domenica 22 aprile 2012

SW log del 21/04/2012

Alcuni ascolti di ieri, finalmente anche il Brasile!

2012-04-21  kHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km SINPO  15315 2110 HOL Radio Nederland, Bonaire (bnr) Talk about the Queen, in Dutch  8233 km   24333  12070 2120 USA WYFR Family Radio, Ascension/English Bay (asc) Religious px, in English  6166 km   24322  12015 2150 KRE Voice of Korea KCBS, Kujang (pyb) Local song, ID, schedule, in English  8752 km   45434  11775 2210 USA WHRI, Cypress Creek/Furman (SC) Religious px, piano music, in English  7797 km   24333  11765 2220 B Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba/Corpo de Bombeiros (PR) Talk in Portuguese, local song Better in USB mode 9747 km   23333  11535 2248 KRE Voice of Korea KCBS, Kujang (pyb) Local songs, talk in Chinese  8752 km   34333
Roberto Rizzardi
SWL I/0216/GR
Porto S. Stefano (GR) Italy
Lat 42N43 - Long 11E12 - Locator grid JN52NK
Receivers: ICOM IC-R71E
Sangean ATS909 with 2x80kHz Murata filters in FM
Antennas: 15 meters outdoor random wire with RF System Magnetic Longwire Balun
Indoor self-made single-turn coax loop
Telescopic and 7 meters indoor long wire antenna