giovedì 26 aprile 2012

75 Years of Kiwi Radio 2YD & 2ZB

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
April 26 2012

Radio 2YD Wellington
Radio 2ZB Wellington
75 Years of Kiwi Radio

One of the greatest radio ambushes in New Zealand radio history took place in the last week of April 1937, and two new features from the Radio Heritage Foundation at celebrate the 75th anniversary of this cheeky event.

Commercial station 2ZB was launching with much fanfare on April 28 but was upstaged by commercial sounding [but non-commercial] station 2YD launching on April 25.

Feature Station 2YD Wellington Ambush includes original surprised press reports, a rare listener card issued for the first day of broadcast and personal memories from a former 2YD technician.

Radio 2YD introduced such popular radio serials as 'Dad and Dave' and 'Fred and Maggie Everybody' to Kiwi audiences, later becoming 2ZM before joining the now Auckland based ZMFM music network that still operates in Wellington today.

Meanwhile, 2ZB Wellington 75 Years Early Personalities is the second new feature found at which introduces many favorite Kiwi radio stars such as Aunt Daisy and Selwyn Toogood.

Packed with long lost images of early personalities and other 2ZB memorabilia, this 75th anniversary feature will bring back happy memories for older listeners and give today's listeners a taste of the legacy of what has now become the local outlet of the Auckland based NewstalkZB network.

Radio 2YD and Radio 2ZB, two stations from 1937 that illustrate how even state radio could spring surprises on themselves and their listeners. For the stories of these and other New Zealand, Australian and Pacific radio broadcasters see hundreds of features at today.

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