domenica 27 giugno 2021


Texas Radio Shortwave will host a series of one-hour programs by European free-radio and low-power licensed stations during July and August.

The programs will be broadcast every Friday night at 10 p.m. ET (Saturday at 0200 UTC elsewhere) by WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida, on 5800 kHz.

eQSLs will be available from individual stations. TRSW will not issue eQSLs for these programs.

These popular stations are heard regularly in Europe but seldom in North America because of propagation conditions.

Dates and featured stations are as follows:

July 03 - Radio Igloo, Sweden
July 10 - Charleston Radio International, Germany
July 17 - Radio Merlin, UK
July 24 - Radio Monique International, The Netherlands
July 31 - CoolAm Radio, The Netherlands
August 7 - Cupid Radio, The Netherlands
August 14 - Free Radio Service- Holland, The Netherlands
August 21 - Atlantic 2000 International, France
August 28 - Radio Delta International, The Netherlands.

Here’s a little about each station for July:

Radio Igloo (
Radio Igloo is a free radio station with its studio located somewhere in Sweden. All programs are pre-recorded and they use different free radio stations in Europe and the US to get their programs on the air. The Radio Igloo team is a small one, with only 4 members. They like to produce music, and making radio programs is only a small part of their business.

Charleston Radio International (
Charleston Radio International, located in Berlin, Germany, began transmitting on shortwave radio on April 22, 2018. The station takes you back to the golden years of AM Radio: the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s, with talk, radio jingles, and original music from that time featuring tangos, foxtrots, and waltzes. Their Facebook page is at

Radio Merlin (
Radio Merlin went on the air in 1990 after changing its name from Radio Galaxy. Radio Galaxy was an FM station that moved to shortwave in 1989 after authorities raided it many times. They changed their name to Merlin as there was already a station called Radio Galaxy. From 1990 until 1994 the transmitter site was an abandoned electrical substation. After being raided many times the station closed down for a few years and returned to broadcasting in 2004 with a new transmitter location. Radio Merlin is regularly heard throughout Europe with a transmitter power of about 20 Watts.

Radio Monique International (
Radio Monique started on December 16, 1984, with a 50-kW mediumwave transmitter onboard the ship Ross Revenge anchored in international waters between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. At that time only state-owned radio stations were allowed to operate in The Netherlands. After the 90-meter mast (highest ever built on a ship) broke, the station had a shortwave transmitter in English and recently a medium wave transmitter again in the Dutch language. Radio Monique can be found at or near 6285 kHz several hours each week. Their website is

CoolAM Radio (
CoolAM Radio is a European free radio station that’s one of the few Dutch pirate stations using a low-power transmitter as opposed to the huge military surplus transmitters or powerful homemade equipment of other Dutch stations. CoolAM Radio is seldom on-the-air but is relayed by North American free radio stations on a regular basis. It’s also aired via Germany commercial shortwave station Channel 292. In Europe, CoolAM was most often heard on 6735 kHz.