martedì 30 dicembre 2008

531 KHz DRS Musikwelle Beromünster, Switzerland

If you tune now on 531 KHz you will hear a loop message that informs that DRS Musikwelle has end its programs on 28th December 2008.

Translation of the message:
"From new year 2009 you will receive on this medium wave frequency probably another station. The programs are not coming from Beromünster but from a foreign country (...) You have tuned to 531 KHz medium wave. Till 28th December 2008 you have heard the programs of DRS Musikwelle. This is no more possible on medium waves. You can however receive DRS Musikwelle on digital radio DAB, via cable, satellite and internet (...).

The transmitter will close definitively on 31th December 2008, at 23 or 24 swiss local time.

In my website I have recorded some audioclips

The last news from DRS Musikwelle:
The last 30 minutes of DRS Musikwelle:'ora_531.mp3
The first loop message:
The second loop message:

and a short video of DRS Musikwelle:

I will add in my website also an mp3 of the definitive closing of the transmitter on 31th December 2008.

73's de HB9GCE, Andy

Remote WEB-controlled RTX station
Yaesu FT-840
Icom IC-PR1000
Automatic antenna tuner MFJ-994B
Kelemen short (22m) multiband dipole 80-10 m
Southern Switzerland 46° 03' 50 N 8°  56' 10 E