martedì 20 ottobre 2009

EMR announcement to the listeners

EMR would like to apologise for the problems you may have experienced tuning in to our regular3RD Sunday of the month" transmissions on 6140 KHz at 0900 UTC on Sunday, October 18TH 2009. Listeners who attempted to tune in to EMR via the internet at the same time would have also only heard our 24 hour automated service at the same time.
The lack of our regular 6140 Khz broadcast programmes on the internet at 0900 was our mistake, and we would like to apologise to you if you tried to hear the broadcast shows between 0900 and 1000 that morning. This was a scheduling error on the internet broadcast computer system. The other scheduled repeats of the 6140 broadcast programme were available on the internet as scheduled.
The lack of programmes from EMR between 0900 and 0915 was beyond our control, as was the abrupt start and end to our transmission. We are currently in discussions with our broadcast facility partner to understand what exactly went wrong and will make an announcement in our next scheduled broadcast on November 15TH at 1000 UTC on 6140 KHz.
All the best
Mike and Tom Taylor.