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Shortwave log of Nov 27 at 02.15 to 04.15 UT

Shortwave log of Nov 27 at 02.15 to 04.15 UT

9690even ESP  REE Noblejas in Spanish S=9+10dB or -67dBm on remote SDR
location at Cape Canaveral FL state. 02.20 UT on Nov 27.
Mexican like national music played from Madrid bcasting house.

7850 kHz n o t  on air at 02.25 UT on Nov 27, but CHU noted on
3330even S=9 signal time pip strings visible in remote Cape Canaveral FL
state location, time pips and annmt in French and English.

7265.004 kHz  TRT Emirler in Spanish, S=9+25dB or -54dBm strength,
10.4 kHz wide at 02.33 UT on Nov 27, most modern mx played originate from
Spain and Turkey. And same \\ TRT Spanish also on nearby
7280.005 kHz  S=8 or -74dBm little less strong.

7314.995 USA  WHRI (probably) 'Heart to Hearth' px acc Aoki Nagoya list
database, English talk on merchandise, '... be careful in this Life...',
S=9+10dB -63dBm strength at 02.39 UT.

7380.002 IRN  VoIRIB Zahedan in Arabic on southern azimuth backlobe
of weak and tiny S=7 or -77dBm strength in NoAM at 02.41 UT on Nov 27.

7410even ROU  RRI Galbeni French service from Romania, S=9+20dB or -51dBm,
excellent audio signal quality, thanks US Continental tx unit level at
Galbeni site, at 02.42 UT on Nov 27.

7434.995 USA  AGM United States Agency for Global Media USAGM Radio Marti
transmission in Spanish to Cuba island at 02.44 UT. S=9+30dB signal noted
at 13 kHz wideband audio signal.

7570even USA  WRMI Okeechobee, TOM BS roarer sermon, S=9 in remote Cape
Canaveral FL state location at 02.46 UT, and \\ 7730even at S=9 -73dBm too

7780even USA  Radio Ukraine Internat. (tentat.) according their mx at
02.49 UT via WRMI Okeechobee FL state.

9690even ESP  REE Noblejas in Spanish language S=9 or -73dBm still on air
at 02.52 UT on Nov 27 on remote SDR location at Cape Canaveral FL state.

9640.005 CUB  RHC Bejucal outlet in Spanish language, ID at 02.55 UT on
Nov 27, S=9+10dB in remote Cape Canaveral FL state location.
Similar strong S=9+10dB on \\
9535.001 CUB also RHC Bejucal outlet at 02.57 UT.

9490even F__  Radio Republica veiled Spanish service from Miami FL state
broadcast back from Europe towards Latin America opposite to Cuban
politicians. Bcast via TDF Issoudun site in France, S=9+20dB or -57dBm
strength signal at 02.58 UT on Nov 27. P.O.Box address in Miami given,
'...722..07..' ... also telefono no. given.

9420.002 GRC  Helliniki Radiophonia from Avlis program, S=9 or -72dBm,
Greek mx heard after 03.00 UT interval flute signal in between.

9330even USA  WBCQ in English language heard at 03.02 UT, fair S=8 signal
traced in remote Cape Canaveral FL state location.

11670even CUB  RHC Bauta scheduled 2300-0400 UT 100 kW 130degr SoAm
in Spanish towards Rio de Janeiro. S=9+20dB at 03.05 UT.

11700even CUB  RHC QUIvican San Felipe TITAN site scheduled Port/Spanish
2200-0500 11700 QVC 250kW  160deg SoAm towards Buenos Aires LatinAM.
Audio much DISTORTED sound quality, S=9+15dB at 03.07 UT.

13740even CUB  RHC scheduled 2200-0400 UT from Bauta 100kW 160deg SoAm
Spanish towards Buenos Aires Latin AM. tx #5 sometimes irregular on air.
S=9+10dB or -72dBm, '... su revista de informativa ...' at 03.10 UT.

3215even USA  strange carrier ONLY (WWCR?) signal at 03.13-03.16 UT as
S=9+25dB strong in remote SDR at Cape Canaveral Florida, some buzz signal
visible on screen - some 18 peak strings - like a garden fence, on 60,
360, 720, 1080 Hertz distance ... visible {and heard} on both sidebands.

CHU on 7850 kHz.
7850 kHz not on air at 03.19 UT on Nov 27, but CHU noted on
3330even CAN  CHU Ottawa S=9+20dB string in remote MA US state location,
time pips and annmt in French and English.

3344.924 ???  Strange signal string, much vague - ? could it be carrier
of RRI Ternate-INS ? - at 03.20 UT.

4765even CUB  Radio Progreso from Bejucal site noted at S=9+5dB level,
at 03.24 UT in remote Cape Canaveral FL state location.

Nearby heavy QRM in 60 meterband
4735 - 4767 kHz CODAR signal hit also R Progreso at 03.26 UT.
4801 - 4916 kHz on upper flank, CODAR signal at 03.28 UT.

More than fair S=8-9 signal
4885.028 kHz  Radio Clube do Para ZYG362 PA at 03.36 UT on Nov 27
and compared positively check to MW AM 690 kHz livestream
on wwweb:  <>
latter livestream was 18 seconds behind shortwave net signal.

5025 kHz  Radio Rebelde from Bauta site noted on Nov 27 at 03.38 UT,
S=9+10dB  on remote SDR rx at Massachusetts US eastern coast state.
Nice Spanish mx program. ... ' noche de Martes theme ... sintonia'.
at 03.42 UT.

{5040 kHz, Nov 27 at 0104 UT, RHC suptorted and squealing with spurblobs
3 to 4 kHz on both sides. Language is Kriyol this time when it is supposed
to be. Something's always wrong at RHC. (gh) }

5040 kHz  RHC Bauta Spanish TOTALLY  DISTORTED  HISSING audio feed signal,
03.46 UT on Nov 27, S=9+15dB in remote Cape Canaveral FL state location,
7.6 kHz wideband outlet tonight.

5085even USA  WTWW English, radio themes heard '... talk on antennas and
amplifiers in car radio installation ... and Yaesu FT-#817 / #818 set'
S=9+30dB signal in Cape Canaveral FL state.

5800.019 USA  WRMI Okeechobee bcast SMRTV relay, stn ID given at 03.49 UT,
followed by nice music program, poor S=6-7 signal at 03.53 UT in MA-US.

5875even U.K.  BBC London in Arabic via ENC Encompass Digital Media
Services relay at Woofferton-UK, At 03.52 UT at S=9+10dB level in MA state

5910even CUB  CRI English via Latin-AM relay site at Quivican San Felipe
TITAN site on Cuba island scheduled at 0300-0500 UT.
S=9+10dB at 03.53 UT. Audio is okay on TX#1,
but hit a little bit QRM splash over from neighbour

5920.002 USA  WHRI powerhouse, S=9+30dB powerful, likely 'heart to heart'
program according Aoki Nagoya data file, 03.55 UT.

5959.875 KWT  Radio Kuwait Arabic, S=8-9 even here on remote MA-US state
east coast, 03.57 UT on Nov 27.

5985even USA  WRMI likely Wave Scan program, some nice soft mx heard from
Latin AM, and history talk with Bob Zanotti Suisse noted at 03.59 UT.
S=9+10dB in remote SDR rx in MA-US state location.

... followed same tx channel by
5985even USA  WRMI now on NHK R Japan Tokyo relay program in Spanish
language, scheduled at 04.00-04.30 UT via Okeechobee Florida site.
Some remained Cuban SCRATCH audio splash from 5980...5984 kHz at
disturbtion sideband flank.

5999.994 kHz  TOTALLY OVERMODULATED S=9+35dB in MA-US state east coast.
14 kHz wideband at 04.03 UT on Nov 27. "Cuban Council Of Churches" and
economical aspects theme.

6020even ROU  RRI Bucharest English sce via Galbeni transmission center
in eastern Romania, 10.5 kHz wideband signal at 04.08 UT. Report of Romanian
national soccer team success, sports report. S=9+15dB in MA-US state on east
coast USA. Report of 2nd round in Presidential election in Romania.
Former communst now socialist candidate loosed the election.

6090even AIA  Caribbean Beacon from Anguilla. Female pastor sermon read
on 'book of Hebrew', un-clean audio feed, powerhouse S=9+40dB in MA-US.
Some whistle tone strings measured on screen of SDR rx software, as
63 and 124 Hertz distance apart on either sideband. 11 kHz wideband.

6125.005  TRT Emirler in English at 04.13 UT on Nov 27, Turkish folk
singer on guitar performance too, S=9+10dB at 04.14 UT, noted on remote
MA US state SDR rx remotedly. 50 Hertz buzz string visible either

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)