domenica 23 dicembre 2018

Updated special programming on Shortwave over the holiday period

Holiday Broadcasts
I have collated a list of special programming on Shortwave over the
holiday period. Here is my updated list, and I'll update this list again
if more information becomes available. I hope that you find it useful.
In addition, expect such stations as R Romania Int, R Slovakia Int,
Czech R. and All India R, and others, all to have special programmes or
features within their regular programming.
In the meantime, best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year
Alan Roe, Teddington, UK
DENMARK: Radio OZ-Viola from Hillerød-Denmark
We want to make the next evening test broadcast on Friday 28/12 again
20:00 UTC. Hope better conditions will be with us this time. So remember
to listen there. 5825kHz
(Jan Sørensen in Radio OZ-Viola Facebook Group)
Sunday December 30th FRS-Holland will be on air with its annual Holiday
Season broadcast.
The broadcast will be on 7700//58xx between 08:52- 14:00 UTC/ 09:52-
15:00 CET.
Similar to November 18th, the full broadcast will be repeated in the
More info follows later in December.
GERMANY: Channel 292
Some special programmes scheduled over Christmas on Channel 292 (not
necessarily Christmas music):
SuperClan Radio:
24,25 & 26 Dec - 0800-0900UTC 6070 and 7440kHz
30,31 Dec & 1 Jan - 0800-0900UTC 6070 and 7440kHz
R Ohne Namen:
24 Dec - 0900-1300UTC 6070 and 7440kHz
R Waves Int:
25 Dec - 1300-1400UTC 6070 and 7440kHz
SM R Dessau:
26 Dec - 0900-1000UTC 6070khz (100kW via Moosbrunn)
1 Jan - 1100-1200UTC 6070kHz
R PowerRumpel:
26 Dec - 1000-1100UTC 6070khz (100kW via Moosbrunn)
R Decade AM:
26 Dec - 1100-1200UTC 6070khz (100kW via Moosbrunn)
R Klein Paris Int:
26 Dec - 1200-1300UTC 6070khz
25 and 26 Dec - 1500-1600UTC 6070kHz
GERMANY: "Gruß an Bord" from NDR
Details for this year are as follows. Transmission will run from 1900 to
2300, where two frequencies are given they are for 1900-2100 and
2100-2300, respectively.
6125 / 5930, 125 kW, 250°; to western Europe, northern Atlantic and
9740 / 9765, 125 kW, 130°; to Indian Ocean
9790 / 9650, 100 kW, 115°; to southern/southeastern Asia and Australia
9800 / 9590, 250 kW, 156°; to eastern/southern Africa and Indian Ocean
11650 / 9830, 250 kW, 195°; to western Africa, southern Atlantic and
South America
6145, 100 kW, 305°; to the whole of Europe
GUAM: KTWR Guam Christmas special DRM transmissions
Japanese - Towards Japan
15 Dec 2018 1100-1130 UTC 9910 kHz 50 kW
16 Dec 2018 1245-1315 UTC 7500 khz 50 kw
22 Dec 2018 1100-1130 UTC 9910 kHz 50 kW
23 Dec 2018 1245-1315 UTC 7500 kHz 50 kW
English - To South Asia
24 Dec 2018 1245-1315 UTC 9380 kHz 75 kW
25 Dec 2018 1245-1315 UTC 9380 kHz 75 kW
English - To ANZ/South Pacific
24 Dec 2018 1030-1100 UTC 11995 kHz 50 kW
25 Dec 2018 1030-1100 UTC 11995 kHz 50 kW
Note: Stereo mode B 64 QAM to Japan/ANZ/SP
and mono mode A 16 QAM to India.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXsasia via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)
JAPAN: Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, via Yamata, Japan,
which currently is on 6085 kHz., from 1300 to 1400 UT, will shortly be
broadcasting their annual special mini-concert program. The concert will
take place in Tokyo, on December 15. The mini-concert will be broadcast
via Shiokaze and will often be rebroadcast throughout December and
January. It is always timed to coordinate with “North Korean Human
Rights Abuses Awareness Week" and the international symposium held by
the government of Japan. We can expect a disruption of their schedule of
languages, so perhaps Thursdays will not be in English?
"Part 3 : Mini-Concert
Joint recording of radio programs to North Korea by “Furusato no Kaze
(Wind of Home)” and “Shiokaze (Sea of Breeze)” co-hosted by the
Secretariat of the Headquartes for the Abduction Issue, and
Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to N. Korea.
Cast : A gathering to sing “Anata wo Wasurenai (We never forget you)”,
Ms. Ayaki Yamaguchi, Ms. Yumiko Usami, Ms. Saya, and students from
Tachikawa Daishiti Junior High School."
(Ron Howard, WOR iog)
NEW ZEALAND: Radio New Zealand Int.
Here is the programme schedule for R New Zealand National for the week
22-28 December - expect some of this to be broadcast via R new Zealand
International (times are UTC+13)
SOUTH AFRICA: Channel Africa
The Bulgarian DX Blog is also listing special broadcast from Channel
Africa on Sunday 23 December as follows (usually Channel Africa only
broadcasts Mon-Fri)
SOUTH AFRICA Special broadcasts of Channel Africa, Dec.23
0800-1500 on 7230 MEY 100 kW / 005 deg to SoAf English Sun
1500-1600 on 7260 MEY 100 kW / 005 deg to SoAf English Sun
0800-1200 on 15170 MEY 250 kW / 355 deg to ECAf English Sun
1500-1600 on 17770 MEY 250 kW / 355 deg to ECAf Swahili Sun
(via Dave Kenny, BDXC iog)
It's not realy a Christmas Broadcast, it's a Special Broadcast for
elections coverage in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Christian Ghibaudo, BDXC iog
SWEDEN: Grimeton Radio / SAQ
it´s not bc, but maybe still of interest:
Christmas transmission from Grimeton Radio / SAQ
In the morning of Christmas Eve, December 24, we will try to start the
old Alexanderson 200 kW transmitter, from 1924 and send out a Christmas
message on VLF 17.2 kHz CW. The transmitter will be tuned up from around
08:30 (07:30 UTC) and a message* will be transmitted at 09:00 (08:00 UTC).
(Harald Kuhl, BDXC iog)
UK: BBC World Service:
USA: UBMP Special Holiday Broadcasts:
In addition to its regularly- scheduled programming, UBMP (Uncle Bill's
Melting Pot), a program that presents music from around the world along
with a little comedy now and then, will be presenting the following
hour-long holiday specials for the Americas in December:
1. Uncle Bill's X-Mess Special, featuring Christmas music from around
the planet, unusual holiday customs, a laugh or three and other stuff to
help you escape the 86th version of that song you just heard 85 times...
Tuesday, Dec 25 8-9pm Eastern US time (meaning Wednesday, 0100-0200 UTC)
on WBCQ 5130 kHz for the Americas
2. Uncle Bill's Rockless New Year's Eve Special: We'll take a look at
some of the more unusual NYE / New Year's Day rituals around the world
with appropriate music to go with the countries in question. If you like
to wear weird underwear, set fire to things or gorge on grapes, we may
have just the thing for you...
Monday Dec 31 7-8pm Eastern US Time (meaning Tuesday, 0000-0100 UTC) on
WBCQ 5130 kHz for the Americas
Monday, Dec 31, 1800-1900 UTC on Space Line, 9400 kHz, directed to
Western Europe
USA: VORW Radio International
Hello shortwave listeners! I never like doing any self-promotion but
nobody would know about this otherwise. Coming up this Tuesday the 25th
of December (Christmas) I will have a special 1 hour program broadcast
to North America on 12160 kHz via WWCR (100 kW) at the time of 2100 UTC,
3 PM Central or 4 PM Eastern. The show will feature some lively talk and
mixed music - some Christmas tunes and some alternative/indie/classic
rock music as well. I just hope for it to be a fun show on Christmas
afternoon for whoever listens. Spread the word to any DX groups that
might be interested. Feedback is most welcome at and
I've even designed a special QSL just for this program.
Hope you can listen in,
John J. (VORW Radio Int.) (via WORiog)
VATICAN: Vatican R.
Again this year some special broadcasts on shortwave from Radio Vaticana
(Vatican News)
December 24th 1600-1650UTC
Holy Mass in Chinese 6055 and 7400 kHz
December 24th 2025-2230UTC
Holy Mass presided by Pope Francis with comments:
Arabic 7435
Portuguese 9700
French 7365
English 6010
Chinese 6185 & 7410 kHz
December 25th 1055-1130UTC
Urbi & Orbi blessings with comments:
Arabic 15595
Portuguese 17590
French 15585
English 15695 kHz
(Christian Ghibaudo, BDXC IOG)