venerdì 30 ottobre 2015

QSL card from a little bit confused staff at VOA

VOA 1530 kHz, Pinheira relay in Sao Tomè e Principe, verified an electronic
report sent to,,,, with a QSL card with wrong details and transmitter site field left blank (!)in 48 days. Only frequency was correct and the two included dates (03/29/15 and 10/25/15) were totally wrong as my report  was dated 09/11/15!. I suppose this QSL card was for another listener who instead received my verification card. If such unlucky guy is reading my message, please write me so we can exchange cards! The QSL card, kept in a big envelope, was shipped from Washington by air-mail on 25th September 2015 and was delivered to me on 30th October 2015! 
Antonello Napolitano