mercoledì 26 dicembre 2018

December 26, morning log of Cuban broadcasts

CUBA   Dec 26 morning log on remote SDR's in Cape Canaveral Florida, Rochester NY, Detroit MI state, and Edmonton Alberta Canada equipment.

MUCH SPECIAL broadcast center operation at RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN center site this morning Dec 26:

All Bauta transmissions cut-off / left at 07.00 UT sharp this Dec 26 morning.

But RHC outlet 6000 kHz QUI remained on air with full power another hour with empty carrier

til UNBELIEVABLY LATE  cut-off at 08.01:20 UT sharp !   <<<<<

6000 kHz CUB  RHC English sce at 06.46 UT Dec 26, S=9+45dB -31dBm level
         in FL state.
         UNBELIEVABLY signal level S=9+55dB or -15dBm in Alberta Canada,
         S=9+25dB in Detroit MI state,
         S=9+15dB in Rochester NY state.
         AUDIO strings show 7 strings either sideband = 14 strings in total

5040 kHz CUB  RHC Bauta English sce at 06.38 UT Dec 26.
         S=9+30dB in FL state.

5025 kHz CUB  R Rebelde from Bauta site, guitar mx played at 06.41 UT
         S=9+30dB, 20 kHz wideband - more modulation than 5040 kHz.

4839.995 USA  WWCR S=9+10dB in Cape Canaveral FL state, 06.44 UT.

5829.986 USA  WTWW English language sermon, S=9+30dB at 06.45 UT.

6030 kHz USA  IBB BBG Radio Marti, Greenville powerhouse S=9+50dB
         at 06.47 UT, 11 kHz wideband, in peaks upt to 15 kHz wide,
         no jamming observed so far underneath.

6060.002 CUB  RHC Bauta in English, S=9+15dB at 06.49 UT Dec 26.

6100 kHz CUB  RHC Bauta in En at 06.51 UT, S=9+30dB,
         report on Cuban film industry and cinema operation.

6165 kHz CUB  RHC Bauta in En, powerful S=9+40dB at 06.52 UT
         but lower modulation though.

6155.001 AUT  ORF1 program of ORS Moosbrunn bcast center at 06.53 UT
         10.4 kHz wideband audio signal into Florida SDR.
         S=9+15dB signal from Europe.
         Report on christmas singer / Catholic children in Philippines

6069.986 CAN  CFRX Toronto English night program, S=8-9 fluttery at 06.56 UT

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)