lunedì 3 dicembre 2018

Supreme Master TV new on WRMI

** U S A. Supreme Master TV is now occupying the WRMI webcast after 0500 UT Monday Dec 3, immediately after World of Radio 0430 on 9955 closes. Some unknown language, but at 0535-0545 into mostly English with long list of outlets, especial cable/public access TV, but also mentions WRMI 15770 to sub-Saharan Africa. Much of the material obviously refers to invisible visual elements. This replaces WRN with Israel Radio on webcast at 05-06. 

0600 after Zanotti ID, now over to WRN with RFI English relay, `Paris Live` [sic] dated Friday 30th November. Which was the latest English hour at 1400 weekdays only. Now hosted by Singleton. Both these are shown on sked for 5950, SW unchecked yet.

The WRMI skedgrid now shows Supreme Master TV at 15-18 on 15770, indeed on 87 degree beam toward Equatorial Guinea, rather than 44 degree antenna this frequency used to employ. And it shows more SMTV:

00-01 on 5950 (so much for RFI in English)
05-06 on 5950
15-18 on 15770
23-24 M-F on 9395

WRN still has considerable time on WRMI, and RFI relays