lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Vegas Weekend Log Oct 24-25, 2009

Saturday 24.10.09

5800 CUBA [Numbers Station] V2a 0659 AM SSYL - ringing in bg. F-G signal w/ QRN.
11700 R. BULGARIA at 2320 English, YL with Nx. Talk about balancing Bulgarian budget. // 9700 Fair signal.
9625 CBC RADIO NORD QUEBEC (CANADA) at 2325 English, YL ancr. Hrd "Boo Hoo" from the CD If Your Memory Serves You Well by Serena Ryder. Then an Eddy Arnold song was played. F signal.

Note: To learn more about Serena Ryder, and listen to her music, go to CBC Radio2 at: 

9775 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2326 German, YL ancr speaking to OM. // 9730 G signal.
13640 CHINA RADIO INT at 2343 Japanese, OM playing indigenous pop music. F-G signal.

Sunday 25.10.09

9985 WWCR (USA) at 0134 English, OM playing Christian country music. Artists includ ed Tennessee Ernie Ford, Web Price, and Patsy Cline. Nice programming. G signal.
9680 R. TAIWAN INT at 0204 English, YL and OM ancrs. Report on Retrocession Day (commemorates the end of 50 years of Japanese colonial rule on October 25, 1945) in "Today in History." F-G signal with occ QRN.

Kaito KA1103, 32' longwire antenna, indoor.

Balcony Listening Post

11970 CHINA RADIO INT at 2315 English, OM ancr. Prgm "News and Reports." VG signal.
11920 HCJB (Quito, Ecuador) at 2338 Portuguese, OM playing indigenous music. F signal w/ QRN.
12025 DEUTSCHE WELLE GERMANY (via Rwanda) at 2344 German, YL and OM ancrs. F signal w/ QRN.

Richard Bianchino, Las Vegas, NV USA. Grundig Yacht Boy 80 (battery pwr), 15' outdoor antenna.

Before the world wide web there was World Band Radio.