venerdì 12 marzo 2010

Log for 12 March

Radio Australia 11660 Shepparton, in English, 1424 12 Mar. OM talking about the use of language and speech in conversation. It sounds like the interview was recorded in a cave/tunnel or some where that gives the voice a very hollow sound, certainly not in a studio. Strong splatter from 665, best on LSB with 2.5kHz b/w. 'Artwork' program and "Radio Australia" ID by YL. Audioback to studio quality before returning to the man in the cave. (s9+20) - (S. Gilbert, UK)

Radio Canada International 11975 Urumqi, in English, 1532 12 Mar. OM interviewing about companies investing in training for immigrants. (s9) - (S. Gilbert, UK)

China Radio International 11665 via Urumqi, in English, 1448 12 Mar. 2 YL's and OM talking about driving and public service drivers (in Great Britain) and their wages in relation to national average. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Prague 11600 via Litomysl, in English, 1413 12 Mar. OM talking to the director of "All That Glitters",, mentioned, then business news with Chris Johnson. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Cairo 12170 via Abu Zaabal, in English, 1606 12 Mar. OM chanting. Pauses in chanting for about 10-15 secs then starts again. YL with ID and details of following prgr. Audio rather muffled. YL discussing prophets and religion. (s9+10) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Deutsche Welle 12080 via Woofferton, UK, in Russian, 1600 12 Mar. ID at sign on, a few seconds before 1600. YL with news, mentions of various countries, including Australia. Email and web address given at 1603:15. (s9 QSN to s4) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

All India Radio 11620 via Dehli, in English, 1416 12 Mar. OM with ID as General Overseas Service of All India Radio" then news read by YL. (s9+20 but QSB to s6) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Denge Mezopotamya (pres) 11530 via Mykolaiv, in Kurdish, 1355 12 Mar. om with long talk then 2nd om joined in. Some deep QSB at times. (s6) - (S Gilbert, UK)

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 12080 via Dhabbaya, UAE, in English, 1537 12 Mar yl talking, gave ID and email/web address at end of program. Carrier off at 1557, just a few seconds after the YL had closed the program. Signal has deep QSB. At 1559, carrier on and DW started up. (s4) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Pakistan 11565 via Islamabad, in Urdu, 1408 12 Mar. usual bad distortion. OM talking after music, then back into more Pakistani style music, this is when the distorted audio is really at it's worst (s9 with QSB to s5) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Veritas Asia 11715 Via Santa Maria di Galeria, in Filipino, 1508 12 Mar. YL talk then ID "Radio Vertias Asia", a few words in English, such as what is your address in Saudi", 2 YL's talking kept mentioning Saudi Arabia and Radio Veritas Asia. Gave schedule as from 28 March, several words of English in middle of Filipino sentences, sounds very strange! (s9+20) - (S. Gilbert, UK)

Radio Sweden 11540 via Horby, in Russian, 1406 12 Mar. om with talk, commenting on excerpts of another om/yl talking (not in Russian). (s9+40) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

BBC World Service 12095 Rampisham, in English, 1604 12 Mar. News covering an explosion in Lahore then items about British Airways and Indian Cricket. (s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Voice of America 11705 via Sao Tome, in Hausa, 1451 12 Mar. om talk then sung "VOA", lively music background to what sounds like an interview in the street. (s5) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Vatican Radio 11850 Santa Maria di Galeria, in English, 1515 12 Mar. ID This is Vatican Radio's English Service to South East Asia". YL presents prgr "Come and See", this week about human trafficking. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert UK)

Using the Icom for todays log with both antennas at the same time. I run them through the MFJ1026 phaser so that I can eliminate some local QRM, and also take advantage of the differing signal pick up of both antennas (they each hear signals that are inaudible on the other).

73, Sean Gilbert - Buckingham, UK.
Icom IC756pro, Racal RA1972
Inverted Vee @ 10m; Wellbrook ALA1530 @ 3m
MFJ1026, SEM Multifilter, 'Dream' DRM Software