed report on the set up and results of the DRM trial and demo. It concludes that: "...the successful realization of Phase 1 of the project necessarily implies continuity, with the development and dissemination of national low-cost DRM receivers in Phase 2. One cannot lose the "savoir faire" or knowledge acquired so far and thus condemning isolated populations to ignorance due to lack of information. This opens up a new perspective for quality communication over long distances, integrating the most distant regions of Brazil."

Spaceshuttle 12265 kHz today

Hi, after 2,5 months of silance Spaceshuttle will have transmission day on Monday 27th of September.

Day includes short tests of propagation as well combined 19th Birthday of us.

Only frequency in use will be12265 kHz.

Several test starting perhaps 6 hours UTC You can tune your RX on this frequency and check yourself when we are there. Best time of propagation might vary depending where and with which equipments you try to listen.

So we have very low power in use. But surprises might happen.

Wishing you luck with listenening.

Quick instant and details Reports welcome during this testday . Audiofiles most wanted.

Mails to

All correct reports came until 30th of Seprember will be verified during weekend 1-3. October. Also QSLs of earlier transmission this summer will be verified same time.

NO NEED to any FOLOW UP reports! We have all reports came in safe.

Today we are only on 12265 kHz.

Best regards


Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

History of SSB

History of SSB
From: Scott Blixt
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2021 21:08:31 UTC

AWA Video: SSB was Slow to Catch On as a Ham Radio Mode

Hams are often early adopters of new technology, such as FT8, but this was not the case with single sideband (SSB) amplitude modulation. First referenced in Major General George Squier's 1911 patent that had nothing to do with RF applications, SSB didn't really catch on as a popular ham radio phone mode until the 1960s.

Antique Wireless Association (AWA) museum curator Ed Gable, K2MP, recounted "The History of Single Sideband" as part of the inaugural "AWA Shares" program, presented on August 19. Gable described Squier as an "early idea man" in the history of SSB at a time when hams had hardly adopted AM inany form.

As Gable explained, John Renshaw Carson built on Squier's patents to define the principles of SSB radio transmission theory, using a balanced modulator and filters. AT&T went all in with SSB, basing its first long-haul telephone system on the technology. Its SSB voice service to Europe, which kicked off in 1923, lasted for more than 3 decades. A receiving site in Scotland took advantage of Beverage antennas put in place for the ARRL transatlantic tests.

Gable credited Robert M. Moore, W6DEI, with introducing SSB to the ham radio community, through an article in R9 Magazine in the early 1930s. The technology remained more of a curiosity, however, in part because of the Great Depression, cost, and technical difficulty. Besides, hams of that era saw no real advantage to narrowband modes, since bands were not that crowded.

The mood began to change after World War II, though. In 1948, Oswald Villard, W6QIT, engineered the airing of SSB signals via Stanford University's W6YX, re-introducing the mode to a burgeoning and more technically savvy post-war ham community that included a lot of veterans. A 1950 GE Ham News article by Don Norgaard, W2KUJ, described plans for a 5 W, three-tube SSB transmitter he dubbed "The SSB Jr."

The Central Electronics Model 20A.

Expanding on this, Central Electronics' Wes Schum, W9DYV, built the first SSB exciter, the 10A, in 1952, and it became the company's first product, spawning a series of successor products that included a VFO based on a modified BC-458 military surplus transmitter, an "SSB slicer" for receiving, and even a linear. SSB equipment was neither inexpensive nor accessible, however.

"Cheap and Easy S.S.B." by Anthony Vitale, W2EWL, which appeared in QST in 1956, spoke to hams' attitudes, helping to advance the adoption of SSB among radio amateurs. Byron Goodman, W1DX, addressed receiver improvements with his QST article, "The Product Detector."

The Collins KWM-1 is considered the first "true" transceiver, sharing receive and transmit circuitry.

In the same decade, General Curtis LeMay, K3JUY/K4RFA, promoted the advantages of SSB to the military, heralding a phase-out of AM as the dominant voice technology. Many hams were not convinced of SSB's advantages, deriding the signals as sounding like Donald Duck. Adoption didn't really take off until the Collins KWM-1 came along in 1957. It was the first SSB transceiver to share receiver and transmitter circuitry. Heathkit, Viking, and B&W produced SSB adapters for use with current AM gear.

Other manufacturers including National and Swan came along to further boost adoption of the mode, and it wasn't that many years before SSB eclipsed AM as the predominant voice mode on the HF bands.

(via Scott Blixt, Minnesota DX Club iog via WOR io group)

Glenn Hauser logs+, September 25-26, 2021


My latest Hitlist update.

1) Brazil - R Clube do Para: Updated link to livestream page
2) Bulgaria - R Bulgaria: Updated link to facebook page and added link to Daily webcasts
3) Ethiopia - EBC National R: New addition to the list - link to live stream via (Thanks to Dr Hansjörg Biener in WOR iog). Home page at currently not working
4) France - Africa R: Renamed from Africa No.1 (Gabon), now as Africa Radio (France), and updated all links accordingly (Thx to Kai Ludwig in WOR iog)
5) Netherlands - low power licenced: Added link to this regularly updated list of Dutch low power licenced stations (thanks to Rink in the HCDX mailing list via Glenn Hauser in WOR iog)
6) Netherlands - KBC Radio: Updated link to "the Giant Jukebox"
archive website courtesy Kraig Krist KG4LAC website
7) Netherlands - Rock Power: New addition to the list
8) New Zealand - RNZP/RNZI: Updated UTC offsets for DST change 26 Sept.

Unless there's a major change anywhere, the next update will be late October. Best wishes, (Alan Roe, Teddington, UK, WOR iog)

** CHINA. CNR1 WOOB jammer search, Sept 26 at 1356: JBA carriers on 12820, 13020, 13130, 13190. Also at 1421, 9155 at S5-S9, 9255 at S5-S8 in Chinese. All of these fit against Sound of Hope, in Aoki & EiBi except unlisted 13190 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 5025, Sept 26 at 0603, R. Rebelde is S9+20/30 and splashing out +/- 13 kHz almost to 5040, where RHC is already off tonight: opposite situation to last night, returning the favor. Something`s always wrong at RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 13700 and much weaker 13740 but still spurless, Sunday Sept 26 at 1347, RHC with COVID-19 medical info, instead of `En Contacto` DX program. `En Cía del Doctor` had been scheduled at 1350-1400 after E.C. at 1335-1350. I`m been remiss in monitoring for E.C., whether it still exist without Arnie (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** GERMANY. 5905, Sept 26 at 0608, JBA YL in German: that would be Deutscher Wetterdienst, scheduled also on 6180 where there is an even weaker JBA carrier, both 0600-0630 daily, 2x 10 kW at Pinneberg but based in Hamburg. It`s now the #1 SW station in Germany! ahead of DW on page 475, WRTH 2021. A ``National Radio`` station? Guess not. I made the mistake of hunting for it first in that sexion among 15 pages of detailed almost-all-FM listings (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** GUAM. 11965, Sept 26 at 1417, rock with heavy beat, then talk sorta Thai? S9-S7 with flutter. Aoki shows KSDA this semihour only daily in Ash language. WRTH shows this under, where else, Thailand, page 498, with Chin(Asho) to S Asia at 1400-1430 then on 11870 in B-20 season. EiBi calls it C-A for MYA[nmar] ``Chin-Asho: Myanmar-Ayeyarwady, Rakhine (30,000) [csh]`` not to be confused with CA which is Cantonese (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)  

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. 11725, Sept 26 at 0558, RNZI is S9+10/20, the SSOB and almost the OSOB, some JBA carriers on 11815, 12000, Brasil and Cuba. I expect to hear Bell Bird and QSY announcement to 7245, but 11725 keeps going with 0600 pips and RNZ news. Sked on website still shows 0558/0559 changeover. After 0600, nothing on 7245; nor 7255 Nigeria, nor 7265 France which is M-F only. So vacant! NZ perhaps confused as DST has just started. Domestic program relays will now be one real UT hour earlier, not necessarily SW block frequency scheduling too (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 326-MCW kHz, Sept 26 at 0623 UT, ND beacon MA, which is 400 watts from Midland, Texas. I remain wondering why I hear so few NDBs from Baja Oclajoma as opposed to many more to the north as far as Canada. My E-W longwire should be equally unfavorable to both, altho Midland is WSW rather than S (Glenn Hauser, OC, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2105 monitoring: confirmed Sat Sept 25 at 1943 on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, MO, S9+10 into nearby KB0FX KiwiSDR, about 15 minutes into so started circa 1928.

Also confirmed UT Sunday September 26 at 0030 on WRMI 7730, S9+20/30 direct.

Also confirmed UT Sun Sept 26 at 0324 on WA0RCR, 1860-AM as above, S9+10, about 7 minutes into so started circa 0317. Next:

2000 UT Sunday    IRRS 918-Italy
2230 UT Sunday    WRMI 5950 to NNW
2230 UT Sunday    WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE
0030 UT Monday    WRMI 7730 to WNW; 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0300vUT Monday    WBCQ 6160v Area 51 to WSW
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday  WRMI 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0130 UT Thursday  WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

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One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5085, UT Sun Sept 26 at 0017 tune-in, WTWW-2 `Theater Organ Under The Arch` sometimes starts this early, but this week it`s almost over! Bob Heil, ``start winding up``, finishing at 0027.5 WTWW begging for money from listeners despite being a commercially supported? station and by Scriptures For America. So TOUTA must have started circa 2357 Sept 25 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Atlantic [and non] JBA MW carrier search Sept 26 at 0615-0620, not in the order tuned: 531, 612, 684, 774(2), 837, 846, 855, 882(2), 909, 999, 1017, 1107, 1116, 1125(2), 1143, 1152, 1179, 1215(2), 1305(2), 1413, 1422 kHz. All presumably Eurafrican, holding up later and later, except 846 Paficican, Kiritimati. Note that as always, level of QRM/splash is a factor at the moment tuning across a certain channel whether it will be detected (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 1947 UT September 26

Media & Tech - 26/09/2021

Ascolti AM Treviso 26 settembre

4840   26/09 0600 WWCR The Overcomer Ministry, Nashville Px rel. E 35533
5025   26/09 0601 Radio Rebelde, Bauta Mx Px Es 35533   
5140   26/09 0602 Charleston Radio Inter. D-Berlin Mx E 45544 
5930   26/09 0613 World Music Radio, DK-Randers Mx Dan 25532
6020   26/09 0614 Radio Delta Internationa Hol-Elburg   Mx  Nl  35533 
6180   26/09 0615 Deutscher Wetterdienst,  Pinneberg  Px meteo D 55555
9330   26/09 0616 WBCQ World's Last Chance, Monticello Px  Es 45544
9385   26/09 0617 WEWN 1, Vandiver Px rel.  E 45533
9395   26/09 0621 The Overcomer Ministry, Okeechobee6 Px rel. E 35533
9420   26/09 0623 Voice of Greece, Avlis Px Mx  Gr 55555
9440   26/09 0625 BBC Radio, Woofferton Px F 55555
9510   26/09 0930 IRRS- Living The Bible, Tiganesti jingle ID Px rel. E 45544
9610   26/09 0931 AWR Europe, Nauen Px <RVS Magazine> It 55555 

73 da N. Marabello 
QTH Treviso, Italia 
Ant.: filare 6 metri

Log Roberto Pavanello

648 20/9 22.50 R. Caroline - Orfordness EE MX buono
792 20/9 16.50 R. Dechovka - Predboj Ceco MX buono
828 22/9 22.45 Smooth R. - Bournemouth EE MX suff.
918 20/9 16.45 AM Italia - Villa Estense IT MX suff.
1026 20/9 22.30 R. Tabriz - Azero MX suff.
1130 25/9 03.40 WBBR - New York EE talk suff.
1206 22/9 23.10 R. 9 - Thessaloniki Greco MX suff.
1233 20/9 16.35 R. Milano XR - Magenta IT MX suff.
1350 25/9 23.25 R. Buenos Aires - SS talk suff.
1377 20/9 22.45 R. Free Africa - Mwanza Swahili MX suff.
1413 23/9 17.00 Vesti FM - Grigoriopol Russo talk buono
1440 20/9 23.20 R. 208 - Randers EE MX suff.
3915 20/9 22.35 BBC - Singapore EE NX buono
3920 25/9 16.45 R. Piepzender - Zwolle Dutch MX ottimo
3940 25/9 16.50 Pirate Free R. Waves Bay - Russo MX suff.
4765 25/9 02.45 R. Progreso - Habana SS talk buono
4775 25/9 22.45 R. Tarma - SS MX suff.
4790 22/9 22.35 WBCQ - Monticello EE predica buono
4865 21/9 17.45 R. Mystery 21 - EE MX ottimo
4885 25/9 02.50 R. Clube do Parà - Belem PP NX buono
4925 25/9 02.55 R. Educ. Rural - Tefe’ PP MX suff.
4940 25/9 03.00 R. Fuerza de Paz - Maicao EE/SS predica buono
5033 21/9 22.30 R. Deltrack - EE MX buono
5140 19/9 11.45 Charleston R. Int. - EE ID e MX ottimo
5880 23/9 22.20 R. Rock Revolution - EE MX buono
6065 22/9 18.40 Voice of Hope - Lusaka EE talk suff.
6070 25/9 03.05 CFRX - Toronto EE NX suff.
6120 26/9 08.50 R. Casanova - IT ID e Toto Cotugno buono
6195 26/9 08.45 R. Blackstone - EE ID e MX buono
6210 25/9 16.25 R. King SW - EE MX buono
6275 25/9 16.20 TVB - Tedesco MX buono
6280 25/9 16.55 R. Fox 48 - EE MX suff.
6285 26/9 08.55 R. Scotland Int. - EE MX buono
6287.6 25/9 16.15 R. XTC - EE MX suff.
6295 24/9 16.30 Pioneer AM - EE MX buono
6295 25/9 13.30 R. Republica da Banana - SS MX buono
6380 25/9 17.00 R. 319 - EE ID e MX buono
7210USB 24/9 09.45 UNID clandestina italiana - IT critiche a politica governativa sul Covid 19 buono
7510 21/9 14.35 KTWR - Coreano talk suff.
9575 23/9 18.40 TWR - Manzini Arabo talk buono
9610 26/9 09.00 AWR - Firenze IT Obiettivo DX by Roberto Scaglione ottimo
9665 20/9 22.40 Voz Missionaria - Camboriu PP predica buono
9920 25/9 19.00 R. Thailand - Bangkok EE ID e NX ottimo
11995 21/9 14.30 Furosate no Kaze - Tokyo Giapponese talk suff.
15190 23/9 19.05 R. Pilipinas - Manila Filippino talk suff.

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia

A cuore aperto: Johnson Messenger 2-23 (1976)

Per il nostro appuntamento a cuore aperto, ho pensato di mostrare un apparecchio che si potrebbe definire storico per la storia delle comunicazioni a breve raggio. Si tratta di un ricetrasmettitore per la banda 27 Mhz, il famoso quanto raro JOHNSON 2 - 23, un apparecchio 23 canali, interamente valvolare e non importato in Italia.


Funzionante a 110 Volts, questo apparecchio denota da subito una buona costruzione, solida e ben eseguita; la presenza del suo microfono originale, di sicura costruzione TURNER, dà a tutto il complesso un aspetto professionale e rigoroso. Impiegante 10 valvole, 11 diodi e 6 transistor, ha la media frequenza a 455 Khz ed il ricevitore è a singola conversione, come tutti gli apparecchi di questo tipo.


La presenza di 6 transistor, apparsi in questa versione, è dovuta all'utilizzo di un sintetizzatore di frequenza per ottenere i 23 canali utilizzando soltanto 14 quarzi. L'estensione è quella classica; da 26.965 a 27.255, con il canale 9 ancora cerchiato in rosso come canale di emergenza e la classica spaziatura tra il canale 22 ed il 23. L'aspetto molto essenziale lascia spazio ai soli controlli di volume e squelch, alla griglia dell'altoparlante ed allo strumento S meter che, come sempre, dà indicazione del segnale in ingresso e della potenza relativa in uscita.


L'emissione avviene in 6A3, ampiezza modulata ed il trasmettitore eroga tutti i suoi 4 watt dichiarati dalla Casa, grazie alla volenterosa quanto robusta valvola finale 7061, pilotata da una 8077. L'ingresso microfonico è ad alta impedenza. Il modulatore, che utilizza la stessa finale di bassa frequenza audio, una 12AB5, e funziona in classe AB1, fornisce una modulazione di alto livello ed è dotato sia di filtro audio (400/2500 Hz), che di clipper per evitare la sovramodulazione dello stadio stesso.


In ogni caso, garantisce una profondità di modulazione non inferiore al 30% e non superiore all'80%. La presenza di un sintetizzatore di frequenza solleva il costruttore dall'utilizzare quarzi tagliati sulla fondamentale e di usarne per quanti siano i canali di emissione, aumenta la stabilità ed abbatte i costi dei cristalli stessi. Il microfono originale impiega la classica capsula ceramica che, anche dopo più di 50 anni, fà ancora il suo lavoro in modo perfetto.


Sul retro troviamo la presa di antenna, il fusibile e la linea di alimentazione ed a questo proposito, anche se il costruttore asserisce che l'apparecchio possa funzionare tanto a 50 quanto a 60 Hz, alimentandolo a 115 Volts 50 Hz, si nota un minimo di ronzio residuo in altoparlante che scompare elevando la frequenza di rete a 60 Hz.


Il telaio è ben realizzato ed il montaggio curato e razionale, dal lato componenti si nota qualche riparazione e sostituzione componenti ma in sostanza, quasi tutto è originale ed è da notare il largo uso di ceramica per le bobine ed i compensatori. L'apparecchio appartiene all'amico Andrea IK5CI di Firenze, che me lo ha affidato per una riparazione, revisione e controlli. Alla prova, l'apparecchio si è dimostrato più che valido, facendosi ascoltare a circa 12 Km di distanza con buon segnale e modulazione di buon livello.


Parlare di un apparato per gli 11 metri potrebbe sembrare riduttivo o meno importante rispetto ad altri ma bisogna sempre tenere presente il fatto che questi apparecchi siano niente altro che dei piccoli ricetrasmettitori HF monobanda, canalizzati ma pur sempre apparecchi per le onde corte che hanno dato modo di comunicare anche a chi non ha patente o a chi non poteva prenderla ma si sono distinti anche in occasione di eventi catastrofici come terremoti e calamità naturali, dando modo di poter sapere notizie ancor prima dell'arrivo dei soccorsi. Di qui la mia idea di mostrarne almeno un paio.

Paolo Pierelli

Della Serie Radiotecnica in pillole: "Radio a Cristallo e Detector alla ZINCITE"

Nel secolo scorso, anni 20, erano molto in voga i ricevitori passivi funzionanti con Detector a Cristallo, apparecchietti semplici da costruire, a basso costo, di facile impiego e indipendenti da fonti di alimentazione, dato che la modesta energia per il loro funzionamento veniva captata tramite il sistema d'aereo, come allora si chiamava l'antenna, fatta alla bell'è meglio da un lungo filo di rame. In quel periodo furono numerosi gli esperimenti per trovare i cristalli migliori da impiegare come possibili Detector: la Galeria, il Carborundum, la Pirite e vari altri minerali ed anche metodi diversi, qui parliamo forse del cristallo meno conosciuto: la ZINCITE che é naturale ossido di zinco, minerale particolarmente resistente alle radiazioni e anche oggi in parte impiegato nei moderni Diodi LED.

Nel lontano 1922 in Massachusets U.S.A. nella cittadina di Newton, un giovane ricercatore dal nome Illya Glossop, trafficando nel suo laboratorio con diversi minerali per usarli come Detector, scopri che in determinate condizioni, se una piccolissima area di un cristallo di Zincite veniva polarizzata con basso voltaggio, accadeva che i1 cristallo messo sotto tensione andava in auto oscillazione, fatto strabiliante! Sulla base di questa fantastica esperienza disegnò un circuito di un semplice ricevitore che aveva come Detector un cristallo di Zincite che veniva polarizzato usando, per fare il contatto, un pezzetto dì filamento di carbone recuperato da una vecchia lampadina, invece del solito baffo di Gatto di acciaio. Una semplice polarizzazione di circa 10 Volt indotta nel Cristallo di Zincite era sufficiente per determinare una resistenza negativa e faceva partire l'auto oscillazione. Questa era la condizione principale che generava in un sol colpo rivelazione e amplificazione del segnale che poi giungeva amplificato alla cuffia. Questo ricevitore venne chiamato "Crystal - Dine', bel nome che vuol dire: "Eterodina a Cristallo'.

Nel libro "Radio Ricevitori a Cristallo" di G. Moronii - Edizioni il Rostro - nel corso dell'esaustiva carrellata di come funzionano questa tipologia di ricevitori e come costruirli, si parla anche del Detector a Zincite e si precisa che il "Segreto" per il suo funzionamento è trovare il punto più ottimale del cristallo per ottenere il giusto punto di auto oscillazione con 1a adeguata polarizzazione, perché occorre creare tra il punto di contatto e il Cristallo di Zincite una adeguata differenza di potenziale e regolando questa differenza di potenziale si ottiene che il contatto invece di avere resistenza, generi una risultante negativa che va a diminuire la resistenza del circuito di antenna con l'effetto che i segnali ricevuti appaiono amplificati rispetto ad altri tipi di rivelatore a cristallo, perché questo fenomeno fa si che l'antenna appaia come fosse cinque o sei volte più lunga del normale, captando cosi maggior segnale. Come detto il contano che porta alla polarizanione del cristallo di Zincite ha resistenza negativa, quindi aumentando tramite un reostato la differenza di potenziale applicata, l'intensità della corrente che circola non aumenta ma bensì diminuisce, creando l'effetto amplificativo e inoltre qualora malauguratamente l'operatore non riesca a trovare un punto sensibile per innescare l'oscillazione, la Zincite funziona sempre come un normale cristallo di Galena, pur non amplificando il segnale. Nel libro vi è il semplice schema costruttivo del ricevitore a Zincite e si consiglia al posto del baffo di gatto l'uso di un vecchio filamento di lampadina in carbone, sí suggerisce di pulire con alcool puro il cristallo e di guardare se con la polarizzazione di una pila da 9 Volts o poco più, si forma tra il filamento di carbone e il cristallo una piccola scintilla a stellina color verde brillante, ebbene quello è il punto più sensibile che é andato in auto oscillazione; allora si sente il fischio nelle cuffie e quindi regolando il potenziometro della polarizzazione pian piano si elimina il fischio e d'incanto si sente la voce o il suono che diviene ben amplificato. Con pochi componenti il gioco è fatto. Siamo andati indietro negli armi 20, un tuffo nel mondo della Radio del passato, allora ci si accontentava di tanta magia e molte soddisfazioni con poca spesa e tanta resa!

Testo, Foto e Ricerca Storica di Lucio Bellè Bibliografia: Radioricevitori a Cristallo di G. Moroni - Editrice il Rostro

Studio DX 952 - 26/09/21

Obiettivo DX 952 - 26/09/21

SLBC 11905 back on air

Sri Lanka BC is noted back today Sunday on 11905 at 0030 & 0200 after a few days absence.

Thanks to Gautam Kumar Sarma for the tip.


Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio
Hyderabad, India
cell: 91 94416 96043

Agenda DX 26/09/2021

sabato 25 settembre 2021

La Rosa de Tokio para este fin de semana: la radio en Bolivia (tercera parte)

La Rosa de Tokio es un programa dedicado a difundir el apasionante mundo de la radio y del diexismo que se transmite semanalmente desde los estudios de LS11 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Este domingo 25 de Septiembre de 2021 recorreremos la interesante historia de la radio minera en Bolivia conociendo muchas emisoras que marcaron hitos en la radiodifusión en el país andino.
Bolivia:destacan lucha de emisoras mineras en Día Mundial de la Radio | Grupo Radioescucha Argentino

No se pierdan las grabaciones históricas que ilustrarán el programa.

LA ROSA DE TOKIO se emite ahora los domingos en su nuevo horario de 07:00 a 08:00 LU (10:00 a 11:00 UTC) por los 1270 Khz y en Internet en

Además, una extensa red de emisoras de frecuencia modulada de toda la República Argentina retransmite en forma semanal nuestro programa en diferentes días y horarios. En la provincia de Buenos Aires nuestro programa es emitido por radioemisoras de Alberti, Garré, Pellegrini, Navarro, General Alvear, Lobería, General Lamadrid, Junín, Rojas, entre otras ciudades. La Rosa de Tokio también sale por onda corta gracias a las facilidades brindadas por WRMI Radio Miami Internacional ( y ahora llega a Centroamérica pues es retransmitida por Radio Verdad, de Guatemala y La Chispa Estéreo, de Panamá. Puede ser escuchada en cualquier momento entrando en la página ProgramasDX: Si desean escuchar otros programas diexistas en: Programas DX en facebook: Programas DX en twitter:

Cordiales 73

Glenn Hauser logs September 25, 2021

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-RCUSB, Sept 25 at 1504, NO signal from LRA36 into Brazilian SDRs this Saturday; I let one run anyway until 1600, nothing but S4 of noise (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 12000, Sept 25 at 0156, RHC English S9 at 2 x 6000 where it is S9+20/30. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 7157, 7215, 7335, 9565, 11860, 11930, 6030, Sept 25 at 0614, DentroCuban Jamming Command, where something is always wrong, still grinding on its two favorite 40m hamband channels as for weeks now; and R. Martí frequencies which are never on the air overnight; 7335 is especially strong, but no other 7s. Just think what the cost of all this electrical waste could provide the suffering Cuban people in sufficient nutrition, medical care, etc.! (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA [and non]. 5025, Sept 25 at 0619, R. Rebelde is off! No Perú to be heard now, but less QRM to 5020 JBA carrier presumed Solomonic. However, 5040 RHC is still on in Spanish, S9+20/30 splashing unimpeded as far down as 5025. Something`s always wrong at RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** IRAN [non]. 9370, Sept 25 at 0602, JBA S2-S3 talk in unknown language where normally I hear nothing. Aoki shows it`s R. Farda via Lampertheim, GERMANY at 0300-0630. At 0630-1100 site switches to Kuwait; 1100-1230 back to Lam. In fact nothing but USAGM outlets on 9370; later and earlier, RFA and VOA via Tajikistan, Kuwait, Philippines. 31m is hopping from Europe at 0600+; much stronger 9420 Greece, 9670 Germany (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NIGERIA. 7254.9+, Sept 25 at 0613, NO signal from VON in Hausa. I tire of tracking it every night, but I would say at least half the time it`s missing; you never know whether it will be (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2105 monitoring: confirmed UT Saturday September 25 at 0130 on WRMI 9395, VG S9+20 into Maryland SDR.

Also confirmed Sat Sept 25 at 1600 on WRN N American webcast. Next:

1930vUT Saturday  WA0RCR 1860-AM
0030 UT Sunday    WRMI 7730 to WNW
0300vUT Sunday    WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0315; as late as 0430]
2000 UT Sunday    IRRS 918-Italy
2230 UT Sunday    WRMI 5950 to NNW
2230 UT Sunday    WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE
0030 UT Monday    WRMI 7730 to WNW; 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0300vUT Monday    WBCQ 6160v Area 51 to WSW
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday  WRMI 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0130 UT Thursday  WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

Our non-commercial broadcasts and website depend on voluntary support; thanks this week to Gerald T Pollard, Raleigh NC, for a generous quarterly equinoxial check to Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702.

One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9950 & 9960, Sept 25 at 0606, TOMBS modulation is JBA on plus and minus 5 kHz spurs out of 9955 WRMI, unusually strong in the nightmiddle S9+30. First time I have detected such, but like the 4975 spur out of 4980, reconfirmed at 0623. Perhaps they are far enough `down` to be negligible if WRMI even be aware of them. When 9955 is so strong, I suspect it`s really on a more northerly antenna than the nominal 160 degrees attributed 24/7 to XMTR 3 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5059 & 5111 approx., Sept 25 at 0620, traces of spur carriers which work out as 2nd-orders out of 5085 WTWW-2. I.e. twice the ~13 kHz offsets of the first-order ones circa 5072 & 5098. Just as I tune in, music stops but dead carrier stays on. Amazingly, no one else seems ever to report the painfully obvious closer ones, let alone their doubles. Something`s always weird at WTWW (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 4840, Sept 25 at 0624, WWCR in dead air yet again at S9+60! instead of dead Stair, who continues haunting us on 3215, 5890, as well as dead Scott on 5935. A trifecta anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report despatched at 1712 UT September 25

Media & Tech - 25/09/2021

SWLDXBulgaria News, September 24-25

ARMENIA(non) Trans World Radio India in Kurux on 13690 kHz via CJSC Yerevan, September 24
1309-1315 on 13690 ERV 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs 6 min. open carrier/dead air & TWR India IS
1315-1330 on 13690 ERV 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs Kurukh Wed-Fri. Good via SDR Tambov, Russia

ARMENIA(non) Trans World Radio India in English on 13690 kHz via CJSC Yerevan, September 24:
1430-1500 on 13690 ERV 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs English Mon-Fri. Very good via SDR Tambov, RUS

ARMENIA(non) TWR India relay FEBA Radio Pakistan in Urdu on 13690 kHz via CJSC Yerevan, September 24
1500-1530 on 13690 ERV 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs Urdu Daily. Very good signal via SDR Tambov in Russia.

CUBA Radio Habana Cuba on wrong Spanish on 5040 kHz via Bauta, September 25
0500-0600 on 5040 BAU 100 kW / 083&263 to Cuba Spanish, instead of English!!
Very good via SDR Half Moon Bay CA USA. Something`s always wrong at RHC Bauta

CUBA Unscheduled of Radio Habana Cuba in Spanish on 5040 kHz via Bauta, September 25
0600-0700 on 5040 BAU 100 kW / 083&263 to Cuba Spanish in A-21 scheduled till 0600UTC
Very good via SDR Half Moon Bay CA USA. Something`s always wrong at Bauta transmitter!

ETHIOPIA Fair signal of Radio Ethiopia Home Service on 7110 kHz unknown tx, September 25:
from 0530 on 7110 unknown kW / unknown to EaAf Afan Oromo via SDR Newton New Hempshire, USA

GERMANY Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD on 5905 kHz and 6180 kHz via Pinneberg, September 25:
0600-0630 on 5905 PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German. Good signal via SDR Heimiswil, SUI
0600-0630 on 6180 PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German. Good signal via SDR Heimiswil, SUI

GERMANY Reception of Evangelische Missions Gemeinden on 6055 kHz via MBR Nauen on September 26
1030-1100 on 6055 NAU 125 kW / 222 deg to CeEu German Sat/Sun. Very good via SDR Heimiswil, SUI

GERMANY(non) Reception of Voice of Oromo Liberation on 15420 kHz via MBR Nauen on September 24:
1700-1730 on 15420 NAU 100 kW / 144 deg to EaAf Afan Oromo Fri/Sun. Very good via SDR Tambov, RUS

GERMANY(non) Deutsche Welle Bundesliga on 15195 and 15350 kHz via MBR Issoudun, September 25:
1325-1530 on 15350 ISS 500 kW / 175 deg to WeAf Hausa Sat. Very good signal via SDR Tambov, RUS
// frequency 15195 ISS 500 kW / 165 deg to WeAf Hausa Sat good signal, BUT TX ON/OFF AND ON/OFF

GUAM Very good signal of FEBA Radio India on 11590 kHz via KTWR Asia Agana, September 24
1245-1300 on 11590 TWR 200 kW / 285 deg to SoAs Malayalam Thu-Sat via SDR Tambov in Russia

NETHERLANDS Good signal of Brazilian Radio Onda on 6140 kHz via Margraten, September 25
from 00602 on 6140 MRT 001 kW / non-dir to WeEu Portuguese Sat/Sun via SDR Heimiswil, SUI.

PHILIPPINES(non) Vatican Radio Mass in Chinese on 9720 kHz via USAGM Tinang, September 25
1230-1310 on 9720 PHT 250 kW / 315 det to EaAs Chinese Sat. Very good via SDR Tambov, RUS.

SAUDI ARABIA Weak/fair signal of Radio Saudi International in French on 17660 kHz via Riyadh, September 24:
from 1400 on 17660 RIY 500 kW / 270 deg to WCAf French. Double audio with 5 seconds delay via SDR Tambov, RUS

SECRETLAND(non) Reception of Brother Stair on 9400 kHz via SPL Secretbrod, September 24
from 1600 on 9400*SCB 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEu English. Good signal via SDR Tambov, RUS.
*1600-1700 on 9405 TSH 250 kW / 225 deg to SoAs English Radio Taiwan International QRMing

TAIWAN(non) Reception of National Unity Radio Free Chosun on 9475 kHz via Tamsui, September 24
1200-1458 on 9475 TSH 300 kW / 352 deg to NEAs Korean. Very good signal via SDR Tambov, Russia.

TAIWAN(non) Nippon no Kaze and other station on 9940 kHz via Paochung on September 24
1300-1330 on 9940 PAO 300 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Korean. Very good via SDR Tambov Russia
Other station is also in Korean, probably also clandestine, not // on 9475 or 11510 kHz
same time on 9475 TSH 300 kW / 352 deg to NEAs Korean NU Radio Free Chosun via Tamsui.
same time on 11510 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean R.Free North Korea via Tashkent.

TAIWAN(non) Reception of Furusato no Kaze on 9705 kHz via Paochung, September 24
1330-1357 on 9705 PAO 300 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Japanese. Very good via SDR Tambov, RUS

UZBEKISTAN(non) Reception of Voice of Martyrs on 9930 kHz via RRTM Telecom Tashkent, September 25
1200-1230 on 9930 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean Daily. Very good signal via SDR Tambov, RUS.

UZBEKISTAN(non) North Korean Democratization Committee on 9900 kHz via RRTM Telecom Tashkent, September 25
1400-1430 on 9900 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean Tue/Thu/Sat CDNK. Good signal via SDR Tambov, Russia.


73! Ivo Ivanov

More information on the shortwave listening hobby,
please visit to

QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire

High power transmitters at world’s highest radio station at Humbatingla in Kargil to be inaugurated today

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur will inaugurate high power transmitters at world’s highest radio station at Humbatingla in Kargil.

AIR correspondent reports, at an altitude of 13 thousand 300 feet from mean sea level, each 10kW High Power Transmitters of All India Radio FM radio station and Doordarshan will improve the transmission and the reach in the region especially in Kargil and Batalik sectors. With the inauguration of highest elevated transmitters, people in the mountainous region would get better quality services of AIR and DD. The new transmitters are part of Government’s efforts to improve information reach to the public, especially to the bordering villages in Ladakh.

In the meantime, responding to the appeals from several quarters including Member of Parliament Jamyang Tsering Namgyal and Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh CEC Tashi Gyaltson, I&B Minister Anurag Thakur announced to double the transmission of Ladakhi News and Programs on DD Kashir DTH platform from October. Similarly, Anurag Thakur also assured to improve All India Radio transmission services to reach every nook and corner of Ladakh region.

Media & Tech L'Approfondimento - 25/09/2021

Polish Radio 225 kHz off for maintenance

Just to let you know that Polish Radio Programme 1 longwave transmitter on 225 kHz located in Solec Kujawski will be switched off for maintenance from September 27, 0610 UTC to October 10, 1700UTC. (Wojtek Zaremba, Legionowo, Poland via HCDX ml)

Glenn Hauser logs September 24-25, 2021

** CHINA. CNR1 jammer search, Sept 24 at 1347: 12850 JBA Chinese; 13130 & 13190 JBA carriers (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** SPAIN. 17855, Fri Sept 24 at 2200, token English from REE is only S6-S9 here; 11940 second in strength S6-S8 but distorted again/still; 15520 S3-S5 and 11670 even worse (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2105 monitoring: confirmed first broadcasts on WRMIs, UT Friday September 24 at 0130: 5850 VG S9+20/30 direct; 7780 S9+10 but sounds much weaker and noisier.

Also confirmed UT Fri Sept 24 at 0330 on WRMI 5985, S7-S9 somewhat noisy into Bonaire, preceded by IS & ID loop until ``top of the hour`` [not]; WOR playback on this one sounds slightly reverbed.

Also confirmed Fri Sept 24 at 1815 on IRRS via Italia AM 918 kHz, VG S9+25 into nearby Noale SDR; tuned in at 1811 during a COVID discussion about nurses on strike at St. Vincent hospital, Massachusetts, which was chopped off in progress for quick IRRS ID and WOR. Supposed to be // 7290 IRRS monitored on UTwente: its carrier was on by 1811, S9/+10, but modulation not turned on until 1816 as the WOR theme and billboard were almost finished. I hope they both stayed with WOR until it finished.

Also confirmed on 918 only, Fri Sept 24 at 2030, as above but now with slight music undercurrent QRM, Spain? This one also interrupted another talk program in American accent about T****. Now that we`re on 918 Friday at 1815 already, it might be more diverse to move the 2030 replay from Friday to Saturday, if feasible. Next:

0130 UT Saturday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM
0030 UT Sunday WRMI 7730 to WNW
0300vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0315; as late as 0430]
2000 UT Sunday IRRS 918-Italy
2230 UT Sunday WRMI 5950 to NE
2230 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7730 to WNW; 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0300vUT Monday WBCQ 6160v Area 51 to WSW
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW, 9455 to WNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

Our non-commercial broadcasts and website depend on voluntary support; thanks this week to Gerald T Pollard, Raleigh NC, for a generous quarterly equinoxial check to Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702.

One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 7489.9v, Fri Sept 24 at 2207, WBCQ S7-S9 with rock music before and after a brief transmitter break; 2221 bluegrass; despite schedule showing `Tom Call Theater` this hour after `Behaviour Night` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 7489.9v, UT Sat Sept 25 at 0000, WBCQ with `AAAWWW` -- first I try webcasts of 7490 and // Area 51, but the theme and interjexions are into the red, overmodulating/distorting, so I bring up 7489.9 on Maryland SDR where the audio is axually better tho still too loud. The whole hour is a rant. First against people buried in their devices even at New Smyrna Beach. Says they drove the 1800 miles from Monticello to Deland of Fla --- well, the air distance is only 1398 miles, so they must have made a lot of detours. 0026-0039 reading a long propaganda piece about T****`s alleged achievements compared to ``puppet`` Biden. Gets in a dig at the government for trying to silence free speech on WBCQ. Recommends watching old B&W TV shows from the 60s where the good guys always won, such as `Combat`. 0054 finally datestamp as 24 of Sept, YOOLF 2021, at Studio 9 in Florida, on 7490 and 6160. Angela gets to do the prayer, 0101 over to Hal Turner. John Carver`s version:

``Tonight's show started on time on 4790, 6160 and 7490. Over the theme music Allan says, Hey, get your guns. Allan and Angela in the studio in Fla. Opening talk about the number of young people seen riding bicycles on the beach with one hand on the handlebars and the other hand holding a device which they were watching instead of looking around them. Some talk about their midnight run to Fla and the number of distracted drivers on the road using their phones or watching TVs in the vehicles. Allan reads a piece about Biden which morphs into a pro Trump piece listing all of his alleged accomplishments at 0027. Pro Trump talk continues after the reading is finished. Then some talk about the "great filter". Reading of emails at 0054. Closing prayer at 0059 was given by Angela. Program was off the air at 0100. John, Mid-North Indiana`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 7505, Sept 24 at 0155, WRNO is back *on* with gospel huxter in English: I check it just as the WOR guy on 5850 mentions it being off for two sesquiweeks as of Sept 21. S9+30 but distorted (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. Even without COVID we have not been traveling much, let alone overseas. If that is your case, you might want to armchair-travel via some of the regular shows on the PBS Create channel. In OK it`s OETA-3, but not on Suddenlink cable. Fortunately, we can usually get it off the air from KETA-13. I assume most PBS stations carry it on one of their subchannels, whether or not cable systems comply. Streaming may be available somewhere, either from PBS stations or from individual program websites you could search out. OETA confines its live streaming to main PBS channel only.

Here are such shows on the following typical week`s schedule, each repeated several times; and as evergreens, some of them may be years old, before anyone would mask. My most often seen/favorite ones are atop:

Rick Steves' Europe [mostly; date produced always shows at end]
Samantha Brown's Places to Love
Born to Explore with Richard Wiese
Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope
Two for the Road

Canvasing The World with Sean Diediker
Painting and Travel with Roger & Sarah Bansemer
Seeing The USA
Cycle Around Japan Highlights
Journeys In Japan
Let's Go, Minnesota! (Hometown Create)
Outside: Beyond The Lens
Passion Italy

A couple more are only on the PBS World channel:

The Good Road
Colorado Experience

There are some others which focus on cuisine in different countries. Create topix mostly include do-it-yourself, crafts, gardening, painting, cooking, etc. (Glenn Hauser, OK)

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Atlantic [and non] JBA MW carrier search, Sept 24 at 0657, not in the order tuned: 621, 684, 747, 774(2), 837, 846, 936, 1098, 1107, 1116, 1152, 1215 kHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. 10876-LSB, Sept 24 at 1343, 2-way in language, maybe Tagalog (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0127 UT September 25

Agenda DX 25/09/2021

Radio Cidade Jundiai, Brasile 730 Khz (1987)
Radio Tupì, Brasile 1280 Khz (1935)
WTOP, Washington 1500 Khz (1926)
WOAI, Texas 1200 Khz (1922)
Ondas del Titicaca, Perù 4921 Khz (1961)

Voice of America launches Bambara language service

WASHINGTON — Recognizing Mali’s importance to security and governance on the African continent, the Voice of America launched a Bambara language broadcasting service on September 22, Mali’s national independence day.

“By establishing a separate Bambara service, VOA is investing new resources in its programming to the region,” said Acting VOA Director Yolanda López. “Our goal is to continue producing authoritative reporting for millions of Malians that provides even more content from a dedicated staff in this new service.”

VOA Bambara language broadcasts began in 2013 as part of French-to-Africa language service programming on shortwave, on 24/7 FM stations in Bamako, Gao, and Timbuktu, on digital platforms, and on regional affiliates. The new Bambara service programming will include a daily morning show, live streaming from Bamako, and greater multimedia content from Bambara-speaking communities in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

The Voice of America delivered round-the-clock multimedia coverage of Mali’s August 2020 and May 2021 military coups, serving as one of the country’s primary sources of independent news, especially in its northern regions now largely controlled by Tuareg separatists and Islamist groups.

The daily Bambara news radio program “Mali Kura” covers events across the Sahel, the region of Africa separating the Sahara Desert to the north and tropical savannas to the south. VOA provides in-depth analysis and context on the current affairs show “Djamu Kan” and on the call-in show “An Ba Fo.” Bambara-speaking audiences get the latest entertainment news and major artists’ interviews on the weekly interactive youth show “Farafina Foly.” VOA Bambara’s expansion as part of this new language service includes a television health show and more on-demand videos for social media.

venerdì 24 settembre 2021

Propagation News – 26 September 2021

This week saw the Sun more active with up to five sunspot regions in place. Two of the regions are quite large, pushing the solar flux index up to 89 on Thursday with a sunspot number of 76. That should be enough to get the ionosphere up and running and we are also seeing early Autumnal HF propagation starting to take off.

Gary, G0FWX reports working Central America and the Caribbean on 10 metres, namely Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Surinam. Brazil has also been logged, but we are still awaiting widespread reports of North American stations to be logged on 28MHz.

Geomagnetic conditions have been variable with the Kp index hitting four on Wednesday, thanks to material from a coronal mass ejection. This sent the solar wind speed up to more than 400km per second and it was still above 300km/s on Thursday.

There has been solar flare activity recently and we can expect it to continue. This could mean sudden ionospheric disturbances and HF blackouts if the flare is strong enough and occurs during daylight hours. There could also be associated coronal mass ejections to contend with.

Next week NOAA predicts the solar flux index will remain in the mid 80s while the Kp index should eventually decline to two after reaching five this weekend. This is due to a coronal hole which is currently facing Earth. A high speed solar wind stream flowing from this zone should reach Earth later this week and contribute to a geomagnetic disturbance at higher latitudes.

VHF and up:

As predicted last week, we had a mix of weak Tropo and rain scatter modes, with an isolated report of the Cornish 10GHz beacon GB3MCB being copied for an hour by G4DBN in East Yorkshire at 460km overland.

This coming week the Tropo conditions will take a hit as low pressure becomes the dominant pattern for the coming week. This will take the form of active fronts crossing the country together with areas of showers, so at least there will be some rain scatter potential for the GHz bands.

At the moment, indications are that the return of any ridges, and hence Tropo, between the lows will be temporary and limited in scope, so best to think of other options like meteor scatter or aircraft scatter and possibly aurora to provide the unconventional modes this week.

There is one small meteor shower due to peak this week. The daytime Sextantids with a ZHR of five is due to peak on the 27th, but the timing of this peak is often uncertain. The maximum may occur even a day earlier than expected, so be alert and continue to check the early morning for the best random meteor scatter conditions.

EME path losses are at their highest this week with apogee today, Sunday, but with peak Moon declination coming up on Wednesday there is plenty of Moon visibility for Moonbounce enthusiasts. The Moon is at its zenith in the early morning. (

India - DD Turns 62

India’s public broadcaster Doordarshan turns 62 this month, celebrating a long journey that began as a modest experiment in 1959.

Gradually, it grew and paved the way for the emergence of a new era in the Indian television industry. During the initial years, there were makeshift studios and voice and visuals were beamed through a small transmitter.

The experiment turned into a service in 1965 when Doordarshan reached TV sets in living rooms in and around the country’s capital – Delhi. By 1972, Mumbai and Amritsar were added and then to seven other cities by 1975.

By the 90s, it had started reaching our hearts even in remote areas of the countries and people used to remain glued to their TV sets for their most-loved programmes.

It was Doordarshan that brought epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat on the silver screen for every Indian household. Its music show Chitrahaar and Rangoli won our hearts in the 80s and 90s. There were many other news and entertainment shows that made people aware of their country and the current developments around the world. It soon turned into a driver for the celebration of India’s diversity and its unity.

( via Mike Terry via WOR io group)

Media & Tech - 24/09/2021

Afghanistan int'l TV new 9445

Afghanistan International TV noted on new 9445 today 1500 utc interfering with AWR Tamil. It is several Seconds behind 7600.

It was background of AWR via Tashlent. When AWR left at 1529 it also went off!!! Now they are on 9600 ...

Jose Jacob, India

The K7RA Solar Update

Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Last week, we reported a big increase in activity with the daily sunspot number reaching 124, but by the end of that week all sunspots had disappeared. The sun was blank for several days, but sunspots returned on September 19.

Average daily sunspot numbers this week were 28.7, which was below the 58.3 average reported a week earlier. Average daily solar flux was down by nine points from 87.4 to 78.4.

Geomagnetic indicators were higher, with the highest activity on September 17, when the planetary A index was 24 due to a minor geomagnetic storm triggered by a weak coronal mass ejection. The average daily planetary A index for the week increased from 7 to 9.1, and the average middle latitude A index went from 6.9 to 8.4.

Predicted solar flux for the next month is 90 and 92 on September 24-25; 95 on September 26-29; 92 on September 30; 84 on October 1-5; 82 on October 6; 80 on October 7-8; 78 on October 9-11; 75 on October 12-20; 80 on October 21-22; 82 on October 23-25; 84 and 82 on October 26-27, and 84 on October 28 – November 1.

Predicted planetary A index is 15, 8, and 20 on September 24-26; 35, 20, and 12 on September 27-29; 5 on September 30 – October 3; 8 and 12 on October 4-5; 5 on October 6-9; 12 on October 10; 5 on October 11-17; 8 on October 18-19; 10, 8, and 12 on October 20-22; 10 on October 23-24; 5 on October 25-30, and 8 and 12 on October 31 – November 1.

The autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere occurred at 1920 UTC on September 22. Earth is bathed in approximately equal amounts of solar radiation over the Northern and Southern hemispheres, always a good sign for HF propagation. reported on September 23 that at 0442 UTC, sunspot group AR2871 produced a strong M3 class solar flare. A coronal mass ejection is headed our way but not directly toward earth. “A glancing blow might be possible on September 26-27,” said. If so, then the predicted planetary A index of 35 on September 27 may turn out to be a lower number.

Here’s the geomagnetic activity forecast for September 24 – October 19 from F.K. Janda, OK1HH. The geomagnetic field will be:

quiet on September 29, October 13, 16 – 18
quiet to unsettled on September 24, 27 – 28, October 1, 3 – 4, 7, 9, 12
quiet to active on September 25 ( – 26), 30, October 2, 8, 10 – 11
unsettled to active on October 5 ( – 6), 14 – 15, (19)
Active to disturbed: Nothing predicted
Solar wind will intensify on October (3, 8,) 11, (19)


* Parenthesis means lower probability of activity enhancement.

* Contradictory indications currently reduce the accuracy of the forecast.

N8II sent this update last week from West Virginia: “During the period when the SFI (10.7-cm Solar Flux Index) was near or over 100, conditions to Europe were somewhat disappointing on 15 — most of the time, a short opening of about an hour at 1400 UTC. September 16-17, the SFI was only 73, but there is now a minor to moderate solar storm in progress at 2400 UTC.

“As the storm was beginning, there was definitely enhanced high-band propagation to the higher latitudes. Around 1400 UTC, I easily worked 4S7AB, Sri Lanka on 15 CW, who was peaking S7, my first QSO with central Asia on 15 in a long time. Also, I worked OH0V, Aaland Islands around 1500 UTC, who was about S5. Geoff, GM8OFQ, in the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland (mainland) was easily 20 dB over S-9 on 17-meters SSB at about 1500 UTC on my dipole. I also worked HB0/DL5YM and YL on 15 CW peaking S-9. 7V7V portable on the beach in Algeria called about S-5. By 1600 UTC band conditions had drastically declined, but EU signals were very loud again on 20 at around 2000 UTC, including OH0V on CW at about 20 dB over S-9.”

N0JK wrote on September 17: “In your last propagation report, you mentioned KB0QZ working LU4HK on 10 CW. I think I know what was up. I neglected to send a report of the September VHF contest conditions. Sunday afternoon, September 12, there were reports of sporadic-E on 6 meters. I worked WA8QYJ (EL96) on 50.313 MHz FT8 at 2109 UTC on Es. KF0M (EM17) and WQ0P (EM19) also worked Florida stations on 6-meter Es at that time. I think it is plausible KB0QZ had a sporadic-E link to afternoon TEP on 10 meters. I also saw WW1L (FN54) spotted HC2FG at 2115 on 50.313 MHz. I suspect double-hop Es. There was single-hop 6-meter Es from the Gulf Coast to HC2FG.”

Space Weather Woman Tamitha Skov, WX6SWW, has released a new forecast.

Sunspot numbers for September 16 – 22 were 0, 0, 11, 13, 51, 50, and 76, with a mean of 28.7. The 10.7-centimeter flux was 73.2, 73.4, 73.7, 75, 80, 84.9, and 88.5, with a mean of 78.4. Estimated planetary A indices were 3, 24, 11, 3, 3, 8, and 12, with a mean of 9.1. Middle latitude A index was 3, 19, 14, 2, 4, 6, and 11, with a mean of 8.4.

For more information concerning radio propagation, visit the ARRL Technical Information Service, read “What the Numbers Mean…,” and check out this propagation page.

A propagation bulletin archive is available. For customizable propagation charts, visit the VOACAP Online for Ham Radio website.

Instructions for starting or ending email distribution of ARRL bulletins are on the ARRL website.

Share your reports and observations. (