martedì 16 dicembre 2008

DRS1 Beromünster 531 KHz

DRS1 Beromünster on 531 KHz will definitively close on 28th dec. 2008. From 1700 to 2400 local time DRS1 will send the special event "Wunschkonzert" with interviews to special guests of DRS1 and music requested by the listeners. Please stay tuned on 531 KHz for this sad event, another transmitter will leave the fascinating world of medium waves. This is the announcement of DRS1:

Remote WEB-controlled RTX station
Yaesu FT-840
Icom IC-PR1000
Automatic antenna tuner MFJ-994B
Kelemen short (22m) multiband dipole 80-10 m
Active loop antenna Ciao Radio L-101 0.1 -30 MHz
Southern Switzerland
46° 03' 50 N
8° 56' 10 E