mercoledì 20 novembre 2019

Iran International TV log

ARMENIA/IRAN  This afternoon 16.30 UT on Nov 20 via

Kiwi SDR rx in Kuwait noted 10 kHz up today on
6220even kHz S=9+30dB -51dBm strong signal locally of
Persian IRAN INTERNATIONAL TV audio relay via (probably) Yerevan Gavar site.
13.4 kHz wideband audio block measured in Kuwait remote reception.

But today no IRIB Sirjan Arabic jamming noted at 16.30 UT,
some scrating data noise underneath like STANAG NATO signal.
Even in Europe the scratch jammer is not very strong,
some equal level of IRAN Internat at S=8-9 or -77dBm level.

73 wb df5sx