giovedì 21 novembre 2019

Iran International on 6220 kHz

Now Nov 21 at 14.20 UT again on 6220 kHz, heard via Kiwi remotedly in Kuwait location

Iran International TV signal again of S=9+30dB or -49dBm level.
Talk program in progress, mentioned many times
'Vaclav Havel' and Czechoslovak Republic.


Stanag digital scratching sound signal of Naples Italy maritime sce
6220    0000-2359  ITA IN Napoli        DIG IDN maritime  <<<<
only heard in central Europe and in Finland at Mauno's place.
But no QRM on southern Iran / Kuwait target.

73 wb   df5sx

ps. Kurdish Radio 'Denge Welat' heard in Athens GRC on 11540even at S=9+35dB signal level at same time slot.