martedì 1 maggio 2012

April 29 log

April 29

Turkey - Voice of Turkey to Europe with a musical program on 11980 in Turkish at 0458. ID at 0500. Female announcer with the news in Turkish.

Botswana - VOA on 12025 at 0524 in English. Male host with a telephone interview of a female guest. At 0527 was an editorial. Broadcast targeted to East Africa.

Spain - R. Exterior De Espania a talk show in Spanish with a male host and male and female guests on 11890 and 12035 at 0547. On 9535 and 9535 at 0252 with a musical tribute to the late Levon Helm who passed away  April 19, 2012. Targeted to Central America.
              CRI on 9690 in English at 0345 with a sports broadcast with a male host to Central America.

France - NHK, Radio Japan on 11730 at 0537 with the news in French to Central Africa. On 13840, also in French to West Africa. Male announcer.

Albania - CRI with a musical show on 11775 at 0540 in Arabic to North Africa with a male host.

Brazil - Radio da Amazonia in Spanish with a musical program on 11780 at 0545. With a male announcer.

United States - Family Radio in French on 15255 at 0058 signing off. Female announcer. On 15440 at 0100 signing on in Spanish with a male announcer hosting a musical show.
                         WTJC on 9370 at 0234 in English. The song "America The Beautiful".

Greece - Voice of Greece in Greek on 15650 at 0102 with both male and female announcers.

Egypt - Radio Cairo in Spanish with indigenous music on 9315 at 0125. With a male announcer over top of music at 0128 presumably for station ID. Target to West North America.

Russia - Voice of Russia in Russian with musical program at 0239 on 9430.  In English with Jazz music on 9665 at 0345 with a male host. Aimed to Eastern North America.

United Kingdom - BBC to Middle East in Persian on 9500 at 0245. Male announcers with apparently a news magazine show with interviews.

Romania - Voice of Romania in Spanish to South America on 9520 at 0245. Female hostess. In English with a female hostess with traditional Romanian music and the history behind the music on 9645 at 0320. "Living Romania" at 0321."The Cooking Show" with traditional Romanian foods followed by "All That Jazz" featuring Jazz music from Romania.

Albania - China Radio International on 9570 at 0305 in Chinese. Both male and female hosts.

Vatican State - Vatican Radio on both 7360 (better) and 9660 in Swahili to East Africa. Male host at 0335.

Germany - Radio Free Europe in Russian on 7250 at 0350. Male announcer.
                   Radio Farda in Persian. Female hostess with presumably the news on 0353 on 7280. Targeted to the Middle East. Abrupt sign off at 0400.

Oneida, New York
38 Miles (61 km) East of Syracuse, NY
Coordinates - Latitude = 43.0922 Longitude = 75.6568
Sangean ATS 909
200" random  longwire antenna with a "Slinky" toy in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.
~ Alex