giovedì 30 aprile 2009

Glenn Hauser logs April 29-30, 2009

** CHINA [and non]. Not only does the new Firedrake frequency 15600 block the newly discovered RHC mixing product in our mornings, Commies vs Commies, but at 2145 UT I was again hearing Firedrake on 15600, now underneath some religionist in Spanish, which would be WFYR 44 degrees to Europe at 1900-2245 including this hour in Spanish. Per Aoki, other collateral damage victims on 15600 are Iran in English at 1030-1127, and CRI in Malaysian via Kunming at 1230-1327.

East Asian conditions were excellent the morning of April 30, on 9-12 MHz but not higher: 13970 Firedrake was just barely audible at 1305, but not on 15600; and 13970 was missing at next check 1312. Perhaps the ChiCom determined that Sound of Hope was off the air by then. At 1338, FD on 9000 was good but much weaker on // 8400. Numerous CNR1 program jammers were to be found inside the 9 and 11 MHz bands, such as 9605, 9845, 11775, 11785, 12040 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Altho previously RHC English on 6000 and 6010 were found to be synchronized, they were again an echo apart with different feed routings when checked at 0528 UT April 30.

My local noise level abated, I fear only temporarily, April 30 at 1312 so I could make out RHC in Spanish on 13880, the weak leapfrog mixing product of 13680 over 13780 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. R. República`s new 9840, via UK? Survived another day without being hit by the DentroCuban Jamming Command, as still in the clear at 2145 check April 29; presumably running 2100-2300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. 9665v, April 30 at 1347, harmonious Juche music from KCBS, low het no doubt from Mongolia as confirmed by Martien Groot, Netherlands. VOM might have picked a better new frequency. VOK also inbooming in stilted English, different music on 9335 and 11710 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOLOMON ISLANDS. 9541.5, giveaway off-frequency for SIBC, making a good het with China 9540.0, April 30 at 1329 during above normal FE conditions. I was able to make out a bit of BBC English and // 9740 Singapore altho not synchronized during news headlines on the half-hour. But at 1332 they went their separate ways. I wonder which BBC stream feed SIBC is getting to relay? I also wonder why they bother as BBCWS is surely better audible on several of its own frequencies in the Pacific during these hours, but no complaints as this at least audiblizes Solomons even unto Central North America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND [and non]. 9455, R. Thailand via Udorn, April 30 at 1336 in Thai, but with co-channel QRM, off-frequency enough to make a rumble. Seems to be another Asian language! 1345 heard the QRM giving an address in USA, and YFR theme. Theme again at 1358. R. Thailand also had QRM from the Brother Scare spur on 9453 from WWRB 9385, no thanks to Dave Frantz, and as usual that was even stronger on the 9317 match. Thailand has English after 1400, but altho the co-channel was off by then, reception deteriorated, as Thailand switched from favorable 54 degree azimuth to unfavorable 132.

Per Aoki, the offender is YFR in Vietnamese via Tainan, Taiwan, 1300-1400, 100 kW at 267 degrees. So during that hour we have Taiwan and Thailand crossing beams on 9455. During the first semihour, Thailand is 54 in Japanese, then 30 in Mandarin. Taiwan transmissions are forbidden by the ChiCom to appear in HFCC, so IBB, which handles frequency management for NBT Thailand, may have assumed there is no collision. If one actually monitors the channel as far away as Oklahoma, or consults the unofficial Aoki list, one learns the truth. Perhaps IBB should also get together with the YFR frequency manager (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ZAMBIA [and non]. 13590, April 30 at 1310 a guy in English sounding rather like Keith Perron until he started going on and on about God --- i.e. CVC Lusaka at 315 degrees toward Upper Michigan. But with co-channel from something unintelligible. That must be VOR Mongolian service via Novosibirsk, as scheduled with 100 kW, 110 degrees per Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

DRM test via Burg 1575 kHz ceases

The DRM test via Burg 1575 kHz ceases "this weekend". Original press release see at

A slightly different version of this release appears at

It includes a further statement that certainly qualifies as key fact: "Due to the low number of receivers in the market a regular digital mediumwave service is not convenient at present."

No word about what will happen with 1575 kHz, but presumably it will continue with Voice of Russia in AM throughout the day.

(Kay Ludwig via dxld ml)

Un nuovo ricvitore HF AOR

Oggi navigando sul sito dell'Universal-Radio scopro che un nuovo ricevitore HF dell'inglese AOR dovrebbe essere disponibile a metà 2009. Il modello chiamato AR7070 sostituirà il modello AR 7030 (uscito di produzione) dovrebbe avere l'ultima media frequenza in DSP, il keypad e uno schermo LCD piu' grande. Ecco quello che si puo' leggere sui siti dell'Universal Radio e AOR, foto della radio ancora non se ne trovano:
The AR7070 will be a larger desktop receiver with a larger bright LCD, front keypad, final DSP IF for almost limitless filter bandwidth selection. It will have even better IP3 and even lower oscillator phase noise. We will provide additional information as soon as it is announced.
The AR7030 and AR7030-PLUS short wave receiver are no-longer in production but a few dealers still have stock.  A replacement (more expensive) model is under development, release is expected mid-2009... it is called the AR7070.

mercoledì 29 aprile 2009

New PAL AM Radio Guide Released

Pacific Asian Log AM Radio Guide
Covers the Region and now Fully
Updated and Available for FREE

The classic Pacific Asian Log of mediumwave [AM] radio stations on air across the entire region has now been updated at

Produced by Bruce Portzer in Seattle WA, this extensive radio guide covers literally thousands of AM radio stations and is hosted by the Radio Heritage Foundation.

It draws on monitoring by many volunteers across the region, as well as information directly from broadcasters so it's accurate and up to date.

You can search the database or download a pdf version for your own non-commercial use by visiting today.

Revised Entries

Many revised'll find 1,379 AM listings for China alone, plus 630 for Japan, 352 for Australia.....each entry contains up to 7 data items, so that's almost 10,000 separate bits of data for China alone!!

On 1170kHz, there are 35 stations across the region, the most powerful being DWVA Poro, Philippines with 1,000kW power, as well as KJNP North Pole [Alaska] and 2CH Sydney, Australia.

You'll find the Pacific Asian Log Radio Guide useful for business and vacation travel [just print out the stations from the countries you're visiting], radio monitoring, advertising and PR campaign media planning and much's up to date and it's free.

The Pacific Asian Log traces its origins back to radio station call lists first published in New Zealand during the 1930's, and is volunteer supported and produced as a free service for everyone.

Donate Now to Upgrade PAL

If you'd like to make a donation towards upgrading today's Radio Guides with even more information please use your VISA or Mastercard this today and just click on the donation button at All donations of NZ$5 or more are tax deductable for New Zealand taxpayers. Thank you for helping uscontinue to maintain our free services. Watch for lots more new content soon, thanks to people like you.

PBH-10 Trans-Atlantic Flight

nuovo tentativo di volo trans-atlantico effettuato con un pallone sonda attivo sulle frequenze radioamatoriali, questa volta sui 40 metri sui 7.102.55. Per maggior info

PBH-10 Trans-Atlantic Flight
Launch Window 0000-0300 30 April 2009

With much excitement, Team Project Blue Horizon (PBH) takes great pride in announcing our next flight!

Here's the latest information:

Flight Goals: Trans-Atlantic flight from USA to Europe; land the Air Vehicle in Europe; attempt world record for distance
Flight Name: PBH-10
Launch Location: Owego, NY
Launch Window: 29 April, 2000-2300 EDT (30 April, 0000-0300 UTC)
HF Frequency: 7.102.55 MHz (we're using 40 meters this time!)

For the latest information during pre-flight, launch, and flight activities please see our website

If any hams have the capability to monitor on 40 meters, please let us know by emailing us so we can include you in our communications during flight. Please be sure to include your email and a phone number where we can reach you at your ham shack.

We also plan to have a flight website with real-time updates to twitter and telemetry information posted on a map, so if you send your latitude, longitude, and call sign, we will post that information (but not your phone or email, of course) on our map for greater situational awareness and recognition.

Please also send other hams who may be interested in our flight our email and website contact information.

Thanks to all for your interest and support. We'll see you in the air and on the radio!

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK

Ricevitore DRM Uniwave

Ho appena ricevuto dalla DRM_list questa notizia riguardante il nuovo ricevitore DRM Uniwave:

Information, including the manual, on the Uniwave Di-Wave 100 DRM receiver, to be released in limited quantities in June, has now been posted at:

E' possibile scaricare il manuale e diverse informazioni sul ricevitore

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK

Glenn Hauser logs April 28-29, 2009

** CHINA [and non]. 15635, at 0616 April 29, two programs in Chinese mixing. Per Aoki, this is a R. Free Asia Chinese frequency at 0300-0700, 500 kW, 152 degrees via Irkutsk, RUSSIA, plus ChiCom jamming. I cannot be sure whether I was hearing RFA at all or just double jamming. See also USA [non] 11605.

Firedrake check April 29: At 1436, just barely audible on 13970, where we used to hear it months ago; At 1438 stronger on 15150, and even stronger on 15600, all // and presumably against inaudible Sound of Hope. At 1440 I thought I heard a couple of words spoken among all the music. At 1451, still audible on two more //, 8400 and 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. RHC must have changed their program feed routing, and/or transmitter site arrangement for English, checked at 0622 April 29. Previously, 6000 and 6010 had been an echo apart, but now they are synchronized, altho 6000 is still modulated very much less than 6010. 6000 also has a squeal audible on the low side. 6140 is also undermodulated, 6060 normal modulation, and all of them synchronized. BTW, after about four days, the outdated schedule on their redesigned website has been replaced by more or less correct one (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. Radio República added another broadcast. Tnx to tip from José Miguel Romero, Spain that it was very strong on 9840 during the 21 UT hour April 27, I started checking the frequency April 28. During the 19 UT hour, WHRI was still on it; nothing heard after 2000. At 2115-2135 I was getting R. República, only fair signal with deep fades, no jamming, so suspect UK site instead of Canada. 2200 ID with no frequency announcement, ``Entre Jóvenes`` show. Not heard at 2302 recheck. So schedule on 9840 is tentatively 2100-2300, then over to jammed 9545. I expect the jamming on 9840 will start ASAP.

Lingering jamming against R. Martí, 7365, instead bothering WHRI at 0627 April 29, ID in English with contact info atop jam pulses.

1431 April 29 on 12000, monitored RHC frequency announcement. Got most of it right, but omitted 11760, which I quickly confirmed was really on the air as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1458, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. DRM on 6125-6130-6135 outstix like a sorethumb in middle of 49m, April 29 at 0623. Surely strong enough to decode, altho listed as DW English via Sines, PORTUGAL, 0600-0700, 90 kW at 30 degrees, far from usward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 11875 in soft Indonesian talk about saxophone, then sax music, 1418 April 29; 1428 ID as RTI. Good signal in the clear. Per Aoki it`s 250 kW, 205 degrees from Tainan at 1400-1500 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. KJES, Vado NM, again audible April 29, at 1415 on 11715, YL proclaiming Biblical quotes, immediately repeated robotically by OM. Very undermodulated still, and also with SAH, which per Aoki is VOA English via Tinang, PHILIPPINES at 1400-1500, 50 kW, 220 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 9760 via Tinang, Philippines, VOA English at 1250 April 29, report on Kokomo vs auto industry cuts, 1255 USG editorial on LTTE. But marred by audio dropouts every few seconds. Standard remarx about weakest link, anyone paying attention, need for backup feeds. Same programming repeated two hours later at 1450 without the dropouts; at least they have redundancy.

11605, April 29 at 1315, a total mess, must be at least three programs mixing. Two of them would be ChiCom jamming as the only thing really scheduled is R. Free Asia in Tibetan via TINIAN, 250 kW, 309 degrees at 1300-1400. Recheck at 1414 found Vietnamese in the clear, which is also RFA, but now 250 kW, 250 degrees via Tanshui, TAIWAN, at 1400-1500, per Aoki. Moral: Tibetans should learn Vietnamese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

martedì 28 aprile 2009

SAO TOMÉ, VOA en francés, 9827 y 12077, ¿a que se debe esto?

Desconozco el motivo por el cual los servicios de la VOA en francés desde Pinheira en Sao Tomé emite fuera de frecuencia, adjunto dos logs que corroboran que algo ocurre.

SAO TOMÉ 12077 Voz de América, Pinheira, 20:03-20:10, escuchada el 28 de abril en francés a locutora con noticias y segmento de música pop, SINPO 45444

9827 Voz de América, Pinheira, 21:15-21:25, escuchada el 27 de abril en francés a locutor en conversación con invitado, noticias de Dakar, locutora con
ID, locutora anunciando E-mail y dirección web, música de sintonía, SINPO 45444

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

QSL Radio Hargeisa

R. Hargeisa 7145 KHz - Konsularische Vertretung of the Republic of Somaliland - Zedernweg 6 - 50127 Bergheim - Germania con QSL in 27 giorni. Si 0.70 Euro. 193mo country.

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia

Glenn Hauser logs April 27-28, 2009

** ALASKA. KNLS, 7355, April 28 at 1413 in English with Stories from the Bible in Contemporary English, ID; good signal. Could not hear the other transmitter in Chinese on 9795 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake, very good, and equal level on 8400 and 9000, April 27 [not 24 as in DXLD 9-036] at 1321 check, so I `enjoyed` the music for a while. At 1400 monitoring 9000, as usual went to open carrier; 1421 recheck both still going but weakening. On other occasions when both frequencies are on, one has been much weaker than the other, so something must be changing dynamically as to sites, powers and/or azimuths.

Firedrake check April 28: at 1341 fair, about same level on 8400 and 9000; at 1423 found VG Firedrake on new 15600, // weakening 9000 and 8400. At 24 past each hour the segment features a ramshorn-like instrument, slow with some pauses, then into slow drumming, before building up to breakneck percussion again. This is when one might be able to detect its victim underneath, but could not. I quickly scanned the entire 13-19 MHz range but did not find any other FD. Ron Howard has been hearing 15600 12-13 hours earlier, so it may be on long hours in response to Sound of Hope which it seems has stepped up transmissions and frequency-jumping. Keith Perron says this time of year before Tiananmen anniversary is when ChiCom jamming reaches a peak, and additional censorship is imposed on CRI programming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** HAWAII [and non]. AFN, Pearl Harbor, 10320-USB, barely audible broadcast talk as I was scanning for Firedrake, April 28 at 1416. Not // Florida 12133.5, but seemed // to equally weak 5765 Guam. Aoki lists the power for each of these as 3 kW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, yet another Tuesday with input from RRI Banjarmasin, Kalimantan. 9525 at 1320 April 28, usual features but interspersed continuity is conversation between YL in Jak(?) and OM in Banj; 1330 Focus, on the VP elexion, which is apparently separate from the presidential; 1338 a feature about Banjarmasin, but too much accent and too much noise level to make much out of it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS. RFA Tinian, 17880 was audible again in nightmiddle, April 27 at 0520 in Chinese, // 17615 but not 17640, which was in use on April 24 --- only? Could also detect a carrier on 21550, on YB-400 only with internal wire antenna during storm. April 28 around 0530, 17880 again detectable (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 9700, Monday April 27 at 1325 weak audio but a big het; seems like one carrier is on the low side. 1328 audio improved; not helped by SSB intruder around 9696. 1330 sounds like Vietnamese, anyway with ``phat-thanhs``. Per Aoki this is FEBC, 50 kW from Iba site due west in various minolity languages between 1300 and 1400 in a convoluted schedule depending on day of week. On Mondays supposed to go from Muong to Cham at 1330. Eibi says it`s Eastern Cham. Could the het be jamming? Iba may well be off-frequency. Per online listings, nothing else is intentionally scheduled on 9700 at this hour, except maybe Sofia in DRM (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. VOA, 9760, April 28 at 1405 news in English but occasional audio breakups and transmission also cut off for several seconds. Aoki shows between 13 and 15 there are two 250 kW Tinang transmitters here, one at 21 degrees usward and the other 270 degrees westward, so when one fails, VOA may still be heard more weakly (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. VOR check at 0302 UT April 28:
 7395, gone, replaced by 9735, q.v.
 9665, VOR English UNDER CRI in Spanish via Brasília, with fast rippling SAH. This is a monumental failure in frequency management, a collision going on year after year at 01-03 and 03-04, plus additional periods of open carrier from Brasil
 9735, VOR Spanish via French Guiana, very good, ex-7395
 9890, fluttery signal in Russian; scheduled earlier in English
15425, VOR English, good via Far East
Another check at 0422:
 9665, VOR in Spanish, now QRMless; apparently new, not on schedule
 9735, VOR still Spanish via GUF, not English as claimed by some downunderite during this hour
13775, VOR English, good, having switched FE site from 15425

** U S A. WEWN has made some frequency changes, upwards for summer, altho they claim that the current schedule at
went into effect March 29 --- not true! For example, new 12050 in Spanish // 11550, April 27 at 1315 with religious discussion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Haven`t heard KJES on 11715 in weeks, but there again April 28 at 1420: S9+20 signal but barely audible modulation, adult OM with catechisms in English, mixed with someone singing. Once again this seems to correlate with sporadic E opening on HF if not VHF, as WWCR 13845 was strong vs usual barely audible, and 15825 was poor vs usual inaudible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon 6090 0145 English 433 Apr 25 YL with a sermon on Sins of the People on Earth.

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton 17715 0028 English 444 Apr 26 YL with cpmments on Humor in Australia. //17775[333]Darwin and 17795[444] Shepparton.

BONAIRE Radio Japan Relay-NHK 15265 2340 Japanese 433 Apr 25 OM ancr with classical piano music. OM with comments 2349. Vocal opera music 2350. OM with comments 2358. OM with NHK ID 2359 and off the air by 0000 hrs.

CUBA Cjina Radio Intl Relay-CRI 15120 0025 Spanish 333 Apr 26 YL and OM with comments.

KORREA, North Voice of Korea 15180 0020 Spanish 333 Apr 26 YL with on going comments.

NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand Intl-RNZI 15720 0015 English 433 Apr 26 OM celebrating 32 years of marriage. Party music heard in the background.

PHILIPPINES VOA 17765 0032 Chinese 333 Apr 26 YL with comments.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Somalia: insorti chiudono radio e arrestano tre giornalisti

Gli estremisti islamici di al Shabaab, hanno arrestato tre giornalisti e chiuso l'emittente radiofonica privata per cui lavoravano. Lo rende noto un comunicato dell'Unione Nazionale dei Giornalisti somali (Nusoj) diffuso oggi a Nairobi. L'operazione degli Sbabaab, ritenuti il braccio armato somalo di al Qaida, e' avvenuta ieri a Baidoa, 245 km a nord ovest di Mogadiscio, citta' importante controllata dagli integralisti islamici. L'emittente chiusa si chima Jubba. (ANSA)

lunedì 27 aprile 2009

9827 Voz de América en francés.

SAO TOMÉ 9827 Voz de América, Pinheira, 21:15-21:25, escuchada el 27 de abril en francés a locutor en conversación con invitado, noticias de Dakar, locutora con ID, locutora anunciando E-mail y dirección web, música de sintonía, SINPO 45444

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

Logs: 6600 Voice of The People, audio.

ARMENIA 7530 Radio Free North Korea, Yerevan-Gavar, 19:03-19:06, escuchada el 26 de abril en coreano a locutora con comentarios, SINPO 34443

COREA 6600 Voice of The People, Kyonggi-do, 20:50-20:55, escuchada el 27 de abril en coreano, locutora con comentarios y segmento música de opera, SINPO 22322



6220 Mystery Radio, 18:48-18:58, escuchada el 26 de abril con emisión de música disco dance de los años 70 y 80, "Bony M", tema pop melódico, cuña de ID, SINPO 34443

6870 Playback Int., 19:08-19:15, escuchada el 26 de abril con emisión musical, cuña de ID, música de los años 50 y 60, SINPO 45444

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

Radio Damascus : better modulation - maintenance operations - more audio recordings

Subject :

(a) better modulation levels of Radio Damascus' shortwave transmitters planned by the engineering department
(b) short break in shortwave for maintenance operations at Radio Damascus' shortwave transmitters
(c) audio recordings for all language sections of Radio Damascus online

Dear Radio Friends

The audio recording of the daily program of Radio Damascus is now online for all language sections (English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Hebrew).
Before only the English and German programs were available but since today the other language sections followed.

You can find all the recordings by going directly here :

The German program can also be downloaded on the platform on this location :

(choose the country "Syrien" from the drop down menu on the left side)

And the Spanish section has an alternative download site here :

And I have some other great news. I received today an email from my dear friends at Radio Damascus that the engineer in charge of the shortwave transmitters
is aware of the terrible modulation problem and will take measures to raise the modulation level with priority.

My friends at Radio Damascus also informed me that starting April 28th, there will be a short break in the shortwave transmissions from Damascus to perform
some maintenance work on the transmitters (maybe this is related to the modulation operations). They will try to keep the interruption of the shortwave transmissions
as short as possible, so it should only take a short while!

If the shortwave transmitters are down, you can still listen to Radio Damascus through the audio recordings on the internet or in digital audio quality on the
different satellite feeds :

Hot Bird at 13.0°E : 12380 Mhz
Nilesat at 7.0°W : 11823 Mhz
Badr / Arabsat at 26.0°E : 12054 Mhz

Here once again the full schedule of Radio Damascus :

1600-1700 UTC/GMT Turkish daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
1700-1800 UTC/GMT Russian daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
1800-1900 UTC/GMT German daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
1900-2000 UTC/GMT French daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
2000-2100 UTC/GMT English daily on satellite
2100-2200 UTC/GMT English daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite
2200-2300 UTC/GMT Spanish daily 9.330 Khz, 12.085 Khz and satellite

783 Khz Mediumwave :
1600 - 1830 UTC/GMT Hebrew
1830 - 1900 UTC/GMT Russian

The Radio Damascus staff does highly value when you write to them with your commentaries about the programs or reception reports about the transmissions and you will get in return a nice postcard to confirm the reception (QSL-card) and a program schedule.

Their address is :
Radio Damascus
P.O. Box 4702
Syrian Arab Republic
email : or (RTV Arabic Website) (audio recordings) (alternative download site for the German program) (alternative download site for the Spanish program) (RTV English Website)




DX MIX NEWS # 570                                             27 April 2009
BELGIUM(non)    TDP change effective Apr.26:
Addis Dimts Radio in Amharic:
1600-1700 on 15195 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaAf Sun, cancelled

BULGARIA    New schedule of BNR's EURANET in English(only) from April 18:
0900-0930 on 11900 SOF 050 kW / 306 deg to WeEu in DRM mode, Sat/Sun only
All other transmissions are cancelled!

CHINA    New unregistered frequency of China Radio International in German:
1800-1957 NF  7395 KAS 500 kW / 308 deg, instead of registered 9755
          \\ 11650 URU 500 kW / 308 deg and 11775 KAS 500 kW / 308 deg

ECUADOR    New schedule of HCJB Global in Spanish and German in DRM mode:
2000-2200 on 15280 QUI 004 kW / 043 deg, ex 1100-1300 on same, not 11625

GERMANY(non)    Frequency and time change of BBC/DW in English from Apr.16:
1400-1700 on  5790 WOF 100 kW / 114 deg to WeEu in DRM mode, ex 15-17
1400-1600 NF 15640 SIN 090 kW / 040 deg to WeEu in DRM mode, ex 15780

GERMANY(non)    Some Media Broadcast's frequency changes:
Bible Voice Broadcasting Network (BVBN):
0030-0045 on  9815 WER 250 kW / 075 deg to SoAs Bengali Sat/Sun, cancelled
1400-1500 NF 17805 WER 250 kW / 090 deg to SoAs English Sat/Sun, x 15680 ISS
1530-1600 on 17650 ISS 100 kW / 120 deg to EaAf Tigrinya Wed, cancelled

Adventist World Radio (AWR):
0300-0330 NF  7270 WER 250 kW / 135 deg to EaAf Oromo, ex 9845 from Apr.25

WYFR Family Radio, additional txions:
1400-1500 on 15715 WER 500 kW / 090 deg to SoAs in English from Apr.21
1800-1900 on 13830 WER 250 kW / 180 deg to WCAf in English from Apr.28

Voice of Oromia Liberation Front in Oromo to EaAf:
1600-1630 NF 11975 JUL 100 kW / 130 deg Sun/Tue/Thu, ex 15670 \\ 11760 JUL

UNIDentified station to SoAs:
1600-1700 on 11885 WER 125 kW / 090 deg Sat from Apr.25

Polish Radio Warsaw in English:
1700-1800 NF  9790 ISS 100 kW / 025 deg to NoEu, ex 9555
          \\  7265 WER 040 kW / 300 deg to WeEu DRM mode

RUSSIA    Frequency change for Voice of Russia in Spanish from Apr.16:
0100-0500 NF  9735 GUF 250 kW / 318 deg to CeAm, ex 7395

RUSSIA    Additional frequencies for Voice of Russia in German to WEu in AM
1500-1900 on  7330 KLG 120 kW / 245 deg
          \\ 12010 SAM 240 kW / 285 deg

SERBIA   New summer A-09 schedule of International Radio Serbia from Apr.13
1800-1828 on  6100#BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Russian
1830-1858 on  6100#BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu English
1900-1928 on  6100#BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Spanish
1930-1958 on  6100#BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Serbian Sun-Fri
1930-2028 on  6100#BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Serbian Sat
2000-2028 on  6100 BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu German  Sun-Fri
2030-2058 on  6100 BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu French
2100-2128 on  6100 BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu English
0000-0028 NF  9675*BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to NCAm Serbian Mon-Sat
0000-0058 NF  9675*BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to NCAm Serbian Sun
0030-0058 NF  9675*BIJ 250 kW / 310 deg to NCAm English Mon-Sat
0100-0128 NF  9675*BIJ 250 kW / 325 deg to NoAm English
# co-ch Radio Bulgaria in Bulgarian 1800-2000 to WeEu and ME
* ex 9580 to avoid RRI in English 0000-0056; CRI in English from 0100

TURKEY    Frequency change for Voice of Turkey in Azerbaijani from Apr.26:
1530-1627 NF  7290 CAK 250 kW / 087 deg, ex 9530*EMR 500 kW / 090 deg
* to avoid Radio Liberty in Russian

U.K.(non)    Frequency changes of BBC:
1500-1700 on  7385 MEY 500 kW / 005 deg English, x 1500-1900
1700-1900 NF  7385 MEY 250 kW / 005 deg English, x 7385*
1800-1830 NF 17660 ASC 250 kW / 070 deg French, x 17640#
* to avoid CRI in Chinese 1730-1827
# to avoid CVC in Portuguese in DRM

U.K.(non)    Some VTCommunications changes:
North Korea Reform Radio in Korean to North Korea:
1300-1330 NF  9950 TAI 100 kW / 002 deg, ex 9795/9940/9965

FEBA Radio in Bangla to SoAs:
1500-1530 NF  7395 TAC 100 kW / 131 deg, ex 7370

Voice of Biafra International in English to WeAf:
1900-2000 on 12050 SKN 300 kW / 160 deg Daily, addit.frequency
1900-2000 NF 17520 HRI 250 kW / 087 deg Fri, ex 21-22 on 11885

Zimbabwe Community Radio in Ndebele/English/Shona to Zimbabwe:
2000-2100 NF  5950 DHA 250 kW / 210 deg, ex 5995 to avoid R.Mali in Fr/Ar??

USA(non)    Frequency changes of IBB:
1200-1230 NF 17730 IRA 250 kW / 334 deg, x 11780 BIB RL  Kyrghyz
1200-1300 NF  9585 LAM 100 kW / 085 deg, x 17730 LAM RL  Russian
1200-1300 NF  9490 SAI 100 kW / 320 deg, x 11625 SAI VOA Korean
1400-1500 on  5835 TIN 250 kW / 279 deg, addit.freq. RFA Cantonese
1400-1500 NF  7550 PHT 250 kW / 200 deg, x 13620 PHT VOA Indonesian Thu-Sat
1400-1600 NF  7545 PHT 250 kW / 270 deg, x  7430 TIN VOA English
1400-1500 NF 13645 RMP 500 kW / 085 deg, x 11735 BIB RL  Russian
1500-1600 NF  9485 PHT 250 kW / 349 deg, x  9590 TIN VOA Special English
1500-1530 NF 12075 BIB 100 kW / 063 deg, x 11760 BIB RL  Tatar Bashkir
1530-1600 NF  9405 IRA 250 kW / 299 deg, x 11760 IRA VOA Persian
1600-1630 NF 11600 BIB 100 kW / 075 deg, x 11790 BIB RL  Tatar Bashkir
1700-1730 on 15390 GB  250 kW / 174 deg, addit.txion VOA Creole Wed only
1700-1730 on 17565 GB  250 kW / 174 deg, addit.txion VOA Creole Wed only
1700-1800 NF  9840 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg, x  5860 UDO VOA Persian
1730-1800 NF  5820 BIB 100 kW / 105 deg, x  7235 BIB VOA Azerbaijani
1800-1900 NF  5820 BIB 100 kW / 063 deg, x  9820 LAM RL  Russian
1800-1900 NF  9855 WER 250 kW / 105 deg, x  5820 LAM RL Radio Farda Persian
1900-2000 NF  9780 UDO 250 kW / 316 deg, x  9670 UDO VOA Special English

New schedule of VOA Deewa Radio in Pashto from Apr.19:
1200-1800 on  7495 IRA 250 kW / 340 deg, ex 1300-1900
1200-1230 on  9310 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg, ex 1300-1900
1230-1300 on  9310 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg, ex 1300-1900
1300-1700 on  9310 IRA 250 kW / 334 deg, ex 1300-1900
1700-1800 on  9310 KWT 250 kW / 078 deg, ex 1300-1900
1200-1800 on  9380 UDO 250 kW / 311 deg, ex 1300-1900
1200-1500 on  9780 IRA 250 kW / 340 deg, ex 1300-1900
1500-1700 on  9780 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg, ex 1300-1900
1700-1800 on  9780 WER 250 kW / 090 deg, ex 1300-1900

New schedule of VOA Aap Ki Dunyaa in Urdu from Apr.19:
0000-0100 on  7460 KWT 250 kW / 086 deg, ex 0100-0200 on same IRA
0000-0100 on  9515 IRA 250 kW / 332 deg, ex 0100-0200 on same UDO
1300-1400 NF 11835 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg, ex 1400-1500 on 7480 KWT
1300-1400 on 15725 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg, ex 1400-1500 on same IRA

USA    Frequency change of WYFR Family Radio in Arabic/French/English:
0500-0845 NF  9385 YFR 100 kW / 087 deg to WeAf, ex 9340

USA    frequncy change of WEWN:
1100-1500 NF 12050 EWN 250 kW / 155 deg to SoAm in Spanish, ex 11520
1500-1700 on 11520 EWN 250 kW / 155 deg to SoAm in Spanish, ex 11-17
1200-1500 NF 11530 EWN 250 kW / 355 deg to SEAs in English, ex  9340

VATCAN    Frequency change of Vatican R. in Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam,English:
0200-0330 NF  9310 SMG 250 kW / 086 deg, ex 9545
          \\ 12070 SMG 250 kW / 098 deg

ZAMBIA   Updated A-09 for Christian Voice via LUS=Lusaka:
English and local Bemba/Tonga/Lozi to South and Central Africa
0600-1700 on  6065 LUS 100 kW / non-dir, ex 0600-1600
1700-0600 on  4965 LUS 100 kW / non-dir, ex 1600-0600


Il 16 ottobre 2008 la Commissione europea aveva avviato nei confronti dell'Italia una procedura d'infrazione per ostacoli ingiustificati e sproporzionati alla libera circolazione dei ricevitori radio della radiodiffusione sonora, lamentando la violazione degli articoli 28-30 del Trattato dell'Unione europea

La normativa statale italiana sottoposta all'esame degli organismi comunitari di Bruxelles è quella in materia di frequenze radio utilizzabili in Italia dagli apparecchi riceventi le trasmissioni della radiodiffusione sonora (in lingua inglese denominata broadcasting), dettata dai decreti dell'allora Ministro delle Poste e Telecomunicazioni datati 25 giugno 1985 e 27 agosto 1987. Decreti confermati e mantenuti sino ad oggi in vigore dal successivo decreto ministeriale 28 agosto 1995, n. 548.

Con lettera del 31 marzo 2009 la Commissione europea ha informato il denunciante Giorgio Marsiglio che le autorità italiane si dichiarano intenzionate ad abrogare tutte le disposizioni denunciate (limitazione delle frequenze e dichiarazione di conformità obbligatoria sul manuale di istruzioni degli apparecchi) se i ricevitori radio sono conformi alle disposizioni sulla compatibilità elettromagnetica armonizzate a livello comunitario dalla direttiva 2004/108/CE.

Il denunciante - osservando che il Governo italiano faceva riferimento non tanto alla direttiva comunitaria ma alla propria normativa d'attuazione (D.lgs. 194/2007) per alcuni aspetti difforme da quella comunitaria - ha invitato gli organismi comunitari alla cautela, ricordando che il diritto comunitario osta - senza dubbio alcuno - ad una eventuale pretesa dello Stato italiano di sottoporre i radioricevitori broadcasting (importati o acquistati fuori del territorio italiano ma regolarmente marcati CE) ad una ulteriore valutazione di conformità ai dettami del D.lgs. 194/2007.

La Commissione ha però risposto che valuterà l'esatta formulazione delle disposizioni legislative proposte, quando sarà presentato per parere un progetto avanzato o quando la normativa entrerà in vigore. In assenza di prove contrarie, la Commissione non ha motivo di ritenere che le autorità italiane intendono introdurre obblighi di controlli nuovi o inutili che si sovrappongono ai controlli già effettuati in altri Stati membri a norma della direttiva 2004/108/CE.


- per visualizzare lo stato della procedura presso il "Dipartimento per le Politiche comunitarie" della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri: digitando la parola chiave "ricevitori radio"

- per visualizzare il testo della denuncia:

- per visualizzare la lettera dell'Unione europea:

- per visualizzare le osservazioni del denunciante:^_osservazioni_risposta.htm

- per visualizzare il sito "Il diritto al radioascolto":

- per contatti con il denunciante:

Il Vaticano avrà l'impianto solare più grande d'Europa

Il Vaticano avrà l'impianto fotovoltaico più grande del mondo ed il progetto è ormai alle fasi finali di studio. I lavori, se ogni nodo verrà sciolto positivamente, dovrebbero partire entro due-tre mesi per poi durare dai tre ai quattro anni. Il prezzo dell'impianto sarà di 500 milioni di euro. I pannelli fotovoltaici verranno installati a Santa Maria Galeria, nel terreno della Santa Sede che ospita gli impianti della Radio Vaticana. Già lo scorso autunno, dopo il collaudo dell'impianto a pannelli solari dell'Aula Paolo VI in Vaticano, venne annunciata la futura creazione di un impianto analogo per Santa Maria Galeria, che nel 2014 porterebbe il Vaticano ad avere l'impianto di immagazzinamento di energia solare più grande d'Europa. Un progetto che costerà alle casse dello Stato della Città del Vaticano circa 500 milioni di euro e verrà affidato alla tedesca Solarworld AG, azienda specializzata nella costruzione di pannelli solari. Produrrà un quantitativo di energia pari a 100 MegaWatt, necessari non solo a soddisfare il bisogno dell'impianto radio, ma anche dell'intero stato e di circa 40mila abitazioni: il surplus verrà quindi venduto all'Italia.


News about the live transmission on the Internet for Radio Romania International. You can listen to the RRI programmes on the site in several formats, with various data transfer speeds, therefore with various sound qualities. We thus try to diversify the means by which you can access the RRI broadcasts as much as possible, meeting your expectations. Our programmes are available in Windows Media Audio format (WMA) at 64 and 128 kilobits per second respectively, in MP3 format at 64 and 128 kilobits per second respectively and in AAC+ format at 48 and 64 kilobits per second respectively.

Fiera del radioamatore di Podenone

Ottimi risultati per la fiera del radioamatore di Podenone con ben 35000 visitatori. Ne ha parlato anche il notiziario regionale Friuli Venezia Giulia della RAI, una clip nella galleria audio di

819 27/4 1638 RAI Radio 1, Trieste - Nx Friuli Venezia Giulia " speciale fiera del Radioamatore PN" It 34333 NMA

Nino Marabello / Treviso
ANT: interna a ferrite a 80°

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

AUSTRALIA   Radio Australia-Shepparton   13630  2240  English  333  Apr 21  YL and OM in a conversation with a YL laughing often. //15230[333].

CUBA   Radio Nacional Venezuela Relay-RNV   11670  2212  Spanish  444  Apr 21  OM with an ID as RNV followed by a YL with comments. OM with more comments 2215.

ECUADOR   HCJB Global   12000  2225  Spanish  333  Apr 21  OM with comments plus another OM with comments, Off the air at 2229.

ECUADOR   HCJB Global   12040  2230  German  433  Apr 21  OM with s/on and into comments. Then some piano and choir music.

JAPAN   Radio Japan-NHK   13640  2247  Japanese  433  Apr 21  YL with comments. OM with comments 2248 plus a YL with him. Instrumental music 2249.

PORTUGAL   Voice of Germany Relay-DW   11865  2222  German  333  Apr 21  YL and OM with comments.

SAIPAN   Radio Free Asia-RFA   11785  2218  Cantonese  333  Apr 21  OM with comments.

SAIPAN  KFBS   12090  2235  Vietnamese  333  Apr 21  YL with vocal music.
OM with comments by 2237.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Ascolti da Milano

Qualche ascolto (recente e meno..) da Milano downtown...

9625 1630 26/04 BBC Kranji, sport, EE. Good.
9730 1630 26/04 V.o.Vietnam, Hanoi, sign-on, ID, Russian. Fair.
11500 1530 26/04 r. Dabanga, Madagascar, sign-on, ID, TK, VV. Fair.
11675 1530 26/04 r.Canada Int., via Kunming, ID, TK, EE. Fair.
11690 0540 10/04 r.Okapi, Meyerton, afro mx, FF. Good.
11730 1530 26/04 CVC Darwin, mx, ID, news, EE. Fair.
12150 1530 26/04 V.O.A. Irana Wila, ID, news, EE. Poor.
15190 1615 26/04 r.Africa, Bata, female TK, EE. Poor.
15195 1519 26/04 WHRI, Cypress, religiuos TK, EE. Good.
15235 1600 26/04 Channel Africa, Meyerton, ID, "Bonjour Afrique", FF. Good.
15235 2033 26/04 R.Canada Int. Sackville, mailbag, EE. Very Good.
15410 1600 26/04 CVC Santiago, ID, mx, PP. Fair.
15420 2030 26/04 WBCQ Monticello, preachers, EE. Fair.
15610 1600 26/04 WEWN Vandiver, ID, QRG, mx, EE. Good.
15660 1600 26/04 V.o.Africa, Sabrata, ID, news, FF. Good.
15825 1600 26/04 WWCR, Nashville, ID, mass in Latinenglish, EE. Good.
17605 2101 11/04 R.Nederlands, Bonaire, TK, Dutch. Fair.
17620 2056 11/04 R.France Int., Montsinery, mx prg., FF. Good.
17630 2103 11/04 R.France Int., Montsinery, news, ID, SS. Fair.
17745 1510 26/04 Sudan Radio Service, via Sines, political TK, EE. Very Good.

Michele D'Amico IZ2EAS

Technical details of the equipment on this side:
- Receivers:
   Modern:  Persues, Drake R8E, Icom IC-R72, DE1103
   Vintage: BC348R, Satellit 210
- Antenna: just a random peice of wire, 7 metres long

domenica 26 aprile 2009

Miraya FM

15650 Miraya FM, via Rimavska Sobota, *1505-1515, April 26, Vernacular, News by male, short music at 1510,  tlk by other speaker, SINPO: 34433
Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina

Glenn Hauser logs April 24-26, 2009

** BIAFRA [non]. Only had time for a quick check on the portable of 17520, Friday April 24 at 1952, and could barely detect a signal there, presumably still V. of Biafra International for the third week in a row. Not on 15665 or 11885, anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake check April 25 at 1315: yes on 9000, no on 8400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA [and non]. Looking for V. of Russia English to the Americas, UT April 25. Not much making it after 0100 --- trace on 9890, not 9665, and no 9480 which is on some skeds, presumably intended to be German relay like A-08. After 0200, 9480 not heard either, but there was a trace on 15425, couldn`t be sure it was VOR English, presumably from FE site, and much weaker than RTI via WYFR 15440. It would help if VOR/RUVR would put up accurate, complete and non-contradictory skeds on its own website. By 0600, unlike the night before when even 21 MHz had a signal, everything above 10 MHz was dead (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGESTS)

** U S A [non]. VOA Indonesian, 9945, Saturday April 25 at 1405 with rapid DJ, bits of interview with a female pop artiste in English, before voice-overs in Indonesian, still past 1430 and at 1432 a bit of Sousa. Per Aoki this is Thu-Fri-Sat only:
9945 VOICE OF AMERICA 1400-1500 567 Indonesian 250 200 Tinang PHL 12037E 1521N IBB a09 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. Another Sunday with no trace of Aló Presidente via Cuba on new listed 12010, or any of the other frequencies, at 1600 UT check April 26 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. 6300, R. Nacional de la RASD, already on at 0600 April 25 with anthem by amateur/military band, 0601 sign-on in Arabic, but modulation just barely audible, then into its peculiar version of Qur`aning at full modulation (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Pavanello's last log

 1062   25/4 1650 RAI R1 - Cagliari IT NX reg Sardegna buono
 1390   25/4 0405 WEGP - Presque Isle EE talk OM suff
 1500   25/4 0420 WFED - Washington EE NX buono
 1510   25/4 0400 WWZN - Boston EE predica suff
 1570   25/4 0410 CFAV - Laval FF MX suff
 1584   24/4 2120 R Olè - Ceuta SS MX buono
 1636   25/4 2310 R Barcelona - Dutch ID e MX suff
 1648   24/4 2115 R Mustang - Dutch ID e MX buono
 1655   18/4 2250 R Napoleon - Dutch ID e MX buono
 1680   25/4 0415 WOKB - Winter Garden EE MX buono
 3905   24/4 2100 Continental R - Dutch ID e MX buono
 3930   25/4 2340 R Piepzender - Dutch ID e MX buono
 5000   25/4 0430 WWV - Fort Collins EE ID e pip pip suff
 5815   26/4 0730 Orion R - EE ID e MX buono
 5910   25/4 0435 Marfil Estereo - Bogotà  SS MX buono
 5940   20/4 2130 CVC 1Africa - Lusaka EE ID buono
 6220   26/4 0800 R Marabù - EE ID e MX buono
 6290   26/4 0740 R Quintus - EE MX suff
 6378   26/4 0750 R Marconi - EE ID e MX suff
 7850   21/4 2150 CHU - Ottawa EE/FF Id e pip pip suff
 9630   24/4 2100 R Aparecida - PP Voz do Brasil suff
10000   21/4 2200 BPM - Linshan Cinese ID e pip pip buono
11780   20/4 2110 R Nac Amazonia - Brasilia PP intervista buono
11815   20/4 2105 R Brasil Central - Goiania Pp NX suff

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia

Log radar HF

Ecco un log di segnali decisamente particolari che ho ricevuto stamattina, ore 10:00 locali qui a Ginevra. Si tratta di Radar HF che si possono visualizzare bene usando un ricevitore SDR, io uso il Perseus. Per chi non li ha mai ricevuti puo' dare un'occhiata a questa pagina:

Dove ci sono dei segnali sia in forma audio che in forma di visualizzazione grafica. Ecco quello che c'era stamattina:

19570 khz - Sweep di 20 Khz, segnale forte - Radar HF di Cipro probabilmente
19713 khz - Sweep di 10 khz, segnale intermittente
18778 khz - segnale "multiforme", sweep e toni digitali
17197 khz - segnale "multiforme" - penso sia una ionosonda o qualcosa di simile , il segnale e' come questo
16603 khz - sweep di 10 khz, segnale basso
12679 khz - Sweep di 10 Khz, segnale forte - - Radar HF di Cipro probabilmente
12485 khz - Sweep di 10 khz, segnale abbastanza basso

sabato 25 aprile 2009


La Rosa de Tokyo, el programa semanal de DX y medios de comunicación irradiado a través de LS11 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires (AM1270 Khz; y una importante red de emisoras de frecuencia modulada, amplitud modulada y onda corta de la Argentina y el resto del  mundo) estará dedicado este fin de semana a la radiodifusión en Argelia.

No se pierdan los registros sonoros históricos con los cuales se "ilustrará" el programa.

La Rosa de Tokyo se irradia los sábados  desde las 0900 hasta las 1000 hora de la Argentina (1200 a 1300 horas UTC).- De esta forma, la emisión no estará afectada por  las transmisiones deportivas de la emisora en las cuales se siguen las  campañas de los equipos platenses de primera división.

Omar Somma y Arnaldo Slaen

venerdì 24 aprile 2009

Radio Gloria International this Sunday

Date 26TH of April 2009,
Time 0900 to 1000 UTC

Channel 6140 KHz

The transmissions of Radio Gloria will be broadcast over the transmitting station Wertachtal in Germany.

The transmitter power will be 100 000 Watts, and we will be using a non-directional antenna system (Quadrant antenna).

Good listening
73s Tom

Escuchas Clandestinas y domésticas del 24 de abril.

RUSIA 7325 Adygeyskoye Radio, Krasnodar, 17:21-17:28, escuchada el 24 de abril en adigués, a locutora con comentarios en programa musical, emisión de música pop melódica, SINPO 33443

SUDAN 7200 Radio Omdurman, Al Fitahab, 17:40-17:44, escuchada el 24 de abril en idioma árabe a locutor con comentarios, referencias a Sudan, SINPO 35433


ALEMANIA 13830 Radio Oromiyaa Liberatión, Juelich, 17:30-17:33, escuchada el 24 de abril en idioma oromo, comienza emisión con sintonía, locutor con ID, segmento musical, la señal es pobre, a las 17:31 comienza emisión extraña señal, ¿jammer?, la emisión queda totalmente atorada, SINPO 21331

ARGELIA 6300 Radio Nacional Saharaui, Rabouni, 17:45-17:50, escuchada el 24 de abril en idioma árabe o hasanía a locutor con comentarios, referencias a "Saharaui y Ameriquía", posible boletín de noticias con titulares separado de segmento musical, SINPO 35433

EMIRATOS ÁRABES 9590 Sudan Radio Service, Dhabbaya, 17:05-17:10, escuchada el 24 de abril, probablemente en idioma Shiluk a locutor con comentarios, referencias a "Sudan, Darfur, Obama y ¿Guinea?", SINPO 44444

ETIOPÍA 7165 Voice of Peace and Democracy??, Addis Ababa-Gedja, 18:09-18:21, escuchada el 24 de abril en tigrilla a locutor con comentarios, emisión en paralelo por 9560, segmento de música folklórica local, SINPO 35443

Existe cierta confusión con este servicio entre Aoki y el EiBi de vu. En el Aoki se presenta cómo servicio en Somalí de Radio Etiopía, sin embargo en Eibi cómo Óbice of Peace and Democracy.

MADAGASCAR 11500 Radio Dabanga, Talata-Volondry, 17:15-17:20, escuchada el 24 de abril en dialecto sudanés sin identificar a locutora con comentarios, ID "Radio Dabanga", conversaciones con corresponsales, referencias a "Darfur, Sudanés", SINPO 44444

MOLDAVIA 7480 Radio Payam e-Doost, Kishinev-Grigoriopol, 18:00-18:04, escuchada el 24 de abril en farsi, antes de empezar emisión y cuando aún no había terminado el servicio en georgiano de VOA comienza tono de llamada, la emisión empieza con música de sintonía y locutora con ID, a continuación una pieza musical interpretada por una cantante, me parece entender "Moisé Moisé", comentarios, SINPO 45544

REINO UNIDO 12035 SW Radio África, Rampisham, 17:51-17:54, escuchada el 24 de abril en inglés a locutora con entrevista a invitado, referencias a Zimbabwe, SINPO 44444

RUSIA 15350 Radio Xoriyo Ogadenia, Samara, 17:00-17:04, escuchada el 24 de abril en somalí, comienza emisión con música de sintonía, locutor con presentación e identificación, anuncia Internet, a las 17:02 comienza emisión de extraña señal, ¿jamming?, en paralelo por 17870, SINPO 22332

15350 Voice of Meselna-Delina, Samara, 17:35-17:38, escuchada el 24 de abril en idioma tigrilla a locutora con comentarios, segmento musical, tema étnico africano con cánticos e intrumentos de percusión, SINPO 24432

UCRANIA 11530 Dengue Mezopotamya, 17:11-17:14, escuchada el 24 de abril en idioma kurdo a locutor con comentarios, posible boletín de noticias, SINPO 25432

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

Glenn Hauser logs April 22-24, 2009

** AUSTRALIA. Among several signals, mostly in Chinese audible in the middle of the night on 16m, April 24 at 0558 was something weak on 17830. Per Aoki, this must be CVC Darwin, 250 kW, 340 degrees, 0400-1000 in Chinese.

Also had RA weakly in English on 17750, 0601 April 24 with news from USA, // better 15240. 17750 is Shepparton, 100 kW, 329 degrees at 2330-0800 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS [and non]. Spring is here --- middle of the night opening on 16 meters from R. Free Asia in Chinese, April 24 at 0557 on 17640. At first I figured it was ChiCom jamming with the CNR1 program, which is certainly in use, but then I found two // frequencies, except they were 1 or 2 seconds displaced, typical behavior of the IBB sites to even out power consumption. And no echoes on any single frequency.

At 0601 April 24 on 17880, same Chinese program as 17640 but stronger and about two seconds ahead of it.

Emboldened by such propagation, I headed for 13 meters even tho it was around local midnight. And was rewarded by yet another signal, on 21550. Quite weak but // 17880 and 17640 altho displaced, about one second ahead of 17880. What does PWBR `2009` say? Nothing anywhere at any time shown on 21550.

Per Aoki listings here is what I was hearing:
17640, RFA Tinian, 0300-0600, 295 degrees starting April 24! It is not yet on RFA`s own schedule:
17880, RFA Saipan, 0300-0600, 310 degrees [but on later]
21550, RFA Tinian, 0300-0700, 304/303 degrees

But all are jammed. I am fairly positive in this case I was hearing the NMI transmitters, and because of much higher latitude path, the jammers were not making it here.

As if to compensate for this, 16m was late opening after sunrise April 24: still almost dead at 1252, with trace of Chile on 17680; 1328 starting to pick up with only poor signals from that plus 17595 Spain and 17800 Portugal.

Nothing unusual at 0600 per SWPC, unless a SF hitting a hefty 71 made all the difference. More pertinent is the increasing summer sun in the northern hemisphere.

Solar-terrestrial indices for 23 April follow.
Solar flux 71 and mid-latitude A-index 1.
The mid-latitude K-index at 0600 UTC on 24 April was 1 (8 nT).
The mid-latitude K-index at 1200 UTC on 24 April was 1 (9 nT).
No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.
No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours.

** RUSSIA. VOR`s only A09 frequency in English to NAm at 0400-0600 is 13775. Mostly it had been inaudible to just barely audible here, but April 24 it was finally propagating, as I tuned in just before closing: fairly good at 0556 with music, 0558 perky YL with sorta British accent signing off NAm service, to return at 2200 on 31 meters. Service to Europe and Australia would continue now; just gave meter bands and in the case of Europe, Mwavelengths. What century are they living in? Or is their target audience the dwindling number of people with old radios calibrated only in meters? And I use the term `calibrated` loosely, as such terminology is quite inaccurate.

As for 13775, the original VOR A09 sked showed it in English only at 0400-0600, as does EiBi, but Aoki now shows it at 0100-0600, all 250 kW, 50 degrees via Vladivostok-Tavrich site at 131-54E, 43-20N. So is 13775 really on air now from 0100? RUVR`s own schedule at
still shows 13775 as 04-06 only, but there were reports that VOR would be adding more SW frequencies due to numerous listener complaints. This led me to check 15, 17, and even 21 MHz with positive results (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15380, with Qur`an, poor but no buzz, April 24 at 1329. This is the Holy Qur`an Service, at 12-14, 500 kW, 310 degrees from Riyadh (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [non]. 15170 via Costa Rica, reconfirmed REE is still carrying news in co-official languages, as Friday April 24 at 1254 concluding news of Basque country presented in Castilian. Should be M-F 1240-1255 in Catalan, Galician and Basque [really mostly Castilian as a security measure?], despite this schedule
showing something called ``Fuero Propio`` in the 1230-1300 semihour. My dixionary says Fuero means a compilation of laws or a municipal charter, so possibly this an oblique way of referring to the legal obligation to air token broadcasts in minority languages? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. 6300, LV de la RASD, via Algeria, April 24 at 0608 with chanting, which certainly sounds Qur`anish, but quite unlike what we hear from closer to Mecca; is such variation allowed? By 0611 had finished that and started an exhortative speaker (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 17850, *0559 April 24 Chinese talk over ``Diamonds`` commercial theme music, while I was getting R. Free Asia, NMI and Australia on other 16m channels, 17850 with a better signal than any of them. Nothing listed here in the online schedules, nor on 17845 or 17855 in case I misread frequency on FRG-7 analog dial, which has a parallax problem in this range, but I don`t think so. Could be CNR1 jammer against unknown target (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Alemania: 11770 Xradio Tambov (CVC), ruso.

ALEMANIA 11770 Xradio Tambov (CVC), Juelich, 12:05-12:25, escuchada el 24 de abril en ruso a locutor con comentarios y conversación con invitado en programa musical, posible ID, emisión de música pop rock, larga entrevista a invitado, SINPO 45544

*Emisión en paralelo por Internet por

La web de esta emisora que emite por FM es:

Anuncia emisiones por Onda Corta con horario de Moscú (UTC +4??):

1600-2000 11770
2000-2200 13640
2200-2400 11945

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

La memoria storica dell'Italcable

Ho aggiornato il mio sito HF archive con nuove immagini d'epoca dei centri radio HF dell'Italcable, ecco i link:

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK

giovedì 23 aprile 2009

Trasmissioni speciali DRM di TDF

TDF will perform DRM transmissions to Mexico City from Montsinery on 23 and 24 April as follows:

  • 17545 kHz: 1359-1558 UTC
  • 21620 kHz: 1559-2058 UTC
  • 17545 kHz: 2059-2258 UTC
  • 15525 kHz: 2259-0050 UTC

Transmitter =  150 kW RMS
Antenna = AHR 4/4
Azimuth = 292°
Modulation = RFI
Label = < TDF Montsinery >

Andrea Borgnino IW0HK - HB9EMK

mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

Media, USA: bloccare radio e siti taleban

Gli Usa hanno lanciato iniziative in Afghanistan e Pakistan per impedire ai Talebani di usare stazioni radio e siti web. I ribelli usano questi strumenti per intimidire la popolazione civile e organizzare attacchi contro le forze Usa e della Nato. Pentagono e intelligence tentano di bloccare con sistemi elettronici le trasmissioni radio dei Talebani nell'area di confine tra il Pakistan e l'Afghanistan. Inoltre, si sta cercando di bloccare anche chat room e siti internet. (ANSA)

Radio Veritas Asia celebra il suo 40° anniversario

Il 16 aprile, l'emittente cattolica Radio Veritas Asia ha celebrato il 40° anniversario dell'inizio delle sue emissioni, sul motto "Attraversando frontiere, condividendo Cristo". E' la seconda emittente al mondo per volume e portata, dopo la "Radio Vaticana"; trasmette in onda corta in 17 lingue per 20 Paesi asiatici, inclusi la Cina continentale e il Vietnam. Le celebrazioni dell'anniversario sono state inaugurate con un'Eucaristia a Manila presieduta dal presidente del Pontificio Consiglio per le Comunicazioni Sociali, monsignor Claudio M. Celli, insieme al Nunzio Apostolico nelle Filippine, due Cardinali e 17 Vescovi locali.L'origine di Radio Veritas Asia (RVA) risale al dicembre 1958, quando i delegati della Conferenza Episcopale del Sud-est asiatico decisero di avviare un'emittente, inaugurata ufficialmente a Quezon City (Filippine) l'11 aprile 1969.La promotrice della RVA è la Federazione delle Conferenze Episcopali dell'Asia (FABC), che sottolinea come la missione dell'emittente sia soprattutto quella di "portare luce e speranza dove le comunità cristiane sono emarginate o subiscono persecuzioni". La maggior parte dello sforzo produttivo è dedicato alla trasmissione di un programma di quattro ore in mandarino destinato alla Cina, che include i bollettini della "Radio Vaticana". Si emettono notizie anche in bengalese, vietnamita, birmano, hindi, tamil e urdu, tra le altre lingue. Circa il 90% degli ascoltatori, secondo dati dell'emittente, non è cristiano. Nel 25° anniversario della fondazione, nel 1995, Papa Giovanni Paolo II descrisse l'iniziativa come "una potente espressione della corresponsabilità dei Vescovi dell’Asia nell’adempiere con lungimiranza ed entusiasmo il mandato missionario della Chiesa". "Il fatto che il Vangelo venga ascoltato in così numerose lingue di questo continente fa veramente di Radio Veritas 'la voce del cristianesimo asiatico'", aggiungeva il Pontefice. (Zenit)


Roberto Pavanello nella foto con il famoso EGZ DX-10 modificato ed il + moderno ICOM-71. Oltre ad aver vinto il 3° DX Contest Suor Celestina organizzato da Stallone, ha vinto il ben + prestigioso Dx Contest Tropical Band 2009 organizzato dal Club Danese DSWCI.

I nostri complimenti ed amminirazione per gli ottimi risultati !!!

playdx team


today I got a full data QSL from "International Radio Serbia" for my report
from 13.01.2008 on 7240 khz.

Peter Vaegler
QTH: Stralsund /Germany : 13,6° E/54,10° N
RX: mod.DEGEN DE 1103
Ant: TG 34

DSWCI: Domestic Broadcasting Survey 2009

The 2009 version of our Domestic Broadcasting Survey is in preparation and will be published around May 01. You can already now send your payment, your postal address or e-mail address to our treasurer:
DSWCI, c/o Bent Nielsen, Egekrogen 14, DK 3500 Vaerloese, DENMARK
E-Mail edition:     DKK 40,00 or USD 8.00 or EUR 5,00 or GBP 5,00 or SEK 60,00 or IRC 5.
Printed edition: DKK 80,00 or USD 16.00 or EUR 10,00 or GBP 10,00 or SEK 120,00 or IRC 9.
Payment by cash notes are accepted whereas checks and postal money orders are not accepted.
DSWCI Bank is Danske Bank, 2-12 Holmens Kanal, DK-1092 Copenhagen K.
BIC/SWIFT : DABADKKK.      IBAN: DK 44 3000 4001 528459.
Danish buyers please use: Reg. 3001- konto 4001528459.
If you have EURO as national currency, you are advised to pay to our representative in Germany, Andreas Schmid.
If you want to pay via PAYPAL, please unconditionally contact Andreas Schmid at for information.
Andreas Schmid, Lerchenweg 4, D-97717 Euerdorf, Germany.
Account 2912472076 at Citibank BLZ: 30020900.  BIC: CIPRDEDD.  IBAN: DE24300209002912472076 . (Ed)

Glenn Hauser logs April 21-22, 2009

** CHINA. Firedrake, April 21 at 1325: on 8400 and weaker 9000. Firedrake, which is the name for the raucous music-only jamming, not any other audio source of Chinese jamming, is still being heard regularly here in the mornings: April 22 at 1307 on 8400, much stronger than on 9000 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. The latest from Mixing Product Central on 13 MHz: April 21 at 1414, Fidel on 13720 mixing with CRI English, i.e. leapfrog 13760 over 13740. Meanwhile from the other site, the usual leapfrogs of 13680 and 13780 over each other to land on 13580 and 13880 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190 at 1416 April 21 with screaming preacher in English, fortunately undermodulated but still plenty annoying, and who would voluntarily listen to that for content? Doesn`t matter, pays your money, maybe gets your transmission to the heathen masses of Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, for the third Tuesday in a row featuring Banjarmasin, in another historical W&M lexure, April 21 at 1341. Earlier in the hour, reports about the elexion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. Checked RTI 9735 again April 21, at 1322 in Japanese, and this time without the spurs on 9730 and 9740 that were there the day before. But they`ll be back, no doubt.

RTI 9735 spurs were back on April 22 at 1305, bothering CRI on 9730 and BBC on 9740 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 11930, Tue April 21 at 1328 talk in S Asian language I could not quite place, mixed with music past 1330. No jamming yet from Cuba; R. Martí starts at 1400 with carrier on several minutes earlier. Is PWBR `2009` any help? Of course not! In fact I seldom bother to check it any more since A-09 began; once in a while it would come up with an answer in B-08, but even so one always had to compare it to up-to-date online resources for confirmation.

Aoki shows this is TWR via Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, due south in a variety S Asian languages, many of them obscure, such as this one, Dogri, M-F at 1315-1330, while on Sat & Sun it`s Hindi at 1315-1400. No broadcasts are accounted for after 1330 on Tuesdays, nor in EiBi.

Here`s a bit about the Dogri language, not that they are itching to become Protestants, but there is allegedly a translation of the New Testament: (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** WESTERN SAHARA [non]. La Voz de la RASD, 6300 via Algeria, not heard here in some time; seems it does not sign on until a few minutes after 0600; April 22 at 0627 it was coming in well with music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 9233 approx., SSB net in American English. Only one station was occasionally readable, mentioning knots, and ``loading fish``, 0555-0600+ April 22. 9+ MHz propagation was better than usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15396.7-USB, approximately, 2-way Spanish intruder April 21 at 1336-1339+. Pretty lively continuous conversation this time, but couldn`t really copy details, presumably poachers or narcotraffickers (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

CVC La Voz will be broadcasting to Las Vegas from Santiago, Chile for the NAB event.

20th - 23rd April 2009
15:00 - 18:00 Local Time
(22:00 - 01:00 UTC)
Frequency: 17640 kHz
Language: Spanish

We would of course appreciate any reception reports.

( via Alokesh Gupta)

martedì 21 aprile 2009

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton 15560 2237 English 232 Apr 17 YL and OM with comments. //15515[333]Shepparton and 15230[333]Shepparton..

BONAIRE Radio Japan Relay-NHK 15265 2244 Japanese 433 Apr 17 YL with ID followed by Classical Piano music. //13640[232] and 13760[232].

BRASIL Radio Nacional Amazonia 11780 2317 Portugues 444 Apr 17 OM with Musica program with music vocals.

CANADA Radio China Intl Relay-CRI 11990 2307 Spanish 444 Apr 17 OM with RCI ID. YL with ID 2308 followed by an OM with comments.

CUBA Radio Habana Cuba-RHC 11605 2325 Spanish 333 Arp 17 YL with comments and RHC ID.

ECUADOR HCJB Global 12040 2236 German 444 Apr 17 YL with comments. Childrens Choir music 2257. OM with an ID 2259 plus time pips 2300.

ECUADOR HCJB Global 11920 2310 Portuguese 433 Apr 17 YL with comments and interlude vocal music.

RWANDA Voice of Germany Relay-DW 11865 2312 German 333 Apr 17 Two OMs with comments. Also a YL at times.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

lunedì 20 aprile 2009

The EMR Internet Service

Due to the financial crisis in the UK the EMR Internet Service will only be online every 3rd Saturday - Sunday and Monday of the month as from tonight the 21st of April 2009. European Music Radio is very sorry to lose our 24 hour service, but hopefully this service will return very soon!

73s Tom

3440 LSB NO ID, emisión musical ¿árabe?

3440 LSB NO ID, 20:36-20:42, escuchada el 20 de abril con emisión de música árabe o parecida, se aprecia emisión muy precaria, mal modulada con cortes, en un principio pensé que pudiera tratarse de algún armónico, pero la emisión no parece comercial, a las 20:39 sufre un corte de varios segundos, SINPO 34442

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

Log 6600 Voice of The people.

COREA 6600 Voice of The People, Kyonggi-do, 20:11-20:15, escuchada el 20 de abril en idioma sin identificar, probablemente es coreano a locutor con comentarios, señal muy débil, SINPO 24332

José Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia)

Sangean ATS 909
Antena Radio Master A-108

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

BRASIL   Radio Nacional da Amazonia   11780  2253   Portuguese  333  Apr 16
Two OMs with ongoing comments.

CUBA   Radio Nacional Venezuela Relay   11670  2247  Spanish  444  Apr 16  OM with ID 2248 then into more comments.

ECUADOR   HCJB Global   11920  2302  Portuguese  333  Apr 16  YL with comments plus a YL in vocal singing.   MacKenzie-CA.

JAPAN   Radio Japan-NHK   9835  1820  Japanese  333  Apr 16  YL singing then two OMs in a conversation. Male singing 1823.

JAPAN   Radio Kapan-NHK   13640  2300  Japanese  444  Apr 16  YL with comments. Another YL 2310 with music and comments.

RUSSIA   Voice of Russia-VOR   9890  0253  English  433  Apr 16  YL with comments followed by orchestra music. YL with an ID of VOR 0258. This Is Moscow ID 0300 by an OM. //9665[433]via Moldova.

SAIPAN   Radio Free Asia-RFA   9355  1815  Chinese  433  Apr 16  OM with comments. //9455[333]Saipan.

SAUDI ARABIA   BS of the Kingdom   11820  2256  Arabic  333  Apr 16  OM with comments and suddenly off the air2258.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Glenn Hauser logs April 19-20, 2009

** CHINA. Firedrake observations: April 19 at 1312 on 9000, and at 1316 just barely audible on 8400. April 20 at 1227, good on both 9000 and 8400; at 1325 gone from 9000 but still on 8400; ditto at 1346 and 1424 rechex (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. RHC, 11760 still on the air altho 9550 has been moved to 6010, April 19 at 0533 tuned in just as Arnie Coro was ending his reminiscences about repelling the invaders at the Bay of Pigs. Probably the same as last year when we captured the story and preserved it in the dxldyg audio files.

13580, RHC leapfrog mixing with R. Prague IS, just as it was concluding English to NAm at 1328 April 20. 1329 RHC alone as Prague was switching to another antenna. RHC also audible on 13880, once again with crackly audio as on 13680, unlike 13780, the two of which jump over each other to produce these spurs (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. VOI, 9525, Sunday April 19 at 1317 with News Across the Country, but not very far afield from Jakarta, about the new terminal 3 opening at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport; 1321 Today in History about the Monaco marriage in 1956y. Usual good signal but with persistent humming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** POLAND [non]. PRES English hour at 1200 I don`t expect to hear from European midday to bright spring mornings in NAm, but April 20 at 1220 could make out YL speaking English on 7330, splatter from RCI and CRI mix on 7325; also 9525 VOI Malay had some CCI sounding the same. Now if PRES had a clear channel in either case, we could hear it understandably, but they care only about Europe. 7330 is 100 kW, 5 degrees from Nauen, while 9525 is 100 kW, 300 degrees from Wertachtal, GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN [non]. REE, via Costa Rica, 9630, VG signal and the modulation seemed less muffled than before, so I did not feel compelled to switch to Noblejas 6055, April 19 at 0540 discussing the future of the Spanish language, lack of standardization from country to country, 0545 especially on the danger of Spanglish in the USA; program is Futuro Abierto, scheduled UT Sundays 0500-0600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. RTI, 9735, Japanese service at 1353 April 20 putting out unstable matching spurs slightly above 9740 and slightly below 9730, making almost the same pitch noise but not a pure tone het, against adjacent victims, in this case CRI Beijing English on 9730 and BBCWS Singapore English on 9740. I noted a similar case months ago. BTW, you won`t find any RTI listings in HFCC, no doubt a ChiCom requirement as long as they participate with their non-jamming transmissions only; consult Aoki instead (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA [non]. No chance yet to check new 12010 ex-11875 for the Aló, Presidente service via Cuba, as Sunday April 19 none of the frequencies were active at 1436 check, and regular RHC was still running on 13680. Hugo was off to Trinidad and/or a counter-summit in Cumaná (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###

Tip onde corte apr 19 A09

6050 18/4 0459 HCJB, Quito Info ID TS E 23423
6055 18/4 0505 Radio Exterior de Espana, Noblejas- Px "Amigos de la onda corta" Es 24333
9790 19/4 0902 AWR Europe /RVS, Nauen- Px "Studio DX 303" It 44333
12030 19/4 1758 Voce della Russia, St. Petersburg Px "Storia" info It 23423
5955 19/4 1800 Radio Romania Internazionale, Tiganesti - Px "Quotidiano parlato" It 33433

Nino Marabello
Treviso / Italia
ANT: VHF esterna a 230°


DX MIX NEWS # 569                                             20 April 2009
ROMANIA   Updated A-09 schedule of Radio Romania International:
ARABIC    0630-0656 on  9685  9700 11730 11790
          1400-1456 on  9605 11820 11945 15160
AROMANIAN 1430-1456 on ^7320, not Macedonian
          1630-1656 on ^5980, not Macedonian
          1830-1856 on ^5955, not Macedonian
CHINESE   0400-0426 on 15215 17780
          1300-1326 on 15435 17600
ENGLISH   0000-0056 on  6135  9580
          0300-0356 on  6150  9645  9735 11895
          0530-0556 on  7305  9655 15435 17770
          1100-1156 on 11775 15210 15430 17730, ex 1200-1256,last 2 addit.
          1700-1756 on *9535 11735
          2030-2056 on  9765 11810 11940 15465
          2200-2256 on  7440  9675  9790 11940
FRENCH    0100-0156 on  7365  9560
          0500-0526 on  7215  9655 11790 15350,last 2 addit.
          1000-1056 on 11830 15250 15380 17785
          1600-1656 on  9680 11950
          2000-2026 on  6065  9655
GERMAN    0600-0626 on  7230  9740
          1200-1256 on #9675 11875, ex 1100-1156
          1800-1856 on  7440 *9775
ITALIAN   1400-1426 on ^7320
          1600-1626 on ^5980
          1800-1826 on ^5955
ROMANAIN  0000-0056 on  7335  9525
          0100-0156 on  7335  9525
          0400-0456 on  7350  9510, new txion
          0700-0756 on  9700 11970 15260 17720 "Curierul romanesc" Sun
          0800-0856 on  9700 11870 11970 15450 "Curierul romanesc" Sun
          0900-0956 on 11830 11925 15250 15380 "Curierul romanesc" Sun
          1200-1256 on ^7300 11920 15195
          1300-1356 on 11920 15195
          1500-1556 on  9855 11895, ex 1400-1456
          1600-1656 on  7205  9690
          1700-1756 on  9625 11970
          1800-1856 on  9625 11970
          1900-1956 on  9690 11970, new txion
RUSSIAN   0430-0456 on  7300  9555
          1330-1356 on  9790 11835
          1500-1556 on  7325  9690
SERBIAN   1530-1556 on ^6025
          1730-1756 on ^6105
          1930-1956 on ^6145
SPANISH   0200-0256 on  5975  9520  9645 11945
          1900-1956 on  9580 11715
          2100-2156 on  9755 11965
          2300-2356 on  6100  9655  9745 11955
UKRAINIAN 1500-1526 on ^5945
          1700-1726 on ^6135
          1900-1926 on ^5910
^ TIG 100 kW,all other GAL/TIG 300 kW
* DRM via TIG 300 kW / 307 deg, ex AM
# x 15220 TIG 300 kW / 307 deg, Apr.6

SLOVAKIA    Summer A-09 of Radio Slovakia International:
ENGLISH 0100-0127 on  5930  9440
        0700-0727 on  9440 11650
        1630-1657 on  5920  6055
        1830-1857 on  5920  6055
GERMAN  0800-0827 on  5920  6055
        1330-1357 on  5920  6055
        1600-1627 on  5920  6055
        1800-1827 on  5920  6055
FRENCH  0200-0227 on  5930  9440
        1700-1727 on  5920  6055
        1930-1957 on  5920  6055
RUSSIAN 1300-1327 on  7345  9440
        1500-1527 on  7345  9535
        1730-1757 on  5920  7345
SLOVAK  0130-0157 on  5930  9440
        0730-0757 on  9440 11650
        1530-1557 on  5920  6055
        1900-1927 on  5920  6055
SPANISH 0230-0257 on  5930  9440
        1430-1457 on  9440 11600
        2000-2027 on  9695 11650

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

CANADA   Radio Japan-NHK Relay   5960  0432  Japanese  444  Apr 14  YL with comments and an ID.

CUBA   Radio Rebelde   5025  0415  Spanish 433  Apr 14  OM with comments.

JAPAN   Radio Japan-NHK   13680  2202  Japanese  333  Apr 13  OM with comments. //15265[444]via Bonaire and 13640[444] via Japan.

UNITED STATES   WWCR-1   3215  0405  English  333  Apr 14  OM with religous sermon.

UNITED STATES   WWCR Tennessee   5070  0416  English  444  Apr 14  OM with comments on GM filing for bankrupcy soon.

UNITED STATES, Alabama   WEWN   5810  0420  Spanish  444  Apr 14  OM with comments mentioning Cristo often. In English by 0440 and off the air 0445.

UNITED STATES   WWCR-4   5890  0425  English  444  Apr 14  OM with comments about Faith in God.

UNITED STATES   WWCR-2   5935  0430  English  444  Apr 14  YL preacher with a sermon on Alpha and Omega.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

Observatorio Nacional

9999,96 Observatorio Nacional, Río de Janeiro, 2004-2008, April 19,
Portuguese, pips, ID's & ann. QTR each 10 seconds by female : "Observatorio
Nacional........16 horas, sete minutos, 10 segundos", 35443

(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

domenica 19 aprile 2009

TIPS Roberto Pavanello

1080 18/4 17.55 V.O.I.R.I. - Tehran Arabo talk OM suff.
1080 18/4 18.00 R. Mallorca - SS partita Mallorca-Malaga buono
1260 18/4 17.50 R. Murcia - SS partita del Real Murcia 
3895 17/4 19.30 R. Boomerang - Dutch ID e MX  buono
3898 16/4 21.00 Blue Star R. - EE MX buono
3901 18/4 21.40 Delta R. - Dutch ID e MX buono
4915 18/4 22.30 R. Difusora - Macapà PP MX buono
4955 18/4 22.35 R. Cultural Amauta - Huanta SS MX suff.
5005 18/4 22.40 R. Nacional- Bata SS MX buono
7125 18/4 23.05 R. Guinèe - Conakry FF MX afro suff.
6005 19/4 08.40 R. 700 - Euskirchen Tedesco ID e MX buono
6295 19/4 08.55 R. Develon - EE ID e MX buono

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia

sabato 18 aprile 2009

Special DRM transmissions from TDF Montsinery to NAB Las Vegas.

TDF Montsinery will transmit a special DRM programme to NAB Las Vegas using the following parameters:

*Montsinery (French Guiana) G3 **Transmitter
*P = 150 kW
Freq = *17545 kHz*
antenna = Toucan 1
azimuth = 308°
config = 4/4
Programme = RFI
DRM mode B
B=10 kHz
bit rate # 14,5 kbits/s
audio encoding = AAC

*Time schedule = *20.59-00.50 UTC (13h59-17h50 Las Vegas local time)

*Associated datas = *
label = < TDF Montsinery >
Text Message =
"DRM transmission by TDF, French Guiana, to NAB - Las Vegas - USA; F=17545 kHz"

*Days of transmissions* =
Saturday 18-04-09 + Sunday 19-04 + Monday 20-04 + Tuesday 21-04 + Wednesday 22-04-09

DRM transmissions have no priority in case of breakdown of an other transmitter which could be backuped by G3 transmitter.

*Remark:* On 23 and 24 April, DRM transmissions to Mexico will be performed using different parameters to be specified.

Wishing you happy listening in Las Vegas and other parts of the United States!

Jacques Gruson F6AJW
(via Alokesh Gupta via dxld ml)

Old Time Radio from Finland will be on the air again with high power this weekend

Old Time Radio from Finland will be on the air again with high power this weekend.

Broadcasts will be on 19, 48 and 180 metrebands, somewhere frequency areas 15050-15100kHz, 6200-6325kHz and about 1650-1670kHz or other potential frequencies nearby.

Reception reports are very welcome.

E-mail address is:

Messages will be answered later because there is no Internet connection to the broadcasting site but it is possible that you will receive some information e-mails when we are on the air.

Also address for letters:

SRS Deutschland
Old Time R.
Postfach 101145
99801 Eisenach

Old Time Radio team