giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Radio Guides Cover Key Global Cities

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
April 5 2012

Radio Guides Cover
Urban Centers Shaping
the Next Century

The online Pacific Asia Listener [PAL] Radio Guides cover five of the top 10 Global Cities to Watch.....the urban centers that are shaping the next century according to American Foreign Policy magazine.....says the Radio Heritage Foundation, which hosts the free radio station guides at

Shaping the Next Century

Of the Top 10 Global Cities shaping the next century, the PAL Radio Guides cover #1 Singapore, #2 Gurgaon [New Delhi], #4 Hong  Kong/Shenzen, #6 Vancouver and #9 Christchurch.

Collectively, these five key urban centers are home to millions of people who rely on radio for entertainment, news and information.

The PAL Radio Guides also cover the TIME Worlds' Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities of Tomorrow with #1 Delhi, #2 Dhaka, #4 Mumbai, #5 Karachi, #7 Kolkata, #8 Shanghai, #9 Lahore and #10 Manila all included.

Expatriates and Travellers in Touch

Expatriates, travellers and people who need to stay informed and in touch with these vital cities can access free data on thousands of radio stations across the region, find out when to listen, check program formats, and find English language and other services and much more.

Now over 50 years old, the PAL Radio Guide is the only guide of its kind based on widespread monitoring of radio dials across the entire Asia-Pacific region. It is hosted at, regularly updated and available free as a worldwide community service.

FM and Digital Guides Here!

There are mediumwave [AM] and shortwave versions and a new FM version is being introduced progressively. Australian FM and Digital stations are already online [Australian Radio Guide] with direct links to hundreds of websites so you can stream Australian local radio online globally.

There's also a new series of AM and FM radio guides covering the Pacific Islands, with the Travellers Radio Guides for Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia now available at

The Radio Heritage Foundation says that radio continues to be incredibly popular in all these cities, communities and islands, whether delivered online, through mobile phones or the more traditional radio receiver.

It expects to continue expanding its radio guide coverage of the entire Asia-Pacific region in 2012.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a non-profit foundation connecting radio, popular culture, history and heritage at

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