mercoledì 30 giugno 2021

Taiwan / China observations

here a new monitoring log taken in Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan remote units at 22.40 to 23.02 UT on June 29.

TAIWAN 13919.989 kHz a fair S=6 signal at 22.50 UT June 29
remotedly on Tokyo SDR unit.
No CNR1 jamming on that channel, but nearby channels in 22 meterband.

13959.992 TWN SOH Mandarin, but also disturbed
by broadband CODAR signal in this area. S=6 at 22.40 UT

13889.971 SOH TWN at 22.52 UTC.

13870even CHN CNR1 S=9 signal. and co-channel on odd
13869.923 kHz SOH TWN Mandarin at 22.53 UT.

13840.009 NZL R NZ Pacific pop music in prgress at 22.55 UT,
not as strong as expected, S=5 or -96dBm signal.

13760.208 KRE Voice of Korea D.P.R. Spanish signal S=9+20dB in Hiroshima

13670.029 TWN SOH Mandarin at 22.58 UTC. Poor S=3-4

13590even CHN CNR1 jamming, not as strong equal level til close-down
at exact 23.00 UT TX off sharp.
and co-channel
13589.965 TWN SOH Mandarin S=6 at 23.02 UT on June 29.

73 wb df5sx