sabato 9 novembre 2019

Radio Verdad-Guatemala

Guatemala-4055 kHz - Radio Verdad (also known as Radio Truth)- Chiquimula, Guatemala, Central America

This was from the Radio Verdad web site earlier this week.
1100 UT to 0600 UT Monday through Saturday.
1200 UT to 0600 UT on Sunday. 

They were on average a SINPO 35333 as monitored by this observer from my home near Pittsburgh PA, with moderate to heavy fading. 

At 1055 UT I observed a Radio Carrier, then Sign on at 1107 UT (six tones). 1111 UT Station ID and Station Information in Spanish and later English. Programming appears to various forms of religious music, with occasional sermons (I think) in Spanish, and English. I lost their signal about 1200 UT due to ionospheric absorption which occurs at my sunrise. I also listened last evening, around my sunset 2300 UT and listened for about an hour, and noted this signal was back to its SINPO 35333 signal. The same type of religious programs and music was noted. So, it appears to this listener that to hear this station in my location one needs to be in darkness at the same time as Radio Verdad is in darkness. 

everal Kiwi SDR sites were checked. Most had very poor signals. Although I did find that several were much better than at my home. They were at Kiwi SDR receivers by: WS5W, NO2CW, and K3FEF.

At the moment it appears that their web page"" is not available (error: failed gateway). Their mailing address as announced in English  is "Radio Truth, PO Box 5, Chiquimula, Guatemala, Central America. The WRTH 2019 shows: "Estacion Educativa Evangelica, Ap.5, 20901 Chiquimula, Guatemala". Note that their have been reports that the Guatemala Postal Authority had stopped mail delivery several years ago. This appears to have changed, as the US Postal Service is now accepting mail for Guatemala (April 6, 2019). 
I did find an email address from a web site: "". I am not sure if this works, although I did send an email to that address. So far it has not been rejected. 

73 and Good Listening

Chuck W3ON

(via WOR io group)