venerdì 25 marzo 2016

Voice of Europe (partner of Pan American Brodcasting) on 1368 and 846 kHz via Challenger Radio (Italy)

Today I receveid the below message from Pan American Broadcasting. From my side I add that 846 and 1368 kHz are two  frequencies used by Challenger Radio which broadcasts from the North-West of Italy and, especially on 1368 kHz, this station has been heard in many parts of Europe.. 

Antonello Napolitano

Thursday, March 24, 2016
Blessings to you Napolitano,
From all of us at Pan American Broadcasting, we thank you for your dedication to listening to worldwide radio stations. Our broadcasters are looking to reach people like you, with their inspirational messages, and they are committed to beaming their radio programs all over the world!
We would like to share with you one of our partnering outreach stations that can be heard in your part of the world. Voice of Europe is a medium wave radio station broadcasting from to 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM Thursday – Sunday on frequencies 1368 kHz & 846 kHz. We kindly ask that you tune in to the station and send us a reception report. We will gladly send you a special QSL Card as a token of our appreciation. We thank you for taking the time and effort to tune into the broadcast, and thank you in advance for your assistance.
Have a wonderful day
Jeff Bernald & the Pan American Broadcasting Team
800-726-2620; 925-462-9800