sabato 13 marzo 2010

Las Vegas Log March 12, 2010

Friday 12.03.10

11740 FAMILY RADIO (WYFR, USA) at 1335 French, OM and YL ancrs. At 1341 hrd continuous beep tones, to fast to count. 35434.
11760 R. HABANA CUBA at 1346 Spanish, OM ancrs. 55445. // 11800 SINPO 45444.
9570 CHINA RADIO INT (via Cuba) at 1355 English, OM and YL ancrs. "Chinese Studio" prgm with language lesson. 45434.
11705 R. JAPAN (via Sackville) at 1402 English, YL ancr reporting the Nx. 55545.
9980 WWCR (USA) at 1410 English, OM ancr Pastor Peters. Hrd song "Lonesome Valley." Would have loved to hear the Mississippi John Hurt version. 55555.
9380 FIREDRAKE (China) at 1419. Musical jammer. Some selections sounded similar to compositions  written by the American composer Aaron Copland. We just may have discovered a new genre - 'Chinacana.' 34334.
9750 R. JAPAN at 1438 Japanese, YL ancr. 55445.
12080 R. NETHERLANDS (via Philippines) at 1443 English, YL ancr. Report on distributing condoms at the World Cup
games to help South Africa's AIDS problem. 45434.
9335 V. OF KOREA (DPR) at 1507 English, OM ancr. Talk about a Korean factory, and a theater performance. 45444. 

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA. Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.

Before the world wide web there was World Band Radio.