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WDX6AA Shortwave Radio Kogs

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton-ABC 13630 2235 English 333 Dec 30 OM interviewing a YL on her motivation to become a singer.

CHINA and INDIA CRI-AIR 9425 2332 Mixed Languages 333 Dec 30 China and India mixing it up on this frequency. Two OMs with seoerate comments.

JAPAN Radio Japan-NHK 9695 2300 Japanese 333 Dec 30 YL with comments. //17605[333]via Bonaire.

PHILIPPINES FEBC 9435 2318 Indonesian 444 Dec 30 OM with comments. OM with vocal music 2320. FEBC ID 2329. Off the air at 2330.

SAIPAN FEBC Relay 12090 2245 Vietnamese 232 Dec 30 OM with comments. Vocal hymn music 2253.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWCR-3 12160 2240 English 232 Dec 30 OM with sermon comments.

UNITED STATES VOA 9490 2310 English 444 Dec 30 OM on the Nigerian trying to explode an airlaine.
Allso mentioned the New Years Pasadena Pareade in California.

UNITED STATES, Pennsylvania WINB 9265 2336 English 433 Dec 30 Tony Almo program on fire arms in the USA.

That is it for 2009. Will be back in a few days. Happy New Year 2010!!!

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Glenn Hauser logs December 30-31, 2009

** AUSTRALIA. 6020, noticed RA singing Auld Lang Syne [all of which get red-lined by the spellcheck, er spell check], a few minutes before 1400 UT Dec 31. But in Vic and NSW they imagined the new year started an hour earlier by setting their clox forward. Only in Queensland UT +10 was it properly almost midnight, so program originating there?

6020 soon went off, but then at 1406 was listening to RA on 7240, with IDs for ABC Local Radio, tribute to Paul Kelly to follow, originally on Triple-J, beware of occasional coarse language (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 6185, RNA at 0700 Dec 31 with full ID claiming 500,000 watts, and ``Bom Dia, Amazônia``. Apparently they are adding the 250 kW each on 6185, 11780. Blasting away XEPPM as usual, and RNA starts considerably before 0700, unnecessarily (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. I keep hoping to hear CBW 990 in daylight now near solstice, even low noon, as it`s the closest full-power MW Canadian, due north. Especially since KTOK 1000 OKC has turned off IBOC leaving 990 more or less clear, but not quite yet: on the caradio Dec 30 at 2310 UT after CBC news, starting third hour of ``Up to Speed``, evidently the local Winnipeg drive-time show (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Firedrake Dec 31: at 1407, fair on 8400, nothing on 9000, 10210, 11300 or 11350.

Almost at local noon, 1814 UT Dec 31, good signal in Chinese on 7445, // weaker 7415, these two by far the strongest stations on the 40m band. Both have R. Free Asia via TINIAN during this hour, and consequently jammed by the ChiCom. But I was hearing only one station on each frequency, no echoes either; unsure whether RFA or CNR1 jamming. RFA aims northwestward, while the jamming is usually atop, more likely non-direxional.

Another Firedrake check at 1815: poor on 8400, 9000, 11300, but not on 10210 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 11600 with heavy DentroCuban Jamming Command noisewall, Dec 31 at 1821, no trace of a victim. Is there really something underneath, or are the Cubans super-paranoid? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI apparently back on the air Dec 31 at 1411, as very weak carrier detectable on 9526.0, and could not make out any modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. This year we did not have any advance info on special New Year`s Eve NHKWNRJ transmissions; were there any? Unfortunately, it`s not normally on the air leading up to local midnight 1500 UT. Caught tail of 1400 English on 11705 via Canada, as they were concluding part 2 of 2, top Japanese songs of 2009, and off by 1430 Dec 31.

9535 is on in Japanese USward after 1500, but did not tune in this usual good direct signal until 1502 when it was mostly yak, 3-way discussion involving two genders, some excitement, but no obvious NY festivities (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. 6075, Dec 31 at 1400, R. Rossii ID but instead of going off at this hour, kept going with newscast, no 8GAL audible. Must be on late because of NYE, tho 2010y already started there at 1200 UT in the UT +12 zone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 9675, good signal Dec 31 at 1818 talking about Iran, so first suspected that, but all the umlauting pointed to Turkish language. It is BSKSA service in that language at 18-21, 500 kW, 340 degrees from Riyadh, thence USward. No sign of BBC in French, 250 kW, 168 degrees from Rampisham toward Africa, also scheduled during this semihour only on 9675 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND. 9725, R. Thailand, aimed SE from Udorn, but fairly good here to the NNE, Dec 31 at 1415 amid English semihour, item about Japan and Indonesia at the Institute of Peace and Democracy in Bali, spoken by YL with accent different than we hear from other Asians; music liner and 1417 into a 2-minute PSA by OM on the policy of the Thai government regarding VAT refunds. Enumerated lots of hoops to jump through, and I sure hope those tourists needing the info were recording or adept at shorthand. 1419 a pro-education PSA from ASEAN, ``ten nations --- one community``.

1420, weekly Thursday feature ``Health Focus`` on the medical benefits of bananas, such as in milkshakes vs heartburn; rub peels on mosquito bites, tnx to high potassium and magnesium content; reduce stroke risk by 40% per NZ Journal of Medicine; four times the protein of apples, and other good stuff, so make it ``a banana a day, keeps the doctor away``. Hmmm, does Thailand export bananas by any chance? Never see any here, but I couldn`t wait to munch a Guatemalan one for breakfast, congratulating myself on all the benefits I was ingesting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 9565 fair in SW Asian language, Dec 31 at 1455 vs lite DentroCuban jamming. Uplooked later in Aoki, it`s IBB`s Deewa Radio in Pashto, via Wertachtal, GERMANY at 75 degrees; haven`t noticed it before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. I am *still* hearing DRM noise on 9445-9450-9455, such as Dec 31 at 1817, even tho it is not on any schedule I can find: HFCC, Aoki, EiBi, and even which was supposedly updated just today.

We can only assume this prolongs the test from IBB Greenville with HCJB assistance which started in August (?), altho not initially on these frequencies. I can`t find any recent reports of it in the DRM Software Radio Forums; are they even aware of it? And the last mention of this in the drmna yg was November 27 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 11975, VOA English like a local signal, directly off the back from Greenville, report on malaria in Africa, Dec 31 at 1820, but gone after 1830. Unfortunately, GB uses 11975 only for this semihour, tho missing from Aoki probably because it started after B-09 season began. Per EiBi, VOA English on 11975 continues at 1830-1900 but via Thailand, so no wonder not audible here; and 1900-2100 back to Bonaire, whence well heard again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While bandscanning on the caradio for TA carriers, also happened upon KKOB, 770, Albuquerque NM, Dec 30 at 2349 UT, with 39-degree temp, ad for NYE at a casino, some guy from Oklahoma subbing for regular local talkhost; he`s normally heard on KNML-610. Topic of the moment: ABQ`s DUI policy. Some noise from WBBM 780 IBOC. This is one of the best times to hear KKOB, after sunset here but before sunset there when they go extremely direxional westward.

According to the FCC SR/SS table for KKOB coordinates:

LSS in December is 5:00 pm MST = 0000 UT. In January they gain a quarter-hour until 0015 UT.

Interesting that the *other* KKOB, the nondirexional 230 watt fill-in co-channel relay in Santa Fe, has a different sunset time in December of 4:45 pm:

FCC classifies it as an ``experimental synchronous operation``. But I suppose they don`t turn it on until the primary transmitter goes direxional a quarter-hour later. Even so, at certain places between the two cities the signals interfere with each other, and I believe someone reported they are not precisely zero-beat as one would expect.

While we are there, we see that the sunrise times are 7:00 am MST in Dec, 7:15 in Jan, i.e. 1400 and 1415 UT for both cities, when we should also have a good chance eastward if we are not too far away.

The KKOB ABQ night pattern is a classic two-tower broad cardioid with a deep null toward New York (and Enid, and less precisely, Santa Fe):


UNIDENTIFIED. Had lots of Trans-Pacific carriers on MW the morning of Dec 30, so also looked for Trans-Atlantic carriers in the evening, bandscanning from 2301 UT until 2349, but this time only on the 10-kHz-stepping caradio while driving around Enid or parked. Listened for hets of various pitches, once I heard that Saudi 1 kHz het on 1520 KOKC, which is quite strong here. The carriers, by interpolating hets between adjacent frequencies, etc., rearranged into descending order:

1521, 1476, 1431, 1269, 1251, 1215, 1179, 1089, 999, 909, 819, 729, 711, 621, 549.

Notes: 1089 was especially strong. Probably Talksport, UK.

1215 produced a slightly different het against 1210 and 1220, i.e. off-frequency to the hi side. This points strongly to Albania, as in Mwoffsets, altho primary listing had it on the lo side as of 13 months ago:

1215 1214.933 ALB Radio Tirana/VOA/TWR Europe/CRI (Fllakë) [1214.27-1215.07 ] 0600-2300 2008-11-27 v strong drifter

711 was a double het, i.e. two stations off-frequency from each other. Morocco, 300 kW El-Aiun is a notorious variant, but 50 kW Libyan also varies, and there is also a high-power station in France (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BELGIUM. Made a point of tuning the very last SW broadcast from this country, as RTBF was previously publicized to be silencing 9970 forever at 2215 UT Dec 31. Tune in at 2205 but signal quite poor in French talk; at least WWCR was not blasting 9980, that fading down quite a bit. I wish I could have made out whether RTBF was saying anything special by way of farewell, but just too weak; at 2214 switched to a different announcer, 2215 still on the air with music, which ceased at 2217 and then the carrier was also gone (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. 9400, R. Bulgaria, where 2010 had already begun, UT Dec 31 at 2241 in Spanish with NY greetings to listeners, march music, audio somewhat distorted, M&W announcers alternating, poor with flutter, eventually mentioning búlgaros. Separate programming on 7400 must have been English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. This is among the UT+2 countries, so I was checking Cairo just before 2200 UT Dec 31 for any signs of celebration. 6270, the English frequency, should have been in an ideal position, as the transmission is in progress rather than starting or ending at hourtop like so many stations, but at 2157 I could barely make out some modulation, sounded like Arabic music. Up to 6290, the Arabic service, which has plenty signal and modulation, but distorted, and nothing special happening; turned out I was tuned to GREECE [q.v.] at hourtop (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GABON. 9580, Africa Número Un, Dec 31 at 2223 in French with phone calls, during their final hour of 2009, and hoped for some NY celebrations by 2300 UT, but at 2254 it was off or outfaded (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Deutsche Welle should be a good source for Jahrwechsel programming, but I was trying to hear it on 6075, Dec 31 at 2259 when the signal was poor; could only make out a DW jingle and NY greeting at 2300. Instead of 6075 which is Sines, PORTUGAL at 40 degrees, as uplooked later, I should have tried other relays on 11865, 12025 or 15640, altho higher-frequency propagation from eastward was not very good either (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. Another UT+2 country which ought to mark the yearchange at 2200 Dec 31: separate programming on 7475 and 7450, the lower one stronger but always with ute het. Music on 7475 seemed to keep going, so shifted to Macedonian station on 7450 at 2200 and was hearing a countdown in Greek, but it was about 10 seconds late! Then applause. At 2224, 7475 V. of Greece was taking some phone calls while 7450 was in music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RWANDA. 6055, like Xmas eve, RRR was on late NY Eve, but reception not quite so good, Dec 31 at 2155 with party talk in presumed Kinyarwanda, perhaps some French inmixed. 2201 a bit of yelling as 2010 had just arrived in Kigali. 2227 excited talk with (live?) music background (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. One can depend on REE for some the best pre-midnight entertainment on NY Eve. 9640 had good signal Dec 31 at 2220 UT with presumably live pop music in Spanish; 2244 amateur singers in Spanish, something about keeping you well-informed with the news, so maybe that was the news department performing. 2250 into English song, ``O Baby, Oops, I Did It Again`` --- no, not Britney, but really retro in the style of a 1930s cabaret.

That was the highlight, and it had just finished when at 2255, 5 minutes before 2010y, REE cut to the frequency-change/sign-off announcement it always runs on ordinary nights at that time, grrr! By 2257 the IS was running on 6055, and more weakly on 6125, but at 2300 6055 opened in French without a live NY celebration. In fact, it sounded like a playback of the original French hour earlier in the evening. So much for Spain. How about another UT+1 land, GERMANY? q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1700, KVNS Brownsville TX is about three times as far as KKLF in Richardson TX, but periodically overcomes it, e.g. Dec 30 at 2200 UT with ID like ``Playing the best of the 60s and 70s, Classic Hits 1700, KVNS Brownsville and The Rio Grande Valley``; shortly fading back below an ESPN station, presumably KBGG Des Moines IA. These three are close to collinear from here, but caradio antenna is nondirexional anyway. Also heard KVNS some other times peaking in the late afternoons before sunset (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 3215, open carrier at 2227 Dec 31, no doubt WWRB wasting its watts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Piccolo TIPS e ultimo del 2009

5019,9khz 15,04utc Solomon Island Broadcasting Corp. , Honaria -SLM- programma con telefonate ascoltatori e auguri per il nuovo anno 2010, annunciatrice femminile alle 15,22 ID "Radio Happy Isles"-Segnale Sufficiente-

Buoni DX 73!!!
Auguri per un Buon 2010
Happy New 2010

- Mauro IK2GFT - Swl 1510 -
-JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150-
Filter PAR Electronics - BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF
-Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop LFL1010
-Lat. 45°25'0"N Long. 9°7'0"E -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-

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New years eve Broadcasting 2009 East Coast Holland & VOTN

Radio East Coast Holland & VOTN new years eve broadcasting 2009

Medium wave 1476khz
Short wave 6210khz.
Start around 06.00 on 6210khz so listening to the boys they do it again.

Hotline 0031625426740

greetings ronald and gerrit and happy 2010.

Logs de 28 e 29 Dez.

 Logs de Gondomar,Portugal

  BRASIL         10000 Obs.Nacional, Rio deJaneiro,
                  notado às 2020-2030, com Id's. e
                  anúncios horários,em cada 10
                  24342   2009/12/29

   MOLDOVA        999 Rádio Nacional Russa,via  
                  Grigoriopol/Maiac,pelas 2150,com
         canções tradicionais.Id.às
                  2200.QRM de Espanha. 33442
   TAJIKISTÃO     4975 VoR,em Inglês,pelas 1650, com
                  várias Ids.desde as 1658 até às 1700
                  quando inicia notícias.Via
                  25332   2009/12/29

   USA            6604 USB, New York VOLMET,às 2008
                  com anúncios meteorológicos para o
                  Atlântico. 25332  2009/12/29

   NÃO IDENTIFICADA  783 Música Árabe, e OM falando
                     muito rápido.Recepção difícil
                     com forte QRM de cadena COPE.
                     32441   2009/12/28

   Rx - Kenwood R-2000 + Sony 7600GR
   Ant. TTFD 17m + Loop

   Pedro Turner

Glenn Hauser logs December 30, 2009

** ARGENTINA. In the Paraná DX Clube group, Luiz Chaine Neto in São Paulo raises the question, why did RAE take its 25 and 19m band transmitters off the air? Maybe Gabriel Iván Barrera knows. As a matter of fact, this reminds me that I have not heard any trace of RAE on 11711v or 15345v for some weeks. These were very old transmitters, so perhaps have finally died (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1493, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. CNR1 echo jamming running on both 6030 and 6040, Dec 30 at 1303, but different victims underneath. What`s trying to go on here?

Aoki shows 6030 at 13-14 with Ming Hui Radio, 100 kW, 325 degrees from Tanshui, Taiwan, altho that was an A-09 schedule, and *jammed. CNR1 is also scheduled on 6030 from the Beijing 572 site, 1955-0600 & 0900-1735, but the ChiCom ruin their own broadcast in order to drive away listeners to Ming Hui; CNR1 has countless other frequencies so this one is certainly expendable.

What`s Ming Hui? WRTH 2010 classifies it as clandestine/target, on page 497, as Falun Gong-affiliated, a sister station to Sound of Hope, HQ in New York, 24h a day via satellite, but only this one hour on SW.

On 6040, the offender is VOA in Chinese, 13-14, 250 kW, 30 degrees via THAILAND. In this case, CNR1 is not even pretending to have a legitimate broadcast on the frequency; like a spoiled child, yelling so that he cannot hear what anyone is trying to tell him for his own good (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Some frequencies missing Dec 30 at 1520: no RHC 6110, which was good news for Yucatán 6104.7, see MEXICO; and no Rebelde on 5025, which despite the late hour this time of year should have been at least detectable, good news for China/Malaysia 5030, see UNIDENTIFIED. RHC was still going e.g. on 11760, 11800, so only a partial power failure, or antenna/transmitter work at one of the sites? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 6050, no doubt HCJB the station in Spanish, Dec 30 at 1301, preaching about praying, and hetting always-off-frequency Asian on lo side, no doubt Malaysia. Terry Krueger, FL says HCJB was missing Dec 27, but we hear it back today. Surely this is via the replacement Pichincha site for some time now, but it would be nice to know exactly when the Pifo transmitter left the air (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** HONDURAS [and non]. 3250, Dec 30 at 1255 in Spanish giving phone numbers, then Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo wishes from businesses, no doubt R. Luz y Vida; and with fast SAH of some 15 Hz, no doubt P`yongyang, which was also audible on 2850, 3320 plus the higher jammers; see KOREA NORTH (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Third day in a row with no sign of a signal from VOI on 9526v, Dec 30 at various chex between 1300 and 1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. Juche jammer check Dec 30 at 1256: 3985, noise mixing with Korean; 3480, just jamming, tone-modulated pulses. However, on 4450 music and then assertive Korean talk, no jamming; 4557 just open carrier vs CODAR. Just before that, had detected NK broadcasters on 2850, 3250, 3320 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6104.7, XEQM, Mérida, Dec 30 at 1308, YL in Spanish, vs splash from Cuba 6110 and also squeezed by weaker 6100 signal. No het but confirmed off-frequency by comparing to 15105.0. At 1520 Cuba was off 6110, and 6104.7 detectable, but now a het from something on 6105.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Re my previous questions about RNW`s Arabic service via RWANDA on 9895 at 2200-2257 --- Andy Sennitt explains that they currently have funding for programming only M-F, but it costs no more to stay on the air Sat & Sun too, thus the music fill. Calling it ``Huna Amsterdam`` was a pragmatic decision since more Arabs would recognize Amsterdam than Hilversum --- and RN did even have an English program, ``Amsterdam Forum`` which was mostly recorded in Hilversum.

I still think it`s a shame that Holland`s historic radio city is so self-deprecating, suburbanly abandoning its legacy to the metropolis (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1493, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. If up early enough, North Americans can hear RRI in English in our mornings: Dec 30 at 1244 an historical talk about the Securitate (Communist-era secret police), and 1245 on to another historical subject, a royal palace. Ran across it first on 11970, where it was the best if not the only signal making it from Europe on the band, and then also on weaker 15105, the two frequencies aimed UK- and US-ward at 12-13 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Still QRXing for the first appearance of WTWW, Lebanon TN: owner/operator/engineer George McClintock told me Dec 29 that the ex-KAIJ transmitter had to be kept in storage longer than expected so some things deteriorated, still requiring repair or replacement, such as rubber parts, beryllium springs holding tubes, etc., so not likely to start this year. Also, despite what Pastor Pete Peters may think and be publicizing, no final commitment on programming has been made, which in any event will only follow after a period of testing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Boldly looking for Radio Symban, 2368.5, tho there were only very weak carriers from the 100 kW 120m Aussies, Dec 30 at 1249, I was hearing instead a beacon with nothing but A2 ID over and over, ``LSA`` --- a beacon on 120m? Could it be an harmonic?

Yes! Searching on that call at we find LSA is in Lamesa TX, on 338 kHz, and SEVEN x 338 = 2366. It had been hard to pin down the exact frequency as it was beating against another (?) carrier producing negative keying, i.e. a tone when there should be silence. Lamesa is S of Lubbock on the way to Midessa, due east of Hobbs NM. It really helps to tune 120m with BFO on, more effective against the noise level, and also upturning signals like this otherwise missed, not a bad substitute for Symban, but also could bloQRM it elsewhere (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WRMI observations on 9955, Dec 30: at 1239 preacher in English, good signal, no jamming audible. Seems it usually starts just before 1300 when Radio Cuba Libre used to air. Wavescan had been scheduled at 1230 Wednesdays, but apparently not today unless I caught them in a devotional break. Pulse rather than wall jamming was still going at 1542 vs something in Spanish, when DX Partyline was previously scheduled. At 1635, could barely detect new WORLD OF RADIO 1493 at its first airing, but no jamming audible. Apparently WRMI is still not able to use its NW antenna during the 15-17 block (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. As I tuned by WYFR, 15210, Dec 30 at 1507, paused for a moment as an Open Forum caller told Mr. Camping, ``If 2011 comes and goes, you`ll be a basket-case`` (implying he is not already). But he replied with absolute certainty: ``May 21, 2011 will be the end of the Gospel --- it absolutely will happen!!`` We can hardly wait for the Rapture to get rid of all the wackos on earth, taking Family Radio with them. Trouble is, he has done this end-of-world date-predicting a few times before with embarrassing results, but ever-optimistic.

15785, Dec 30 at 1615, VG signal in Arabic, this one hour only, as scheduled northeastward from WYFR, despite being northwestward from O`bee. No sign of Galei Tsahal, ISRAEL on or near the frequency, and since it`s not in HFCC, the WYFR frequency manager might not have been aware of it, surely causing a collision in the target area. However, have not heard GZ at any time for quite a while on 19m, so is it inactive? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 13570, Dec 30 at 1613 tuneby, the unmistakable monotone of convicted child-sex-offending evangelist Tony Alamo, good signal on WINB interfering with CODAR, now almost seven weeks since he was sentenced to 175 years in prison, inconsequential for this SW station of the scum (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Pacific MW carrier scan, Dec 30 from 1318 to 1332 UT, on the DX-398 inside, with AC power and built-in ferrite antenna only, hand-held aimed more or less NW, tuning in 9 kHz steps with BFO on which is slightly off-frequency producing a telltale het whenever there is a carrier, even a very weak one only 1 kHz from a 10-kHz channel: rearranged here in descending order, not exactly the order I was tuning: 1566, 1548, 1475, 1457, 1332, 1323, 1314, 1287, 1224, 1197, 1179, 1134, 1116, 1089, 1053, 1044, 1035, 972, 873, 828, 783, 774, 711, 693-, 666, 621, 612, 603, 594.

None really strong enough to pull any audio here in deep North America, not even NHK 774, but the standouts are off-channel 1475 which must be Malaysia/Sabah, and 693 considerably off-frequency to the lo side, but I don`t find any leads on that. This just shows all the DX that is hiding between the big NAm signals; and every 90 kHz, no doubt also directly under them (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 5030, CNR1 as usual the best/only signal from Asia holding up late on 60m, Dec 30 at 1523, still at 1541, but also as always with rippling subaudible heterodyne from a co-channel station which never manages to overcome China. It was doing better than usual this time, with some music audible; and Rebelde`s absence from 5025 was a plus.

We don`t see how the other 5030 station could be anything but Malaysia Sarawak, 10 kW nondirexional, as nothing else is listed or could possibly be propagating at this hour. It`s still a remarkable performance against the 100 kW Beijing transmitter aimed 37 degrees USward. If only the Beijing 572 site would ever go off the air --- or if only Sarawak would have the good sense to move to a clear frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 5900, Dec 30 until 1306* open carrier, with a bit of hum/noise upon it. Per Aoki, most likely slow to turn off Pet/Kam transmitter scheduled with IBRA Radio True Light in Chinese at 12-13; altho another TRW client might be on 5900 via Novosibirsk until 1330 (Glenn Hasuer, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 9790, very strong S9+22 and steady open carrier at 1607-1611:45* Dec 30. Only thing scheduled this hour is R. Liberty in Russian, due northeast from Wertachtal, but I bet it was Greenville with another warmup test on a frequency otherwise unused (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 13800, Dec 30 at 1614 continuous tone test, fair signal. This had been R. Dabanga, for Sudan at 1530-1627 via Talata-Volondry, Madagascar, until the Xmas fire putting the relay station completely off the air. The Media Network blog updates on replacement transmissions show:

Update 6: The following transmissions via Nauen have been added from 28 December: 1627-1727 UTC Press Now multilingual on 13800 kHz (250 kW) azimuth 325 degrees
Update 8: TDF will carry a Press Now transmission from 29 December as follows: 1529-1557 UTC via Issoudun on 13800 kHz azimuth 143 degrees (replaces a 60-minute broadcast)

So that leaves a semi-hour gap, but which site would be running the tone? Perhaps this is relevant, just updated on the MN blog:

``On 30 December, our Station Manager in Madagascar reported that the two Philips transmitters are in working order, and have been tested using generator power. Technicians are still working on restoring the mains supply and will finish tomorrow (31 December). A temporary schedule will then be put into effect on 1 January using these two Philips transmitters.

``The other two transmitters (one 250 kW and one 50 kW) are also thought to be OK, but still have to be tested at the weekend. New switches also have to be installed to connect these two transmitters to the antenna system. We hope to bring them back on the air in the course of next week.

``Tomorrow (31 December) I will publish details of the interim schedule which has been worked out for next week using two transmitters at Madagascar. In the meantime, the temporary arrangements are still valid`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, 1920 UT Dec 30, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

WDX6AA Shortwave Logs

CUBA Radio Habana Cuba-RHC 6010 0545 English 444 Dec 28 Weekly Review program by an OM. RHC ID at 0548.

CUBA China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 13650 2322 Portuguese 333 Dec 28 OM with comments plus some background music.

JAPAN Radio Japan-NHK 11665 2312 Japanese 444 Dec 28 YL and OM with comments.

NETHERLANDS Radio Netherlands Intl-RNI 11655 2300 Spanish 433 Dec 28 OM with comments and an ID 2307.

TAIWAN?? Radio Taiwan Intl??? 11655 2255 Chinese 444 Dec 28 Two OMs with comments. Also a YL too. Suddenly off the air 2257.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWCR-2 5935 0540 English 444 Dec 28 YL preacher with seron on Power of God and We should have copassion for all.

UNITED STATES, Florida Radio Taiwan Intl Relay-RTI 5950 0543 English 444 Dec 28 YL with animals from Taiwan and how to adopt them.

UNITED STATES. Florida Radio Taiwan Intl Relay-RTI 11885 2316 Spanish 333 Dec 28 OM with comments.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

RNE dona una emisora de radio al Ejército en Afganistán

La nueva emisora FM, con una cobertura de unos 50 km, mejora la comunicación de los soldados españoles, permite realizar una programación propia y recibir y enviar emisiones vía satélite. Una entrevista en directo a Chacón en el programa "En días como hoy" inauguró las transmisiones desde Afganistán.
Los soldados españoles desplazados en la base de Qal-i-Nao (Afganistán) cuentan desde este lunes con una nueva herramienta de comunicación. Radio Nacional de España ha donado al Ejército una emisora FM, que se ha estrenado con la emisión en vivo de "En días como hoy" desde el país asiático. Allí ha charlado en directo, para todos los oyentes de la radio pública, la ministra de Defensa, Carme Chacón, con Paco Medina, director de Informativos de RNE, y Laura Madrid, una de las editoras del matinal.

RNE ha entregado este lunes, 28 de diciembre, una emisora de frecuencia modulada (FM) al Ejército español en la base afgana de Qal-i-Nao. La ministra de Defensa, Carme Chacón, ha recibido en Afganistán a la expedición de Radio Nacional de España que ha viajado para la entrega y la instalación del material tecnológico. Paco Medina, director de los Servicios Informativos de la radio pública, ha sido el encargado de entregar oficialmente el equipo a Chacón. También han ido dos profesionales técnicos de RNE; Emilio Andreu, especialista de Informativos de RNE en temas de Defensa y Seguridad; y Laura Madrid, editora de la primera parte del matinal "En días como hoy".

La nueva emisora española en el país asiático contribuirá a las labores de comunicación de nuestras Fuerzas Armadas. Las emisiones desde el nuevo poste de Qal-i-Nao cubren un radio de extensión cercano a los 50 kilómetros. Además de posibilitar la realización y la grabación de contenidos y mensajes propios para su difusión local, permite recibir y reenviar vía satélite la programación habitual de RNE. Así, por ejemplo, podrá escucharse en Afganistán la emisión de Radio Exterior de España, la emisora de RNE en el exterior.

El equipo aportado por Radio Nacional de España está compuesto por un transmisor de FM de 120 watios, con generador estéreo y modulador de reserva; un receptor de satélite; una antena (dipolo omnidireccional); y un cable de radiofrecuencia.

La emisora se ha puesto en funcionamiento este lunes. Radio Nacional ha emitido desde la base militar de Qal-i-Nao una parte de "En días como hoy". A primera hora de la mañana, Laura Madrid ha conducido el programa desde Afganistán durante aproximadamente media hora. Allí, junto a Paco Medina, han entrevistado en vivo a la ministra Chacón, que ha agradecido a la radio pública esta donación.(InfoPeriodistas via Arnaldo Slaen)

Very speed QSL from Royal Air Force

5680khz 14,03utc qso to Helicopter 125 - KINLOSS RESCUE GFF, 16gg QSL-Letter and folder info v/s J WRIGHT Communication  IT Manager  For Officer Commanding-  ARCC (Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre) Royal Air Force Kinloss Forres Morayshire IV36 3UH UK -

- Mauro IK2GFT - Swl 1510 -
- JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150 -
Filter PAR Electronics – BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF
- Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop LFL1010
- Lat. 45.42166° Long. 9.1248° -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-

WDX6AA Shortwave Radio Logs

ALBANIA China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 9570 0043 English 444 Dec 27 OM with comments on the Congo region in This Is China's Report program. YL with ID 0045.

CUBA Radio Rebelde 5025 0521 Spanish 333 Dec 28 OM with comments plus another OM with him.

GREECE Foni Tis Helladas 9420 0059 Spanish 444 Dec 27 YL with folk music. OM with comments 0102. //7475[333].

PHILIPPINES VOA Relay 9545 0045 Chinese 232 Dec 27 YL with vocal music and being Jammed.

ROMANIA Radio Romania Intl-RRI 9525 0050 Spanish 333 Dec 27 Choir vocal music. //9665[333], 5960[333].

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWCR-3 5070 0518 English 444 Dec 28 OM with a sermon about being aware of the Devils Goals on Earth.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWRB 3185 0528 English 333 Dec 28 OM with Overcomer Ministry. Hymn vocal male music. ID 0532 by an OM.

UNITED STATES, Tennessee WWCR-4 5890 0535 English 444 Dec 28 OM preacher on Jesus's Obeidience to God thus we hacve to obey Jesus's words.
Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Un certo Marconi

"Un certo Marconi" (Sandro Bolchi, 1974)

Diretto da Sandro Bolchi su testi di Benvenuto Garone e Diego Fabbri, il film tv del 1974 è dedicato al grande scienziato autodidatta, primo Premio Nobel italiano per la Fisica nel 1909 a soli 35 anni, che con le sue geniali invenzioni (radio, telegrafo senza fili...) ha rivoluzionato il mondo delle comunicazioni. In un'immaginaria intervista rilasciata ad un giornalista americano, Marconi ripercorre le tappe fondamentali della sua avventura scientifica, rievocando soprattutto pensieri, sentimenti ed emozioni che accompagnarono ogni conquista raggiunta. Ne emerge un ritratto inconsueto e accattivante della personalita' di Marconi, dell'ultimo grande artigiano della scienza, un uomo che per i suoi esperimenti adoperava rocchetti di fili di ferro, bidoni di benzina e aquiloni, la cui capacità visionaria si combinava con una straordinaria capacità imprenditoriale. A dare volto a un Marconi solitario e ironico, e' Gualtiero De Angelis, celebre doppiatore, voce italiana di Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, James Stewart. Luigi La Monica interpreta Sid Ross, il giornalista americano (personaggio di fantasia) che raccoglie il racconto dello scienziato a bordo del famoso panfilo Elettra, ricostruito per l'occasione, sul quale Marconi realizzo' alcuni dei suoi più straordinari esperimenti.

Anno di messa in onda: 1974 (Programma nazionale)
Regia: Sandro Bolchi
Sceneggiatura: Benvenuto Garone, Diego Fabbri
Con Gualtiero De Angelis, Luigi La Monica, Andrea Matteuzzi, Giuseppe
Addobbati, Piero Biondi, Consalvo Dell'Arti, Sandro Dori, Attilio Dottesio
Scene e costumi: Sandro Dell'Orco
Musiche: Mario Bertolazzi
Fotografia: Giuliano Giustini
Consulente scientifico: Ten. Col. Franco Cremona
Produzione: Intervision realizzata da Mario Davidde

(via Dario Monferini)

martedì 29 dicembre 2009

Brutta gente sti radioamatori :-(

Benevento, litiga con l'amico (radioamatore) e lo ferisce con un punteruolo       

BENEVENTO (29 dicembre) - Due amici, entrambi radioamatori, hanno ieri sera litigato anche per vicende collegate al loro hobby. E' accaduto nei presi di un edificio alla via Vitelli al rione Libertà. Uno dei due Mario Passariello 47 anni, agente della polizia di Stato, con il grado di assistente capo , e che presta servizio presso la Questura di Bari, ha ricevuto un colpo (forse con un punteruolo o un coltello) all'addome, per cui è stato condotto all'ospedale Rummo, dove è ora ricoverato con prognosi riservata.

Il feritore è un sessantenne Alessandro Viscosi, pensionato, beneventano, che è stato ascoltato a lungo dagli agenti della Squadra Mobile che stanno conducendo le indagini, e alla fine è stato arrestato con l'imputazione di tentato omicidio, e condotto preso il carcere di contrada Capodimonte.

Le indagini sono state coordinate dal sostituto procuratore della Repubblica Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini. Secondo una prima ricostruzione è stato proprio Mario Passariello a bordo della sua auto a recarsi presso la casa di Alessandro Viscosi, che è alla via Vitelli. Una volta giunto davanti all'edificio, ha trovato Viscosi con un amico.

Tra Passariello e Viscosi è subito nato un alterco, in particolare Passariello ha chiesto la restituzione di cinquecento euro. Viscosi avrebbe replicato che non aveva mai avuto in prestito il denaro. I due sono passati a vie di fatto, e l'uomo presente, ha cercato anche di separarli, ma all'improvviso Passariello è caduto sul marciapiede urlando: «mi ha colpito».

Subito soccorso è stato condotto all'ospedale «Rummo», dove i sannitari gli hanno riscontrato una ferita all'addome, procurata da un punteruolo o da un coltello. L'agente è ora rimasto ricoverato presso il Rummo. Sul posto sono giunti gli agenti della Volante e della Mobile, e sono iniziate le indagini. Si è cosi appurato che da tempo i rapporti tra Passariello e Viscosi non erano buoni.

Infatti Viscosi sosteneva che Passariello disturbava le conversazioni tra radioamatori. A tarda sera, conclusi gli interrogatori, Viscosi è stato condotto al carcere di contrada Capodimonte, dove nelle prossime ore il suo fermo sarà vagliato dal Gip, presente il suo legale, l'avvocato Franco Leone.
Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK

Segnaloni #2

Ecco di nuovo una "classifica" dei segnali piu' forti ricevuti in HF con il Perseus stasera,
notevole il segnale di Radio Liberty dal Kuwait, piu' forte di Radio China

7415 21:53 utc Radio China -23dBm (S 9+45)
7425 21:50 Radio Liberty in Eng. -19dBm (S 9+55)
6240 20:23 utc WYFR Family Radio in Francese -26dBm (S 9+45)
9440 20:24 utc Radio China -46 dBm (S 9+35)

Logs di Gondomar, Portugal BY jOSè

  BELARUS      1170 Radio Nacional Russa,"Golos Rossii",
               escutada pelas 1835,desde Sasnovy.
               A esta hora,está prevista emissão em
               Húngaro.  34432  2009/12/27

  FILIPINAS    9920 FEBC,Bocaue,escutada em (presumido)
               Koho, pelas 1245, com OM lendo texto
               até às 1257,quando intervalo musical e
               possível anúncio de fim de emissão,pelas
               1258. 25432  2009/12/23

  PAQUISTÃO    7535 R.Paquistão,Islamabad, em urdu, pelas
               1720,com trechos de discurso "ao vivo".
               O transmissor parece sofrer de alguns      
               problemas.Recepção difícil,mas melhorando
               ao longo do tempo. 34432  2009/12/27

  VIETNAM      7280 Voz do Vietnam,Hanói, escutada,em
               Inglês,pelas 1610,com notícias,seguidas
               de programa musical,até ao fim da emissão.
               35432  2009/12/27

  Rx.  Kenwood R-2000 + Sony 7600GR
  Ant. TTFD 17 m

Ascolti AM Luca Botto Fiora

orari UTC

Venerdì 18 dicembre 2009
08.36 - 1269 kHz
COPE - Figueres (Spagna)
Catalano, pubblicità locale.
Segnale sufficiente-buono
Annunciano "COPE Girona".
Non più "COPE Figueras"?


Giovedì 24 dicembre 2009
07.38 - 1242 // 1548 kHz
GOLD - Hoo St. Warburg (UK)
EE, mx pop anni 80.
Segnale sufficiente-nullo
France Info Marseille dominante.
07.50 - 1332 kHz
Sembra esserci un segnale DRM.
Rep. Ceca e Romania sono in AM.
23.50 - 1431 kHz
VOA R. SAWA - Arta (Gibuti)
AA, mx metà araba e metà USA.
Segnale sufficiente-buono
Co-ch Gold Reading e/o Southend-on-Sea.
Con RAI+Vo Russia+R. Ukraine spente.


Venerdì 25 dicembre 2009
00.00 - 1440 kHz
KBS - Marnach (Lussemburgo)
EE, IDs e nxs OM.
Segnale molto buono
09.08 - 6290 kHz
GG, IDs OM e mx rock.
Segnale sufficiente-buono
11.30 - 6205 kHz
EE, Abba, IDs OM e s/off 11.34.
Segnale buono


Sabato 26 dicembre 2009
*09.00 - 9510 kHz
Tempo fa avevano annunciato
R. Rasant e invece alle 09.00
c'è stato World of Radio e alle
09.30 DX Party Line.
13.30 - 11675 kHz
POLSKIE R. - Moosbrunn (Austria)
EE, interviste.
Segnale sufficiente


Martedì 29 dicembre 2009
15.40 - 4319USB kHz
AFRTS - Diego Garcia
EE, talk show.
Segnale sufficiente-buono
QRM QSOs UTEs digitali.

Luca Botto Fiora
G.C. 09E13 - 44N21
Rapallo (Genova)
R7 Drake
Satellit 500 Grundig
ATS909 Sangean
DE1103 Degen
VR500 Yaesu
Loop ferrite ACA 75 cm modificata (@70 kHz-2 MHz)
Loop 1 spira da finestra 150x100 cm (@2-6 MHz)
Dipolo aperto 20 m (@6-30 MHz)
Ampli RF K0LR per loop ACA modificato (WA1ION)
Ampli RF LX1456 Nuova Elettronica per loop SW e dipolo
Balun a choke coassiale 1:1 di RG174 per dipolo (IZ7ATH)
Eliminatore di QRM MFJ 1026 modificato (W8JI)

Glenn Hauser logs December 29, 2009

** BELGIUM. Countdown to suicide: two days left after Dec 29, RTBF, 9970, poor in French at 1415 YL being interviewed by OM, 1416 into music; some echo. Or is it? The Wavre transmitter then becomes available for rent to some gospel huxter; that would suffice for the country-counters to keep Belgium as active on SWBC. Of course TDP keeps Belgium on the map via transmitters elsewhere; see KURDISTAN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 29 at 1412: just barely audible on 8400, not 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA. 2860-, quick check on portable away from some of the household noise sources, Dec 29 at 0130 could detect broadcast audio, presumed R. San Carlos, still harmonicizing 2 x 1430- (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Just like RadioCuba`s RHC transmitters, the DentroCuban Jamming Command transmitters are in dire need of maintenance, putting pulses on extraneous frequencies --- at least, we think they are. But hey, since their purpose is disruption, who cares if there is a little extra?

This reinforces Cuba`s reputation as an outlaw nation, unwilling to behave like a mature, self-confident society, since the government was and is imposed by force upon an unwilling and betrayed populace, who must be `protected` from contrary ideas.

Dec 29 at 1410, DCJC pulses in the middle of the exclusive 40m hamband, around 7140, coming and going. Altho jamming sometimes extends beyond 1400 on 7405 where Radio Martí was, no jamming heard there now or anywhere above 7300, so unseems spurious from that.

Could the DCJC have heard some anti-Castro comments by an exile ham? Possibly, but the regular diatribes we have run across before were on 7210.

More: Dec 29 at 1402, DCJC pulses against nothing wandering around 9900-9915, bothering Arabic on 9915, i.e. BBC Cyprus. At 1524 this was ranging 9870-9895, bothering AIR VBS on 9870. Could be spurs from a transmitter on 9955 where WRMI was still getting sufficient pulse jamming to make Prague English relay unreadable; but then VOA Spanish is on 9885 at totally different dayparts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, Dec 29 at 1424 with ever-present hum which Terry Krueger calculates at 50 Hz, ending Press Review by main announcer who has excellent diction overcoming hum, and into next show India Ahead(?), by another speaker who was undermodulated and with playback problems, incomprehensible. Tsk, as uncharacteristically, this was better signal than VBS on 9870, and much better than NC on 9425 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI missing for the second day from 9526v, Dec 29 at 1420, nothing there tho RRI Jakarta was audible with Indonesian talk on 9680 at 1424. Could not detect VOI on alternate 11785v instead; see SAUDI ARABIA. At least on weekdays that`s the only obstacle, during the 5-day break between Furman FueraHmong inblasts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11530, V. of Mesopotamia, Dec 29 at 1455 with great music, 1459 brief announcement, 4-pip timesignal ending at 1459:50, and off abruptly as frequency via UKRAINE changes to 7540.

Kurdistan must be an advanced society, 10 seconds ahead of the rest of the world, but we wonder if these 500 kW SW broadcasts pervade the country [non], which surely has plenty of local AM and FM stations now (see WRTH 2010 pages 236-238, mixed in with the rest of IRAQ).

Does one hear VOM emanating from every taxi, every shop --- or any of them, since it`s SW [and Hotbird satellite] only? Presumably it represents one particular faxion, so does that lack local transmitters for some reason, requiring this platform? WRTH 2010 page 500 explains:

``Station is licensed in Belgium and is produced by the Kurdish-Belgian media production company Roj NV``. BELGIUM? That fits for this transmission brokered by TDP, which linx to website, but apparently only in Kurdish with Roman letters: (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. RDPI, 15690, Dec 29 at 1457, S9+8 which was strong enough previously to audiblize plus/minus 168 kHz spurs, but those not to be heard today. Perhaps our observation reached engineers who suppressed them. Carlos Gonçalves passed it on, and also heard no spurs an hour later (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. Checking 11785 for traces of Indonesia [q.v.] missing from 9526v, Dec 29 at 1441, heard only BSKSA buzz, but now for a change, some bits of Qur`an also audible underneath it. Progress.

Usual cursory check of 13m, Dec 29 at 1526 found weak and fluttery Arabic on 21460, i.e. BSKSA, which amounted not only to the SSOB but the OSOB (strongest and only station on band) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY [and non]. 11815, VOT Turkish music ruined by off-channel as usual REE Costa Rica producing not only audio mix but fast, rippling subaudible heterodyne, Dec 29 at 1445. However, Turkey in the clear at 1521 as per Aoki, REE uses 11815 only from 12 to 15 and only M-F.

You would not know this consulting HFCC, where much larger possible spans are woodenly registered: 00-04, 04-10, 10-23; and 18-24 with additional transmitter and antenna. WRTH 2010 agrees that the only time REE is really using 11815 is M-F 12-15, for which we are thankful and so should be the Turx.

SW Asian music is still available in the clear before 1500 on nearby 11805 thanks to VOA Kurdish via GERMANY; see also KURDISTAN [non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WTWW, checking for activation of new SW station in Lebanon TN, should be imminent, but nothing heard yet on 5755 or 9480 at 0130 and 1518 Dec 29 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Catholix vs whatever PMS is --- Dec 29 at 1446, WEWN inbooming on 13835, unlike WWCR on 13845, the two about the same distance from here but a geographically selective opening. This allowed the dirty Ave Maria Radio spur on 13845 to impede PMS to the point of unreadability; not that I wanted to read her, an exercise in piety (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

WDX6AA Shortwave Radio Logs

BONAIRE China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 9745 0030 Spanish 444 Dec 27 OM with comments plus a YL.

CHINA Radio Canada Intl Relay-RCI 9880 0013 English 232 Dec 27 YL and OM with comments. //9800[232].

CHINA China Radio Intl-CRI 9860 0015 Hakka 323 Dec 27 YL with comments. YL vocal music 0040. Suddenly off the air 0058. //9550[333], 9610[444], 9460[444], 9830[333], 9675[232], 9435[333].

CHINA CPBS 9845 0020 Chinese 444 Dec 27 YL with comments. OM with comments 0023. //9720[333], 9820[333], 9530[333], 9480[333].

EGYPT Radio Cairo 7580 2348 English 232 Dec 26 YL and OM with comments plus vocal music by a YL in Arabic plus an OM.

MARIANNAS, North Radio Free Asia-RFA 9930 0004 Asian 232 Dec 27 OM with comments plus a jammer heard in the background.

TAIWAN Radio Taiwan Intl-RTI 9660 0036 Chinese 232 Dec 27 YL and OM with comments and being jammed.

UNITED STATES, WRMI 9955 0000 Spanish 232 Dec 27 OM with comments. Also being jammed by an unknown source. Cuba???


Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

lunedì 28 dicembre 2009

Radio Cina Internazionale: un programma speciale al giorno per l’anno nuovo

Da oggi a domenica prossimi trasmetteremo un programma speciale al giorno per l'anno nuovo; siete tutti invitati a seguirli. Grazie per la vostra attenzione.

Sezione Italiana
Radio Cina Internazionale

Il nostro indirizzo:
Radio Cina Internazionale
Sezione Italiana
100040 Pechino
Repubblica Popolare Cinese
Tel: +86 (10) 68891736 / 68891525
Fax: +86 (10) 68891749

Il nostro sito internet :
I nostri indirizzi e-mail: /

Glenn Hauser logs December 27-28, 2009

** CUBA [non]. 9810, Dec 27 at 2300, R. República opening ``Barrio Adentro`` show, about equal level with DentroCuban jamming. Wish I had intuned a few sex earlier in case there was a formal sign-on mentioning schedule or frequencies, but doubt it. Signal here usually loses out to jamming not long after starting (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. DentroCuban Jamming Command again pulsing away on 11600 where there are no known opposition transmissions at any time, now or in the past: Dec 28 at 1400 atop R. Prague in English.

Conspiracy theory: guilt by association: since R. Prague is relayed by WRMI, and since the CIA runs WRMI, therefore R. Prague should be jammed even when it is broadcasting direct from Czechia in languages other than Spanish, which have nothing to do with Cuba!

11600 is not even aimed at the Americas, but 107 degrees eastward. R. Prague`s // 13580 to NAm is not jammed, except by the RHC leapfrog mixing product of 13780 over 13680. At 1517 when R. Prague is in Spanish, jamming still going on 11600.

Jamming against WRMI, when relaying yesterday`s Prague English from 1500, was still pulsing atop 9955 at 1509 when often it has receded (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CYPRUS [and non]. OTH radar, presumed from here, intruding in the middle of the exclusive SWBC 19-meter band, Dec 28 at 1429 covering 15260-15290, quite strong and severely interfering with S Asian language station on 15285.

Victim research: per Aoki, Mondays during this quarter-hour it is:
15285 GOSPEL FOR ASIA 1430-1445 .23.... Sambalpuri 250  90 Wertachtal

But there are numerous other languages we never heard of during other quarter hours and other days of week in this Gospel for Asia block at 1230-1500. Well, if this impedes the gospel huxters from converting numerous minority ethnic groups away from their original religions, and consequently cultures, turning them into good little Westernized Christians, it serves a useful purpose. EiBi`s comprehensive SW language list at
shows: Sambalpuri (dialect of Oriya) (India - Orissa)

Could also detect a carrier underneath the mid-peak of the noise on 15275: merely DW in German via Kigali (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. No trace of VOI on 9526v, not even a carrier, Dec 28 at 1439 check. The previous week, it was absent on Sunday, Dec 20, rather than Monday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also UNIDENTIFIED 4750

** KURDISTAN [non]. 11530, V. of Mesopotamia, good signal Dec 28 at 1403 with chanting and clapping: YL emits a pair of six syllables each, then group of OMs repeats them. They sound almost the same from one iteration to the next, but I think they are changing slightly as time goes on. 1405 YLs ululating as finale, 1406 to other talk over music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 9895, Radio Netherlands` Arabic service toward North America via RWANDA, excellent signal Dec 27 at 2212 with Arabic pop music; 2214 pause for YL ID mentioning ``Idha`at Amsterdam . . . Saut ul-Holanda`` or something like that, again no mention of Hilversum, and right back to music, which kept going the rest of the hour, with another ID break at 2237, this time mentioning  Cut off at 2257* before announcer could complete the final Arabic announcement.

So I am still wondering, 1) What became of Hilversum; does this really originate in Amsterdam instead? 2) What`s the point of sending the West Africans an hour of Arabic music from Holland? Perhaps RN has more funding for this than it knows what to do with. I see the URLs on the website are now a mixture of Roman and Arabic letters. Why is the website apart from ?

15595 missing for R. Netherlands English, Dec 28 during bandscan around 1430. The past few days this had been quite audible here, since moving site from fire-damaged Madagascar, to Sweden, as in my previous report.

Here`s why, from the updated Media Network site: ``Hörby took over the RNW English transmission to India at 1400-1600 UTC on 15595 kHz on 25-27 December. This has now been cancelled due to poor reception in the target area.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PORTUGAL. The defective 15690 transmitter of RDPI is still putting out spurs at approximately plus and minus 168 kHz: Dec 28 at 1433 there was RDPI audio // 15690, on 15858 and 15522, mushy distorted FM. Fundamental was not especially strong, but spurs easily audible. Still there at 1522 recheck (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Last Monday the weekly Sephardic show on REE was out of synch with transmission time, the oddly scheduled 1425-1455, as programming was still in progress when cut off at 1455. So I tune in 15385 earlier Dec 28: 1427 no programming, just open carrier. This continued until 1445! When program opened, now not only with wrong frequency ``15325`` but wrong time, ``1425``. I knew this transmission was doomed, and sure enough, audio cut off after only 10 minutes at 1455 sharp, carrier off a few sex later.

Noblejas is still turning the transmitter on and off at the proper times, but Prado del Rey studios are feeding the playout 20 minutes late! Some operator thinx it is supposed to start at 1445 instead of 1425 (after all, the two repeats UT Tue start at :15 past the hours).

Or, someone misprogrammed the automation. How much longer will this go on? Does the service have any listeners at all at the station or in the world, besides myself? Will any Spaniard reading this in English get word to the powers that be? Tune in next week for another exciting episode (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Tuned in WBCQ 7415 for Marion`s Attic, Sunday Dec 27 at scheduled time 2200 UT, but instead heard ``WGOD`` starting, which is scheduled for 2300. By the latter time, signal had just about disappeared but I could barely detect Marion starting with Xmas wishes; swapped by mistake, or rescheduled?

Before 2200, This Week in Amateur Radio was on, including some sound effects coming perilously close to ``music`` I had also heard the night before on WA0RCR 1860, which supposedly uses a legal amusical amateur-radio version of the show (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15016-SSB, YL with long string of phonetic letters in cyphered message, pausing periodically, no doubt from Andrews AFB, Dec 27 at 2134; some reverb on the audio. A descendant of Sky King? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENIN DIGEST)

** U S A. KXEL 1540 Waterloo IA gets 50 kW skywave going early now, but it`s mostly gospel huxters and far-right wacko talkhosts, so I was surprised to hear Perspective from ABC News, Sunday Dec 27 at 2120 UT, breaking for local ID and weather forecast, temp: zero. This was a year-in-review, so does KXEL carry this secular objective news magazine every week?

Apparently, as it`s on their program schedule for 3-4 pm CT Sundays. It used to be a don`t-miss for me wherever I could find it, when it was more like BBC`s From Our Own Correspondent, but it`s still worthwhile, altho made up of smaller fragments.

This does not get KXEL and countless other American AM stations off the hook for degrading our culture with everycreep from Brother Scare to Sean Hannity occupying gobs of airtime, and with no rebuttals. Have they no shame? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 4750, now one of the three-way clashers here is far enough off-frequency to produce an audible het: Dec 28 at 1442 during music. I suspect both the music and the het were attributable to RRI Makassar, which has never been exactly on frequency; the others being Bangladesh and China.

Going strictly by Aoki, Makassar would be out since it`s listed to close at 1355, and there are two Chinese to choose from:

4750 CNR 1              0900-1735 1234567 Chinese    100  ND Hailar?             
4750 PBS Qinghai        0900-1600 1234567 Chinese     50 270 Xining 4750 R.BANGLADESH BETAR 1255-1530 1234567 Bengali    100  ND Shavar 4750 RRI Makassar       0745-1355 1234567 Indonesian  20  ND

But the latest Ishida Indonesian monitoring list at
confirms Makassar is on until 1500. Unfortunately, he does not get into split-kHz precision frequency measurement (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Ascolti e orecchiette !

Vi propino un primo gruppo di alcuni ascolti invernali effettuati dalla casa in collina a San Marco la Catola (700 metri s.l.m.), in provincia di Foggia. Con me il Perseus, connesso ad una filare ad "L" invertita lunga circa 15 metri. Aria gelida, nebbia e pioggerellina invernale hanno reso ancora più suggestiva la sessione di ascolto! Seguirà (spero) un secondo round quando avrò "sbobinato" le registrazioni Perseus.

2485 1617 27/12 ABC Katherine, talk, music, English. Fair.
5020 1520 27/12 BBC via Solomon Island, news, ID, English (exact QRG 5019.96). Fair.
5765 1411 27/12 AFRTS, Barrigada, Guam, USB, "Are you covered?", English. Fair.
5770 1415 27/12 Myanmar Army Radio, Burma, local music, talk, Vernacular. Fair to poor.
7110 1442 27/12 r.Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, afro pop music, Vernacular. Good.
7145 1325 27/12 Lao National Radio, Laos, talk, vernacular. Poor.
7165 1319 27/12 R.Ethiopia, Etiopia, local music, Vernacular (exact QRG 7164.5). Good.
7286 1650 27/12 RTV du Mali, afro music, ID, French (exact QRG 7285.9). Fair.
7395 1502 27/12 BBC via Nakhon Sawan, world news, English. Good.
9475 1715 27/12 r.Australia, conversation, English. // 9710. QRM TWR. Fair to good.
9560 1720 27/12 r.Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, afro pop music, Vernacular (exact QRG 9560.4). // 7165. Good.
9725 1402 27/12 r. Thailand, Udon Thani, news, English. Very good.
11660 1628 27/12 r.Australia, live phone calls, English, // 11980. Fair.
11925 1631 27/12 CVC International, Australia, ID, music, Vernacular. Very good.
11980 1628 27/12 r.Australia, live phone calls, English, // 11660. Very good.
15420 1348 27/12 BBC via Mahe, Seycells, talk on cartoons, English. Good.
15535 1130 27/12 CVC International, Australia, ID, jungle, music, English. Very good.


Michele D'Amico
- Receivers:
    Modern:  Perseus, Drake R8E, Icom IC-R72, DE1103
    Vintage: BC348R, Satellit 210, R326
- Antenna: just a random peice of wire, 7 metres long


DX MIX NEWS # 604                                          22 December 2009
GERMANY(non)   Changes of WYFR Family Radio in English via Media Broadcast:
1400-1500 on 11995 NAU 500 kW / 082 deg to SEAs, new txion from Dec.17
1600-1700 on  5965 NAU 500 kW / 139 deg to N/ME, cancelled from Dec.16

LITHUANIA(non)    Updated schedule of HCJB Global via Sitkunai from Dec.6:
1530-1628 on  3955 SIT 100 kW / 079 deg to EaEu Ru/Chechen Sun, x 1630-1728
1630-1728 on  3955 SIT 100 kW / 259 deg to EaEu German, x 17-18 on 3955 WER

U.K.(non    Frequency changes of BBC:
1500-1600 NF 13660 SKN 300 kW / 180 deg to NoAf in Arabic,  ex 15180
1700-1745 NF 11860 SEY 250 kW / 270 deg to EaAf in English, ex  6005
1800-1900 NF  7375 CYP 300 kW / 173 deg to N/ME in Arabic,  ex  6030
1900-2000 NF  9835 SKN 300 kW / 150 deg to NoAf in English, ex 13820
2000-2100 NF  9615 SKN 300 kW / 180 deg to NoAf in English, ex 13820

U.K.(non    Some VTCommunications changes:
WYFR Family Radio:
1600-1700 on  9795 DHA 250 kW / 215 deg to MDC  in English, cancelled
1700-1800 on  7390 RMP 500 kW / 120 deg to N/ME in Somali, instead English

Polish Radio External Service
1930-2000 NF  9490 SKN 250 kW / 080 deg to EaEu in Ukrainian, ex  6180

USA(non)    Updated winter B-09 schedule for Voice of America. Part 1 of 2:
Afaan Oromoo  1730-1800 on  9320  9485  9860 11675 11905 Mon-Fri
Albanian      0600-0630 on  6035
              1700-1730 on  7235
              1930-2000 on  7455
Amharic       1800-1900 on  9320  9485  9860 11675 11905
Arabic-R.SAWA 0400-1645 on   990  1170  1548
              1645-0400 on   990  1170  1431  1548
Arabic-Sudan  0300-0330 on  9585  9845 11855
Hello Darfur  1800-1830 on  9380  9805 11615
              1900-1930 on  9745  9805  9815
Azerbaijani   1830-1900 on  7315  9495  9885
Bangla        0130-0200 on 11500 15205
              1600-1700 on  1575  6000  7435
Burmese       0000-0030 on  1575  7430  9325 12120
              0130-0300 on 12110 15115 17780
              1130-1230 on 11965 15550 17850
              1430-1500 on  1575  9325 11965 12120
              1500-1530 on  9325 11965 12120 Mon-Fri
              1500-1530 on  1575  9325 11965 12120 Sat/Sun
              1530-1600 on  1575  9355 11560
              1600-1630 on  9355 11560
              2300-2400 on  7430  9325 12120
Cantonese     1300-1500 on  1170  7390  9705
Creole        1230-1300 on  9660 Mon-Fri
              1730-1800 on 15390 17565
              1800-1830 on 15390 17565 Wed
              2200-2230 on 11905 13725 15390
Croatian      0530-0600 on  6035
              1930-1945 on  6135  7465
Dari-R.ASHNA  0130-0230 on  1296  7595  9335
              1530-1630 on  1296  9335  9770 11575
              1730-1830 on  1296  7560  9335  9445
              1930-2030 on  1296  5750  7560
English to    0100-0130 on  1593
Eu,ME,NoAf    1400-1500 on 11985 15205
              1500-1600 on  9685 11765
English to    0300-0400 on   909  1530  4930  6080  9885 15580
Africa        0400-0430 on   909  1530  4930  4960  6080  9885 15580
              0430-0500 on   909  4930  4960  6080  9885 15580
              0500-0600 on   909  4930  6080  9885 15580
              0600-0700 on   909  1530  6080  9885 15580
              1400-1500 on  4930  6080 15580 17715 17750
              1500-1600 on  4930  6080 15580 17715 17895
              1600-1700 on   909  1530  4930  6080 15580 17715 17895
              1700-1800 on  6080 13710 15580 17895
              1700-1800 on   909 Sat/Sun
              1800-1830 on  6080 11975 13710 15580 17895
              1800-1830 on   909  4930 Sat/Sun
              1830-1900 on   909  4930  6080 11975 13710 15580 17895
              1900-2000 on   909  4930  4940  6080 11975 13710 15580 17895
              2000-2030 on   909  1530  4930  4940  6080 11975 13710 15580
              2030-2100 on   909  1530  4930  6080 11975 13710 15580
              2030-2100 on  4940 Sat/Sun
              2100-2200 on  1530  6080 15580
English to    1730-1800 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Mon-Thu
Zimbabwe      1810-1820 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Fri
              1720-1740 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Fri-Sun
English to AFG2030-0030 on  1296  7405
English to    0100-0200 on  7325  9435 11705
FE,SoAs,Oce   1100-1130 on  1575 Sat/Sun
              1130-1200 on  1575
              1200-1300 on  1170  7575  9640 11705 11730 11750
              1300-1400 on  7575  9640  9760 11705
              1400-1500 on  7575  9760  9930 12150
              1500-1600 on  7575  9310  9930 12150
              2200-2300 on  5835  6070  7220  7425  7480  9490 11560
              2230-2400 on  1575 Fri/Sat
              2300-2400 on  6070  7220  7265  7480  9490  9580 11560
English       0000-0030 on  1593
Special       0030-0100 on  1575 1593 6170 9325 9620 9715 11695 12005 15185
                           15205 15290 17820
              0130-0200 on  1593  5960  7405 Tue-Sat
              1500-1600 on  6140  7520  9760 15460
              1600-1700 on  9395 13600 15445
              1600-1700 on  1170 Mon-Fri
              1900-2000 on  9585 12020
              2230-2300 on  5890  7230  9780
              2300-2330 on  1593  6180  7460 11840
              2330-2400 on  1593  6180  7460 11655 11840 13640
French to     0530-0600 on  1530  4960  6020  7265  9480  9505 Mon-Fri
Africa        0600-0630 on  4960  6020  7265  9480  9505 Mon-Fri
              1830-2000 on  1530  6170  9815 15225 17550 17580
              2000-2030 on  9780  9815 12080 13735 15225
              2030-2100 on  6040  9780  9815 12080 15225 Sat/Sun
              2100-2130 on  9435  9680  9780  9815 Mon-Fri
Georgian      1530-1630 on  9465 11840
              1700-1800 on  9395 11840


DX MIX NEWS # 605                                          28 December 2009
MADAGASCAR   Fire puts RNW Madagascar relay station off the air. There has
been a fire in the high voltage room of the external mains power supply at
Radio Netherlands Worldwide's relay station in Madagascar. Firefighters
from the Madagascan capital Antananarivo managed to bring the blaze under
control within hours. The fire destroyed the high voltage circuit breaker
equipment, so broadcasts from Madagascar will be suspended for at least
three days and possibly up to a week. Some transmissions have already been
moved to other sites, but because of the Christmas holidays this has taken
longer than usual to organise. Additional changes are pending and will be
published when confirmed.

Here details of temporary replacement services effective from Dec.25, 2009:
Radio Sweden International
0200-0300 on 11550 HBY 350 kW / 055 deg to SEAs in Swedish/English
2000-2100 on  9490 HBY 350 kW / 055 deg to SEAs in Swedish/English
2100-2200 on  7425 HBY 350 kW / 190 deg to SoAf in Swedish/English

Vatican Radio
0300-0430 on  9660 SMG 250 kW / 145 deg to EaAf in English/Swahili/Amharic
0330-0400 on  7360 SMG 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf in Swahili
0430-0500 on  9660 SMG 250 kW / 170 deg to WeAf in French
0500-0530 on  9660 SMG 250 kW / 170 deg to SoAf in English
1600-1630 on 13765 SMG 250 kW / 169 deg to CeAf in Swahili

Voice of America
0430-0600 on  9885 BOT 100 kW / 010 deg to SoAf in English
0530-0630 on  7265 SAO 100 kW / 020 deg to NWAf in French Mon-Fri
1000-1030 on 21590 BOT 100 kW / 350 deg to SoAf in Portuguese Sat/Sun
1300-1400 on 15620 SAO 100 kW / 088 deg to EaAf in Somali
1700-1800 on 12080 LAM 100 kW / 132 deg to SoAf in Shona/English/Ndebele
2100-2130 on  9680 SAO 100 kW / 052 deg to WCAf in French

RFE/RL Radio Farda
0500-0600 on 12015 BIB 100 kW / 105 deg to WeAs in Farsi

Radio Netherlands Worldwide
1400-1600 on 15595 HBY 350 kW / 095 deg to SoAs in English
1900-2100 on  7425 ISS 500 kW / 155 deg to SoAf in English
2000-2100 on 11655 GUF 250 kW / 080 deg to WeAf in English
2100-2130 on 13700 BON 250 kW / 080 deg to WeAf in Dutch

No details for the following transmissions:
Adventist World Radio
0230-0330 on  3215 MDC 050 kW / 020 deg to MDC  in Malagasy
1430-1530 on  3215 MDC 050 kW / 020 deg to MDC  in Malagasy
Radio Voice of People
0400-0500 on 11610 MDC 050 kW / 265 deg to EaAf in English/Shona/Ndebele
Voice of Tibet
1330-1400 on 17550 MDC 250 kW / 045 deg to SoAs in Tibetan
Democratic Voice of Burma
1430-1530 on 17495 MDC 250 kW / 055 deg to SEAs in Burmese
Radio Dabanga
1530-1730 on 13800 MDC 250 kW / 325 deg to EaAf in Sudanese Arabic
WYFR Family Radio
1600-1700 on  9590 MDC 250 kW / 320 deg to EaAf in Swahili
1800-2000 on  7395 MDC 250 kW / 320 deg to EaAf in English
1900-2100 on  6020 MDC 050 kW / 255 deg to SoAf in English
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
1630-1700 on 13740 MDC 250 kW / 350 deg to N/ME in Dutch
1700-1730 on  9895 MDC 250 kW / 335 deg to EaAf in Dutch
1730-1900 on  6020 MDC 250 kW / 255 deg to SoAf in Dutch
1730-2000 on 11655 MDC 250 kW / 300 deg to ECAf in Dutch
Fiangonana Loterana
1630-1700 on  3215 MDC 050 kW / 020 deg to MDC  in Malagasy
Deutsche Welle
2200-2300 on  7380 MDC 250 kW / 080 deg to SEAs in Indonesian

USA(non)    Updated winter B-09 schedule for Voice of America. Part 2 of 2:
Hausa         0500-0530 on  1530  4960  6040 11710
              0700-0730 on  4960 11710 15180
              1500-1530 on  9780 11705 15770
              2030-2100 on  4940  6040  9780 11705 15770 Mon-Fri
Indonesian    1130-1230 on  7255  9725 15165
              1400-1500 on  9360 11635 Thu-Sat
              2200-0030 on  9620 11805 15205
Khmer         1330-1430 on  1575  9325 11965
              2200-2230 on  1575  6060  7260 13640
Kinyarwanda   0330-0430 on  7340  9540 11750
Kirundi       1600-1630 on 11750 12010 17785 Sat
Korean        1200-1330 on  1350  5890  7235  9555
              1330-1500 on  1188  5890  7235  9555
              1900-2100 on   648  5835  6060  7420
Kurdish       0500-0600 on  5945  9690 15225
              1400-1500 on  1593 11805 13740 15160
              1700-1800 on  7550  9650  9815
              2000-2100 on  1593
Lao           1230-1300 on  1575  9810 11930
Mandarin      0000-0200 on  7495  9545 11925 15385 17645 21580
              0200-0300 on 11925 15385 17645 21580
              0700-0800 on  9845 11855 11965 13650 13765 15515
              0800-0900 on  9845 11720 11855 11965 13650 13765 15515
              0900-1030 on  9845  9855 11720 11855 11965 13650 13765 15515
              1030-1100 on  9845  9855 11700 11720 11965 13650 13765 15515
              1100-1200 on  9530  9805  9825 11720 12045 15515
              1200-1300 on  6040  9530  9785  9825 11635 12045
              1300-1330 on  6040  7295  9530  9785  9825 12040 13595
              1330-1400 on  6040  7295  9530  9785  9825 11955 12040
              1400-1500 on  6040  6105  7295  7525  9785  9825
              2200-2300 on  6045  7440  9545  9755  9875 11655
Ndebele       1800-1830 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Mon-Thu
              1820-1830 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Fri
              1740-1800 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Fri-Sun
Pashto-RADIO  0030-0130 on  1296  7595  9335
ASHNA         1430-1530 on  1296  9335 11840 12140
              1630-1730 on  1296  9335  9770 11575
              1830-1930 on  1296  5750  7560
Pashto-DEEWA  0100-0400 on  9370  9380 11575
              1300-1500 on  7455  7495  9370  9565
              1500-1900 on  5835  7455  7495  9370
Persian       0230-0330 on  7205  9495  9820
              1530-1630 on  1593  9320 11705 11775
              1630-1700 on  1593  5850  9320  9540
              1700-1800 on  1593  5850  9495  9540
              1800-1830 on   648  1593  5850  9495  9540
              1830-1900 on   648  5850  9680  9960
              1900-1930 on  5850  9680  9960
Portuguese to 1000-1030 on 17740 21590 Sat/Sun
Africa        1700-1800 on  1530 11775 15545 21495
              1800-1830 on  1530 11775 21495 Mon-Fri
Shona         1700-1730 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Mon-Thu
              1800-1810 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Fri
              1700-1720 on   909  4930 12080 15775 Fri-Sun
Somali        0330-0400 on  5960 11780 15430
              1300-1400 on 13580 15620
              1600-1630 on  1431 13580 15620
              1630-1800 on 13580 15620
Spanish       1130-1200 on  9885 13715 15590 Mon-Fri
              1200-1300 on  9885 13715 15590
              2300-2400 on  5890  5940  9885
Swahili       0300-0330 on  7340  9440 Mon-Fri
              1630-1730 on  9565 13870 15730
Tibetan       0000-0100 on  7255  7480  9645
              0300-0600 on 15545 17860 21570
              1400-1500 on  7255  7470  9670 15530
              1600-1700 on  7530  7560 11920
Tigrigna      1900-1930 on  9320  9485  9860 11675 11905 Mon-Fri
Turkish       0430-0500 on  7295 Mon-Fri
Urdu-RADIO    0100-0200 on   972  1539  9520 12020
AAP KI DUNYAA 1400-1500 on   972  1539  7480  9390
              1500-0100 on   972  1539
Uzbek         1500-1530 on   801  5930  6105  7470  9450
Vietnamese    1300-1330 on  1575  9325 11695
              1500-1600 on  1170  5955  9520  9725
              2230-2330 on  6060 13640

USA(non)    Frequency changes of IBB:
1330-1430 NF 12105 IRA 250 kW / 049 deg, ex 13855 RFA in Burmese
1600-1700 NF  7405 UDO 250 kW / 305 deg, ex  7435 VOA in Bangla

 MADAGASCAR   Here details of temporary replacement services from Dec.25&28:
 Radio Sweden International
 0200-0300 on 11550 HBY 350 kW / 055 deg to SEAs in Swedish/English
 2000-2100 on  9490 HBY 350 kW / 055 deg to SEAs in Swedish/English
 2100-2200 on  7425 HBY 350 kW / 190 deg to SoAf in Swedish/English

Vatican Radio
 0300-0430 on  9660 SMG 250 kW / 145 deg to EaAf in
 0330-0400 on  7360 SMG 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf in Swahili
 0430-0500 on  9660 SMG 250 kW / 170 deg to WeAf in French
 0500-0530 on  9660 SMG 250 kW / 170 deg to SoAf in English
 1600-1630 on 13765 SMG 250 kW / 169 deg to CeAf in Swahili

Voice of America
 0430-0600 on  9885 BOT 100 kW / 010 deg to SoAf in English
 0530-0630 on  7265 SAO 100 kW / 020 deg to NWAf in French Mon-Fri
 1000-1030 on 21590 BOT 100 kW / 350 deg to SoAf in Portuguese Sat/Sun
 1300-1400 on 15620 SAO 100 kW / 088 deg to EaAf in Somali
 1700-1800 on 12080 LAM 100 kW / 132 deg to SoAf in Shona/English/Ndebele
 2100-2130 on  9680 SAO 100 kW / 052 deg to WCAf in French

RFE/RL Radio Farda
 0500-0600 on 12015 BIB 100 kW / 105 deg to WeAs in Farsi

Radio Dabanga
 1630-1730 on 13800 NAU 250 kW / 150 deg to EaAf in Arabic >>> from Dec.28

Radio Netherlands Worldwide
 1400-1600 on 15595 HBY 350 kW / 095 deg to SoAs in English >> till
 1730-1800 on 11655 NAU 250 kW / 140 deg to ECAf in Dutch >>>> from Dec.28
 1800-2000 on 11655 ISS 500 kW / 138 deg to ECAf in Dutch >>>> from Dec.28
 1900-2100 on  7425 ISS 500 kW / 155 deg to SoAf in English
 2000-2100 on 11655 GUF 250 kW / 080 deg to WeAf in English
 2100-2130 on 13700 BON 250 kW / 080 deg to WeAf in Dutch
 *This has now been cancelled due to poor reception in the target area

No details for the following transmissions:
 Adventist World Radio
 0230-0330 on  3215 MDC 050 kW / 020 deg to MDC  in Malagasy
 1430-1530 on  3215 MDC 050 kW / 020 deg to MDC  in Malagasy

Radio Voice of People
 0400-0500 on 11610 MDC 050 kW / 265 deg to EaAf in English/Shona/Ndebele

Voice of Tibet
 1330-1400 on 17550 MDC 250 kW / 045 deg to SoAs in Tibetan

Democratic Voice of Burma
 1430-1530 on 17495 MDC 250 kW / 055 deg to SEAs in Burmese

Radio Dabanga
 1530-1630 on 13800 MDC 250 kW / 325 deg to EaAf in Arabic

WYFR Family Radio
 1600-1700 on  9590 MDC 250 kW / 320 deg to EaAf in Swahili
 1800-2000 on  7395 MDC 250 kW / 320 deg to EaAf in English
 1900-2100 on  6020 MDC 050 kW / 255 deg to SoAf in English

Radio Netherlands Worldwide
 1630-1700 on 13740 MDC 250 kW / 350 deg to N/ME in Dutch
 1700-1730 on  9895 MDC 250 kW / 335 deg to EaAf in Dutch
 1730-1900 on  6020 MDC 250 kW / 255 deg to SoAf in Dutch

Fiangonana Loterana
 1630-1700 on  3215 MDC 050 kW / 020 deg to MDC  in Malagasy

Deutsche Welle
 2200-2300 on  7380 MDC 250 kW / 080 deg to SEAs in Indonesian