martedì 1 maggio 2012

April 30 log

Australia - Radio Australia on 9475, 5995, 6020, 9580, 11945 and 12080 . Male host. Broadcast target is Oceania region. News on 9580 at 1022 with a female hostess in English. Also to Oceania.

New Zealand - Radio New Zealand on 6170 in English with the news. Female hostess.

Taiwan - Radio Taiwan in Taiwanese at 1052 on 6085 with male and female hosts presenting the news. Broadcast to the Far East.

China - CRI on 11875 at 1100 in Chinese. Presumably the news  to South East Asia.

Taiwan - Voice of Hope on 15775 at 1411 in Chinese (?). male announcer.

Armenia - Dem. Voice of Burma on 11595 at 2355 with ID. Male host in Burmese.

Columbia - Alcaravan Radio on 5910 at 0322 in Spanish with male announcers.

United States - Radio Taiwan on 5950 at 0325 in English with a talk show on fitness. Male host with a female guest. "You Got Mail" segment at 0326. Slight interference from V.O. Tigray Revolution just under R. Taiwan.

Iran - V.O. Islamic Rep. Of Iran on 13650 and 11920 at 0348 with the news in English read by a female hostess. Broadcast to North America. Report on the U.S. economy at 0352 with recorded interview with Ben Bernanke.

Ukraine - Denge Mezopotamya with a week signal on 11530 at 0400.Sounds like a prayer service in Kurdish. featuring a male priest. Music at 0409. with a male announcer.
Radio Tamazuj - on 11650 at 0410 in Arabic. Male host of a talk show news magazine. Female announcer with an interview at 0417. ID given at 0412 and 0417. Target for this broadcast is Sidan.
                        Radio Dabanga with the news at 0430.

Romania -  Radio Romania on 11790 at 0637. Female hostess with female guest.  Very good copy.

France - Radio Nederland on 11935 in Dutch at 0707 UTC. Male host wit a news magazine.

Croatia - Female and male announcers with a talk show. 7410 at 0718. English service. 

Oneida, New York
38 Miles (61 km) East of Syracuse, NY
Coordinates - Latitude = 43.0922 Longitude = 75.6568
Sangean ATS 909
200" random  longwire antenna with a "Slinky" toy in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.
~ Alex