giovedì 25 marzo 2010

IRRS-Shortwave & European Gospel Radio A10 schedule, effective March28, 2010

Hello There from Milano, Italy,

Please check IRRS-Shortwave and European Gospel Radio A10 schedule effective Sunday March 28, 2010 online at:

Here are the major changes for the A10 season:

1) we are moving the week-end morning slot each Saturday (10-11 CEST) & Sunday (1130-1400 CEST) up +5 kHz to 9515 kHz, so that listeners in the Far East & Pacific may try some DX reception of our broadcasts, away from interference caused by a station in the Far East outside our main target area for this particular broadcast (Europe & N Africa).

2) We are also shifting our early morning slot Mon-Thu on behalf of European Gospel Radio to the evening on 7290 kHz, where you can find us daily from 1800-1900 UTC (ending at 2000 UTC on Fri-Sat & Sun).

Next Saturday, March. 27, 2010, still on 9510 kHz from 0900-1000 CET (0800-1000 UTC) you can hear a special program from Radio Rasant, the students' radio program from Sundern (Germany). Please remember to tune each Saturday morning CEST to the IPAR ( slot, where you can hear programs from Radio Joystick, Radio City (the radio of the cars), 39 Dover Street, Radio Rasant, World of Radio and DX Partyline. Check our program schedule online for
more details.

While other stations leave the airwaves, you continued support is very important to keep us on the air. Coments on our programming are very much appreciated to all those who support us financially and keep our station alive. Please send you reception reports and especially your comments on our programming by email to:

  reports (at) nexus (dot) org

or visit our web site at

You can also subscribe to our low-noise mailing list to receive updates on our schedule. Check our home page at for details.

Please keep in touch, and let our member broadcasters and all of us here in Milano know how you receive our signal in your part of the world. Thanks!

Best 73s,


Ron Norton                       NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association