lunedì 21 giugno 2021

BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast - 21 June - 21:30–22:00 GMT

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is celebrating Midwinter’s Day (Monday 21 June) as staff in three British Antarctic Territory Research Stations mark the shortest and darkest day of the year on the frozen continent. The tradition began in the days of heroic exploration of Antarctica with Captain Scott; our science and support teams will celebrate by braving the elements with a Winter Olympics, crazy golf, murder mystery evening and a movie marathon.
This is a particular poignant Midwinter as it is the 60th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty, which designated Antarctica as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science”. The 43 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting is currently taking place in Paris and Antarctic nations are discussing how to protect Antarctica for future generations.
The day will start with Jerry Gillham, King Edward Point Research Station Leader being interviewed live by Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music at around 8.40am. The programme, Supernature will discuss with Jerry his plans for this special day on station in South Georgia.
Later on, the 35 staff or ‘winterers’ will gather round the radio to listen to the BBC Midwinter Broadcast on BBC World Service Radio (it is also available on 6035 kHz, 6170 kHz, 7305 kHz and 9505 kHz shortwave on 21:30–22:00 GMT). Presented by Cerys Matthews, the programme will include messages of support from friends and family, special guests and the BAS Director, Professor Dame Jane Francis.

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