giovedì 24 giugno 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel: Log June 24

At 14-16 UT monitored on June 24
in Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan on remote SDR's.

11560even IND AIR Bangalore in Dari, much distorted and overmodulated
audio feed at 14.15 UT, S=8-9, flute mx at 14.20 UT.
Bad mixture on channel
11630even CHN CNR17 Lingshi #715 site, in Kazakh, Chinese mx, S=8-9,
11629.769 KWT Radio Kuwait, Arabic, scheduled 13-16 UT, heavy 230 Hertz
heterodyne audio buzz, co-channel at 14.25 UT.
11745.014 ARS Al-Azm Radio in Arabic, likely from Jeddah, noted tiny
S=5 signal in Japan at 14.28 UT.
11830even ENC Encompass Digital Media Services control center pause
music, heard at 14.30 to 14.30:43 UT TX off switch, of
NHK Radio Japan in English at 14.00-14.30 UT, via
ENC relay site Al Dhabbaya-UAE.
11870.007 CLN AWR Chinese sce 14-15 UT via SLBC relay at Trincomalee
in Sri Lanka, S=8-9 at 14.56 UT, 'bye, bye...' at 14.57 UT.
11885.004 VTN VoVietnam from Son Tay site in Russian at 14.59 UT,
S=6-7 fair signal, and co-channel too S=5 lower level on
11884.995 CHN PBS Xinjiang in Uyghur via CNR Urumqi site.
11645.018 KRE Voice of Korea from Kujang site in Arabic, S=5 at 15.06 UT
11680even KRE KCBS Kanggye in Korean at 15.09 UT, S=8 in Tokyo Japan.
11674.978 MRA US AGM RFA Saipan Agignan Point in Chinese,
and also co-ch
11675even CHN CNR1 jammer on S=9+10dB level at 15.08 UT on June 24.
11709.988 KRE Voice of Korea from Kujang, English at 15.00-15.57 UT
11740even CHN CNR2 Business Radio from national radio Lingshi #725 site
at 15.12 UT on June 24.
11779.986 UNIDentified transmission til 15.30 UT, S=7-8 at 15.18 UT,
? Arabic / Turk / South Asian ?
11859.964 ARS Rep of Yemen excile radio via Riyadh bcast center, Arabic
at 15.20 UT S=6-7.
11984.976 MRA US AGM RFA Saipan Agignan Point, Korean sce, S=9 in JPN.
12014.876 MNG Voice of Mongolia, Ulanbataar, S=7 English at 15.32 UT,
and accompanied by 2 x 100 Hertz buzz tone strings either side
and co-channel upper side
12015.004 KRE Voice of Korea Kujang in Russian at 15.00-15.57 UT. S=7
12035.006 THA US AGM VoA Deewa Pashto via Udornthani Ban Dung site,
S=7-8 at 15.35 UT, phone-interview.
12070.006 THA US AGM VoA Ashna Dari service via Udornthani Ban Dung site,
S=7-8 at 15.37 UT.

Sound of Hope from Taiwan, Mandarin net outlets noted in 14-16 UT on
11499.982, 11549.974, 11580.134, 11600.010, 11715.115, 11989.950,
and 12189.922 kHz.

and accompanied 12100 - 12210 kHz CODAR wiper broadband at 15.39 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 24)