mercoledì 27 novembre 2019

Iran International TV monitoring

re 6270 kHz 'Iran International TV' on Nov 27:

between 13.30 and 14.30 UT I played a lot of the direction finding TDoA option on worldwide Kiwi net.

Used four locations of Kiwi SDRs:
Bangalore IND,
Hanoi VTN,
and Moscow-RUS.

Tried few times on sampling complete results around'00.0%22N+68%C2%B000'00.0%22E/@41,67.4396973,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d41!4d68

never narrowed to Yerevan Gavar Noratus site, which is far 2100 kilometers away westerly of Tashkent Uzbekistan.

6270 kHz S=9+35dB or -42dBm around 13.50 UT in Kuwait, southern Iran area.

73 wb