domenica 29 aprile 2012

Logs of April 27 & 28

April 27 - 28

China - CRI on 11875 in Chaozhou with a female announcer at 1134. Assuming the news. Music at 1139 and after some dialog, again at 1151.
Spain - R. Exterior De Espania on 17595 at 1531 in Spanish with music. On 6055, 6125, 9535 and 9620 in Spanish with musical program at 0256. News with male and female announcers at 0300.

Australia - At 5995 at 1027 with a male announcer with music in Pidgen.

United States - EWTN via WEWN on 5810 at 0250 in Spanish to Central America with a musical program. Male host taking listener phone calls.

Coast Rica - R. Exterior De Espania on 5995 and 9630 in Spanish with news at 0300 by male and female announcers. Same broadcast as frequencies from Spain.

Ukraine - Denge Mezopotamya on 11530 at 0334 in Kurdish with a musical program. Target to Middle East. Lost the signal at 0340.

Germany - Adventist World Radio in Amharic. Male announcer on 11610 at 0351. Beamed to East Africa.
                   Radio Japan on 11680 at 0355 with station ID. Target to the Middle East. Male and female announcers.

Italy (Santa Maria di Galeria ) - VOA in Somali to East Africa on 11745 off the air at 0359 sign off.

Madagascar - VOA in Kinyarwanda on 11905 at 0426 with music. Male announcer. Target to East Africa. Broadcast ended at 0430.

Belarus - Belaruskaye Radio on 11930 at 0433 in Belarussian. The news read by male and female hosts. Targeted to Europe.

France - Radio Japan in English on 11970 at 0512 with a musical broadcast. Targeted to South Africa. ID was given at 0529 and the station signed off at 0530.
                Radio France on 11700 at 0614 in French with a female hostess. Assuming it is a news magazine.

Turkey - Voice of Turkey on 11980 at 0533 with music in Turkish. Female hostess playing indigenous music.

Russia - Radio Rossii on 12070 at 0546. Male and female announcers in Russian. Appeared to be a talk show.
                Voice of Russia in Russian. Female hostess on 9430 at 0250.

United Kingdom - BBC in Arabic. Male announcer on 11680 at 0611 with a telephone interview. In Persian at 0253 on 9500

New Zealand - Radio New Zealand Int. on 11725 at 0616 with a magazine show in English. Female announcer conducting an interview.

Romania - Radio Romania. On 9520 in Spanish. At 0257 signed off the air.

Sangaen ATS 909
200" random length longwire antenna with a "Slinky" toy in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.