venerdì 30 ottobre 2015

Radio Tirana test 7470 khz

As a test: 7470 instead of 7425KHz - Our Director ordered from tonight, for Radio Tirana Ch.3 English Program to North America.

Please, arrange its monitoring for 3 days to see how it propagates in East-Central USA.

Thank you very much, indeed.

Drita Cico
RTSH Monitoring & High Frequency Manager 
Radio Tirana 

On 2015-10-30, at 5.23.PD, "Glenn Hauser [dxld]" <> wrote:

> ** ALBANIA [and non]. 7425, Oct 30 at 0230, R. Tirana with heavy subaudible heterodyne and co-channel interference from IBB Greenville 7305/7365 intermodulation, while 7470 remains wide open. It seems the official who must OK our suggestion is away, so waiting on that to make the change (Glenn Hauser, OK, DXL ISTENING DIGEST)