martedì 16 novembre 2021

IRIB PARSTODAY (Iran) via SIRJAN: only 3 TX available since 13.Jun.2021!

IRIB PARSTODAY B-21 current schedule:

IRIB PARSTODAY B-20 old schedule (for documentation puropses):

Since 13.Jun.2021, the following IRIB frequencies via SIRJAN are off-air:
- 1220-1250 UTC, 17595 kHz, Hau (in A-21: 17640 kHz)
- 1250-1320 UTC, 11700 kHz, Kaz (was new on SW in A-21!)
- 1420-1520 UTC, 9870 kHz, Ben (= 2nd frequency for this broadcast)
- 1550-1720 UTC, 9870 kHz, Tur
- 1720-1820 UTC, 5940 kHz, Deu (in A-21: 7300 kHz was off-air only 1720-1730 UTC)

The conclusion: Only 3 shortwave transmitters are available in SIRJAN since 13.Jun.2021! Until 12.Jun.2021, up to 4 transmitters had been active in SIRJAN.

In the 13.Jun. - 30.Oct.2021 time period, the German broadcast on 7300 kHz started 10 min later, at 1730 UTC, since the same SIRJAN transmitter carried the Arabic language broadcast until 1730 UTC. Since the beginning of B-21, the German broadcast is entirely inactive on SW (at least until now).


Source: WebSDR Twente - Entire day waterfall display Archive:

(Alexander Busneagvia WOR io group)