domenica 14 dicembre 2008

Wellenforum Christmas Contest 2008

4th Wellenforum Christmas Contest 2008

Here are the rules :

1. Contest period:

From 21. Dec 2008 to 4. Jan 2009.

2. Stations

During the contest you have to receive BC stations on long- and medium wave.

3. Participation Conditions

Participation is free and independent from a listener club membership. Newcomers can also participate as well as medium wave specialists. Like the last wellenforum contest, participation is via an online form. You can find the form on . Please follow the registration hints. Every station has to be heard at least for 10 minutes.. Notes on the programme heard have to be logged as detailed as possible to really identify the station (no empty phrases like "music", "news" etc.).

4. Points

Every bc station log on long wave and medium wave is counting. Logs without a clear identification will count one third of the points that you can get for this station.
Points for a log are depending on the CIRAF zone of the station. This is based on the publication "EDXC RADIO Countries" that we will provide.

Scoring scheme:
Station logged from the CIRAF zone of the place of reception 10 points
Station logged from a CIRAF zone bordering the zone were your place is 20 points
Station from the rest 30points

Your place is in Germany. Your CIRAF zone is 28. All stations from this zone are 10 points worth. Stations from CIRAF zones bordering zone 28 are 20 points worth (bordering zones are 18, 27, 29, 37, 38 and 39). The rest is 30 points worth.

5. Award:
Every participant will receive a participation certificate showing individual score and ranking prompt after the contest has finished.

73, Friedhelm Wittlieb
Contest Manager
QTH: Lünen / NRW (near Dortmund)
Grundig Satellit 700 with regenerative loop antenna
member of the addx and medium wave circle uk

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi