sabato 5 maggio 2012

May 3 logs

Australia - Radio Australia with sportscast on 9580 at 1142. male announcer in English. Young women hosting a radio magazine show. Interviewing a man on 111945 at 1225 in English. Station ID at 1229. Broadcast to East Asia. After news magazine, music in English at 1234. ID at 1235.

Bolivia - Radio Fides. Woman hostess the news on 9625 at 1200. Broadcast in Spanish.

Canada - Korean Broadcasting Service in English newscast at 1208 on 9650. News read by a female. Signal beamed to N. America.
                 CRI in English. Male hosting a news magazine at 1318 on 9650 and 9570. 

Iran - V.O. Islamic Republic on 13785 at 1240. Male announcer in Arabic. Signal to the Mid East. On 17550 at 1405 in Arabic to N. Africa. Female announcer. Taking phone calls from listeners.

United States - WEWN on 15615 at 1308. Female hostess interviewing a man and woman in English talking about a tour taken to Israel.

Cuba - Radio Habana on 11760 at 1323 in Spanish with a talk show.

Germany - VOA on 17870 at 1410 in Kurdish. Male host. Broadcast to the Middle East. At 1415 conducted a phone interview.

Bonaire - NHK, Radio Japan on 15265 at 2332 in Japanese. Male and female announcers. On 5970 at 0850 in Japanese. Male announcer. Signed off at 0900.

Chile - HCJB in German with a male host on 9835 at 2341. Music at 2342.
              CVC in Spanish with a male announcer on 9780 at 2352. Music program. ID at 9780.

China - CRI on 9710 in Portuguese. Both male and female hosts. On 9710 at 0033.

India - All India Radio on 11620 at 0047 in Urdu. Male announcer with, presumably a news program.

Argentina - R. Argentina Exterior in Portuguese. Music show at 0052 on 11710. Female hostess. Signing off with Portuguese service with musical tones and repeating "Live Argentina". At 0100 starting Japanese service with a male host and more music.

Romania - Radio Romania in Romanian to Eastern North America on 11750 at 0137. Male announcer holding telephone interview. Male host with telephone interview at 0408 on 9770 in Romanian.

Brazil - Radio Tupi/Super R. Dues e Amor on 11765 at 0139 with station ID. Music show in Portuguese. At 0150 played a recording of a speech.

Armenia - Voice of Russia on 12155 with Spanish language service to Central America at 0200. Male announcer with, presumably, the news at shows beginning.

United Kingdom - Radio Canada International in Arabic on 7230 at 0210. Male conducting an interview.

Egypt - Radio Cairo on 9315 at 0225 in English with the news read by a female announcer.  News ended at 0227 and indigenous music was played. Target is West North America.

Turkey - V.O. Turkey with a musical program on 9515 at 0345. Interesting mix of techno-dance with a  Mid-East influence in the tracks played.

Germany - R. Farda to the Mid-East in Persian with a musical program and male and female hosts on 9760 at 0405.

Australia - Radio Australia on 9580 at 0916. Female host with music show.

Special Dutch program of RNW Hilversum, 24 hrs FAREWELL program from
Thursday May 10 at 22 UT til Friday May 11 at 22 UT.
Additional bookings on this last transmission day:

kHz       time         loc   kW deg
5955 0000-0500 WER 500 210
5955 1000-1500 WER 500 210
5955 1700-2000 WER 500 210
6020 0000-0300 MDG 250 255
6020 1900-2000 MDG 250 255
6020 2130-2400 MDG 250 255 {May 10th}
21485 0600-1400 MDG 250 045
21710 0600-1400 MDG 250 310
(RNW, April 13)

DX-Antwerp (the only Belgian DX-club) celebrates its 30th anniversary on May 12th. we are airing, a short-wave broadcast as follows:

0430-0530 17880 Issoudun F AM India
0800-0900 9680 Issoudun F AM Western-Europe
1200-1300 6015 Issoudun F DRM Western-Europe
1400-1500 17880 Montsinery GUF AM North America East
1530-1630 15775 Issoudun F DRM India
1700-1800 21680 Montsinery GUF AM North America West
2000-2100 17875 Montsinery GUF DRM North America

A special QSL card was designed for this occasion. Send a report by ordinary mail to DXA QSL c/o TDP Radio, PO Box 1, B-2310 Rijkevorsel or e-mail to
dxaqsl@gmail. com.

(Mauno Ritola on WRTH Facebook group)

Oneida, New York
38 Miles (61 km) East of Syracuse, NY
Coordinates - Latitude = 43.0922 Longitude = 75.6568
Sangean ATS 909
200" random  longwire antenna with a "Slinky" toy in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.
~ Alex