lunedì 14 maggio 2012

May 13 Log

USA - WWCR at 1611 on 15825 with church service. Targeted for N. America. on 4840 at 0232 in English talking about a rabble rousing video Texe Marrs is selling called "Die America Die." Male announcer targeted for North America.
            WWRB at 0227 on 5050 in English. Magazine on a doomsday scenario of a huge earthquake. Target audience of North America.
             WBCQ in English with music show. Signing off at 0405 on 5110.
Spain - R.E.E. On 17715 at 1616 in Spanish. Male announcer. Signal to S. America. Talk show with interviews. Football game with two male and one female announcers at 1913 on 17715  and 17850. Game broadcast to S. America. A talk show with male host interviewing a male guest at 2136 on 15110 in Spanish. Program to N. America.

Botswana - VOA on 15470 in English at 1635. Male announcer with the news. Female at 1640 with ID and contact information.

Saudi Arabia - R. Riyadh on 15435 with a male announcer at 1659 in Arabic. Tones to mark top of the hour. News at 1700. Holy Qur`an prayer service at 1945 on 11820 for Europe.

Romania - R. Romania in Spanish on 11795 at 1932. Female announcer. Programing to N. Africa.

Greece - VO Greece on 15630 at 2141 in Greek. Male host with Greek music. Signal to Europe.

Albania - CRI on 7285 at 2145 in English. Male announcer playing music from the 1980's and telling some history of the songs and bands. For W. Europe. In English at 0108 with the news on 6020. Male host reading the news. Target North America.

Turkey - VO Turkey signing on at 2200 on 9830. Schedule and contact information given in English by a male host.  News at 2202 in English. Broadcast to Europe. In English at 0300 reading schedule and addresses on 9515 to North America and Europe. News at 0302.

Russia - VO Russia in English with a news magazine show in English. Male host. Program directed to Eastern N. America. Story on the Russian Orthodox Church and its history.

Egypt - R. Cairo with musical selections in English on 6270 at 2349. Broadcast to N. America.

United Kingdom - BBC on 5875 at 0054 in Dari. Female announcer to S.E. Asia.

Cuba - R. Habana in Spanish with male announcer on 5040 at 0224 to Central America.
             R. Rebelde in Spanish with a female hostess and a female guest. On 5025 and 5040 at 0340.  Musical selections being played.

Cyprus - BBC on 6195 to the Middle East in English at 0249. Male announcer.

Australia - R. Australia on 9660 in English with a female announcer at 0309 interviewing a male guest.

Vatican City - on 9660 in English with a male announcer at 0310 with service to Africa.

Canada - V.O. Vietnam in Spanish at 0317 on 6175. Female hostess with a magazine radio show.

Vietnam - V.O. Vietnam on 6020 at 0320 in Vietnamese. Female interviewing a male. At 0326 on 9635 in Vietnamese with music show.

Oneida, New York
38 Miles (61 km) East of Syracuse, NY
Coordinates - Latitude = 43.0922 Long = 75.6568
Sangean ATS 909
265` (80.77 meter) random  length wire antenna with two "Slinky" toys in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.
~ Alex