lunedì 9 aprile 2012

Glenn Hauser logs April 8, 2012

** BELGIUM [non]. 17870-17875-17880, April 8 at 2001, DRM is now here ex-17750-17755-17760 for `The Disco Palace`, via GUIANA FRENCH, due to RHC moving strong AM signal onto 17750 last Sunday, as I also suggested to Ludo Maes he move away to avoid Spain on 17755 as well (Sat & Sun only during this hour). Arnie Coro, the bully, has a record of forcing others to compensate for his mistakes, and now without lifting a finger, RHC also benefits from escaping the QRDRM. See COSTA RICA; CUBA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. 15330 // 15235 and 17735, all Sackville, April 8 at 2003 after quick news summary, RCI playing song ``O Happy Day`` this being Easter, and Buddha`s birthday, says Terry Haig. (Only in Japan; see
showing different countries and sects observe it mostly on various lunar-influenced dates in May; rather like JC`s variable holidates)

Happy Day? A bit of irony, ``a bittersweet day, since RCI is going off the air on June 26``, he says. Terry Haig is a frequent substitute host for Ian Jones on `MLM`, who is now recovering from hip surgery. Here`s one little thumbnail of Terry I found on the website:

First half of the show avoids the subject, but occasional songs are on the sad side. At 2028 down to business; Terry says he is not going to comment, as he is ``losing his job and has an ax to grind``, but he doesn`t have to, reading numerous distraught messages from listeners. But first he reads the death notice from the RCI website. A web presence will be maintained in five languages, but not including news.

I do recognize several of the names mentioned, but many more I do not: a good sign that there are lots of lurking listeners out there not known to us active SWL hobbyists. The ones I know or know of: Tim Breyel in Malaysia; Edward Kusalik, Alberta; John Figliozzi, NY; Rog Parsons, England; KV Zichi, Michigan; Peter Q. George, northeast US.

Terry also referred several times to the Cambodian woman who guested last week, and urges everyone never to frown even if you`re unhappy, because your smile will always affect others positively. (Not the way she put it, but you get the idea: I need to remember that.) See last week`s webpage pixuring her:
``Kuy Chheng Treng, the lovely Cambodian student currently in Canada participating in a global leadership course whom Terry met two weeks ago as they waited for a bus.``

I don`t see an audio archive yet for this week`s show, and you can`t guess the URL, as the xx-xx numbers before the date are unpredictable (time of day when recorded, maybe?). Latest is here, with RSS:

If you missed the SW broadcast and are even one of those who swears they ``won`t listen to radio on the computer``, I suggest you make an exception and hear this one! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA. 17850, again this Sunday April 8 when REE relay extends past 2000, I expect to hear at least some of the octet of spurs captured April 1 from below 17800 to above 17900. But now some of them are blocked by QRDRM from TDP which has just moved to 17870-17875-17880 to escape CubaRM from 17750 to 17750-17755-17760. At least Cariari is splattering modulation spixe between 17800 and 17900, at no specific frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. Checking RHC April 8: 17750 starting at 1930 to `Europe` is now clear of QRDRM at 20-21, as Ludo Maes has moved `The Disco Palace` via Guiana French from 17755 to 17875; see BELGIUM [non]. Even tho it was Arnie at RHC who caused the problem by picking 17750 for A-12 ex-13640 in B-11, ignoring what was already on 17750-17760. I was listening to RCI most of the hour, but at 2057 found RHC was off 17750; antenna change?

2058, sign-on announcement on 17705 for the 21-23 broadcast: 17705 for N/C/SAm; 9710 Antillas; 9810 CAm; 11840 & 17705 SAm; 17750 Europe; tropical 5040. Once this was done, checked 17750 again at 2100 and it`s back on. Already from 2057 on 17745 the RRI IS, adjacent in Spanish at 21-22, 300 kW, 247 degrees from Tiganeshti to CIRAF 14 = northern Argentina, and parts of all neighboring countries; why only parts? Only ITU knows. They need not be adjacent with all the empty 16m channels.

At 2102, tried 11840 and heard dead air, then fading in RHC Spanish audio, while BaBcoCk music was playing! Zero-beat so sounded like from same transmitter, but must have been CCI from another. Both were still heard at 2113 [see VIETNAM [non]]. At 2105, RHC was on 9810, but missing from 9710. At 2112, 9710 how with open carrier and hum, maybe about to modulate?

Meanwhile I look for harmonix of these, after having heard the CRI relay in the morning on 19140 = 2 x 9570. At 2111 I get a JBA carrier on 19620, maybe 2 x 9810; at 2112, also a JBA carrier on 19420, maybe 2 x 9710. Will need a bit more signal to be sure of these, like by matching // audio. At 2113, nothing on 23680 = 2 x 11840.

Esperanto? Back at 2037 a quick check of 11760 found it off the air, unlike last Sunday when they were playing Esperanto from 2030. So is it still at 2230 on 15370? Yes, confirmed, opening with schedule including a `new time`, but I wasn`t taping to be sure I heard the numbers correctly. The latest 8 April audio is already available:

And they are still announcing, Sundays UT:
N/C/SAm               1500 11760 
San Francisco, Usono: 0700  6010 
SAm                   2230 15370 ``nova horo``
But it`s *not* a new time; would have been if they kept 2030 on 11760! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VIETNAM [non]. 11840, April 8 at 2102 whilst checking out announced and listed RHC frequencies, at first all I hear is the BaBcoCk music loop filler/IS, then RHC fades up its audio; still hearing both at 2113! Per HFCC, BAB is supposed to be broadcasting VOV in Vietnamese to SE Europe and Turkey, via Woofferton UK at 2030-2130; would have been Commies vs Commies! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)