martedì 24 aprile 2012

Logs of April 22 & 23

Cuba - Radio Habanna on 17705 at 2205 in Spanish to South America. On 17750 in Spanish to Europe. On 15230 in Portuguese at 2220 to South America. Male host. At 2230 on 15370 in Esperanto to South America. To the U.S. On 11760 in Spanish at 0007. Talking about Sinco de mayo. Sounds like the news read by male and female hosts.

Spain - Radio Exterior De Espania in Spanish to North America at 2145 on 15110. Male and female hosts taking phone calls from listeners. News at 2220.

Botswana - VOA to Africa in English on 15580 at 2150. Playing country music.

USA - Radio 211 via WBCQ on 9330 at 1634 in English.
            EWTN with church service on 15610 at 2200. Spanish to Central America at 0450 on 5810. Male announcer.
            WYFR Family Radio on 15255 in Spanish. Male announcer at 2225 to South America. At 0039 on 17725 and 11580 in Portuguese. Male announcer. To south America.
             Radio Taiwan on 7570 in Spanish at 0400. female reading the news.
             WTWW on 5755 in English at 0445 with Bible study. Male preaching in Portuguese at 0016 on 12105.
              Radio Marti. On 11930 in Spanish with two male announcers. Snippets of music between comments. Broadcast aimed to Cuba. At 0010 in Spanish on 11775.
             VOA in Spanish and English to Latin America on 9885 at 2347.

Chile - CVC International Voz Christina in Spanish on 17680 with a musical show to South America at 2200. On 11665 in Spanish at 0000 to South America. Male host.

Coast Rica - Radio Exterior De Espania at 2212 on 17850 to North America with telephone interviews.

Bonaire - Radio Japan in Japanese to South America. Female hostess with piano music on 15265 at 2230.
                 Vatican Radio on 15470 and 7305 in Portuguese with church service at 0045.

Croatia - Croatian Radio in Croatian at 0052 on 7375. With pop music at 0340.

Greece - Voice of Greece in Greek with opera performance. On 7475 at 0055. Modern classical music on at 0120.

Canada - Vatican Radio In Spanish at 0340 on 7305.

Madagascar - Radio Japan on 7395 at 0345 to East Africa is Swahili.
                       Vatican Radio on 7360 at 0309 in English. Broadcast to East Africa. Male announcer.

United Kingdom - BBC in Arabic to Central Africa on 5790 at 0445. Phone interviews with a female hostess.
                                BBC in Arabic on 13680 with a male announcer on 13660 to North Africa.

Saudi Arabia - Radio Riyadh with prayer service at 1717 on 15435. In Arabic.

Columbia - Alcaravan Radio on 5910 at 0455 with music in Spanish.

Coast Rica - Radio Exterior De Espania in Spanish at 0500.

Romania - Radio Romania to South East Europe on 15310 in Romanian at 1715. Female hostess.

Ecuador - HCJB in Portuguese. Male preacher. Station ID at 2330 on 11920. Broadcast to South America. Followed by choir music and prayer service.   

Albania - CRI At 0030 female hostess with a news magazine in English on 9570.

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