giovedì 3 maggio 2012

May 2 Log

Chile - CVC International Voz Christiana on 17680 at 2012. Woman announcer in Spanish hosting a music program. Broadcast to South America.
             HCJB in Portuguese with a male host on 11920 at 2317. With music at 2356.

Cuba - R. Habana at 2037 on 17750 in Arabic. Transmission to Europe. Show was hosted by a male announcer. Mention of Albert Einstein. Spanish service at 2100.

Spain - R. Exterior De Espania in Portuguese. Female announcer playing music with Target to N. America on 17595 at 2107. Station ID at 2110. On 17850 and 15110 in Spanish with two male announcers with a recap of a football game in Spanish. At 0345 male announcer interviewing a man on 9535, 9620 and 9630 in Spanish. Broadcast targeted to central America.

Canada - RCI in English. Male host with a female guest in a radio news magazine. Time was 2044 on 15330 and 17735. Targeted to W. Africa. Lost the signal by 2056. A music program in French at 2124 on 15235.
                 China Radio Inter. On 13700 at 2211 in Spanish with male and female hosts. The Beijing Hour in English on 11840 at 2315.
                  NHK, Radio Japan on 5960 in Japanese at 0232 with a female hostess interviewing a male guest. At 0239 music by Yes, "Owner of a Lonely Heart".

Bonaire -  R. Nederland on 17605 and 15315 in Dutch with a male announcer with the news at 2105. Signal to S. America. National Anthem played at 2126 then signed off.

United States - EWTN to Africa on 15610 at 2135. Talk show on homosexuality in English with a male host. On 13830 at 2145 in Spanish with a music program. Beamed to S. America.
                          Radio Taiwan in English on 5950 at 0232. Male host interviewing a young woman about the National Concert Hall and Theater in Taiwan. Broadcast aimed to Eastern U.S.

Greece - V.O. Greece in Greek to Europe, on 15630 at 2137 with a woman announcer.

Brazil - RN da Amazonia in Spanish on 11780 at 2310. Sounding much like how old AM radio stations used to sound with jingles sound effects and such. Male announcer with slight re-verb.
              R. Tupi in Portuguese on 11765 at 2342. Male announcer. Playing a recorded speech. Two men and a woman getting a crowd worked up. Music at 2350 

China - CRI listed as being in Cambodian on 11990 at 2320. Male host.

Vatican State - Vatican Radio in Vietnamese on 12035 at 2324. Female hostess with a talk show. Targeted to S.E. Asia. In Ukrainian on 7335 at 0315 with a male announcer. ID at 0319 while signing off.

Russia - V.O. Russia on 12060 at 2326 in Portuguese. Male announcer with a news magazine show. Signal to South America. Signal to Central America. Female hostess on 12155 at 2333 in Russian with a music show.

Iran - V.O. Islamic Rep. Of Iran at 2329 on 12080 in Arabic. Female hostess. ID at 2330. News at 2330. Signal to N. Africa.

Burma - Dem. Voice of Burma on 11595 at 2335. News in Burmese with both male and female announcers. Targeted to S.E. Asia.

Egypt - R. Cairo on 6270 at 0029. Music program playing indigenous music. Female hostess. Beamed to East North America. Musical program on 9305 at 0335 in Arabic. Transmission to Europe. Hosted by a female announcer.

Turkey - V.O. Turkey to Asia on 7260 at 0034 in Turkish. Music show. In English with music on 9515 at 0344.

Columbia - Alcaravan Radio on 5910 at 0227 in Spanish with a musical show.

Germany - R. Farda on 7280 at 0255 in Persian. Female announcer with musical program. She also conducted an interview over the telephone. Signal directed to the Middle East. News read by same hostess at 0300.
                    Croatian Radio. Talk show in Croatian. Male guest  interviewed by a male newscaster at 0325 on 7375. Signal aimed to Eastern North America.

United Kingdom - BBC  in Persian on 7320 at 0314 with the news. Male announcer.  On 9410 at 0340. News magazine hosted by a young woman announcer. Topics regarded healthcare included several interviews.

Madagascar - Vatican Radio in English at 0322 on 7360. Male announcer. 
                        Radio Japan on 7395 at 0330 in Swahili with the news read by a male host. News ended at 0330 and a young woman was on the air next featuring Japanese Pop music.

Romania - Radio Romania with excerpts from the opera Carmen played during the English service to Central America on both 11795 and 9645 at 0352. Female announcer.

Special Dutch program of RNW Hilversum, 24 hrs FAREWELL program from
Thursday May 10 at 22 UT til Friday May 11 at 22 UT.

Additional bookings on this last transmission day:

kHz       time         loc   kW deg
5955 0000-0500 WER 500 210
5955 1000-1500 WER 500 210
5955 1700-2000 WER 500 210
6020 0000-0300 MDG 250 255
6020 1900-2000 MDG 250 255
6020 2130-2400 MDG 250 255 {May 10th}
21485 0600-1400 MDG 250 045
21710 0600-1400 MDG 250 310
(RNW, April 13)

DX-Antwerp (the only Belgian DX-club) celebrates its 30th anniversary on May 12th. we are airing, a short-wave broadcast as follows:

0430-0530 17880 Issoudun F AM India
0800-0900 9680 Issoudun F AM Western-Europe
1200-1300 6015 Issoudun F DRM Western-Europe
1400-1500 17880 Montsinery GUF AM North America East
1530-1630 15775 Issoudun F DRM India
1700-1800 21680 Montsinery GUF AM North America West
2000-2100 17875 Montsinery GUF DRM North America

A special QSL card was designed for this occasion. Send a report by ordinary mail to DXA QSL c/o TDP Radio, PO Box 1, B-2310 Rijkevorsel or e-mail to
dxaqsl@gmail. com.

(Mauno Ritola on WRTH Facebook group)

Oneida, New York
38 Miles (61 km) East of Syracuse, NY
Coordinates - Latitude = 43.0922 Longitude = 75.6568
Sangean ATS 909
200" random  longwire antenna with a "Slinky" toy in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.
~ Alex