sabato 30 novembre 2019

New Algerian MW Station on 576 kHz

The tone tester heard these latest days on 576Khz has become a new broadcasting service from RTA (Algeria). Broadcasting started today 29th in the afternoon from Kenadsa (Béchar) according to MW List details. The power listed is 400 Kw. They were airing Radio Bechar program (not // with Chaîne 1), but probably they will connect to RTA-Ch1, as other stations do with R. Coran, R. Culture and so on.

According to some listeners in Murcia (Spanish southeastern coast), is causing interfernces to RNE-R5 Murcia on 567 Khz, from this evening. Perhaps it will affect to this station during the night and maybe also to 576 Khz RNE-R5 Canaries (CNR).

The station reaches now, here in Northern Spain a 54444/5 SINPO.

(Jorge Garzón via bdxc news)