giovedì 11 marzo 2010

11 March log

Some incredibly strong signals around today, the strongest being from CRI which was reading 50dB over 9 on my Icom's S-meter. Interesting result  when listening to CRI. Because the sites used were quite a distance apart, even though they were both in Western China, there was a sight echo as the signal from the furthest site took longer to arrive (I would think that was the reason, it was too short to have been long path vs short path). I could hear the echo by using the 'dual watch' feature of the Icom, which is like using a second receiver but it only really works in the same band and mode as the main receiver. The audio levels from the main and sub receiver are balanced with a front panel control. The audio from both of the receivers are fed to both headphone channels, rather than having the main receive in one earphone and the sub receive in the other earphone, as is the case with some of the Yaesu radio's. This means that the echo is easy to hear.

CRI 13670 via Kashi, in English, 1306 11 Mar. China Drive prgr. Talking about the high rate of kidney disease in China. Massively strong signal. (s9+50) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

CRI 13790 via Ürümqi, in English, 1309 11 Mar. China Drive, //13670 but 10-15dB weaker. Slight echo between the two (using dual receive on Icom), caused by differing sites/distances. (s9+40) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

VOIRI 15545 via Sirjan, in Arabic, 1553 11 Mar. Female with talk. (s9+20 QSB to s6) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 13740 via Madagascar, in Dutch, 1647 11 Mar. om talking, with comments from another om. Mentioned 'Dutch' and 'Europe' a few times (s9+30) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

BSKSA 15435 Riyadh, in Arabic, 1547 11 Mar. Wailing/chanting, lots of long pauses with blank carrier. 30dB QSB every few seconds, like aircraft flutter but is continuous so could be change in ionosphere. (s9+40 some QSB) - (S. Gilbert, UK)

Radio Dabanga 13800 via Madagascar, in Arabic/Sudanese, 1533 11 Mar. ID  Radio Dabanga" and frequent mentions of Darfur by OM. (s9+20 ) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Dabanga 13800 via Nauen, in Arabic/Sudanese, 1638 11 Mar. OM talking with comments from another OM. Music jingle between programme segments. (s9+40) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Family Radio Worldwide (WYFR) 13695 via Okeechobee, in Chinese, 1300 11 Mar. Clarinet music followed by OM and YL talking in turns. (s4-s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Voice of America 13870 via Botswana, in Swahili, 1634 11 Mar. OM and YL mentioning various place names in Africa such as Mogadishu and Somalia. (s9+10dB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Martí 13820 via Greenville, in Spanish, 1634 11 Mar. om and yl talking  some background QRM from BBC WS (Ascension Isl) on same QRG but Martí much stronger. (s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Radio Farda 13615 via Lampertheim, in Farsi, 1304 11 Mar. (s6-s9) - (S. Gilbert, UK)
Icom IC756pro, Racal RA1972
Inverted Vee @ 10m; Wellbrook ALA1530 @ 3m
MFJ1026, SEM Multifilter, 'Dream' DRM Software

73, Sean Gilbert - Buckingham, UK.