giovedì 11 dicembre 2008

Novita' DRM

Ecco, le novita', gia annunciate, del consorzio DRM riguardante il programma comune DW-BBC:

The BBC and Deutsche Welle (DW) today launched the new Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) digital radio channel for Europe that was scheduled to begin early next year. The channel is an 18-hour daily broadcast of the best international programmes in English from BBC World Service and DW. It also brings to the audience all the advantages of the DRM digital radio including near-FM quality audio, text messages, Journaline and an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).
This first ever joint BBC-DW DRM radio channel has been launched using six transmitters, which are used in pairs, to cover much of Western Europe. The signal covers France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and other neighbouring countries.
The broadcast can be heard from 0500-2300 UTC  on shortwave and on 1296* mediumwave. DRM digital radios can automatically tune into the best frequency using information carried with the broadcasts. The channel has a rich mix of programmes offering global news and current affairs, in-depth analysis, documentaries, cultural programmes and sports including English Premiership football and German Bundesliga.
BBC World Service is represented on the channel with flagship news and current affairs programmes such as Newshour, The World Today and Europe Today as well as Sportsworld, Science in Action and Digital Planet. DW is putting Newslink, Money Talks, Living Planet, World of Music and Eurovox on the schedule.
Erik Bettermann, Director General at Deutsche Welle, said: "This project creates a great opportunity for two of the world's most-established broadcasters to work together. Along with the BBC, Deutsche Welle will be able to offer first-class content on an innovative platform and reintroduce listeners to DRM technology. This new channel will show European audiences the benefits of good cooperation."
Nigel Chapman, Director BBC World Service, said: "I welcome the opportunity to reach the new audiences that the coverage from this new DRM service will bring, free of the interference and in an audio quality only available on FM and other digital services. It is also an opportunity for other broadcasters to embrace the benefits that this new technology can bring."
Ruxandra Obreja, Chair of the DRM Consortium and Controller Business Development, BBC World Service, added: "This exciting new DRM digital radio channel for Europe will give audiences a chance to listen to the best of BBC and DW in clear digital quality. We are looking forward to the response in the region, crucial for this economical and versatile system's future. We hope that the channel content will stimulate the production and marketing of commercial DRM receivers leading to the graduation of long-distance radio broadcasting into the new digital era."
Lo schedule completo e' qui:
ma non c'e' traccia di indicazione delle frequenze HF.. o almeno io non le ho trovate.Ho solo trovato questo: First joint BBC-DW digital radio channel using 6 transmitters

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