domenica 2 dicembre 2018

More info on Radio Unique 5045 khz test

Hi Tim,

A few days ago we had third-hand info that Unique was testing on 5045. Nothing since, don`t know if anyone over here heard it. Would you please tip the WOR iog the next time you are doing this (or is it running all the time now?)

73, (Glenn to Tim Gaynor, via DXLD)

Hi Glenn, 

this was to assertain what sort of signal was being heard (Quality, equipment etc), moreso in my local receiving area.

The signal strength was respectable with around 125W into an inverted V antenna and could be heard in many other areas including NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and fortuitous reception noted in New Zealand.

The problem noted was considerable sidesplash from Taiwan on 5050 KHz after 10PM local (1100 UT). One sideband of DSB was enabled for transmission at a bandwidth of 2.8 Khz which worked better overall.

There is a website available for more information (Brand new), being:

To be honest, I'm wondering if anyone is too interested in what I'm doing locally as I get more interest internationally in both shortwave and Unique radio at Podomatic site.

Thanks for your interest however, always appreciated.

Anyway I will keep on keeping on and the website explains it in detail,

Best regards

(Tim Gaynor
Unique Radio
Gunnedah NSW
Australia, Dec 1, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Viz.:

Welcome to Northwest NSW Broadcaster  Unique Radio.

We are also in partnership with Hobart Radio International who provide programming and logistic site help to Unique Radio. You can find Hobart radio International at:

We broadcast on the Australian HF domestic frequency of 5045 KHz on Fridays at 0800 hrs UT (19:00 EADT) and on alternate Saturdays & Sundays from 07:30 hrs UT (18:30hrs EADT) (Till December 29th 2018) using around 120 Watts into our inverted 'V' antenna to serve Gunnedah and approx a 500 or 600 KM radius. Anything past this distance would be regarded as fortuitous reception.

We also broadcast on 9265 KHz from WINB Red lion Pennsylvania to North America and The Pacific, Saturdays from 1000 hrs UT (9 PM EADT in Australia) and this will be in effect till December 29th 2018.

After December 29th 2018, schedules will change and will recommence week starting 14th January 2019.

Programming from Unique Radio and partner producers can be viewed by pressing the 'click here for podcast' button below.

Thanks also to Sheldon Harvey, David Asselin and Gilles Letourneau for providing International Radio Report from CKUT 90.3 Montreal Canada.

Thanks also to Glenn Hauser for his help with disseminating news to the shortwave community and providing 'World of Radio' each week.

Thanks to Bob Wise from Hobart Radio international for his help with different things at Unique Radio and providing programming each week.

Good listening ​
Aussie Tim (via DXLD)