martedì 16 novembre 2021

FRS on air over Radio Miami Int. November 21st 01:00- 02:00 UTC

In the night of Saturday November 20th to Sunday November 21st between 01:00- 02:00 UTC = 02:00- 03:00 CET, FRS will have a 2nd relay over the 100 kW transmitter of WRMI, Radio Miami Int. broadcasting from Florida, USA. The broadcast will be aired on 5950 kHz. FRS is invilted by Texas Radio Shortwave. Although the signal is primarily beamed at North & South America, Euro reception is possible. The first relay was on August 14th producing some very interesting e-mails from all over the world.

August 14th
Late May we got an invitation/offer via e-mail from Texas Radio Shortwave. “Would FRSH be interested in having an hour program aired at no cost over WRMI, Okeechobee, Floride USA in August?” The answer was obvious! Of course we’d be interested!

What’s the story behind? Texas Radio SW selected a number of low power Euro SW stations that broadcast interesting programs. Aim is to provide interesting content for North American listeners who may not know these stations exist and for DXers who can’t hear these stations under current solar conditions. A first series went out in July & August and a second series started last September running until late November.

Well, the August 14th FRSH broadcast on 5800 kHz went well, not to wonder knowing no less then 100,000 watts went out via Radio Miami Int.’s Florida based broadcasting site.We received numerous letters/ reports from North & South American listeners (including Brazil, Uruguay & Argentina) plus a few from Europe. FRS-Holland expresses its gratitude to Texas Radio SW for this great initiative! Thank you guys! The 5800 kHz signal was primarily targeted at North American listeners but also in South America satisfactory results could be achieved. For European listeners things looked different. Euro reception is more problematic though certainly not impossible! Of course there was yet another obstacle for Euro Dxers: the broadcast started at 02:00 UTC which is for the majority of listeners in the middle of the night: 04:00 CEST!
In the 58 minute show a look back at 40 years of FRS-Holland mentioning a number of ups and downs in the station’s rich history. And of course ‘typical’ FRS music & jingles.


Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain