lunedì 15 marzo 2010

15 March Log

No monitoring over the weekend due to SWLing in the RSGB Commonwealth CW contest on the ham bands. Found unusually good conditions on most bands. 3 5MHz/80m was open to New Zealand early on Sunday morning. 7MHz/40m opened to Oceania Saturday evening and Sunday morning, 21MHz/15m had great signals from all over Africa, while 14MHz/20m was open to just about everywhere during the 24 hours of the contest. The only band that was poor was 10m/28MHz where I only found a couple of stations. Today though, 10m was open to Western Australia, the first VK I have heard on that band since 2007

Here are todays broadcast loggings:

CRI 15230 via Sackville, in English, 1432 15 Mar. OM translating a YL talking in Chinese about friendship, then back into China Drive prgr. (s9+10) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Habana Cuba (presumed) 15120 via Habana, in Spanish, 1353 15 Mar. Presumed to be RHC. YL talk with some music. Heard in clear occasionally over BSKSA. Most of time beating with or below Saudi Arabia. Appears to be a few Hz off frequency as there is a SAH when the two stns are near the same strength. (s5) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Cairo 15080 via Abis, in Arabic (I think), 1338 15 Mar. Incredibly distorted audio. Worst I have ever heard R.Cairo. OM announcer. Overall this signal is not useable. Urgent repairs needed! Switched to FM and the signal is just as understandable as it was in AM, if not slightly better! (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio France Internationale 15300 via Issoudun, in French, 1445 15 Mar. 2 OM's talking. Some flutter and what sounds like utility/digital (4-6 short pulses then 1 longer pulse, rough/raspy sounding signal on AM or SSB, certainly not CW). QRM on signal. (s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Radio France Internationale 21580 via Issoudun, in French, 1208 15 Mar. YL talk, various mentions of "President", comments from om's. Rapid, deep QSB from s4 to unreadable. (s4-s0) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Deutsche Welle 15275 via Kigali, in German, 1439 15 Mar. YL and OM. Playing excerpts from an American accented speaker (sounds like a politician) and then presumably translating and commenting on it. OM with ID in German. (s9) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

All India Radio 15050 via Dehli, in Sinhala, 1328 15 Mar. YL singing Bollywood type song. Then OM with slower song. Audio level dropped very noticeably when songs finished and OM announcer started. Audio so low it is difficult to hear more than an occasional word against background noise on the signal. (s2-s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Kuwait 15110 Kabd, in Arabic, 1347 15 Mar. OM with talk, into instrumental ME music with comments from OM. (s9) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Voice of Africa (presumed) 21695 Sabrata, in Swahili (presumed), 1230 15 Mar. very weak today, ME style music. YL heard. Even using SSB with DSP noise reduction, it is very difficult to make out what language is being used. (<s1) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Polish Radio (External Service) 15245 Woofferton, in Belarusian, 1435 15 Mar. 2 YL's talking, after a jingle, an OM presented a piece before returning to original presenter. (s9 QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

RDP 21655 via Sao Gabriel, in Portuguese, 1226 15 Mar. yl talking between pop music tracks. (s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

BSKSA 15120 Riyadh, in Bengali (presumed), 1350 15 Mar. OM with talk. Some QRM from co-channel CUBA (presumed). (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BSKSA 21505 Riyadh, in Arabic, 1202 15 Mar. OM talking, mentions of Saudi Arabia and other places in Middle East. Music jingle between items. (s9+10) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BSKSA 21600 via Riyadh, in Arabic, 1212 15 Mar. very weak, can just make out OM talking. Not // 21505. Signal mostly too weak to be of useable quality. (<s1) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BSKSA 21640 Riyadh, in Arabic, 1221 15 Mar. //21505. Signal about equal. OM talking, played music from a war movie soundtrack, then continued with talk. (s7 QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Exterior de Espana 15170 via Costa Rica, in Spanish, 1357 15 Mar. Song: "Spanish Eyes". Music: "Spanish Eyes". Then ID and news read by YL. Mentions of Venezuela and Conservative party. Reports from various OM's. (s9+50) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
R. Exterior de Espana 21540 via Noblejas, in Spanish, 1205 15 Mar. OM with ID: "Radio Nacional De Espana". Heavy Rock music with OM talking over, mentions of Valencia. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
R. Exterior de Espana 21610 via Noblejas, in Spanish, 1216 15 Mar. //21540 but stronger. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Taiwan 15225 Issoudun, in Russian, 1420 15 Mar. om talk, brief ID at 1430 then music break before back into talk. Some splatter from 15230, cleared with PBT. (s9) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

BBC World Service 12470 via Mahe, Seychelles, in English, 1153 15 Mar. om talk, Time pips at 1200, then OM reading news. QSB reducing signal to unreadable at times. (s2) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BBC World Service 21630 via Ascension Island, in French, 1217 15 Mar. weak signal with QSB. YL talking. Only audible on signal peaks. (<s1) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

RFA 15195 via Tinian Isl, in Vietnamese, 1406 15 Mar. Signal dipping down to s2 every few seconds. OM talking. Some comments from 2nd OM. (s6) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
VOA 15205 via Lampertheim, in English, 1410 15 Mar. YL talking to OM. Slightly hollow sound to signal, probably back scatter. (s5) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Family Radio Worldwide/WYFR 15210 via Okeechobee, in Portuguese, 1416 15 Mar. Choir singing a hymn, then into OM talk. (s6) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Radio Martí 15330 Greenville, in Spanish, 1450 15 Mar. OM talk while playing pop music: "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguillera. Mention of 'Cubanos' then YL talk. (s9) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
73, Sean Gilbert - Buckingham, UK.
Icom IC756pro, Racal RA1972
Inverted Vee @ 10m; Wellbrook ALA1530 @ 3m
MFJ1026, SEM Multifilter, 'Dream' DRM Software