lunedì 25 novembre 2019

Wolfgang Bueschel: Iran International TV

Cat and mouse play,
6230 kHz channel at 00.50 UT
In Kuwait remote SDR still Iran International TV program is the S=9+25dB powerhouse.

But in remote SDR units in western Europe, like Greece, Calabria, Sweden, Finland and Holland, IRIB Arabic from Sirjan is stronger than Iran Internat.

Most likely Sirjan is used fro jamming on various 289, 300, 320 degrees bearing azimuths towards the west.

IRIB Arabic program \\ is also heard via scheduled 6060 kHz IRIB Zahedan til 02.30 UT.

Best antenna characteristics in Iranian jamming would be usage of the fountain signal ITU #935 quadrant NVIS antenna from Ahwaz location on these 6210 .... 6270 kHz channels.

Unfortunately in April 2017 IRIB closed the big gun most effective two steep skywave fountain NVIS beam antennas from broadcast center at Kamalabad location. Center contain also 4 revolving and 12 curtain arrays of Telefunken Germany

Typical steep skywave fountain usage via Kamalabad these days:
6035 kHz 1920-2020 UT towards zones 28E,29,30  KAM 500kW 0=nondir ITU#935

73 wb