mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

New clandestine for Uganda

** UGANDA. This country finally gets a SW clandestine station. In case you didn`t notice, the A-10 M&B/DTK schedule has this new client:
ABA  Radiyo Y'Abaganda (Ababaka)
 kHz     UTC    CIRAF deg ant day  from    to   site kW client
15410 1700-1800 48SW  140 217 7   280310-311010 ISS 250 ABA

7 meaning Saturdays only. ISS meaning via FRANCE.
Googling the name finds their website:

Seems the Buganda tribe are behind it, in support of ``occupied Buganda``, where SW radios started selling like hotcakes with reports that this webcast would now be on SW (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)