mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Log of May 8

Saudi Arabia - Radio Riyadh Qu'ran reading at 1726 to N. Africa on 17560 and 15435 at 1720. After prayer service, talk show with telephone callers in Arabic.

Spain - R. Exterior De Espana on 17595 at 1728 in Spanish. Male host with telephone interviews. Some music. Target N. America. ID at the half hour and news in Spanish read by a female newscaster.
InSpanish at 0452 on 9535 with music.  To North America on 15110 at 2212 with a music program in Spanish with a male and female host. Transmitting from Noblejas.

Chile - CVC Voz Christiana in Spanish with a male announcer. On 17680 at 1734.For South American listeners. On 11665 with music at 2350 in Spanish. News at 0000.

Rwanda - Deutsche Welle from Kigali in French. Male announcer with presumably the news at 1745 on 15275. Music at 1750. In English at 0425 on 7240. News magazine show.

Romania - Radio Romania in Romanian at 1750 on 15310. Female announcer. The Galbeni transmitter to Europe. In Romanian at 0435 on 7350 with a male announcer playing music. At 0505, in English, to W. Africa on 9800 with a female hostess. Talk show, with a male over the telephone.

Russia - V.O. Russia in French at 1800 on 15465. Female hostess with the news. From Moskow site to Europe. In English with  a classical music show hosted by a female announcer on 9665 and 9800 at 2300.

United Kingdom - BBC on 17795 at 1813. Male host in English.  ID at 1816. Sounded like a news magazine with several interviews. Targeted to Central Africa. Male and female announcers in Arabic. Broadcast to Africa. In Arabic on 9915 at 0525. Female reading the news.

Vatican City - Vatican radio on 7305 at 0232 in French. Male and female hosts. Service to N. America  On 7250 at 0425 in German. In Romanian at 0435 on 7335. Female announcer on 7335 at 0426 in Bulgarian. Female announcer on 6075, 7250 and 9645 in English. On the topic of human trafficking.
Canada - V.O. Vietnam on 6175 at 0245 in English. Female announcer hosting a news magazine program. E. North America targeted.
                R. Taiwan on 5950 at 0303 in English. Newscast in English with female hostess.

Columbia - Alcaravan Radio in Spanish. A musical show on 5910 at 0300.

Ethiopia - V.O. Tigray. Musical show on 5950 at 0306.

Egypt - R. Cairo on 6270 at 0415. Prayer service.

Cuba - Radio Rebelde on 5025 with a male host at 0419. In Spanish with telephone interview.
Tunisia - RTV Tunisia on 7275 with music at 0428. Transmission from Sfax to Europe.

Germany - Croatian Radio with music on 7375 at 0438 in Croatian. Originating from Wertachtal site to western North America.
                   R.F.E. On 7250 at 0344. Broadcast from Biblis, Germany in Russian. Female announcer.

 U.S.A. - VOA in Spanish with a female hostess on 9885 at 0000.
                World harvest Radio on 17510 with a musical show at 2155 in English. Broadcast to Africa.

Greece - V.O. Greece on 9420 at 2127. Via the Alvis transmitter, in Greek with a music show.

Bonaire - Radio Japan with a YL in Japanese with presumably the news on 15265 at 2217. Signal to South America.
                  Radio Netherland at 0520 on 9865. Female announcer in Dutch.

Kuwait - Radio Kuwait on 15515 at 0537. Male announcer in Arabic. Poor copy, only slightly above the noise level.

Nigeria - V.O. Nigeria on 15120 at 0544 in English. Female announcer hosting a music show. ID given at 0547. Signal from Ikorodu to Europe.

Costa Rica - R. Exterior De Espania on 17850 at 2207 in Spanish. Weekend service to North America from Cariari de Pococi. Female announcer.

Madagascar - Voice of Tibet on 17570 at 1430. Music playing with slow rhythmic drum beats. Transmitting from the Talata-Volondry 2 site. Target is Tibet. Suddenly off the air at 1439.

Australia- Radio Australia on 15240 at 0555 in English. Female hostess conducting an.Interview News at 0600 with station ID. News read by female.

Armenia - Voice of Russia on 12155 with Spanish language service to Central America at 0200. Male announcer with, presumably, the news at shows beginning.

Oneida, New York
38 Miles (61 km) East of Syracuse, NY
Coordinates - Latitude = 43.0922 Longitude = 75.6568
Sangean ATS 909
200" random  longwire antenna with a "Slinky" toy in the middle,
MFJ 1045C preselector.
Corrections, assistance and suggestions are always welcomed.
~ Alex